GH Update Friday 2/9/07

General Hospital Update Friday 2/9/07


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Today, GH opens with Luke telling Lucky about what Skye told him about Lorenzo's shipment. He tells Lucky that the gunmen won't make a deal with the police and tells him they have to get their loved ones out. Lucky agrees to go with him.

Elsewhere, Jason tells Spinelli that he can still back out. Spinelli tells Jason that he's his wingman. Jason tells him that he trusts him and gives him a gun for protection.

Inside the Metro Court, Sam holds a knife to Craig’s throat and tells his people to drop their guns. She threatens to kill Craig. He warns her that his people will blow up the lobby if she kills him. He tells her there are no deals without him and that by killing him, she’ll be ensuring the deaths of the other hostages. He demands she drop the knife. She reluctantly does so. Craig contemplates on what to do with Sam now. Liz cries out in pain.

Meanwhile, Sonny tells Carly they have to get moving. They leave the room they were in and get into the hallway. They run into a gunman with Lulu. The gunman tells Sonny to drop his weapon or he’ll kill Lulu. The opening credits roll. When we return, Lulu tells Sonny that the man won’t kill her and Carly tells Lulu to be quiet. Sonny does as he’s told and drops his gun. The man takes it from him and forces the three against the wall. He tells them that Craig will decide what to do with them.

Outside the hotel, Lucky tells Luke that he’ll be breaking a lot of rules if he goes with him. Luke tells him he’s proud of him. Luke says they’ll go in and get Liz, Lulu and Nikolas and that everyone else saved is a bonus. Dillon pops up and asks to assist.

Elsewhere, Ric tells the SWAT team to let the people trying to get in to the building go. Mac asks what’s going on and Mayor Floyd comes over and asks Ric why none of the hostages have been released.

Meanwhile, Spinelli tells Jason that guns aren’t his weapons of choice. Jason tells him that he’ll need it to defend himself. Jason tells him how to use the gun and the two open the door and enter the hotel.

Back in the lobby, Liz cries and Craig accuses her of faking. She tells him she doesn’t want to lose her baby. He tells her to calm down. Lulu, Sonny and Carly are led in by a gunman. Craig sticks Lulu with Liz and takes Sam out of the room.

Meanwhile, Nikolas asks Emily if CPR will help Alan and she says no. She tells Nikolas to look for more aspirin. Alan tells Emily how it’s funny that he’s always been worried about Jason’s dangerous life and now here is dying because he went to a charity benefit. Nikolas finds one aspirin and gives it to Alan. Emily tells Nikolas that Alan will die if they don’t get him some help.

Outside the hotel, Luke tells Dillon he’ll be in their way or get himself caught. Tracy comes over and tells Dillon and Luke that neither of them are going in. Luke manages to do what he wants and Tracy tells him to be careful. They exchange a quick kiss before he leaves.

Nearby, Mayor Floyd asks Ric why he hasn’t tried to negotiate with the gunmen. Ric explains that they need more time. Floyd tells Ric he’s making him look ridiculous. Then he tells Ric that he has one hour to make something happen or he’ll send people in to force the gunmen to give up the hostages.

Inside the hotel vault, Maxie talks about pizza and her captor talks about Philly Cheese steaks. Then he gets defensive and tells her to shut up.

Elsewhere, Jason and Spinelli discuss which way to go. Jason decides he wants to get into the air ducts. Spinelli warns him that he will have to depend on him to know where he’s going. Jason tells him that he trusts him.

After his aspirin, Alan is breathing a little easier. Craig busts into the room with Sam and asks for privacy. Emily says they shouldn’t move Alan, but Craig insists. Nikolas, Emily and Alan exit. Craig takes Sam’s jacket off and asks her if she’s think he’s going to rape her.

Back in the lobby, Lulu asks Liz if she’s supposed to breathe special or anything. Liz asks Carly if Robin is still breathing. She says she is, but can’t tell how much. Liz cries in pain again. Emily, Nikolas and Alan come out and Emily lays Alan down and covers him up. Emily insists on a defibrillator and Carly says there is one behind the counter. The gunmen refuse to allow Emily to have it. Sonny tells them that they will all get the death penalty if Alan dies. The female captor gets the machine from behind the desk. Emily starts working on Alan.

Outside the hotel, Ric tells Floyd that he’s not going to risk the hostages’ lives. He tells Floyd that the gunmen aren’t in it for money or valuables. Floyd tells him that this situation is over his head and that when things go badly, his career will be over.

