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In Robinís hospital room Patrick talks to Robin what it was like talking Emily through her operation over the phone. A stable Robin tells him poor baby.  The duo get back to their usual banter, but in a more loving way.  They are interrupted by Dr Lee who tells them since Robin is stable her surgery will have to wait, they are concentrating on more critical patients.  Robin states that she is in no hurry to go into surgery.

At the demolished hotel Luke frantically searches for Lulu.

Outside the hotel Mac informs Lucky that no one else can go back in because the structure is unsafe.

Trapped in the elevator Jason comments ďIím your babyís fatherĒ.  When Elizabeth replies yes, Jason thinks she is traumatized and doesnít know what she is saying.  Elizabeth lets him know she has know since she got the results he was the father. He wants to know why she didnít tell him.

Craig and Sonny each pull guns on each other as Sonny and Carly try to leave the hotel. Carly grabs the briefcase which Craig wants her to give to him, so it can all be over. Craig tells Sonny the hotel is too unstable for a gun fight.  As the ceiling begins to collapse more, Craig makes a run for it without the brief case. Carly attempts to go after him, but Sonny stops her stating they have each other that is all that matters.  The couple leaves.

Robin explains that she is relatively pain free and would like to stay that way for a little while. Dr Lee leaves to go help out in the ER. Patrick tells her she needs more surgery, he is not about to let anything happen to her now.  She laughs noting how now that he did something heroic he thinks he know everything.  He silences her with a kiss.

Nikolas is with Emily outside the hotel when Rodriguez lets him know there was another collapse inside. Nikolas attempts to charge in but the cop stops him.  Nikolas screams that half his family is in there. Rodriguez points out that the other half is outside and advises Nikolas to stay put for his sonís sake.

A rescuer worker finds Spinelli, who desperately tries to search for Lulu.  He is pulled away by the rescue workers as he screams that they must find her.   

Jason ask Elizabeth why she didnít tell him.  She explains that Sonny was standing there when she got the results and she told Sonny the results were what she expected.  She realized that Sonny thought she was talking about Lucky, and he started talking about how good it was Lucky was the father.  A crying Elizabeth goes to say that Sonny told her that now Jason would not be torn about his decisions affecting the baby. Jason replies ďHow could you keep this secret from meĒ

Tracy visits Alan, letting him know the hostage situation is over.  Emily and Nikolas are fine. Alan asks if anyone has seen Jason.

Elizabeth continues to explain herself to Jason.  The night she got the results she was going to tell him the truth, but Carly got to him first. She had jumped to the same conclusion that Lucky was the father. Jason asks if when she came to see him that nigh if she was going to tell him the baby was his.  She claims she wanted to but he already thought Lucky was the father and that he thought that was for the best. Jason defends himself saying that he thought she wanted Lucky to be the father. Elizabeth cries that she didnít know what she wanted. She goes on to say that she didnít know who Lucky was anymore, but she always knew who Jason was, he was her safe place.  She would never regret their night together, but she honestly believed that it would better for everyone if he never knew.  Jason can understand if she thought she was protecting the baby, but if she thought she was protecting him from wanting to take care of her and or loving the baby, that doesnít make sense. He disappointingly comment ďI thought you knew me better than thatĒ.  Elizabeth apologizes again.

Nikolas tries to calm down Lucky.  Emily is ordered to go to the hospital for observation.

Sam and Ric try to get Alexis to go home. Alexis replies  that if she collapses there is a medical team right there including a shrink. This causes Ric spout off about Alexisís need to control everything. Alexis lets him know she is waiting for Sonny.  Ric remarks that he wonders if she would be so cavalier with her health if it was him in there.  A flippant Alexis replies that he would have had to of been a hostage so she wonít know.  Sam tells them to give it a rest.  They see Carly and Sonny come out of the hotel. Sonny pulls Carly close to him.

Luke is searching for Lulu when a rescue worker tells him they are now mostly recovering bodies, no one has called for help recently. Luke screams for Lulu.

Emily and Nikolas check in on Robin, who shares how glad she is they are ok. Patrick tells the couple how he was just letting Robin know that skipping follow up surgery is not an option. Robin tells Emily she saved her life. Patrick comments how grateful he is to both Emily and Nikolas. Robin gets emotional when she claims she doesnít know how she will repay her friends. Emily tells her to get better and they will have a girls night at Jakes.

Sam asks Carly and Sonny where Jason is, Sonny responds Jason will come out when we least expect it.

