GH Update Thursday 2/22/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/22/07


Written By Rachelle
Pictures by Juanita

Robin wakes up in her hospital room to find out from Patrick that her surgery was a success.  She responds that she new he would be there waiting for her.  Patrick kisses her hand.

“Three” talks to Maxie in her room.  Maxie questions how he found her, he reminds her that she told him where she lived.  Maxie begins to freak out.  He tells her he doesn’t have anywhere else to go and the cops are looking for him.  She reminds him her father is the police commissioner, therefore he has to go.

Craig is holding Lucky at gunpoint on the pier, threatening to shoot him.  Lucky states that if Elizabeth and his baby are dead, then he would rather be with them.  A gun is fired.

At the medical triage station outside the hotel, Sam tells Jason he not only saved himself, but Elizabeth and the baby.  She goes on to say that Elizabeth told her everything that happened in the elevator.  Jason has a look of shock on his face.

Robin admits to Patrick that knowing she would be with him again is what got her through all the hours at the Metro Court.  Patrick reveals that he thought he would loose his mind when he heard she was taken hostage and shot.  Robin comments he was true to form storming the hotel lobby doors, demanding the gunman to let him take care of her.  Patrick claims it didn’t do him any good cause the gunman weren’t impressed with his orders anymore than she was.   Robin shares he is as brilliant as he claims to be.  She couldn’t imagine how hard it was to talk Emily through the surgery.  Patrick remarks that Emily is a heroine and fortunately a good listener.   They both agree that they owe Emily.  Patrick reiterates that he doesn’t know what he would have done if he lost her.  She replies it will take more than a measly bullet wound to keep her away from him.  The loving couple kiss.      

Maxie explains to “Three”she is sending him away because she is protecting Mac, he could loose his job if the police find him there.  She doesn’t want to be responsible for that just cause she was stupid enough to befriend one of the guys who held her hostage.  She has put Mac through too much recently.  “Three” comments on how she helped Xander and Jesse, then reveals his name is Cooper Barrett.  He shares that is friends call him Coop, Maxie replies “I am not your friend, I am your ex hostage”.   Maxie hides Cooper in her closest when she hears Georgie calling her name.  Georgie lets Maxie know Robin is out of surgery.  Maxie agrees to go visit Robin with Georgie, leaving Cooper in the closet.

Tracy tries to get Luke to understand the seriousness of Dillon, Milo, and Spinelli all being interested in Lulu.  She remarks that one is a hacker slacker, one is mobster, and one is her step brother.  Spinelli makes his case that he is the jackal, Milo makes his case that he is a legitimate employed body guard, Dillon makes his case that he and Lulu are not biologically related.   Tracy demands that Luke say something parental.   He calmly replies Lulu will settle this when she wakes up.  Tracy is baffled by Luke’s lack of concern for the situation.   The doctor tells everyone that Lulu came through surgery fine, and with some physical therapy she will make a full recovery.   The “Three Stooges”, as Luke calls them, battle over who should see Lulu first.  Luke cuts them off with the news that he will be the only one going to see Lulu.

Rodriguez saves Lucky and Craig gets away.   An extremely angry Lucky goes off on his partner.  Rodriguez reminds him that he can’t throw his life away just because someone said something to get inside his head.  Rodriguez gets a call with information that Elizabeth has been found.

At the hospital Jason, Liz and Sam fill in Dr.  Lee on Elizabeth condition and the events of the evening.  Jason gets an update on Alan from Dr.  Lee.

Luke remarks to his daughter how scared she had him.   He informs her of the three boys in the waiting room who have been arguing over her.   Lulu giggles at her fathers revelation.  Luke apologizes for what he put her through when he tried to bluff Craig.  Lulu lets him know she knows he was just trying to save her and the hostages.  She comments that when life doesn’t work out as you planned, you have to keep your eyes open, and look for the next opportunity.  Luke asks how she got so smart, Lulu replies “ I had an amazing dad”.  Luke loving kisses his daughters hand.

Georgie, Mac and Maxie visit Robin.  She assures he family she is fine.  Everyone is gushing over Robin who reminds them, that she was not the only one held hostage.  She looks lovingly at Maxie.  Maxie lets her family know she is ok.

Lucky frantically searches for Elizabeth at the medical triage.  Epiphany fills him in that both Elizabeth and the baby are fine and at the hospital. 

Alone Elizabeth talks to her unborn baby about how they survived and how the baby is strong just like it’s daddy.  She goes on to talk about how Jason saved them, how Jason knows the truth, and how now she has to tell Lucky the truth.  Her conversation is interrupted by Rodriguez.  The cop explains to Elizabeth that he found Lucky unarmed on the pier facing off with Craig.  That Lucky was about to walk into the line of fire and didn’t care because he though Elizabeth and the baby were dead.                 

