GH Update Tuesday 2/27/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/27/07


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 At Carly’s house. thinking it is Sonny at the door,  an irate Carly swings open the door yelling about them having sex, only to find Jax standing there. She throws her arms around him. A stunned Jax remarks that she slept with Sonny.

At the hospital an emotional Emily tells Monica Alan is gone. Emily also reveals Jason is with Alan..

In Alan’s room an in shock Jason refers to himself as Alan’s son when Dr. Russell tells him only family can be in there.

Carly admits to Jax that she slept with Sonny, because she was emotional from begin taken hostage. When Jax is confused,  she realizes he has not heard about the hostage situation or seen the Metro Court.  She gives him the details of the hostage crisis. Carly shares that the whole time she was being held hostage, she was wondering how if he loved her, he could have been gone for so long. Jax’s response is “And then you slept with Sonny?”

Emily breaks it to Monica, Tracy, and Edward that Jason didn’t make it until after Alan died. Monica feels guilty for sending Jason away earlier because she didn’t want Alan to see him all banged up. Edward blames himself for being a poor father, causing Alan to be a poor father to Jason and A.J. Edward brings up how Alan could not accept who Jason had become after the accident. Emily stops her grandfather, insisting Alan would want them to help each other. Nikolas arrives.

Dr. Russell explains to Jason that the damage to Alan’s heart was too severe to be helped. Jason questions if his father was in pain. Dr. Russell responds “Nat at the end.”  Dr. Russell leaves Jason alone with Alan. Jason tells his father he was coming back to see him.  Tearfully Jason says “I didn’t make it in time.”

Lucky and Elizabeth are on the porch of the old Spencer discussing how they get a second chance. Lucky again apologizes to Elizabeth for all his mistakes.  Elizabeth lets him know she really forgives him and loves him.

A tearful Jason continues talking to Alan. He explains how he went to kill Craig. He tells him Craig kept asking him “Why Jason was wasting his time coming after him? What Jason thought he would accomplish? Why couldn’t Jason let this go? Wasn’t there some place else he should be?” Jason rants that he didn’t listen, all he wanted to do was kill Craig. It wasn’t until Spinelli came and told him about Alan’s second heart attack, that he realized Craig was right. Jason was wasting time, so he let Craig go. The last thing Craig said to Jason was “We only get one father.” Jason goes on to say that Alan was his father, and when Alan needed him Jason wasn’t there.

Lucky tells Elizabeth he won’t relapse.  He made a promise to his mother that he would stay clean for his mother, her and for himself, and he meant it. Elizabeth lets him know she believes him.  He questions what changed her mind. She tells him his fathers talk about forgiveness made her realize Lucky is still the same person who has always been there for her. He promises to love Cameron and the baby with all his heart, and that she can depend for him for the rest of their lives.  They exchange I Love You’s.

Carly uses Jax being gone and the hostage situation as an excuse for sleeping with Sonny. Jax responds to her that she knew he was coming back. To this Carly spouts of his lack of communication over the past couple of months. An argument erupts between the two about Carly and Sonny. Carly keeps apologizing, but also question what took him so long to come back. At one point Jax notices her missing engagement ring.. Carly informs him the gunman took it, then changes the subject back to where he has been. Jax responds getting shot at in Siberia saving his brother. At a breaking point Jax tells her “emotional distress is not an excuse for infidelity.”  Carly shocks him announcing ‘it is not infidelity when it’s your husband.” Carly fills him in on Alcazar’s shooting. Jax rehashes all the things Sonny has done to get Carly back. Carly insists her eyes are wide open where Sonny is concerned. Jax questions why she slept with Sonny if it was a marriage of convenience. Jax is in the processing of leaving when an excited Michael runs down the stairs to greet him.

Monica shares with Edward, Emily, and Nikolas that she got the chance to say everything she needed to Alan.  She wants to remember the moment she and Alan expressed their love for each other.  Edward announces he needs to say goodbye to Alan.  Dillon and Alice arrive, Tracy’s face lets them know Alan is gone.

