GH Update Monday 2/26/07

General Hospital Update Monday 2/26/07


Written By Shanna
Pictures by Juanita

Today, GH opens with Carly telling Sonny and the kids that she still intends to divorce him. Michael tells her it’s not fair and Sonny sends the kids upstairs. He tells Carly that Michael is right. He said above all, she isn’t being fair to herself.

At GH, Liz (still in the hospital) calls Jason and tells him she needs him to call her back because the need to talk about what’s right for their baby. Lucky walks in.

At the Metro Court, Jason and Craig are still having their gun battle. Craig tells Jason to leave while he still can.

Back at the hospital, Alan has another heart attack and doctors and nurses rush in to revive him. They bring in the defibrillator but nothing happens. Emily cries in the corner as Monica watches with worry. The opening credits roll and we come back to Alan’s room. The nurses say he has no pulse and Dr. Russell tells them to continue giving CPR. Emily tells herself that Alan will pull through. Edward and Tracy rush in. The nurses say that Alan has a pulse again. Dr. Russell tells Edward and Tracy to get out. Then he tells Monica he needs to talk to her outside.

Elsewhere, Lucky asks Liz if she was talking to Audrey. She tells him she was. He brings in a bunch of flowers with him. Liz tells him she has to stay a little longer for observation. Lucky starts talking about how grateful he is that Jason was able to find her in the hotel. He says he’s grateful she’s alive and she tells him that she knows he tried his best to find her. They start talking about Liz’s miscarriage of Jax and Courtney’s baby and Liz tells Lucky that he was so good to her then. He tells her that he hates seeing her in pain and says he failed her.

Back at the Corinthos house, Sonny tells Carly that they can’t keep lying to themselves. He talks about how he doesn’t like Jax or the way she looks at Jax. He tells her that’s how she used to look at him. Carly begs him to let her go, if not for his own sake, for the boys. He argues that she still loves him and she tells him that’s not the point.

At GH, Tracy asks Dr. Russell how Alan is doing. He tells her that for the time being, he’s stable. He pulls Monica aside and tells her Alan’s heart could give out at any moment. He says that Alan is dying and advises Monica to prepare the family. She asks Dr. Russell how much time Alan has and he tells her that he’s amazed Alan is still alive. Monica says he’s waiting to say goodbye to Jason.

Back at the Metro Court, Craig and Jason continue to exchange gunfire. Jason hits Craig in the shoulder area and he leans over.

Back at GH, Lucky tells Liz that he has a lot to be grateful for. He tells her he shouldn’t have asked her to marry him again. He tells her he’s sorry for all the pressure he’s put on her. She tells him she is tired of everyone pressuring her. Lucky tells her that he’s going to help her. He tells her that he won’t get in her way of having the baby on her own and raising it on her own. He tells her that he’s letting go of her. He says he wants her to be happy and says he’ll always be there for her if she needs him. He tells her that he realizes that their relationship is over. Liz tries to stop him, but he tells her not to feel sorry for him. He tells her he’s doing what’s right for everyone. He leaves.

Meanwhile, at Sonny’s house, Carly tells Sonny that the reason the had sex was because they survived a terrible ordeal. She tells him that their love is irrational and they always hurt each other. She tells him that they are rebuilding their relationship, but says she knows she wants to marry Jax because their relationship works. She calls for the boys. Sonny asks her not to leave.

At GH, Tracy tells Edward to go sit with Alan. He says he can’t, but goes in the room anyways. He sits there and tries to talk to Alan, but he doesn’t know what to say. So he talks to Lila. He asks her for help and asks her to make everything better. Alan squeezes Edward’s hand. He jumps up to get Monica and tells her to convince Alan that he will be okay.

Nearby, Emily goes to the nurse’s station to have Jason paged again. Spinelli comes in and she asks him where Jason is. He says he’s out handling business. She tells Spinelli to tell Jason that he needs to get to the hospital because his dad needs him.

At the Metro Court, Craig shoots back at Jason who tells Craig that he won’t make it to the helicopter waiting for him. Craig tells him that one of them will die.

At Sonny’s house, Carly tells him that he can’t force her to stay. He tells her he wants a chance to change her mind. She tells him he should just wish her well and be happy for her. Sonny says he wants her and needs her. She says she doesn’t want the pain that comes along with their relationship. He tells her that he’s in pain when he’s not with her. She apologizes and tells him that he’ll get over it and move on. The kids come down and say bye to their dad. Carly turns to leave and Sonny says he wishes her well and wants her to be happy.

Elsewhere, Lucky goes to the old Spencer home and looks in the window. He thinks. Meanwhile, at GH, Luke visits Liz. He tells her that he ran into Lucky. She tells him that he walked away to keep the pressure off of her. Luke asks her what she wants.

Nearby, Monica sits with Alan. She talks about her regrets about their marriage: the fighting and the cheating. She tells him that she is helpless now. She cries and goes out of the room. She tells the family that she needs to get Alan another doctor.

Back at the Metro Court, Spinelli runs in and Jason tells him to leave. Spinelli tells Jason that he needs to get to the hospital because Alan had another heart attack. Jason tells Spinelli he has to leave. He runs out. Craig asks Jason if he’s going to waste more time. Jason gets up and leaves. Craig does the same.

At GH, Luke talks to Liz about love. He tells her that love doesn’t set a person free, but forgiveness does. He tells her that when Laura forgave him, it changed his life and made him a better man. He tells her that maybe if she found a way to forgive Lucky he would stop hating himself.

Meanwhile, Tracy and Edward chase after Monica. She tells them that Alan is dying. She tells them she shouldn’t have done the operation. She says it’s a miracle that Alan’s still alive.

In Alan’s room, Emily talks to the dying doctor. She begs him to wake up and says she needs him. She tells him that he’s the only father she’s ever known and that she’s everything she is because of him. She begs him not to die. She leaves and sees Edward in the hall. She hugs him and he voices his regrets of being a bad father.

Elsewhere, Liz tracks Lucky down to the house. She tells him that she still knows his heart. She says when he came to GH, she saw a person she hadn’t seen in a long time- the boy she fell in love with. She asks him not give up on her.

At Carly’s house, Michael tells her that she doesn’t have to be scared anymore because he’ll protect her. She thanks him but says she isn’t afraid now. She tells them she had to survive because she could never leave them. She sends the boys upstairs to unpack. There’s a knock at the door. Michael answers and brings the delivered flowers to his mother. They are from Sonny.

At GH, Tracy tells Monica that she can’t give up on Alan. She insists that she fight for him. Edward returns and tells Tracy that she should prepare for the worst. Meanwhile, Jason runs to Alan’s room and sees Emily standing outside crying.

Elsewhere, Carly puts the flowers in a vase. There is another knock on the door. She assumes it’s Sonny. As she walks to the door she yells that one night of sex doesn’t mean anything. When she opens the door, she sees a confused Jax.

Over at Sonny’s, a man brings in the stolen items that were retrieved from the hotel, including Carly’s passport and engagement ring.

Meanwhile, Liz tells Lucky that Luke came to see her and says that he made her see that they didn’t handle things well. She tells him that when he said he was letting go, she was able to look past the hurt and pain and find something else. She tells him that she wants to forgive him and she wants his forgiveness. Then, she says she wants to marry him again. They share a hug.

Back at GH, Tracy continues to yell at Monica who tells Tracy that Alan is her whole life. Edward tells Tracy to back off. Emily comes in and says nothing. The look on her face says it all. She runs to her mother and they share a hug.

Nearby, Jason has finally gotten into Alan’s room. But it’s too late. He tells him that he’s sorry.

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