Emily and Jason share a loving embrace outside Alan’s room.  Emily lets her brother know Alan was asking for him.   Monica hugs Jason when he enters a sleeping Alan’s room.  She gives Jason an update on Alan.  Jason fills Monica in that he was inside the lobby disguised as a gunman and helped Alan to the door.  Monica tells Jason to not blame himself.  Monica remarks that Jason should get checked out.  Jason wants to sit with Alan.  Monica suggests he get checked out in the ER first.  He is pretty banged up and she didn’t want Alan waking up to see him like that.

Luke comes to the waiting room to share the news Lulu is awake.  Tracy tries to stop the three boys, but Spinelli makes a run for it.  Luke tells Tracy that Lulu is the only one who can send the boys away.  The only one Luke won’t get behind is Dillon because he already trampled Lulu’s heart.  Dillon pleas that Lulu is the last person he would ever want to hurt.  Tracy aks him how that pertains to his other love Georgie.

Lulu is glad to see Spinelli.  She lets him know her leg is ok.  He apologizes for not helping her more, she apologizes for not leaving when Jason said they should.  She thanks him for risking his life to saver her.  When he responds that he didn’t do that much saving, she replies he was great.  Jason interrupts them, requesting to speak to Spinelli outside.  Jason needs Spinelli to track Craig on the computer.  Spinelli thinks they should leave it to the cops, but Jason being Jason won’t have that, he orders Spinelli to find Craig. 

Craig finds a medical jacket near the triage and puts it on.

Over the phone Elizabeth assures her grandmother she fine.  Lucky arrives and the two embrace.  An almost crying Lucky reveals how scared he was that he had lost her and the baby.

Alone in an exam room, Jason is about to reveal to Sam that he is Elizabeth’s baby’s father when she drops the bombshell that she can’t carry a child to term.  Jason questions why.  A crying Sam reveals it is not from losing her baby.  Jason realizes it is from the night she was shot.  She tells him to not blame himself.   The emotional couple are interrupted by the Mayor who wants to publicly acknowledge Sam’s heroism.  He calls her the woman who saved the Metro Court hostages.

Elizabeth scolds Lucky for going after Craig.  He admits he snapped when he thought she was dead but he can’t live his life without her.  Elizabeth tries to tell Lucky the truth about the baby, she remarks about the events of last summer and how she thought their marriage was over.  Lucky cuts her off by saying that not all hope was lost because they made a baby.  The baby is the hope for their future.  She and the baby give him a reason to hold on and he would never risk their love or family again.

During Dillon’s visit Lulu reveals that Alan was not the killer.  Dillon lets her know how terrified he was for her.  Milo brings her a smoothie interrupting their visit.  The two guys attempt to one up each other as Lulu looks on laughing.  Georgie, who was stopping by to visit Lulu also, overhears Dillon talk about the bond he was with Lulu.  She leaves not very happy.

Maxie returns from the hospital with food for Cooper.  She has decided he shouldn’t leave Port Charles because of all the roadblocks and stuff, so she thinks he should stay with her.  She goes on to explain it is perfect to hide him in plan sight, plus she can let him know when the man hunt has died down.  He wants to know why she changed her mind.  She shares that being locked in the vault mad her see him as a real person.   Plus since he saved her life by not pushing the detonator, she is now going to try to save his life.

Dillon chases after Georgie, letting her know that what he said to Lulu does not mean he doesn’t love her.  Georige tells she loves him too, but they were naive to think they would spend the rest of their lives together.  They got married because he was sick, but when he got well they found themselves in a situation they were not ready for.  She claims marriage was the beginning of the end for them.  A crying Georgie admits they have changed, and although it hurts them to let go, it hurts them more to hold on.  Dillon sadly agrees with her.  The two make the heartbreaking decision that their relationship is over and say goodbye.

Robin apologizes to Patrick for pushing him to take his HIV test.  She shares that she was reminded by Alan, before the gunman arrived, that she too did not want to take her 6 month HIV test.  Patrick declares to her that she was right.   He didn’t take the test while she was in surgery, but he will, he was only waiting for her.  He takes the test by her bedside, requesting a rush on the results.             

Jason spies a Elizabeth holding Lucky through the doorway to her hospital room.   

Luke tells Tracy the more she complains about the “Three Stooges” the more Lulu will like them.  Tracy can’t believe he isn’t going to lift a finger to help her.  He tells her has ha better things to do then be the boyfriend police.

Scott Baldwin pays Lulu a visit.  He aks to talk to her. 

Emily arrives to sit with Alan.  Monica shares that she sent Jason to the ER because he was pretty beat up and she didn’t want to alarm Alan. 

Sam finds Elizabeth crying when she stops by to see how she is doing.  Elizabeth tells Sam she tried to tell Lucky the truth but couldn’t do it.  Sam asks “the truth about what”?

Spinelli was able to download bank information from a PDA one of Craig’s gunman.  Jason figures out it was “Six”, the woman, who is dead.  He concludes that Craig will go back to the Metro Court looking for the PDA. 

Alan wakes up asking for Jason.

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