GH Update Wednesday 2/7/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/7/07


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Today, GH opens with Alexis in Lorenzo's hospital room. She is yelling at him as Skye listens outside. He tells her that he doesn't know anything about the vault or the briefcase and the ensuing hostage situation. She demands he tell her what to do to stop them gunmen. Dr. Russell comes in and tells Alexis to get away from his patient.

At the penthouse, Jason says he'll be going into the Metro Court at 11. Spinelli reminds him that even though the gunmen won't know he's there, the cops, who have the place surrounded, will see him.

At the Metro Court, Lulu is shoved into a room with a beat up Sonny. He warns her to be very careful about what she does and says to these people.

In the lobby, Carly complains that she can't see the artery. Liz stands up and tells Craig that they need her help. Craig criticizes her maternal instincts because she is willing to risk her child's life to save Robin. The opening credits roll.

Back at GH, Skye tells Alexis to leave. Alexis continues to demand answers from Lorenzo, who still has no idea what she's talking about. In the hallway, Alexis tries to explain to Dr. Russell what's going on, but he doesn't care. Alexis gets weak and the doctor tells her to sit down.

Back at the penthouse, Spinelli tells Jason that he'll need him to go inside to direct him around the hotel. Jason asks Spinelli if he's volunteering. Spinelli admits he's not a hero, but insists that he wants to help. Jason warns him that they will probably try to kill the hostages and if he is caught, he could die too. Spinelli asks him why he's willing to risk his life then. Jason tells him that everyone he loves is in that building and if he doesn't go, he'll lose all of them.

At the Metro Court, Lulu asks Sonny if she can get him anything. He asks for something to drink. She asks him what he did to get beat up and Sonny tells her that he told Craig that he was losing control of the situation. Sonny explains that the gunmen are waiting for the vault to open and to pass time, they are trying to scare the hostages. He tells her to keep a low profile and stay calm. She says cool and collected isn't a Spencer trait. Sonny disagrees. He tells her to show no fear and to keep her reactions to things minimal.

Outside the Metro Court, Patrick gives Carly directions for Robin's surgery by phone. He tells her to tie off the bleed and hold the artery. Carly repeats the steps to Emily, who says she needs more suction. Liz tells Craig that if she doesn't assist, Robin will die. Nikolas stands up and tells Craig to let her help. He is followed by several other hostages in the room. Craig agrees to let Liz help, but for an unspecified cost at a later time. Liz goes to Emily and Carly. Patrick tells them to sew the artery. Carly asks him what they have to do next. He tells them to check around her organs to make sure there is no bleeding. Emily says it looks okay. Craig tells the trio to wrap it up. He takes the phone from Carly and hangs up. He tells Emily and Liz that they are no longer needed. He orders Carly to stitch Robin up.

Back at GH, Lorenzo tells Skye that Alexis accused him of lying about the shipment. Skye tells him that the hostage situation isn't his fault because he did everything he could to avoid the situation. Lorenzo is upset because he knows he has information that could save the hostages.

In another hospital room, Dr. Russell tells Alexis he wants to admit her for observation. She tells him she can't do it because her daughter and nephew are being held hostage. He insists that he run some tests.

Back at the Metro Court, Sonny asks if Carly is okay. Lulu tells Sonny that Craig said Carly had to do the surgery and could have one person help her. Sonny tells Lulu that Carly is at her best when she is trapped. Lulu says she wishes she had Carly's confidence. Sonny talks about how strong Carly is and how she never quits.

Back in the lobby, Craig demands Carly stitch Robin up alone. He warns Emily and Liz not to offer any help or they will be shot in the head. Carly tells Craig he's only doing this because he thinks it will be fun to watch her fail. She tells him that she will do this and she won't fail.

Back at GH, Dr. Russell tells Alexis that she has to stay because she has a history of secondary infections and of adverse reactions to chemo. Alexis argues with him.

Outside the Metro Court, Ric asks Patrick if he could hear any other hostages on the phone. He says he couldn't. Mac asks if Robin will be okay. Patrick says that if the tie holds she'll make it. Skye shows up running her mouth at Patrick about botching the surgery.

Inside, Carly sews Robin up, complaining the whole time about hating to do it. She asks Craig if she can bandage her. Craig says no and sends Liz and Sam to do the job. Craig takes Carly out. Liz says Robin's pulse is stronger and that Carly did well. She finds the knife used in the surgery.

Back at the penthouse, Spinelli continues messing around on the computer to get information. He discovers Jason has an unlimited credit at the Metro Court. Jason talks about his relationship with Carly. Then he tells Spinelli to focus. Spinelli finds that the security cameras were all blacked out.

At the Metro Court, Craig sends Carly to be with Sonny and takes Lulu back to the lobby. Carly asks Sonny if he's okay and he says he's fine. Carly gets upset as she tells Sonny about Robin. She says if Robin dies, they will all blame her. Sonny tells her that she did a good job and that he's proud of her.

