GH Update Friday 2/23/07

General Hospital Update Friday 2/23/07


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Today, GH opens with Sonny and Carly at home, in bed together. Carly has a flashback to the hostage situation. She wakes up scared. Sonny comforts her.

At GH, Lulu asks Scott why he's back in Port Charles. He tells her he came back to see Laura.

Meanwhile, Emily visits Alan in his hospital room. She tells him that Jason came by to see him. Alan gets upset that no one woke him up. Monica comes in and tells Alan he needs his rest. Alan asks them to get Jason.

At that time, Jason and Spinelli are pacing in the hallways of the hospital. The Jackal offers his services to Jason, who discovers that Craig plans to go back to the Metro Court to retrieve a P.D.A.

Nearby, Sam visits Liz in her hospital room. Liz starts talking to Sam about how she couldn't tell Lucky the truth. She assumes Jason told Sam that he is the father of Liz's baby. Sam asks her what she means and Liz tells Sam that Lucky asked her to marry him. She says she wanted to say yes. Sam asks her why she didn't and Liz says she doesn't want her life with Lucky to be a lie.

Back in Lulu's hospital room, Lulu informs Scott that he's too late to see Laura. Scott asks her what Laura was like when she woke up. Lulu tells him that she was herself. Scott asks her if Laura asked about him and Lulu says she didn't really have much time. Scott starts asking about Rick Webber and Skye comes in. She asks him what he's doing there.

Over at the Corinthos house, Sonny tells Carly that he'll never hurt her again. He decides to make her breakfast. She asks about when they are getting the boys.

Craig returns to the Metro Court, as predicted, to find his P.D.A. There are still rescue workers inside so he knocks a piece of debris over and the men leave.

At GH, Spinelli tells Jason he needs a wingman to exact his revenge. Jason explains to Spinelli that getting rid of Craig isn't about revenge. It's just that he hurt the wrong people.

In Alan's room, the weakened doctor talks about Jason. He tells Emily and Monica that he wants a relationship with Jason. Emily leaves to find Jason. She runs into Spinelli in the hallway and asks him where Jason is. Spinelli explains that "Stone Cold" had business to tend to.

Meanwhile, Liz tells Sam that she doesn't know if she can trust Lucky anymore. Sam asks her if she thinks it's better to grow up in a two parent household. Liz says she does want that, but it's impossible. Sam talks about how she would give the world to have what Liz has, if she could have it with Jason. Liz tells her she will someday. Sam tears up and admits to Liz that she will never have children.

In Lulu's room, Skye warns Lulu not to trust Scott. She tells her that Scott wants to make Luke's life miserable. She asks Lulu how she's doing and apologizes for the hostage situation. Lulu says she doesn't blame her. She leaves, but tries to get Scott to go, but Lulu says she wants to talk to him. Lulu tells him that she has some questions that only he can answer.

In Liz's room, Sam explains the situation to Liz. She tells her that because of her gunshot wound last year, her uterus is severely scarred. She explains that even if she does miraculously get pregnant, she won't carry the baby to term. She says maybe it's for the best since Jason had doubts about having kids anyways. Liz suggests Sam look into other options. Sam says that she and Jason have too many felonies to be considered for adoptive children. She asks Liz who would consider giving them a child?

At the Metro Court, Craig digs through rubble and Jason comes in with a gun. Parts of the building start collapsing again. Craig makes a run for it.

Back in Alan's room, Emily returns and tells Alan that Jason will be by soon. Tracy shows up and Monica tells her not to upset Alan. She goes into the room and tells Alan not to milk this for Edward's attention. Then she gets emotional. She asks him if he knows how close he came to dying. She says she doesn't know what she would do if he died. He tells her not to worry because he intends to be around for a very long time.

Back at Sonny's house, Carly call the police to see if they happened to dig her engagement ring out of the lobby. They didn't and she tells them that she has to get it back. She gets off the phone and Sonny comes in with food. Carly tells him that they can't get back together. She tells him nothing has changed and that she still going to divorce him.

In Lulu's hospital room, the injured teen asks what her mother was like before she met her father. Scott says she was brave. He tells Lulu there isn't anything he wouldn't have done for her. He tells Lulu that Laura never meant to kill the women Rick slept with. He says he should have told Laura the truth. Tracy comes in and tells Scott he's not welcome.

