GH Update Monday 2/12/07

General Hospital Update Monday 2/12/07


Written By Shanna
Pictures by Juanita

Today, GH opens with Luke and Lucky inside the Metro Court. We are five hours away from the big explosion. Lucky is yelling about Liz looking like something is wrong. Luke tells him to breathe. He grabs him and slaps him a few times. He tells him to calm down.

In the lobby, Craig asks Emily whom she will choose to be released. Nikolas starts yelling at Craig and one of the gunmen knocks him out. Emily pleads with Craig to let her examine Alan and Liz to determine who needs to get out most. Craig says no, but the gun woman next to him says it could be entertaining so he allows it.

Elsewhere, Sonny tells the gunmen holding him that he will ruin his escape plan if he shoots him. He says that the plan is falling apart. Jason listens from above. Then, Craig comes in with a gun to Sonny's back. Meanwhile, Luke tells Lucky they have to be smart because the captors are professionals. Lucky tells Luke he should be in there with Liz. Luke tells him to pull himself together. Luke promises they will get Liz out.

At the Q. mansion, Edward, Alice and Monica are gathered around the TV. Edward gets frustrated because the news isn't telling them anything. Monica tells him to calm down. He says he's worried about Alan and Emily. Monica assures him that Nikolas will protect Emily. Tracy comes in and informs the family that the gunmen have agreed to release a hostage.

Back in the lobby, Alan tells Emily to get Liz out. Emily tells Alan to let her take care of him. Alan says that if Liz has her baby, it will be too premature to live without being hospitalized. Emily says she's doing what he told her and treating it like triage. He tells her he's happy she listens to his advice. She tells him he's a wonderful father and she wants to be just like him. He tells her that she's already better than he is. She tells him he has to stick around so she can keep on emulating him.

Outside, Mayor Floyd tells Ric that when a hostage is released, they will storm the lobby. Ric says they can't because it would risk the hostages' lives. Floyd says they may have to accept the fact that there will be causalities. He says this may be the only way to get people out. Patrick punches Floyd for his lack of concern for Robin. Floyd tries to have Ric, and then Mac arrest him for assaulting a public official. Neither will, citing that Patrick is the only one who has been able to get through to Craig.

Inside, Craig tells Sonny that he's potentially useful, so he won't kill him yet. He tells the gunman to secure Sonny while he checks on Carly.

Back at the Q. mansion, Edward is frustrated and turns the TV off. Tracy asks what Lulu and Alan were doing in the lobby and Dillon admits it's his fault. He explains the big mystery of Rick Webber's murder and tells how he and Lulu thought Alan was responsible.

In the hotel lobby, Emily tells Carly to keep an eye on Alan's pulse while she checks on Liz. Alan tells Emily to let Liz go and Emily tells her father that she loves him. Carly tells Alan that if her kids ever speak to her with the admiration Emily spoke to him with, her life will have meant something. Meanwhile, Liz tells Emily that her cramps are lessening and that she's not in labor, she's just dehydrated and stressed. Emily tells her not to downplay her symptoms for Alan's sake.

Alan sees Carly has just birthed an idea and tells her to stop thinking because she'll just make matters worse. She tells Alan that she just discovered Craig's weakness.

Elsewhere, Luke tells Lucky that the gunmen are probably stationed at corridors. He tells him that they will pick them off one by one and steal their guns and clothes. Lucky suggests they lock them up after rendering them unconscious. Luke tells Lucky to forget his training because they aren't leaving the gunmen alive. Luke says this is the only way to say Lulu, Liz and Nikolas. Lucky asks him about the other hostages and Luke says they're on their own.

Outside, Mac defends Patrick to Mayor Floyd who insists they get Patrick out of there. Ric tells Floyd that he's ignoring his order and Floyd says he'll go down for this situation. Then, Patrick gets a call from Epiphany at GH. She calls him in for a recently admitted DUI patient with head trauma. Patrick says he's not going anywhere.

Inside the hotel, Sonny picks on the gunman. He tells him that Craig won't share any of the money involved in this heist. Spinelli has a daydream in which he attacks the gunman, saves Sonny and wins his gratitude. In the dream, Lulu comes in and showers him with kisses. Just as Spinelli comes back to Earth and starts to make a move, but another gunman enters to retrieve Sonny. They move him out and Spinelli grabs his gun. Jason comes out of the air duct and tells Spinelli to put the gun away because they have work to do.