Back outside, Skye continues to berate Patrick for endangering Lorenzo with his speedy surgery. Patrick says that disorientation is a common side effect of brain surgery. Skye tells him that this hostage situation is on his head now since Lorenzo can't remember anything. She rants about how Alexis showed up harassing Lorenzo and recounts how Alexis nearly passed out. Ric overhears this and asks her questions.

Back inside, Nikolas tells Emily that she saved Robin. Emily says it's only because Liz and Carly were there to help. Nearby, Sam asks if she can throw away the surgery supplies. Lulu comes back out. Craig decides to play "musical hostages" again. There is still no music involved. He pairs Sam with Father Mateo again. When Sam sits down, she hides the knife in her hand.

At GH, Ric shows up to see Alexis. She tells him it's not how it looks. He tells her she needs to take it easy. She tells him she's not giving him more leverage to use against her. Ric asks her to let him help her.

Back at the Metro Court, Sonny asks Carly how Robin is. She tells him that she's better and describes sewing Robin's skin together. Sonny asks Carly to find a paper clip to get the handcuffs off of him.

Back at the penthouse, Spinelli worries that Lulu may be in danger because she wouldn't remain calm in cool in the situation. Jason points out that Sam and Carly wouldn't either. Spinelli asks if Lulu will be killed and Jason tells him that she has the same chance of survival as the rest of the hostages.

Outside the Metro Court, Patrick thanks Mac for letting him stay. Mac tells Patrick that he took big risks to save Robin and that if she lives it’s because of him.

Inside, Lulu is paired with Liz who says Robin needs a transfusion. Lulu tells Liz to rest, but Liz says she isn't tired. Sam talks to Father Ruiz and tells him that when she found out she couldn't have kids she hated Liz. She tells him she feels fortunate now because the situation must be a lot worse for Liz considering she's pregnant and may leave a son behind. Meanwhile, Nikolas tells Emily to rest. She says she can't and he tells her she did all she could. She asks him what will happen if that's not good enough.

Back at GH, Ric tells Alexis he's not trying to take Molly to punish her. Alexis tells him that Molly belongs at home with her sister. He tells her he doesn't want to fight and tells her to file a continuance or he will. Dr. Russell enters and kicks Ric out.

Back at the penthouse, Jason tells Spinelli that some of the gunmen probably won't be in the lobby, so he'll take them out one by one. Spinelli asks him who he'll save first and he says he'll know when he gets there. Spinelli says that Lulu probably isn't high on Jason's save list and tells Jason that he's going with him. Jason warns him that he's risking his life. Spinelli says he thinks Lulu would do the same for him. Jason tells Spinelli that he has to do everything he says, when he says it. He tells Spinelli to stay out of the way while they are there. Jason's phone rings. It's a scared Michael asking Jason what is going on.

At the Metro Court, Carly has found a paper clip and works on getting Sonny free. Sonny tells Carly that Craig wants the hostages to be panicked. Carly asks him why Craig didn't kill him. Sonny tells her that Craig needs him as a back up plan in case things go awry. Carly gets Sonny free.

At GH, Skye sits with a sleeping Lorenzo. She says she doesn't want to wake him up because she doesn't like seeing him so confused. She says she hopes the hostages make it out of the hotel okay. She talks about her Q. family members and then says she has another family now with him. She tells him that no matter what, she'll make sure he doesn't get blamed for the hostage crisis.

Elsewhere, Dr. Russell talks about his cancer-ridden wife with Alexis. He tells Alexis that his wife had a bad reaction to chemo and that marijuana was the only thing that helped her. He tells Alexis he would prescribe it if it were legal to do so. Alexis asks the doctor how his wife is now. He informs her that she passed away six months ago.

At Sonny's house, Jason tells Michael that Sonny and Carly will be fine.

Back at the Metro Court, Carly asks Sonny what his plan is. He tells her they are going to wait for Craig’s people to come back. He tells her he will let them think he’s handcuffed still. He tells Carly that when he tells her to go, she has to go. She tells him he may need her and he starts apologizing to her. He tells her he is sorry for tricking her into marriage and tells her that he didn’t want her to love anyone but him. He tells her that she is his whole life and that he loves her and always will.

Back in the lobby, Craig sees Emily sleeping against Nikolas’ shoulder. He tells Nikolas that she earned a nap. He goes over to pick on Father Ruiz, who is praying. When he walks away, Sam asks Father Ruiz if he knows how to fight with a knife. He nods and she asks him if he knows how to kill someone with a knife. He tells her he used to. She asks him if he can do it now and shows him the knife she has. Meanwhile, Craig asks Liz how Robin is. She tells him her pulse is steady but that there is no guarantee that she’ll make it.

Outside, Patrick prays for Robin, and back inside, Robin wakes up and calls for Patrick. She sits up and screams in pain as Liz and Lulu try to get her back down.

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