GH Update Tuesday 2/13/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/13/07


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Today, we are fours hours away from the big explosion, as GH opens with Alan walking outside. The police prepare to fire at the sniper above him. The sniper fires and the police fire back. Alan grabs his chest in a slow-motion cloudy scene. He slowly falls to the ground. The scene cuts to Luke saying something is wrong. Inside, Emily flips out and yells at Craig through her tears. Luke and Lucky yell at the police to tell them that Alan is having a heart attack. Back inside, Carly recognizes "number 5" as Jason.

Outside, a reporter informs audiences that gunfire has broken out and a hostage has been released. Edward, Tracy, Dillon and Alice watch the news and Alice points out that Alan is being shot at.

Back at the hotel, Lucky tells Luke they have to do something; Luke says they'll blow their cover if they do. They decide to help and Luke busts out a window and he Lucky rush to Alan's side as the opening credits roll.

Luke fires his gun at the sniper above him. Alan is retrieved and laid a stretcher. Monica finds that Alan has no pulse and he's not breathing.

At GH, Skye insists that Lorenzo remember the code. He tells her he can’t and she tells him to try harder. She tells him that the lives of innocent people are at stake. She asks him what he does remember. Then she explains about Patrick’s surgery. Lorenzo blames Patrick for his inability to remember the code and tells Skye that he’ll make him pay. Skye warns Lorenzo that he could go to prison for espionage. Epiphany comes in and tells Skye to check out the news because Alan was released is on his way to the hospital.

At the Q. mansion, the family watches the news and learns that two civilians saved Alan. Tracy mutes the TV and Edward gets upset. Edward begins to rant about Luke endangering everybody and Dillon and Tracy point out that he saved Alan. Dillon, Edward and Tracy decide to go to GH to wait for Alan.

In the lobby of the hotel, Emily cries and screams at Craig for shooting at her father. Craig tries to argue that no one shot Alan and Emily shoves him. Craig puts his gun against Liz and yells back. Emily calls him a coward and tells him he should die. She screams at Jason, thinking he is just another gunman. Carly jumps in and tells her to calm down. Emily calls Craig worthless trash and Sam seconds her opinion. Craig announces again that he is in charge and he doesn’t care if any of them live. He tells Emily to get on the floor and chill out. Craig tells on of his people to take Lulu in the back. Sonny thanks Carly for trying to help but tells her to stay quiet from now on. He tells her that Craig is losing control and he’s likely to kill anyone at this point. Carly, who is looking at Jason, tells Sonny there may be another way out. Craig learns there was a breach in security and gets angry. He assigns Jason to watch Sam, Robin and Liz. He reminds his hostages that the lobby is lined with explosives so they had better behave.

Outside, the paramedics try to revive Alan. Once they get a pulse, they transport him to GH. Monica thanks Luke. Ric tries to question Alan before he goes but Monica tells him to back off. Luke volunteers to tell him what’s going on. Ric yells at Luke and Lucky for going in without permission. Luke asks Ric what he was doing to help when Alan was lying on the ground.

Inside the hotel, Spinelli talks trash to his unconscious hit man. He tells him that he messed with the wrong people and that he’s here for one thing. He tells the man that if hurt Lulu, he’ll do something to him. He tells the man terrorism is bad. Lulu gets shoved in the room. She is in shock when she sees Spinelli. She runs to him and hugs him.

In the vault, Maxie sneaks over to her sleeping captor and takes his mask off. He wakes up and is angry. He asks her why he shouldn’t kill her.

The Q.’s show up at the hospital and ask about Alan. They are informed that he is on his way. Edward tells Dr. Russell that Alan better get the best treatment possible since he’s the chief of staff and the family donates lots of money to the hospital. Dr. Russell tells him all patients get the best care. Skye runs out and asks if Alan is okay. Tracy tells her she’s surprised that she cares. Alan is wheeled in and is barely conscious. Monica tells Skye to stay away from Alan since Lorenzo is responsible. Edward asks her if that’s true. She doesn’t answer and he gets angry.

Outside the Metro Court, Ric asks Mac why he allowed Luke and Lucky to go in. Lucky tells him Mac didn’t know. Mac tells Ric to back off and says he would have given Lucky permission if he had asked. Ric yells at Lucky and tells him that Craig called and was ready to kill Liz because he heard the helicopters on the roof. He asks Luke and Lucky what they think Craig will do now that he knows they made it inside the hotel.

Inside, Spinelli explains to Lulu about the briefcase and about his and Jason’s plan. He informs her that Jason is in the lobby. She tells Spinelli that Jason may be in over his head because he doesn’t know what Craig’s plan is. Lulu tells Spinelli that they have to help Jason. Spinelli tells her they have to get themselves out.

Back in the vault, Maxie swears she won’t identify her captor. She tells him she understands that he didn’t plan what happened and tells him that if he kills her, it will ruin his life.

At GH, Alan goes into surgery. Monica determines he needs an angioplasty and volunteers to do it. Dr. Russell advises her not to because she’s too close to the situation.

Meanwhile, Skye returns to Lorenzo and tells him that her family blames her for the crisis. She tries to get him to remember the code. She tells him she needs the last three numbers of the code before someone dies.

