GH Update Wednesday 2/14/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/14/07


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Today, GH opens with Monica and Dr. Russell working to save Alan's life. Dr. Russell tells Monica that she's too emotionally involved to save Alan as his blood pressure continues to be unstable.

At the front door of the Metro Court, Craig holds a gun to Lulu and demands that Luke give him the code or else he'll kill Lulu and then Liz. Skye tells nearby officers that Luke doesn't know the code.

Inside, Carly asks Sonny if he knows which gunman is Jason. Sonny warns Carly that if Jason tries to shoot Craig now, he could miss and hit Lulu. Meanwhile, Jason gets in position to shoot but is sidetracked by the gun woman. Nikolas stands up and yells at Luke to give Craig the code. Craig tells Luke to listen to Nikolas or else he'll shoot Lulu. Luke tries to tell Craig that he's too smart to do that and tries to convince him to let Lulu go. Craig gets impatient and prepares to put a bullet in Lulu but Luke screams out a fake code. Craig tells Luke that if the code works, he may let Lulu live. He takes her back inside. Craig tells Lulu to thank Nikolas for talking Luke into giving out the code. The nearby gun woman informs Craig that number 5 (Jason) is starting to get sloppy. Craig starts to question him and Sonny yells at Craig and tells him that perhaps he should rethink his exit strategy.

At GH, Alan's blood pressure stabilizes. Monica tells Dr. Russell that she'll take over.'

In the waiting room, Edward brings Tracy coffee. They wonder why the surgery is taking so long. Dillon tries to stay positive and tells them it will be okay. Edward begins to regret not spending enough time with his kids and how he neglected Alan. He tells Tracy he always thought there'd be time to tell them how much he loved them.

Outside the Metro Court, Luke returns to the police round up. Ric threatens to arrest him again. Luke tells him that the briefcase will explode when Craig opens it. Ric reminds him that Craig could still harm the hostages. Luke talks to Skye and says he should have let her do it since she was cold enough to let all of this happen in the first place.

In the lobby, Craig tells Sonny he's not interested in what he has to say. Sonny tells Craig that Luke was honest with him because Lulu's life was on the line.

Nearby, Sam tells Liz to stay calm and Liz apologizes to Sam for all the mean things she's said to her in the past. Jason watches over the two women and Sam tells Liz not apologize. She admits that she is jealous of her relationship with Jason.

Sonny tells Craig that the package must be an Equinox if Luke says it is and he tells him that it could already be destroyed. He tries to convince Craig to make a run for it now.

Liz tells Sam that she and Jason will have a baby one day. Sam confesses she is upset because Jason was willing to marry her and take care of her and her children. Liz tells Sam that she turned him down because she knew that he loved Sam.

Sonny tells Craig if he makes a break for it now, it wouldn't be a total loss. Craig tells him his argument is compelling and then he punches him. He announces to the hostages that it's a bad time to second-guess him. He tells Jason to take Lulu into the back room.

Back at GH, Monica works on Alan. Dr. Russell tells her that Alan has heart disease and asks her if she knew. She says she didn't. Dr. Russell says that although his heart rate is improving, Alan's heart is failing.

Outside the Metro Court, Luke accuses Skye of letting the situation get out of hand. She tries to save face by reminding him that she told him the truth about everything. He tells her that Tracy told him first. He tells her that everything has changed between them and that she's not the person he thought she was.

Nearby, Mac announces that he has a warrant to search Lorenzo's house for the code. Ric says he may have a better idea to get the hostage takers in their control.

Meanwhile, Dillon shows up and Skye asks him how Alan is. He tells her that he's been in surgery a long time. Skye apologizes to him and leaves.

Inside, Jason takes Lulu into a room and she asks him if he's going to shoot her. He takes off his mask and says no one will shoot her. She gets hysterical and yells at him and hits him. He tells her to calm down. She tells him that she waited for him to do something when Craig had her at gunpoint. He tells her to calm down and she asks what the plan is. He tells her that he's getting her out of the hotel.

At GH, Tracy assures Edward that Monica is a good surgeon. He says Monica shouldn't be working on Alan. Edward talks about Lila and how she always wants him to spend more time with Tracy and Alan. He tells Tracy he'd do anything to get that time back. Skye shows up and Edward tells her she's not welcome there. He tells her he should have thrown her out the second she showed up at their house.

Outside the Metro Court, Georgie goes to Mac to find out what's going on. He tells her Robin is still alive and that there is no sigh of Maxie.

Nearby, Luke explains to Dillon how he tried to run his bluff on Craig. He tells him he couldn't do it because Lulu's life was on the line, so he folded.

Inside, Emily tells Nikolas that if they get the chance to escape, he has to grab Robin and she'll grab Lulu. Meanwhile, Sam tells Liz that maybe she does get into trouble so Jason can save her. Liz tells her not to blame herself. Sam tells Liz that she thinks Jason will come to save them.

