GH Update Wednesday 2/21/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/21/07


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Today, GH opens with Sonny and Carly returning home. Carly tells Sonny she never thought they would get to see home again. He tells her it's all over. The two hug.

At GH, Emily goes in to see Alan. Outside the room, Monica tells Nikolas that if Alan has one more heart attack, he'll die. In the room, Alan asks Emily how Jason is. She tells him that he's fine.

Outside the Metro Court, Luke comes out with Lulu. He sets her down on a stretcher and Lucky thanks him. They hug. Lucky tells Luke that they have to find Elizabeth.

Inside the hotel elevator, Jason promises Liz that he'll take care of her. She tells him that she can't marry him because of Lucky and Sam.

Outside, Luke asks Dr. Russell if Lulu will be okay. He tells him that Lulu has a severed artery and muscle damage but she'll be fine. Luke tells Lucky he'll stay with Lulu. Lucky decides to go in the hotel to find Liz. Sam joins him but the two are stopped by Rodriguez who tells them that the building is too unstable for them to go in.

Meanwhile, Lulu wakes up and calls out for Luke. He tells her that she's going to be fine. She tells him that she knew he'd come for her.

At GH, Monica tells Nikolas that all they can do now is wait. Tracy shows up and asks how Alan is. Inside the room, Alan tells Emily she did a great job with Robin's surgery. Emily thanks him for inspiring her to be a doctor. She tells him that when she saw him save a man once, she knew he was her hero. He tells her that he is lucky to have a daughter like her.

Outside the room, Skye shows up and demands to know how Alan's doing. Monica and Tracy tell her to go away before they make her go away.

Back at Sonny's house, Carly calls Bobbie to check on the boys. Bobbie tells Carly that they are sleeping and tells her how Jason promised Michael that he would make sure they got out. Carly tells Bobbie that they'll be over to get the boys in a little while. She gets off the phone and tells Sonny about Jason's promise. Sonny assures her that Jason will be fine.

Back in the elevator, Liz tells Jason she doesn't want to hurt anyone. Jason tells her that they have to give their child the best life possible. She asks him if he's choosing the baby over Sam. He says no, but then says that he can't be selfish either. Liz tells him that they won't be better off married because they aren't good together. She tells him she wants to marry him, just like she wants to be a famous painter who lives in Italy, but that doesn't make it real. She tells him she can't be with him.

Back at GH, Emily hears Monica shouting in the hallway. She tells Alan to get some rest and goes out to see what's going on. Tracy tells Skye that only family and friends are welcome to see Alan. Emily tells them that Skye is family. Monica and Tracy berate Skye for allowing everyone to walk into the Metro Court knowing something potentially dangerous was stashed there by Lorenzo. They tell her again that she isn't welcome.

At Sonny's, Carly begins to worry that Jason could have been shot by the cops. Sonny tells her that he'll be fine. She agrees and decides that Jason will probably call in a few minutes. Carly says she's tired and needs a bath. Sonny tells her to take one. She tells him he was amazing at the hotel. He tells her that she should have left when Craig gave her the chance. She says she wasn't going to leave without him.

Outside the hotel, Sam and Lucky talk. Lucky is worried that Liz hasn't come out yet. Sam tells him that she's probably stuck under some debris. He tells her that could be fatal for her and the baby. Sam tells him that they shouldn't give up hope. A policeman comes over and tells Lucky that someone reported seeing Craig on the pier. Lucky gets mad and says he'll make Craig pay. He takes off.

In the elevator, Jason asks Liz what they are going to do now. He talks about how he guarded her and Sam for a little while earlier and heard Sam say she was jealous of her. Liz tells Jason that she has what Sam wants (his baby). There is noise above them. Jason calls out and the rescuers hear him. Liz tells them to tell Lucky that she's okay. Jason asks about Sam. They tell him she's the big hero of the night for warning the cops about the explosives. They tell him they'll let Sam know he's okay. Jason tells Liz that they made it.

Outside Alan's room, Skye appeals to Emily, who tells Skye that Tracy and Monica are just being overprotective of Alan. Skye says she has a right to see Alan. Emily tells her to just go in and see him them. She warns her not to upset him though. Skye goes in and Nikolas comes over and tells Emily that Liz and Jason were found and they’re okay. Emily says she has to tell Alan. Inside the room, Skye tells Alan about her involvement in the Metro Court hostage situation.

Meanwhile, Lulu is brought to GH. Tracy comes over and Lulu tells her that Luke saved her. Tracy admits to Luke that he was right about being the only one who could save Lulu.

Over at the Corinthos home, Sonny gets a phone call. He answers and thanks the person on the line for calling.

