GH Update Friday 2/16/07

General Hospital Update Friday 2/16/07


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Today, GH opens with Lorenzo's special phone ringing in his hospital room. He tells Skye that he can't answer it. She tells him he has to or they could be killed. He answers it and tells his people that everything with the shipment is going according to plan and that they were misinformed. He tells them there is no need for interference and if he needs their help, he'll call them.

At the Metro Court, Carly tells Sonny that Sophie has to be the code.

In the lobby, a gunman prepares to shoot Father Ruiz for stabbing one of the other gunmen. Craig tells him that he decides who lives or dies. Behind the front desk, Spinelli tells Lulu that with the push of a button, the vault will be ready to open. Meanwhile, Sam shouts at Father Ruiz and tells him that she knew all along that he was a killer. The gunwoman shoots Father Ruiz down. Sam approaches her, but Craig stops her.

Outside, the police heard the gunfire and Luke yells at Ric and tells him that they can't wait any longer. Ric tells him that all Craig cares about is the briefcase. Ric decides to get on the phone again. Luke yells some more and Patrick tells Mac they need to set up triage for when the hostages are released. Mac agrees. Ric tells Cruz to arrest Luke.

Back at GH, Skye tells Lorenzo that they are trapped. Lorenzo asks her what they will do since he doesn't remember even working with these government people. Skye tells him that he has to act like he's in control, or she'll have to do it for him. She says she'll tell him what to say and how to act. Lorenzo says this won't work. Skye tells him that they have no choice.

Inside the vault, Maxie complains about the heat again and tosses her fan aside. Number 3 tells her that they won't be trapped much longer. She asks him what he thinks about her plan. He isn't convinced it will work. Maxie tells him he doesn't have many other options since the police have probably surrounded the hotel. She tells him he’ll either have to surrender to them or die. He tells her that she’s the one who is in danger.

In the lobby, some of the gunmen move their fallen fellow out. The phone rings, Craig gets mad, yells at Ric over the phone and hangs up. Emily goes towards Father Ruiz and Craig reminds her that she’s in charge of Robin. Craig sends Liz to check on the priest. She tells him she needs help and asks Sam to come over. He sends Sam over. The gunwoman tells Jason that if another hostage attacks a fellow gunman, he has to shoot them. Meanwhile, Craig visits with Spinelli to find out his progress. Spinelli tells him the vault will open in half an hour. He congratulates him for possibly saving Lulu’s life.

Elsewhere, Carly tells Sonny to tell her what the plan is now. He tells her that he will give Craig the code in exchange for her freedom. She tells him she could do the same. Craig comes in.

Outside, Luke tells Ric that he can’t arrest him for telling him his plan was flawed. Luke appeals to Mac who agrees that Luke will get in the way. He apologizes to him. Lucky argues with them and Luke yells. He tells Mac that he wants to bust in the hotel just as badly to save Robin and Maxie, but he doesn’t have the guts. Cruz arrests Luke.

In the vault, Maxie tells her captor that he needs to see the hostages as people. She tells him she doesn’t’ have many female friends, except Sam. She tells him about how Sam is trying to have a baby with her boyfriend. She tells him about what an awesome doctor Robin is. She tells him about how Nikolas just recently got his son back and how he has a fairytale romance with Emily. She talks about Liz and tells him that he doesn’t want to be responsible for the death of an unborn child. He tells her it wasn’t supposed to happen this way.

Outside, Epiphany is setting up for triage. Luke yells as Cruz chains him up nearby. Epiphany asks what’s going on and Cruz tells her not to let Luke go. Luke tries to persuade Epiphany to free him when Patrick shows up trying to make sure everything is being set up. Dr. Russell shows up and explains that they were already on their way when he called.

Inside, Craig tells Sonny and Carly that they missed the priest killing a gunman. He tells them they should rejoin the excitement. Sonny tells Craig that Luke gave him the wrong code, but he knows the right code and will give it to him in exchange for Carly’s freedom. Craig considers this and tells Sonny that the vault will open early, so he’ll find out if he needs the code at all first.

In the lobby, Emily asks Robin if she needs more vodka for pain. Robin says she can’t feel anything anymore. Nikolas tells Emily that they are running out of time and need to come up with a plan. Behind the front desk, Spinelli wonders if he did the right thing by opening the vault. Lulu pulls her mother’s engagement ring out of her dress. She tells Spinelli that she only wears it on special occasions and since she may die, she feels this situation qualifies.

Meanwhile, Father Ruiz tells Sam and Liz not to help him because he must for his sins, and Manny’s. Craig brings Sonny and Carly back out and announces that his time with the hostages will be over soon.