Sonny tells Carly that there will be a serious problem when Jason gets Lulu out and Craig figures out what happened. Carly tells Sonny that Jason won't leave them behind.\

Elsewhere, Jason takes Lulu to Spinelli and tells him to get Lulu out of the building. He tells them that once they get out, they have to tell the police everything they know. Lulu runs out and Spinelli follows. Craig spots them and the run right into Jason. Craig asks him what's going on. Jason puts the kids against the wall and Spinelli tells Craig that he's the Jackal. Craig tells Jason to shoot him, but Lulu tells Craig that Spinelli knows how to get into the vault.

At GH, Edward yells at Skye. She tells him and Tracy that she loves them and the family. Edward asks her why she didn't warn them and she uses the "he's my baby's daddy excuse" for the millionth time. Edward tells her that innocent people will die because of her and that she is no better than Lorenzo. He tells her that her baby is a disgrace to Lila's good name and Skye tells him not to speak badly of her daughter.

Outside the Metro Court, Georgie tries to convince herself that Maxie is okay. Nearby, Dillon tells Luke that Lulu knows that he's here for her. Luke tells him that she looked like Laura and he lost it because the father in him came out.

In the lobby, Carly has a flashback to a date with Jax where they discussed their future. Sonny distracts her from her daydream. He tells her that they'll get through this.

Meanwhile, Robin, who has regained consciousness, tells Emily and Nikolas not to bother saving her. She tells them that if they get the chance, to run and don't look back.

Nearby, Liz tells Sam that maybe Jason can't get to them. Then she changes her mind and agrees with Sam that he's on his way. Sam tells Liz that she has to be ready to help him. Then Jason, Craig, Lulu and Spinelli enter. Craig tells them that Lulu is still alive since they all behaved so well. He introduces the newest hostage, Spinelli and tells them that he's about to die. Lulu, again, tells Craig that Spinelli can open the vault.

At GH, Edward tells Skye he's going to see to it that she is no longer Alan's adopted daughter. Dr. Russell and Monica come out and tell the family that Alan is barely alive and that he's suffered significant heart damage. Monica tells them that she doesn't know how much longer Alan has left.

Back outside the hotel, Dillon tells Luke that he's the one who should be inside, not Lulu. Luke tells him not to blame himself. Dillon admits to Luke that he's scared for Lulu. He tells Luke that he can't imagine his life without her.

Meanwhile, Cruz returns from searching Lorenzo's home and comes up empty. Lucky talks about getting Liz out and Georgie berates him for not caring about Maxie.

Inside, Sonny tells Craig that Spinelli used to work for Lorenzo, but now works for him. Spinelli tells Craig he doesn't know if he'll be able to open the vault. Craig threatens to kill Lulu and Spinelli changes his tune. Craig sends Lulu and Spinelli to a nearby computer. Spinelli tells Lulu that the next time Jason tells her to make a run for it she should listen.

Nearby, Nikolas tells Emily that he hopes Spinelli is as good as Sonny says. Emily tells him that Robin is getting weaker.

Behind the front desk, Spinelli asks Lulu why Jason doesn't just shoot Craig already. She tells him that there are bombs lining the lobby.

Meanwhile, Liz thanks Sam for her help. Sonny tells Carly that they are running out of time. He tells her if Luke's code is bad, she'll need to make a run for it. He tells her the kids need her. She asks what he'll do. He tells her that if he survives, he'll find her.

At GH, Edward asks Monica when he can see Alan. She tells him that he's in the ICU and he's unstable. She tells him that she thought she could save him, but something went wrong and she froze when she realized she could lose him.

Back outside of the hotel, Dillon approaches Georgie, who tells him not to defend Lucky. Dillon tries to comfort her. They share a hug.

Elsewhere, Cruz and other police officers talk. Cruz says that they need to be ready for the vault to open at 5:30.

Meanwhile, Tracy meets Luke and tells him that Alan's prognosis isn't good. She thanks him for saving Alan and gives him a hug.

At the hospital, Ric sneaks up on Skye and gives her a tissue for her tears. He tells her that they need to discuss the briefcase, but don't have to do so now. She tells him that she's not fooled by him. He tells her that he knows how it feels to be shunned by family.

Back in the lobby, Nikolas tells Emily he loves her. Craig asks Spinelli how much longer it will take him to open the vault. He says he doesn't know because there is a lot of security around it. Craig tells him to open it by 4:30 or Lulu dies.

Nearby, Sonny tells Carly that he loves her and she asks him to promise her that he'll live through this. He asks her to marry him for real.

Elsewhere, Liz starts talking about how she doesn't even have a will. Sam tells her that they will get out alive. She looks around at the gunmen. Liz asks her what she's looking for. Sam tells her that she sees Jason.

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