GH Update Thursday 2/8/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/8/07


Written By Tori
Pictures by Juanita

Today, GH opens with Tracy and Luke at the police station. Luke tells her to bail him out. She says she won't. He tells her that Lulu needs his help and points out that she's always saying he doesn't do right by Lulu. She tells him that is the reason why he has to stay at the police station.

In the Metro Court, Robin begins to ask questions about what happened. She tries to sit up and lets out a scream of pain. Liz explains to her that she was shot and that they had to do surgery on her. She tells her that thanks to Patrick, she's alive. Robin asks where Patrick is.

Outside, Patrick demands that Ric keep calling inside. Ric tells him that no one is answering. Patrick gets upset and shoves Ric.

Inside, Sam tries to convince Father Ruiz to take the knife from her. He tells her he can't. She tells him that she thought he wanted to make amends for Manny's crimes. He tells her he can't do it that way. Then he changes his mind and tells her to give it to him. Before she can, Craig sees them talking and comes over to find out what's going on.

At the penthouse, Spinelli tells Jason he can’t find anything on Craig. Jason tells him they have to find something to get inside his head. Spinelli asks Jason if the kids are okay. Jason tells him that they know what’s going on. He tells him that he promised Michael that he would save Sonny and Carly and says that he never breaks a promise to Michael.

Back at the Metro Court, Carly asks Sonny why he’s saying goodbye. He tells her that he loves her again. They hold hands. She admits she loves him too. She tells him that he’s a part of her and always will be. She kisses him as the opening credits roll.

Out in the lobby, Sam explains to Craig that she can’t sit next to Father Ruiz. He asks her why and Father Ruiz explains it’s because he reminds her of his evil twin Manny. Craig questions Father Ruiz about his past. He explains that he found peace in God. Craig bends down and touches Sam’s hair. Emily asks Craig if she can check on Robin and he tells her to trade places with Lulu. She goes to Robin and asks her how she feels. Robin says her stomach feels tight. Emily and Liz tell her they had to use duct tape on her wound. She asks them if they got the bullet out and they tell her they didn’t. They tell her that they, with Carly’s help, repaired her arterial damage. Robin is shocked that Carly helped. Liz tells her that Patrick is the real reason she’s still alive.

Outside, Patrick tells Ric to make a deal with Craig. Ric explains to Patrick that the police can’t make a move until the gunmen do.

At GH, Lorenzo wakes up again and asks Skye if the shipment went through okay. She explains the situation to him and asks for the last three digits of the code for the Equinox. Lorenzo tells her that he doesn’t know the code.

Back at the penthouse, Spinelli pulls out some audio devices he uses with his video games. He has rigged them to serve as a way to communicate with Jason inside the hotel. They test the gadgets out. Mike comes in and tells Jason that he can get him into the lobby.

At the Metro Court, Carly pulls away from Sonny and says she can’t do what she’s doing. She says it’s not fair to the kids or Jax. She tells Sonny that they are no good together. She explains that their relationship ventures always end the same. Sonny tells her it’s different this time because he’s different now. He tells her they can make it work.

Back at the police station, Tracy tells Luke to let the police handle the situation. He tells her he needs to save Lulu. He demands she pay his bail to save him from wasting the time to bust out. She agrees to bail him out if he agrees to go to the hospital to ask Skye what’s going on. Tracy tells Luke that she thinks Skye knows more than what she’s telling.

Back at GH, Lorenzo tells Skye not to be mad at him. She tells him she’s not. Epiphany comes in and tells Skye that Dr. Russell Ford wants to speak with her. Dr. Russell asks her how his patient is and Skye informs him that his name is Lorenzo and that he’s still disoriented. Dr. Russell tells her that he is bringing in a cognitive specialist to look at Lorenzo. Skye tells him he can’t.

Back at the Metro Court, Craig asks Father Ruiz if he is sure he isn’t tempted by Sam’s allure. Father Ruiz tells him that he’s too busy praying for Craig’s soul. Craig kicks Father Ruiz and then moves on to harass Nikolas. He decides it’s time for Nikolas to leave the room. Once out of the lobby, Nikolas asks where Craig is taking him and he tells Nikolas that he is sending him to spend some time with Alan. Nikolas puts Craig against the wall, but a gunman responds quickly. Craig tells Nikolas to release him or there will be consequences. He takes him to Alan’s room. Alan asks Nikolas how Robin is doing. He tells him about Emily and the surgery. Alan asks Nikolas to do him a favor. Nikolas agrees to. Alan tells him to tell Emily that he’s proud of her. Nikolas tells Alan he can tell her himself when they all get out.

Elsewhere, Sonny tells Carly that they can have their life back. He tells her that they have a chance. Carly asks him how they are going to get out of this situation and Sonny points out that she’s scared. She asks him why he had to wait until now to be honest about his feelings for her. He tells her that they owe it to each other to try again. Craig comes in and tells Sonny he needs to discuss business with him. He asks Sonny how soon he can arrange their escape. Sonny says all he has to do is make a call.

Back at GH, Skye tells Dr. Russell that if Lorenzo’s business associates find out what condition he’s in, they’ll kill him. Dr. Russell warns Skye that without therapy, Lorenzo will continue to deteriorate. Luke shows up and asks if Skye needs a friend. She thanks him for coming and he asks her what she knows about the Metro Court hostage situation.

Outside the Metro Court, Pete shows up to check on Patrick who informs Pete that Robin has an arterial bleed. He complains that the police aren’t doing anything while Robin’s life is on the line

Inside, Liz tells Robin to be still. She cries in pain and a gunman orders Liz to shut her up. Liz explains that she’s in a lot of pain. Lulu suggests they get Robin drunk to ease the pain. She grabs a bottle of booze.

