GH Update Thursday 2/15/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/15/07


Written By Tori
Pictures by Juanita

Today, GH opens with two hours left until the big explosion. At GH, Monica checks on Alan's stats and Edward comes in. He asks if Alan is awake yet and she tells him that she doesn't know if he will regain consciousness.

Outside the Metro Court, Luke tells Lucky that Alan survived surgery, but it's too soon to tell if he'll live. Nearby, Georgie regrets the way she's treated Maxie. She tells Dillon that if something happens to her, she'll never forgive herself.

Meanwhile, in the vault, Maxie is curious about what's inside the briefcase. She says she wants to find out, but Number 3 stops her from opening it.

Back at GH, Skye tells Lorenzo that if he doesn't remember the code, the briefcase will self-destruct and then Craig will kill the hostages. She tries to get him to remember the code. He still doesn't remember it though. Lorenzo's special cell phone rings and Skye tells him not to answer it.

In the lobby, Sonny tells Carly that this situation has made him remember why he fell in love with her. He tells her they can't waste any more time and asks her to marry him for real when they get out of this. She tells him she can't think of her future right now. She tells him to ask her again if they make it out of there.

Close by, Sam tells Liz that Jason is there dressed in one of the captor's outfits. Liz looks over and sees him. Craig comes over and asks them what they are so interested in.

At GH, Skye tells Lorenzo that the higher-ups are probably calling to find out if everything is going as planned with the shipment. That or they know what's going on at the Metro Court and want to make sure that the shipment isn't there. She tells him that if he answers, it could put their family in danger. Ric comes in and agrees with Skye.

In the hospital lobby, Patrick informs Dr. Russell that he's finished his surgery and the patient is recovering. He puts on his coat and prepares to go back to the Metro Court. Dr. Russell tells him that he's still on call and will have to return to the hospital if something comes up.

Meanwhile, Monica tells Edward that Alan suffered a major heart attack and there was a lot of damage. He asks Monica for some alone time with his son. She leaves and he tells Alan that he has to wake up so he can tell him what he really thinks of him.

Back in the vault, Maxie complains about the heat and Number 3 hands her a fan he found. She tells him that if she gets out, she's going to Cancun. She asks him what he's going to do with all the money he's getting from this job and he says he'll give it to his girlfriend.

In the lobby, Sam tells Craig she heard movement and hoped it was the SWAT team preparing to come in to blow his head off. Craig tells her she should restrain herself since she already has 8 demerits. He realizes he hasn't mentioned this point system yet, so he explains to the hostages that disobedience will gain them demerits. He tells them 10 demerits will assure their murder. He asks his audience to tell Sam what will happen if the SWAT team busts in. Emily tells her that they'll push the detonator for the bombs. Craig thanks Emily and says she's earned two credits and a gold star. He kisses her cheek. Meanwhile, Mateo tends to Max and a gunman starts to harass the pair.

Behind the front desk, Spinelli tries to hack into the system to get the vault to open early. Craig tells Jason to guard Carly and Sonny. Jason tells Sonny that Luke gave Craig the wrong code. Sonny tells Jason to get Carly out no matter what happens.

Back at GH, Edward talks about how he insulted Alan for not going into the family business. He talks about how Lila always believed in him. He tells Alan that he's proud of him and that he's proud to be his father. He says that since he's never said that to him before, he has to wake up so he can be sure he heard it.

Outside the Metro Court, Bobbie shows up. She tells Luke that she saw on the news what he did for Alan. Luke says he has to get Lulu out and he's running out of time. He tells Bobbie that the hostages are expendable to Craig so he has to come up with another plan.

In the vault, Maxie asks 3 why he would take such a dangerous job knowing he had someone waiting for him. He explains to her that his relationship isn't serious. He tells her it's easier not to commit. She tells him that she dreams of finding a lasting love.

At GH, Skye tells Lorenzo to sleep and goes into the hallway with Ric. She asks him what he wants and he tells her that she needs help. He tells her that Lorenzo's people probably already know that something has gone wrong and warns her that they will do what it takes to make sure that the shipment can't be traced back to them. Even if it means killing Lorenzo and letting the hostages die.

In the hotel lobby, Carly says she won't leave without Sonny, who ignores her and tells Jason to get her out when Craig leaves the room. Carly tells Sonny that if they can figure out the code, they can use it as leverage. Jason reminds them that the first three numbers are 767. Sonny asks Carly if the numbers mean anything to her. She asks him why they would and he reminds her that she used to be Lorenzo's wife.

Behind the desk, Lulu tells Spinelli that it would be better for everyone if the shipment stayed in the vault. He tells her the only person he's worried about is her and he tells her that he's not going to let anything happen to her.

Nearby, Craig tells the gun woman that if the briefcase self-destructs, they will lose a lot of money. Meanwhile, Sam tells Liz that when the vault opens, she should run to Jason. She asks what Sam will do. Sam tells her not to worry and tells her that her and the baby's safety take priority. Then, Craig decides it's time to get Sonny and Carly out of the lobby since he can't trust them to behave. He tells Jason to keep an eye on Sam, but tells him not to harm her if she misbehaves. He tells him to save that for when he gets back. Craig leaves and Father Mateo and Max move onto a bench. The gunman provokes Father Mateo by telling him that his prayers aren't helping Max. He makes fun of his tattoos and calls him a coward.

Behind the desk, Lulu tells Spinelli that she's not leaving without Liz and Nikolas. Spinelli tells her that if they get the chance, they have to run and let Jason handle everything else. She tells him that Jason can't do it by himself.