Outside, Ric tells Patrick and Mac that Liz is the hostage being released. Dr. Russell shows up and berates Patrick for neglecting his doctorly duties. He threatens him by saying he'll report him to the board and have his license revoked. Patrick is unmoved in his decision to stay. Dr. Russell tells Patrick that this isn't what Robin would want him to do.

At the Q. mansion, Dillon tells the family he was just trying to help Lulu. They ask him where he got the idea that Laura was innocent and he explains that Laura told Lulu that she didn't kill Rick right before she went back into catatonic land. Monica talks about her love for Rick, but tells the family that she learned, through time, that she was meant to be with Alan.

In the hotel lobby, Craig tells his gunman to keep Sonny away from Carly. Meanwhile, Liz tells Emily that she's not critical. Craig gets impatient and yells at Emily to choose someone. Nikolas yells and Craig gets mad. He threatens to shoot Nikolas, but shoots Max instead. Carly screams and gets up. Craig tells her to sit down or Sonny's next. Craig rants and raves for a second and then threatens to injure Max more seriously. Sonny points out that Craig is starting to lose it and he's pushing his luck. Craig turns his attention back to Emily. He tells her to choose. Lulu begs her to let Liz go.

Back at the Q. mansion, Dillon is surprised by Monica's confession of love. He tells her that she and Alan always fight so he assumed their marriage was one of convenience. The family members talk about love and Monica says she does love Alan and that she's going to the Metro Curt so she can tell him when he gets out.

Outside the Metro Court, Patrick is still unconvinced to leave by Dr. Russell's threats. He says he is not leaving Robin.

Inside, Spinelli tells Jason that he froze when he could have helped Sonny. A gunman busts in the room and Jason reflexively knocks him out and steals his mask. He tells Spinelli to find a way to get the hostages out.

In the lobby, Lulu yells at Emily and Nikolas tries to get her to back off. Alan tells Emily that Lulu is right. Craig demands that Emily make a decision. He puts the gun under her chin and tells her to choose.

At GH, Epiphany tells Dr. Russell that another doctor is on the way. Patrick shows up and tells Dr. Russell that he was right about how Robin would want him there.

At the Q. mansion, the family watches the news. They find out that a hostage will be released. Tracy talks to Edward about family loyalty. She asks his if she would be wrong if she knew Alan killed Rick and didn't tell anyone. He said no. She asks him if it would be all right if she had blackmailed him and he says yes. Edward explains that they must always present a united front as a family.

Inside the hotel, Lucky and Luke look outside the window and see a barricade set up.

Meanwhile, Jason tells Spinelli he's going out. He tells Spinelli to stay put. Spinelli asks Jason to check on Lulu. Jason says he saw her and she looked fine. Spinelli explains it's probably just a cover because she's scared. Jason tells him not to worry because they'll get her out. Jason tells Spinelli to stay on the system and then leaves. The gunman pops up and Spinelli knocks him out again with his laptop. Meanwhile, Jason heads out to the lobby.

Outside, Monica shows up and Mac tries to send her home. She tells him she's not leaving because her family is there. Mac tells her he knows how she feels.

In the lobby, Craig tells Emily to choose. She picks Alan. Craig sits Emily down and moves Carly away. Emily tells Craig someone needs to help Alan out. Some hostages offer but Craig says Alan will be the only hostage released. He tells her Alan has to walk out on his own or he doesn't go. Alan tries to get up but can't. Emily starts yelling wildly at Craig to let him go. Craig agrees to have his men help Alan out. He tells another man to play sniper upstairs.

Outside, the police see the sniper. Mac tells the officers to take the sniper out if he fires.

The men bring Alan out and the sniper begins firing. Alan grabs chest in a slow motion, very dramatic scene. Gunfire is heard all around as Alan slowly and painfully falls to the ground while he clutches his chest. Luke and Lucky yell at the police to do something. Emily screams. Carly recognizes a masked Jason and makes eye contact with him.

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