At the penthouse, Mike shows Jason how to get to the south stairwell by the lobby. He tells Jason to make sure Sonny gets out, as he leaves. Spinelli comes back in and Jason explains to him that Mike showed them the way to get to the lobby. Jason warns Spinelli that once they get in, things will move fast. He asks him if he’s sure he wants to help. Spinelli tells Jason he wants to help save Lulu. Ric shows up with a warrant that says he can hold Jason for 48 hours. Jason’s phone rings. He answers to hear Sonny on the line.

Back at GH, Skye tells Luke everything about Lorenzo’s government connections and the mysterious shipment Lorenzo stored at the Metro Court. Luke asks what the shipment is and Skye tells him she doesn’t know. He asks her if she knows the code. She tells him she doesn’t know all of it and that Lorenzo doesn’t remember it. Luke says Lorenzo is probably faking his disorientation. Skye refutes this and says that Lorenzo trusts her. Luke points out that the Quartermaines trusted her too. She starts to explain the whole “he’s my baby’s daddy thing,” but Luke is gone before she can finish.

Back outside the Metro Court, Pete tries to get Patrick to leave with him. Patrick says no and talks about how he swore he’d never love someone as much as he loves Robin. He tells Pete that Robin is everything to him.

Inside, Emily asks Robin how the pain is. Robin says she doesn’t feel anything anymore and says that either the booze is working or her body is shutting down. She tells Liz and Emily that if she doesn’t make it, she doesn’t want them to blame themselves. Liz tells her not to think that way. Robin tells them she should be thinking about who will take care of Patrick when she’s gone.

Nearby, Father Ruiz reminds Sam that the hostage holders have guns. Sam says she’s not going to wait around for them to kill her. He reminds her that they could blow the lobby up at any time. She tells him she can’t give into fear and that she must fight back.

Elsewhere, Sonny tells Jason to have a speedboat waiting at the pier. Then he tells Jason to tell the kids that he and Carly love them. Craig hangs up the phone. At the penthouse, Ric tears up the warrant and tells Jason to do what he has to do. He tells him to make sure the hostages are safe. Jason makes a phone call to arrange for the speedboat. Spinelli asks Jason if he talked to Sonny. Jason says yes and Spinelli asks what the plan is now. Jason tells him that the plan is the same. The two head out to the Metro Court.

At the Metro Court, Sonny tells Craig that he’ll have to get to the waterfront on his own. Craig informs Sonny that his help will be used as a diversion for the cops so he and the gunmen can escape. Sonny smarts off to Craig, who hits Sonny again.

Elsewhere, Nikolas covers Alan with a blanket. Alan tells Nikolas to treat Emily with the respect she deserves. He criticizes Nikolas for not giving Emily a lasting commitment. Nikolas says he never thought they’d get a second chance and tells Alan that he doesn’t want to rush Emily into something she’s not ready for. Alan tells Nikolas that there is no guarantee, when it comes to life, how much time you have left. Then Alan beings to choke and says he can’t breathe. Nikolas bangs on the door and screams for help.

Back in the lobby, Emily tells Robin that Patrick doesn’t need a new girlfriend because he has her. Robin says that Patrick deserves a good woman.

Outside, Patrick explains to Pete that for a long time he was desperate to stay commitment free, but now he says for the first time he can be himself.

Inside, Robin tells Emily and Liz that Patrick doesn’t trust easy and that he’ll make it hard for his new woman. Robin decides he should be with someone who deserves to Carly. Liz advises Robin to choose Patrick and life over death and Carly.

Back outside, Patrick tells Pete he loves Robin a whole bunch. Mac assures Patrick that they will make sure Robin will be okay.

Inside, Craig tells Sonny that they are a lot alike. Carly gets mad and says Craig is nothing like Sonny. The badly beaten mob boss tells Carly to be quiet. Then he offers to pay Craig money to let Carly go. Craig says it wouldn’t be fair to the other hostages. Craig leaves to check on the other hostages and Carly tends to Sonny. He tells her that he’s glad she stills believe in him. She tells him that she can’t be held responsible for anything she says right now. She tells him she loves him and says “but,” as another gunman comes in. He orders Carly to take a walk with him. She refuses. Sonny jumps up and grabs at the gunman who tackles Sonny. While the gunman is distracted, Carly gets in a good punch and the man falls to the ground. Sonny grabs the man’s gun and tells Carly she did a good job.

Outside, a SWAT member tells Ric that they spotted activity near the south service entrance and tells him they are ready to handle it. Ric tells them not to do anything. Meanwhile, Spinelli and Jason hide near a door. Spinelli types some stuff into his computer and hopes that he managed to get Jason inside. He tells Jason that he did what he could and Jason reaches for the doorknob. The two hope that the alarms don’t sound.

Back inside the Metro Court, a gunman brings Emily to her father. She takes Alan’s pulse and says it’s all over the place. Nikolas tries to reason with the gunman to get Alan help, but the man is unmoved but Nikolas’ plea.

Outside, Luke shows up again and tells Lucky he knows what’s really going on. He explains Lorenzo’s involvement with the shipment and tells Lucky he’s going in. He asks Lucky if he’s coming with him.

Back in the lobby, a gunman grabs Liz and forces her away from Robin. Liz lets out a cry of pain and complains of a cramp. She says she is probably dehydrated. Lulu gets up to get her water and the gunmen threaten her. Sam stands up and demands that they let Lulu get Liz some water. Craig comes in and stops Lulu who yells at him. He sends her out of the room and gives Liz water. Craig goes over to intimidate Sam some more. She tells him that she’ll thank the cop that blows his head off. He gets irritated and leans down. Quickly she grabs him and holds the knife to his throat. Liz cries out in pain.

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