Elizabeth relays to Jason that she did tell him the truth the night in the church, after he had been shot.  Jason comments on how later in her studio he asked her what she had told him in church.. She replies that she should have told him then.  Jason remembers all the conversations she started and stopped.  It all makes sense to him now, why she was always sad and couldnít make a clean start with Lucky.  Elizabeth responds that it kills her to lie to Lucky but he doesnít even know they slept together.  She goes into how she has been afraid he would go back on pills.  Jason makes an excuse that he never asked her if he was the father, but Elizabeth tells him to not make excuses for her.  He just wants to understand. She shares that all she has done is try to figure out what is best for the baby.  He states that maybe they can figure it out together.

Spinelli is outside yelling about the blonde one and stone cold.  Dillon hears him and tells the rescue team he can speak Spinelli.  Spinelli explains that when the bomb went off he grabbed Luluís hand and lead her through the office corridor, but it was dark and smokey.  He tried to hold on to her.

Luke sees a hand when searching for Lulu.

Carly asks Alexis about Lulu.  Alexis lets her know both Elizabeth and Lulu are still inside. Sonny tells Mac that Craig got away and gives a description of Craig.  He gives Ric the briefcase as Sky looks on. He shares with Ric that he and Carly figured out the code.  Skye calls them liars claiming Lorenzo remembered the code.

Elizabeth tells Jason she couldnít see how this baby would fit into his life. Jason replies they need to figure out what is right for the baby. She reminds him they both love other people and donít want those people hurt. Jason responds that he canít do anything to change that. Elizabeth asks him would he want to? Jason shares with her that he felt like he lost something when Carly told him Lucky was the father, and since then whenever he would see her he would think that could have been my child. Jason says he is sorry for the people who will be hurt, but they created a miracle and he wants there child more than anything.

Nikolas and Emily share a moment with each other letting the other one know how much they mean to other one.

Milo yells at Spinelli for leaving the hotel without Lulu. Spinelli explains he was pulled out. Dillon asks him when was the last time he saw Lulu. An upset Spinelli reveals that when they dug him up Lulu wasnít there.

Luke uncovers the body of the hand he saw but it is not Lulu.  It was one of Craigís people dead. Luke loses it screaming for Lulu to answer him.

Monica gives Alan the news that Robin is headed for surgery to remove the bullet and will be fine. Alan asks about Lulu, but Monica tells him she hasnít heard anything about her.  Alan comments how Lulu is like Luke, resilient. Alan lets Monica know that Dillon, Lulu and Spinelli think he killed Rick.  Monica lets him know that Dillon already told her. Alan expresses his love for Monica, she does the same to him.

Sonny explains to Ric that if the wrong code is entered the contents of the briefcase would be destroyed. Sky wants the wrong code entered so there is no evidence against Alcazar. Ric lets it be known that  he can not trust his brother.                                                                  

Elizabeth is relieved the truth is out.  She didnít want Jason to hate her, he claims he could never hate her. Jason starts to scream for help but no one answers. He assures Elizabeth people are looking for them. Jason wonders if Alan is going to be alright. Elizabeth realizes Jason walked Alan to the door.  Jason comments on how that was the first time he remembered thinking of Alan as his father, now he is going to be a father.

Luke begins coughing from all the dust and debris in the building.  He asks Laura to help him find Lulu.  He then spots Luluís hand with Lauraís ring on it and starts pulling of the debris.

Patrick tells Robin is she is beautiful as she is being prepped for surgery.  Robin asks Patrick to take his HIV test while she is in surgery. He tells her that yesterday he thought the worst thing that could happen to him was to be HIV positive, but when he thought he lost her, he was in complete pain.  He had never felt so alone and helpless at least not since he lost his mom.  He realized living with HIV would be a blessing compared to living without her, so he will go take the test. He tells her he loves her, she tells him he is her hero. Robin is wheeled off to surgery.

Monica lets Emily know Alan is very weak but that has been asking for all his children. Nikolas fills Monica in that Jason managed to get into the Metro Court but they can not find him. Monica wants them to keep that from Alan, he can not afford to be upset.  Emily assures her father she is fine.  He asks her about Jason.

Jason ask Elizabeth if she has thought anymore about his life being too dangerous for her and her children. She knows he would do anything to protect her and her children. He asks her if she thinks she could have a life with him, because he wants the baby to have the best life they could give him.  She accuses him of being emotional.  He responds that this baby changes everything, then asks her to marry him.

Ric enters the wrong code to open the wrong and whatever was in the briefcase was destroyed. Skye comments that Lorenzo must have been mistaken.  Ric is understanding and thanks her for coming down. Skye is glad they understand each other.

Rodriguez tells Lucky and Sam that once the lobby is stable they will go back in with rescue dogs, but at this point he doesnít know how anyone still in the lobby can be alive.

Luke carries a bloody Lulu out of the lobby.

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