Nearby, Tracy asks Dillon why he said he was the one that should have been in the lobby instead of Lulu.

Back inside, Craig touches Sam’s hair and asks her ho she cares about other than herself. He tells her she’s different from the other female hostages because she’s concerned with only her own well-being. He asks her what her life is worth and she tells him to go to hell. He tells her she has no maternal instinct and that he admires that quality.

Meanwhile, Jason and Spinelli make their way into a room. Jason sees blood on the floor. Spinelli is nervous. Jason tells Spinelli to get his map on the computer.

In the lobby, Emily runs the machine on Alan and says his heartbeat is stable. Craig brings Sam back out and gets mad about the defibrillator. He tells the hostages and gunmen that he is the one who makes the decisions. He hears a sound and gets really angry. He throws a bottle of water against the wall, grabs Liz and calls Ric. He tells Ric that if he doesn’t get the helicopters away from the roof, he will kill Liz and her baby.

Elsewhere, Jason hears the helicopters too and assumes it’s the police. He tells Spinelli to get his gun out and tells him how to take the safety off. Spinelli gives Jason directions for the air duct. Jason tells Spinelli that if something goes wrong, he wants him to go back the way they came and get out. He tells him to shoot anyone who gets in the way. Jason climbs into the air vent and Spinelli lays the gun on the floor.

Back inside the vault, Maxie tells her captor she’s not trying to trick him. She tells him she’s just really scared and bored and was just trying to make conversation. She starts talking about her family and how she’s the black sheep.

Outside the hotel, Scotty shows up and Tracy asks him why he’s not in prison. She asks him why he came back and he tells her that he heard Laura got better. Dillon asks him why he cares and tells him there’s no way he still loves her. Meanwhile, Luke and Lucky decide to go through the offices behind the lobby.

Ric explains to Craig that they didn’t send any helicopters. Liz’s pains cause her to cry more.

Meanwhile, Carly asks Alan if he’s warm enough. He berates her for what she did to A.J. Emily tells Nikolas that she’s worried that Liz will lose the baby because she’s so scared. Ric asks Craig what he wants in exchange for Liz. Craig says he’ll make a list. Ric asks him to send her out and Craig asks him what he gets out of it.

Back in the vault, the gunman asks Maxie to explain how she is the family disaster. She tells him about her affair with Lucky and the pills and the faked pregnancy. The gunman thinks this makes her interesting.

Outside, Ric tells Mac and Floyd that Craig said he’d let Liz go. Mac asks about Robin. Floyd tells Ric that as soon as they send a hostage out, they’re sending the SWAT team in.

Nearby, Scotty tells Dillon that he does still love Laura and Dillon tells him that Luke and Laura belong together.

On the roof, Luke and Lucky get into an office with monitors for the security cameras. They see the gunmen missed a spot when they blacked the cameras out. Lucky can see Liz is in pain.

In the lobby, Craig explains that someone may get to go free and then remembers he forget to mention Alan is ailing. Emily tells him Robin should be the first released. Craig tells her it’s only between Liz and Alan. Craig remembers that he forgot to do something. Then he remembers it was to kill Sonny.

Up above, Jason is in the air ducts and is ever nearing the lobby. He talks with Spinelli who tells him he’s only a few feet away. Jason says he sees the lobby.

Back in the vault, Maxie tells her captor that he has nice eyes. She talks about Lucky again and how he’s probably trying to save Liz as they speak.

Outside, Tracy agrees with Scotty that Luke and Laura are bad for each other but says it doesn’t matter now that Laura is gone. Scotty tells her that he’s hopeful that he can find something to bring her back.

Nearby, Ric tells Mayor Floyd that they can’t storm the hotel. Meanwhile, Lucky panics when he sees Liz is in pain. Luke tells him he has to calm down and says they have to have a plan before going in.

Inside, Spinelli tells Jason he hears a sound. They both sit quiet. Spinelli tells him he has to hide because someone is coming. He gets into a hiding spot and a gunman comes in with Sonny. Jason asks what’s going on. Spinelli looks at the gun he left on the floor as the gunman is moments away from shooting Sonny.

Meanwhile, Jason can see what’s happening in the lobby. Craig tells Emily to decide who gets to be set free. Nikolas tells him not to ask her to choose. Emily cries as she contemplates on whether Alan or Liz should be set free.

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