Meanwhile, Edward tells Alan that when he gets home, he'll be stuck on the same diet he's on. Alan talks about being Edward's greatest embarrassment. Edward tells Alan that he admires him and his proud to be his father. Alan says it was worth the wait to hear those words from Edward.

At the Metro Court, Jason follows Craig. They shoot back and forth at each other. Craig babbles some about how pointless this is, as Jason aims to shoot.

Back at the Corinthos house, Carly explains to Sonny that what happened the night before happened because they were emotional. He tells her they could work again. She reminds him of their vicious cycle. He says he’s different now. She says she knows but she still wants to marry Jax. She tells Sonny that Jax is in her heart in a way that he never can be. Sonny says he loves her again and tells her that they are a part of each other. Carly tells him that they are bad for each other. He tells her they are soul mates and Carly tells him that she can’t be married to him because she doesn’t like the person she becomes. Then, Bobbie shows up with kids. They run in and hug their parents.

Back at the Metro Court, Jason fires his gun and misses. Craig asks him why he’s doing this since no one was fatally injured. Jason says it’s because he shot an innocent woman for no reason and because he picked the wrong place to do business. Craig tells Jason to let him walk away. He tells him if he doesn’t let him escape, he’ll make him sorry. Jason fires off several shots.

Back in Alan’s room, Skye shows up and Monica tries to keep her away but Alan hears her and asks Skye to come in. Edward yells at Skye when she comes in and talks about what a traitor she is. Edward suggests that Alan disown Skye. He says he would never do that and Edward leaves. Skye asks Alan why how he can still love her. He asks her if she can imagine not loving Lila Rae. Alan talks about how he was a better father to Skye and Emily than to Jason and A.J. Skye tells him that A.J. knew he loved him. Alan says he wants to make sure Jason knows he’s loved too.

In Lulu’s room, Tracy blasts Scott and orders he get out or else. On his way out, he tells Tracy she is no Laura. After he leaves, Tracy tells Lulu that Scott is using her to get back at Luke and suggests that Lulu stay out of it.

Back at the Metro Court, the two men are still firing shot at each other. Craig offers to triple Jason’s pay and Jason says it’s not about the money. Craig insists that everyone can be bought. He tells Jason to stop wasting his time. He asks him if doesn’t have some place better to be.

In Alan’s room, Skye promises Alan that she be there for him every step of the way through his recovery. She tells him she loves him and he returns the sentiment. Monica comes in and Alan tells her that Skye needs her family. Alan tells Monica he’s getting stronger by the minute.

In the hospital waiting room, Sam runs into Edward. They talk for a minute. Edward talks about how he regrets the things he did or didn’t say to his children. Edward says there is nothing more important than your own children. Sam tells him she needs to take off. He stops her and says he wasn’t trying to pressure her to produce an heir. She says she’s just tired. Edward talks about what a hero she was tonight and then the national news comes on covering the hostage situation. Sam’s statement is aired on the news. The scene cuts to a strange place. The camera is fixated on a picture of a man. In front of it lies a watch.

At GH, Liz has flashbacks of telling Jason that he is the father of her baby.

Back at the Metro Court, Craig and Jason continue their gun battle. Craig tells Jason to let him go. Jason says he can’t do that. Craig tells him he will die if he doesn’t.

Back at GH, Monica tells Alan she can’t believe it took her so long to realize that he is the love of her life. Emily comes in and Alan asks about Jason. Then he grimaces with pain as he has another heart attack.

In Lulu’s room, Spinelli talks with “the blond one” about their mystery. Lulu tells him that she knows Alan is innocent. She tells Spinelli that she thinks Scott knows more about Rick Webber’s murder than he’s telling. Scott is standing outside the door as she says this.

Over at the Corinthos house, Sonny and Carly talk about some of the things that happened at the Metro Court. Carly tells the boys that Sonny was very brave. Sonny says they came back because nothing is more important than family. Sonny gets up to make pancakes for the boys and Michael asks if Sonny can make pancakes everyday for them. Carly says no because they are going home. She tells Michael that she married Sonny to help him and now that it’s over, she’s getting a divorce.

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