Back at GH, Alice comes to see Alan and finds Edward there. He tells her that he's trying to talk Alan into waking up for Monica. Alice tells Edward that Alan knows he loves him. Tracy comes in and asks to be alone with Alan. She flips her hair and yells at Alan to wake up.

Outside the Metro Court, Bobbie suggests to Georgie that they go to Kelly's to wait so they don't get in the way. Georgie agrees to go and asks Dillon if he wants to come. He says he's going to stay.

Nearby, Patrick shows up and tells Luke he heard about how he tried to make a deal with Craig. He asks him about it and Luke tells him it did no good.

Inside, Craig's gunman handcuffs Carly and Sonny together. Craig tells them they should say their goodbyes soon because if he doesn't need Sonny, he's going to kill them. Sonny tells him that would be a big mistake. He tells him that Luke didn't give him the right code for the briefcase, but tells him that he can give it to him. Craig says he'll take his chances and leaves. Carly reminds Sonny that he doesn't actually know the code. He tells her that she does. He tells her that she knows more than she thinks she does.

Back at GH, Tracy applauds Alan for his ability to get Edward's attention, but tells him the heart attack was a bit dramatic. She tells him to wake up or else she wins. She begs him to make her regret telling him that she loves him.

Outside the Metro Court, Patrick tells Luke they should try negotiating with the captors again. Luke tells him it's no use. He tells Patrick that if Craig doesn't get what he wants, he'll kill the hostages. Patrick tells Luke that Robin has no chance then because she can't move, someone will have to let her go.

Inside, Robin calls out for Patrick. Emily tells her he's outside and asks her how her pain is. She says it feels far away. Emily tells her to hang on.

Nearby, the gunman harassing Max and Father Mateo punches the priest in the face. Over behind the desk, Spinelli explains to Lulu that he is going to trick the vault into opening early. She asks him if he can do the opposite to buy them time since Craig won't keep them alive after he gets the briefcase.

Meanwhile, Liz cries out in pain. Jason goes over to her and tells her that if anything goes wrong, she needs to make a run for the door. He tells Sam that she has to warn the police about the explosives. He tells her to wait for his signal. Craig comes back in.

At GH, Tracy tells Alan that he's the only one who can tolerate Monica. She yells at him for handing over the mansion to her as she walks in. Tracy tells Monica that she's a bad wife, but Alan loves her anyways. Tracy tells Monica to give Alan a reason to live and then she leaves. Monica admits to Alan that she's a bad wife and tells him that if he dies, it's her fault.

In the vault, Number 3 asks Maxie why she's at the hotel tonight. She tells him about her job at the boutique. She tells him the only thing she's good at is lying. He tells her that she could do so much more.

Back in the lobby, Craig warns Jason that Sam is a charmer. He sends Jason to check on Spinelli's progress. Craig asks Sam if she was trying to manipulate his gunman. Liz says it's her fault because she wanted some water. Craig decides that if Sam messes up again, Liz will get her demerit points.

Nearby, Father Mateo prays and the gunman continues to antagonize him. He tells the gunman he's praying for his soul and the gunman punches him in the stomach. Max tells the man to leave Father Mateo alone. He continues with his harassment.

Elsewhere, Sonny tries to get Carly to figure out what the numbers mean. She doesn't remember anything with those numbers. She tries to reach a phone with her foot in hopes that it still works. It falls to the ground but is dead. Then it occurs to Sonny that maybe the numbers stand for letters.

Back at GH, Monica tells Alan that she thought she could be objective in his surgery, but admits she froze. She tells him she couldn't fix him and now maybe no one can. She tells him that he is the love of her life and that he always has been. She tells him she was on her way to tell him at the Metro Court and says she'll never get to tell him now. He opens his eyes.

Back outside of the hotel, Luke asks Ric if he has a plan yet. Ric tells him that when the vault opens, they are sending people in to extract the hostages.

Inside the vault, Number 3 tells Maxie she has lots to offer. He asks her what her dream job is and she tells him she'd love to work for a fashion magazine. She asks him what he will do with his life and he says he'll make some quick money.

At GH, Skye comes back to see Lorenzo and he asks her what she and Ric were talking about. She tells him that Ric was reminding her that her window of opportunity was closing. She tells him she may have to take Lila and get out of the country before his people come after them. He tells her not to leave him now. The phone rings again and she tells him to answer it and say everything is under control. She tells him to lie his butt off because they are out of options.

Back at the Metro Court, Sonny tells Carly that if the code is really letters, then it has to be something from Lorenzo's past. They talk about possible letter combinations using the letters on the phone's corresponding numbers. She tells him it has to be Sophie, Lorenzo's first love who he never got over.

Back behind the front desk, Spinelli tells Lulu that all he has to do is push one button and the vault will open. He asks them if he should open it or stall. Jason tells him to open it, Lulu agrees with Jason.

Nearby, Sam tells Liz that if she tries to escape, Craig could hurt her or the baby. Robin tells Nikolas and Emily that if they get out, they shouldn't let anything stand between them. They promise her they won't.

Meanwhile, Mr. annoying gunman continues to antagonize Father Mateo. Max gets up to hit the guy and he grabs Max. Father Mateo reaches around the man and grabs a knife from his pocket. He stabs the gunman who then falls to the ground. Father Mateo drops his rosary beads. Everyone watches, but no one moves. Jason's eyes get really big and the show ends.

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