GH Update Monday 2/19/07

General Hospital Update Monday 2/19/07


Written By Shanna
Pictures by Juanita

Today, GH opens with a montage of scenes of the Metro Court after the big blast. We see Carly lying on the floor and there is a flash back of the gunmen at the beginning of the robbery. There is another flashback to when Craig shot Robin. The camera moves to Maxie and there are some more flash backs from when the captors lined the lobby with bomb, to Emily having to choose between her father and Liz, to Alan's dramatic heat attack. The camera goes to Cruz and Lucky who were knocked out by the explosion. There is a flashback to when Carly and Sonny exchanged "I love yous." Then there's another flashback to Nikolas running towards the Metro Court right before the big explosion. Sirens blare in the background and Nikolas wakes up and yells for Emily as the opening credits roll.

Nearby, Luke yells at Alexis to help him get free. He tells her that Lulu was in that building when it exploded.

At GH, Monica checks on Alan, who asks her what happened. She explains to him that he had angioplasty. She tells him that she loves him.

Back outside the Metro Court, Nikolas tries to run in to find Emily, but is stopped by a team a police and SWAT members. He yells that Emily was right behind him. He screams at Mac and tells him that he owes him for getting Robin out. Mac tells him that the paramedics and fire fighters will get Emily out.

Meanwhile, Patrick carries Robin to the triage set up. He tells Epiphany that Robin is in critical condition.

In a Metro Court elevator, the man in black puts Liz down. She screams at him to let her go and he takes off his mask. It's Jason and Liz is so happy she hugs him.

Inside what's left of the lobby, Lucky yells for Liz and calls out for help. Sonny pushes the debris off him and spots an unconscious Carly.

Back outside, the police continue to restrain Nikolas. Ric tells Nikolas he better stay put or he'll have him arrested. Alexis comes over and so does Sam. Alexis tells Nikolas to listen to Ric. Sam tells Alexis she shouldn't be there.

Back in the elevator, Jason asks Liz if she's okay. She says she isn't hurt. Jason bangs on the elevator and realizes everything is shut down.

Back in triage, Patrick tries to help Robin. He discovers she still has a pulse. Luke begs to be set free.

Inside, Maxie and Number 3 wake up. She tells him to take off his signature black uniform so that he will look like he's a hostage. Lucky searches for Liz and Lulu, who is unconscious nearby.

At GH, Monica tells Alan that Tracy, Edward and Alice came to see him. Alan asks about his father and Monica tells Alan that Edward is fine, but worried. Alan pleads with Monica to get the kids to come see him. Tracy comes in and tells him that she was worried about him. There is an awkward silence and Monica and Tracy go into the hallway. Tracy tells Monica that the Metro Court exploded and that Lulu and Emily haven't been found yet. Tracy says she's going back to get more information. Monica goes back into Alan's room and he asks her again if the kids are coming.

Outside the Metro Court, Sam tells Nikolas that Jason was inside as well. She tells him that it was Jason who was able to get her out. She tells Nikolas that she will be here waiting for Jason and tells him to stay to wait for Emily.

Inside, Lucky finds Emily trapped and unconscious. He calls for help. A paramedic comes over and tells him to go get his cut checked out. He tells the medic that he has to find his wife and sister. Nearby, Sonny pulls Carly out from under some rubble. He tells her to wake up and asks her not to quit on him.

In the elevator, Jason tells Liz there is no way out and that they will have to wait to be rescued. Liz asks him if he thinks the building will collapse and he tells her it's unlikely. He does warn her that it could take a while for someone to find them. He apologizes to her for not being able to get her out of the hotel. He talks about how the police shouldn't have cut the power. Then he remembers that he sent Sam to warn the police and worries she may not have gotten out. Liz starts to worry about Nikolas, Emily and Lulu. Jason tells her she has to stay calm for the baby's sake.

Back in the lobby, Sonny screams for help. Carly wakes up and tells him to stop yelling. He asks her if she's okay. She says she is and they tell each other that they love each other.