Outside the Metro Court, Cruz informs Sam that Liz and Jason were found and that they’re okay. A reporter comes over and talks to Sam. Cruz tells her that she’s the hero of the hostage situation. She tells the reporter that she’s not a hero. She tells him that she was just in the right place at the right time.

Back at Sonny’s, Carly is in the tub and Sonny knocks on the door. He tells her that Jason is okay. She asks him to come in. Sonny comes in and Carly asks him where they found Jason. He tells her that he’s trapped in an elevator with Liz. Carly says she’s happy he’s okay. Sonny tells her that he’ll be out soon and it will all be over.

In the elevator, Liz tells Jason she can’t wait to go home. He tells her it will probably take some time to be dug out. Jason asks Liz what will happen once they are out. He asks her if he’ll get to see his baby and if it will be named after him. She tells him that he has legal rights to the baby. He says he knows that, but promises he wouldn’t take her to court over the baby. Liz tells him that she won’t shut him out of their baby’s life. She reminds him though, that other people are involved and neither are ready to hear the truth. Jason asks her if waiting to tell them will make it hurt any less. Liz tells Jason that Lucky is clean now because of the baby and that she doesn’t want him to relapse when he finds out there is no baby for him. Jason tells her that if Lucky really loves her that it won’t matter that the baby isn’t his.

Back at GH, Alan tells Skye that the hostage situation wasn’t her fault and he tells her he forgives her for any mistakes she may have made. She tells him that she loves him.

In the waiting area, Luke talks about how much Lulu is like Laura. Tracy says that she’s a lot like him and tells him that next time he decides to pack up and leave, to think about his newly discovered parental obligations. Spinelli shows up and asks if “the blond one” is okay. He introduces himself to Luke and sings Lulu’s praises. Tracy tells Luke that Spinelli is a bad influence on Lulu. Spinelli says that the two are friends and that he thinks Lulu has a crush on him. Luke just smiles.

Back at Sonny’s, the mob boss points out that Carly has a bad bruise. He tells her it must be hard to wash her hair with her sore, bruised arm. Some music plays and Sonny washes Carly’s hair for her. Then he kisses her. She stops him and tells him he has to go. He leaves the room.

Back at GH, Dillon shows up and asks about Lulu. Spinelli tells him that she’s in surgery. Then Milo shows up looking for Lulu. Tracy turns to Luke and asks him if he’s the problem. The boys start arguing over whom Lulu likes most and who’s best suited for her. Tracy tells Luke to kick Milo and Spinelli to the curb and to tell Dillon he can’t date his stepsister.

Meanwhile, on the pier, Lucky shows up looking for Craig. He runs into someone and asks him if he saw Craig. The man says he hasn’t and leaves. Lucky looks around. Craig comes up behind him, hits him in the back, and takes his gun. Lucky yells at him and asks about Liz. Craig tells him that he stepped over her body on the way out of the hotel.

In the elevator, Liz tells Jason she can’t just take Lucky’s hope for a baby away yet. Jason says he has to tell Sam. Liz accuses Sam of starting all of this by sleeping with Ric. She decides she’ll have to tell Lucky too. Jason tells her that they have to trust each other. He asks her to promise to do what she thinks is best for their child. She does. From above, the rescuers tell them that the debris is unstable and they will have to get them out soon. They tell them they will send a harness down. Jason tells them that Liz will come up first.

At GH, Monica returns to Alan’s room. She promises not to take him for granted anymore. He tells her to stop worrying because he wants to stick around for her. They tell each other they love one another.

Meanwhile, Maxie hops into bed at home. When she does, Number 3 shows up and tells her he needs her help.

In the GH waiting area, the boys continue to fight over Lulu. Tracy tells Luke to do something about them. He stands up and tells them that it’s up to Lulu to decide who she wants and he’s not going to stand in her way.

On the pier, Lucky asks Craig if Liz and his baby are dead. Craig tells him that they didn’t suffer. Lucky tells Craig that he better make sure he kills him when he shoots him because if he doesn’t, he will break his neck.

Outside the Metro Court, Liz is brought out and put on a stretcher. Sam runs over to her and asks about Jason. Liz tells her that he’s still in the elevator. Sam asks Liz if she’s hurt and she tells her that Jason shielded her from the explosion. Epiphany tell Liz her baby is okay. Sam says she’s happy for Liz. Jason comes out and Sam runs into his arms.

At the Corinthos home, Sonny is shirtless in his room when Carly knocks at his door. He opens the door and she comes in and kisses him. One thing leads to another and they end up in bed.

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