Jason still with Alan, share that Elizabeth is carrying his baby and that in the elevator, he got to feel his baby kick. He tells him that he loves his child and would give his life for his baby. It has made him realize that is how Alan felt every time he saw Jason. An emotional Jason talks about when he walked out, changed his name, when Alan tried to protect, when Jason said he hated him, all the things Alan tried to get Jason to understand, the times, Jason felt like eh couldn’t give Alan what he wanted, that it was all because Alan wanted Jason to be happy. Touching his fathers hand Jason apologizes for not understanding, for not hearing him until now, and for it being too late. He admits that he knew Alan loved him.

Jax tells the boys he saved his brother and he missed them a lot. When Michael asks why Jax didn’t call more, Carly explains that Jax was in a remote part of Russia. Jax assures them he thought of them, so much that he bought them presents. As the boys head to get the presents Michael states “Mom only married dad because he was in trouble. Does that mean you don’t want to be her friend anymore?”

Nikolas gives his condolences to Monica, who expresses how glad he is that he will be there for Emily. Alice hugs Monica commenting that Alan was a great man.

Tracy shares stories of her and Alan having each others back to Dillon.  Tracy explains that they never said the word love, but when the chips were down, they were there for each other. She shares how safe Alan made her feel, then admits she is scared to live without him.

Jason runs into Skye as he is coming out of Alan’s room, he breaks the news Alan died a few minutes ago. Jason reveals Emily was with him. Skye comments it was fitting Emily was there. An upset Skye blames herself, Jason tells her she isn’t to blame. They both admit they would have done things differently if they new it would end this way.  Skye leaves in tears. Edward appears letting Jason know Alan would be glad he was here. When Jason responds he was too late, Edward lets him know Alan wasn’t going to tell him anything that he didn’t already know. Edward points out the irony that Alan struggled with Jason, the way Edward struggled with Alan. Edward tells Jason that he hopes if Jason is ever a parent, that he will learn from their mistakes.

Carly kicks the boys out so her and Jax can talk. She lets Jax know the boys really missed him. Jax explains that he hates that she slept with Sonny, but he also knows Sonny has a talent for manipulating situations.  Carly stresses she doesn’t want Sonny. Jax remarks that since she married Sonny that doesn’t leave much room for him, if he wanted to be there. Carly asks him if he wants to be there. Jax responds that he doesn’t know.  He leaves, but not before telling her the flowers were from him, not Sonny. Tears run down Carly’s face.

At the hospital Luke and Lulu congratulate Lucky and Elizabeth on getting remarried. Lulu pressures them to set a date. Lucky tells his father he owes him, Elizabeth explains that Luke really helped her. Luke shares he is happy for them and Laura would be too.

Emily fills Jason in on how Monica is doing. Jason thanks Emily for sending Spinelli to find him. He comments that he is sorry he didn’t make it in time. Emily lets her brother know Alan slipped away peacefully. Jason then thanks Emily for being with him.  Emily comments that he was the best dad to her, and that although he made mistake with Jason he loved him. She tells him to that is what they should take away from this, how much their dad loved them. Emily grabs Jason’s hand.

Monica takes a minute alone with Alan. She breaks down, as she expresses her love for him and says goodbye.

Tracy shares with Dillon  the time Alan taught her to sail. Dillon asks her to take him sailing sometime. so she can tell him more stories. A crying Tracy remarks how she never told Alan she loved him, and that she would never make that mistake again. She tells a crying Dillon that she loves him and he is a magnificent son.  The mother and son embrace.

In the dark at the Quartermaine mansion, Edward looks at pictures of Alan.  Skye arrives letting Edward know she loved Alan. She goes on to tell him that he raised a compassionate loving person. She express how great Alan was to her. Skye claims she is there because she realized Alan would have been worried about Edward, so she is going to be there for Edward as a way to give something back to Alan. Edward reveals he was remember Alan as boy, a time before they clashed and Edward burdened him with expectations. He comments that children become adults that you fight with, everyone becomes disappointed, you hurt each other, but in your hearts they are still your children. Edward cries “Now my boy is gone.” Skye comforts her grandfather.

Emily breaks down in Nicolas’s arms.

Jason consoles a heartbroken Monica at the Quartermaine mansion. 

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