Nearby, Craig is pinned next to the briefcase. He grabs it and enters some numbers in the lock. The red light flashes.

Outside, Dillon and Georgie run into Luke. He asks them if they saw how bad the damage is and they tell him they couldn't get close enough. Dr. Russell sees them and orders them to help gather supplies. Luke tries to get out of the handcuffs.

Back at GH, Alan wakes up again and asks where everyone is. He remembers the hostage situation and asks Monica what happened. She tells him that it's over now. Alan talks about how Nikolas told him that Emily saved Robin. Then he talks about how he thought Jason would come to save them.

In the elevator, Liz talks about how she doesn't have a will. She tells Jason that if she gets out alive, she'll be a better mother and person. He tells her that they will get out because someone will find them.

In the lobby, Number 3 tells Maxie that the other hostages will know he wasn't there. She tells him to say he was in the bathroom the whole time. He asks her why she's helping him. She tells him that he's not a bad person because he has bad judgment. Then, some firefighters spot the two.

Nearby, Sonny and Carly stand up. Carly looks around for Lulu and Jason. Sonny tells her they have to get out for their children's sakes.

Meanwhile, Patrick arrives with Robin at GH. Dr. Lee meets them. She assures Patrick that Robin will be okay. He insists they get Robin into the O.R. Robin wakes up and asks Patrick if he ever says "please."

Back outside the Metro Court, Alexis tells Nikolas and Sam to be grateful that they are still alive. She tells Nikolas that if he goes back into the building, he may not make it back out. Lucky comes out and Nikolas demands to know where Emily is. Lucky tells him that he found her and she's alive. Sam asks about Jason. Nearby, Emily calls out to Nikolas. HE runs to her and gives her a bear hug.

In the elevator, Jason yells for help. Liz talks about how upset Jason must be since everyone he loves was in that room. Jason tells her about how he got into the Metro Court and how Spinelli helped him. He tells her he had to come to help, but thinks he waited too long.

Back outside, Luke yells at Dillon for help. He tells Dillon that Lulu is still in the hotel. Epiphany yells at Dillon to get busy helping them. Dillon wanders off and Luke yells at him. Dillon steals handcuff keys off an unconscious cop and grabs some supplies, which he hands off to Georgie. Then he gives Luke the keys and tells him to save Lulu. Georgie yells at Dillon for letting Luke go and complains that no one will save Maxie.

Inside the hotel, Craig moves a little as Sonny and Carly walk by. Carly finds a gun and Sonny takes it from her. Craig gets up and his gunwoman friend begs him for help. He tells her he’s running late. Sonny sees Craig and shoots him in the chest.

Back at GH, Alan tells Monica that he had a dream about Lila. He said that Lila told him to tell his children that he loves them. He talks about how he was never fair to A.J. He talks about how great Jason could have been.

Back outside the hotel, Max is escorted out and Milo greets him. Nearby, Luke yells at Mac for not letting him go in. Maxie comes running out and is greeted by Mac and Georgie. Luke runs inside now that Mac isn’t paying attention.

Meanwhile, Skye shows up and talks to Ric. He tells her there is no body count yet, but that Sonny, Carly, Lulu and Liz are still missing. She asks about Craig.

Back inside the lobby mess, Sonny holds the gun at Craig, who is wearing a bulletproof vest. Sonny tells Carly to take the briefcase and run. She won’t leave without him though. Craig warns Sonny that if he fires another shot, it could cause the entire hotel to collapse. Sonny asks him why he should let him get away. A nearby support beam collapses and more debris falls.

In the elevator, Jason and Liz hear the crumbling of the building. Jason points out that there is no fire, so that’s one good thing they have. He tells her that they could pry the elevator doors open and climb through the debris. She suggests they play it safe and wait for help. Liz begins to tell Jason how honest he is and how he shouldn’t blame himself for anything that happened. As she’s talking, her baby kicks and she puts Jason’s hand on her stomach to feel it. She starts crying and tells him that he’s the reason the baby is alive. Then she tells him that the baby isn’t Lucky’s. It’s his.

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