In the lobby, Jason holds a gun pointed at Sam, Liz and Robin. Nearby, Carly tells Sonny that she wishes Jason were there and that it’s too bad he’s in Paris because he’d know what to do. She looks at Jason while she talks to Sonny. Liz cries again in pain and Sam tries to comfort her. She tells her to stay calm and talks about what miracle childbirth is. Liz talks about when Cameron was born and Sam asks Liz what she will name her new baby.

Monica argues with Dr. Russell who tells her she’s too emotional to perform the surgery. She ignores his advice and he warns her that if something goes wrong, she’ll never forgive herself. She tells him to stop wasting her time.

In the waiting room, Dillon checks on Tracy who is being quiet. She tells him not to give her false hope and tells him that she needs to be prepared for the worst. She tells Dillon that if Alan dies, she will make everyone involved pay, including Skye. Dillon says Skye isn’t to blame and says Lorenzo isn’t at fault either. Edward gets mad and tells Dillon not to defend Lorenzo. He tells his family that if Alan dies, he will make Lorenzo pay.

Outside the hotel, Luke tells Ric to fire Lucky because he’ll be better off. Ric threatens to have Luke arrested again. Skye shows up and Luke tells her not to spill the beans to the police. He tells her she has nothing to negotiate with unless she has the full code. Luke gets an idea. He tells her he bets Craig doesn’t know that the briefcase is an Equinox. He tells her that he will try to trade the code for the hostages. Luke approaches the hotel. Ric tells his men to fire. Mac calls them off and asks Ric what his agenda is.

Inside, Spinelli tells Lulu to let Jason take care of the other hostages. Lulu tells him that Craig is losing his cool. Spinelli tries to reassure her with the gun Jason gave him. She takes the gun and sneaks into the hall. The gun woman catches her.

Back in the vault, Maxie tries to work out a plan with her captor. She suggests that when the vault opens, he hold his gun to her and she’ll pretend to be terrified. She tells him he should give the briefcase to his boss and they can sneak out the service entrance where the police are waiting. The guy tells her that’s a bad idea because he’ll be shot immediately. She promises to protect him.

In the lobby, Sonny asks Carly what she’s getting at. She tells him that she doesn’t regret anything that happened between them this night. Nearby, Emily tells Nikolas she never wants to operate again. He tells her she will and promises her that when they get out, they’ll take her parents to Italy for dinner.

Outside, Luke announces himself and yells for Craig. He tells him the briefcase has a self-destruct feature.

In the hallway, the gun woman tells Lulu she has guts but that she should have been more patient. She takes the gun from Lulu and leads her to the lobby. Spinelli hides behind the door.

In the vault, Maxie complains that she’s not a realist and talks about her relationship with Lucky as an example of that. She tells her captor that she thought Lucky would see how much she loved him if she stole pills for him. She tells the captor that Lucky just used her instead.

At GH, Lorenzo scribbles numbers on a piece of paper. He gets frustrated and throws it on the floor. Dillon, Tracy and Edward pay him a visit. Edward tells Lorenzo the whole situation is his fault. Lorenzo insists he never meant to hurt anyone. Edward tells him that if Alan dies, he’ll make him suffer.

In surgery, Dr. Russell tells Monica that Alan has a large area of damage. She tells him that they can get him through it. She tells Alan to fight for his life as hard as she’s fighting for it.

Outside, Luke tells Craig he knows what he wants and he can help him get it. He explains how the briefcase is an Equinox and tells him that he’ll need a special code for it. Luke tells him that he has the code. He tells Craig that he’ll exchange himself and the code for the hostages. Nearby, Ric tells Mac he knew this wasn’t just a robbery. Mac tells him that he knew Lorenzo was involved somehow. Meanwhile the gunwoman returns to the lobby with Lulu and asks what the commotion is about. He explains that someone has a lot to lose and has gotten desperate. He tells Lulu that someone who has her last name is out there. When he asks her who Luke Spencer is, she doesn’t answer at first. He holds his gun to Liz and tells her to tell him and she admits that Luke is her father. He grabs Lulu and takes her to the door. He holds a gun to Lulu’s head in front of Luke and tells him to give him the code before he kills Lulu.

Back in the surgery room, Alan’s blood pressure is dropping and his vitals are weakening. Monica tries to use the defibrillator on him and he begins to flat line. Dr. Russell tells her that if she wants Alan to live, she should let him take over.

Back outside the Metro Court, Luke tells Lulu that Mr. Craig is too smart to shoot her. Luke demands that Craig let her go. He tells Craig that if he lets the hostages go he’ll get the code. Craig tells Luke he’d rather wait for the vault to open and use the hostages as a means of escape. Then he tells Luke that if he doesn’t give him the code, he’ll kill Lulu and then Liz.

Meanwhile, Skye tells the police that Luke doesn’t actually know the code. As Craig holds Lulu, Jason begins to aim his gun at Craig but is stopped by another captor. Nikolas shouts to Luke and warns him that Craig has already shot two people and will kill Lulu too. He tells him to give him the code. Luke has tears in his eyes as he looks at Lulu. Craig tells Luke that he will kill Lulu and asks him what his decision is going to be.

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