Outside, Cruz returns to the police setup and Lucky asks how Luke is. Cruz tells him he’s mad. Lucky tells Cruz that they should just let him help since he’ll have to concentrate on saving Liz. Cruz tells Lucky that he’ll make sure Lulu gets out.

Nearby, Alexis shows up and asks Ric if he’s had any sign of Nikolas or Sam. He says he heard Nikolas, but nothing from Sam. He tells her that they know what the captors want. Alexis tells Ric that he can’t storm the lobby without risking the hostages. She tells him to try negotiating. He tells her Craig won’t negotiate. She tells him not to give up because he hates almost everyone in the hotel. She gets weak.

Elsewhere, Dr. Russell tells Patrick he has to go because he’s not on call anymore and he’s too emotionally involved. Patrick gets mad. Luke yells at him and tries to get him to set him free. He promises Patrick that he’ll get Robin out. Then Ric brings Alexis to Dr. Russell who berates her for checking out of the hospital.

In the lobby, Craig tells everyone that the police are probably planning to storm the lobby at 5:30. Craig tells them he plans to get the briefcase ahead of schedule and if it is an Equinox, Sonny will give him the code. He tells them that if it isn’t an Equinox, they will stick to the original plan of blowing the lobby up to escape. He tells Lulu and Spinelli to come with him.

Meanwhile, Jason goes over to Father Ruiz to check his pulse. While he’s there, he gives Sam a mask and tells her to wait for his signal. Emily tells Nikolas that if Craig blows the lobby up, Robin will have no way to get out. Nikolas tells her that he’ll pick Robin up when the time comes and carry her out. He tells Emily to make sure she stays with him.

Elsewhere, Craig, Lulu and Spinelli make their way to the vault. Spinelli enters a code to force the vault open.

Inside the vault, Maxie tells Number 3 to stick to the plan. The door opens and Craig apologizes to 3 for the lockdown. He tells him to hand over the briefcase. He sees that the self-destruct is armed and tells Spinelli that if Sonny gives the wrong code, then Lulu will die. He tells 3 to give him the case, and he does.

Outside, Dr. Russell checks Alexis out and she explains that she had to come because of Nikolas, Sam and Sonny. He asks her what good she is doing them by being there. Alexis asks him what his wife would have done in the situation. Dr. Russell tells her just to take it easy for a few minutes. Luke yells at Alexis to help him escape.

Nearby, Ric tells the officers that they will have to storm the hotel. He tells them that 15 minutes before the vault opens, the will shut off the power to upset Craig. He tells them that they will then bomb the place with teat gas and smoke. Lucky tells him that it could hurt the baby. Mac reminds Lucky that there are many other people in there that need to be saved too.

In the lobby, Craig returns with Lulu, Spinelli, 3 and Maxie. Sam tells Liz that as soon as Jason gives her the signal, she’s leaving. Craig demands that Sonny give him the code. Sonny tells him to release everyone. Craig tells him that he better tell him the code if he wants Carly to live.

Outside, Patrick returns to the police gathering. Mac tells him that Dr. Russell said he shouldn’t be there, but says that he won’t make him leave. Patrick says he wants to go inside. He tells Patrick he is not equipped to do that job. Patrick argues with him and he threatens to let him join Luke.

Meanwhile, Luke begs Alexis for help. He tells Alexis that her idiot ex is going to get everyone killed. Just as Luke’s convinced her to help him, Epiphany yells at him to shut up and threatens to sedate him. Ric shows up and Alexis asks him to let Luke save Lulu.

At GH, Skye tells Lorenzo that the situation will be over soon. She tells him she has mixed feeling about what she wants to happen. She tells Lorenzo she does want Craig punished for what he did, but tells him that if Craig gets away, then their family will be safe. Lorenzo tells her that if Craig gets away, the hostages will die.

In the lobby, Sonny tells Craig that if he kills Carly, he’ll go to his grave with the code. Craig decides to release Carly in exchange for the code. Sonny gives him the code. HE opens the briefcase which has a bunch of little computer looking chips in it. He tells Carly she can leave, but she refuses to go.

Sonny tells her to go and she tells him she won’t leave without him. Meanwhile, Sam has escaped in the chaos and climb out a window. She jumps and lands on a car. The police cut the power inside. She gets up and tells the police that the lobby is wired to explode.

Inside, Craig is about to push the detonator when Jason attacks him. Maxie keeps 3 from setting the detonator off after he retrieves it. The police begin to go in. Jason and Craig fight each other. Nikolas grabs Robin and carries her out. Emily is behind him for part of the way. There is mass chaos. Someone in black grabs Liz. Nikolas gets Robin out and realizes Emily isn’t with him. He runs back toward the hotel and the building explodes, marking the end of this cliffhanger Friday.

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