GH Update Monday 2/5/07

General Hospital Update Monday 2/5/07


Written By Shanna
Pictures by Juanita

Today, GH opens outside the Metro Court with Luke approaching Mac about getting Lulu out. Mac tells him there are other lives at stake here. Luke tells him that he’s wasting too much time. Lucky comes over. Mac tells Luke that if he tries to go in, he’ll have him arrested.

Nearby, Jason tells Spinelli to find out when the vault will open. He tells Spinelli that the gunmen may start killing people when it does open. Jason calls Skye, who is at GH, to find out about Lorenzo’s condition. She says he’s still in surgery. He tells her to call him when Lorenzo wakes up. Monica overhears Skye’s conversation and deduces that Lorenzo is responsible for the hold up. She interrogates Skye.

Inside the operating room, Noah warns Patrick that if he rushes the surgery, Lorenzo will die. Patrick tells him that if he doesn’t hurry, he’ll lose Robin.

Inside the Metro Court, Emily tells Mr. Craig that there is nothing more she can do for Robin, who needs surgery. She says they have to get Robin out now. Sam tells Lulu about the door in the break room. Lulu asks her what she wants her to do. Meanwhile, Sonny tells Carly he will make sure she gets out. Carly tells Sonny she won’t leave without him. Mr. Craig overhears them talking and fires his gun. Sonny ducks and forces Carly down with him just in time. Mr. Craig warns them to cooperate or die. He tells the hostages that if they don’t follow orders, they will be blown to bits.

Back in the operating room, Patrick sees the debris he was looking for. He says it’s deeply embedded, but that he can get it out. Noah advises him to go in from another angle. He tells Patrick that he has a responsibility to his patient. Patrick tells Noah that he doesn’t owe Lorenzo anything.

In a hospital room, Skye tells Monica that Lorenzo was unconscious when the hostage situation took place. Monica still blames Lorenzo. She tells Skye that she knows Lorenzo stashed something in the vault and that he must have known it was dangerous. She asks Skye how she could do this to her family.

Outside the Metro Court, Luke says he’s not leaving Lulu’s rescue up to the police. Elsewhere, Jason tells Spinelli that the police will handle the situation by the book. He tells him that the gunmen will not abandon the hostages. Ric shows up and takes over for Mac.

Back inside, Mr. Craig teases his hostages, assuming they are thinking about the detonator and escape plans. He tells them that the exit strategy was well planned and asks Sonny to explain what he means by this. Sonny tells everyone that there are enough bombs to blow the lobby up. Mr. Craig adds that it could blow the entire building to pieces. Carly and Sonny talk. Carly says she recognizes Mr. Craig’s voice. Sonny tells Carly not to worry because they have 12 hours to come up with an escape plan. He tells her that they can’t shake Craig’s confidence. The phone rings and Craig assumes it’s the hostage negotiator. He decides to play another game called “musical hostages”. He tells them that he’ll pair them off with each other and the odd one out, is out of luck. Lulu asks what will happen if the number of people is even and Craig tells her that he’ll find someone to get rid of. He grabs Liz. Nikolas tries to stop him and Craig warns him to back off or he’ll kill her. Meanwhile, Craig pairs Sam with Father Mateo. He goes to get Emily who tells him that someone has to keep pressure on the wound. Craig chooses Carly for the job and sticks Emily with Sonny. Craig decides that Max is the odd man out and is about to have him dealt with when Carly demands that Craig allow Max to help her with Robin. Craig obliges and Max thanks Carly. Meanwhile, Lulu is paired with Nikolas.

Back at GH, Patrick tells his surgical team to wake Lorenzo up when he’s done. Patrick declares the surgery was a success. Noah tells him they won’t know if that’s true until Lorenzo wakes up.

Back outside the Metro Court, Luke tells Lucky that he can’t stand around and do nothing. He tells him that they are Lulu’s best chance of getting out alive.

Back at GH, Skye rants on about Lorenzo being her baby’s father and Monica reminds her that Alan is her father and that he is trapped thanks to Lorenzo. Patrick comes in with Noah and they tell Skye that the surgery was quick and as far as they can tell successful. Noah tells her they won’t know anything for sure until Lorenzo wakes up.

Inside the Metro Court, the phone rings again. This time Craig answers. Ric is on the other line. He tells Craig he’ll do whatever it takes to make him most comfortable. Craig thanks him and tells him he’ll think about it and get back to him. Ric tells Mac that the gunmen have no incentive to cooperate.

Meanwhile, Jason tells Spinelli they have to go because Ric is working his own agenda.

Back at GH, Skye kicks Monica out. She tells her that she liked her better as a drunk and leaves. Noah begins to explain the surgery to Skye and Patrick leaves. Noah runs after him. Patrick tells him that Robin could be dying. Meanwhile, Monica runs into Epiphany and asks her if Lorenzo knows something about the hostage situation. Epiphany tells her that Patrick thinks he does. Monica calls Mac and tells him to come up to the hospital to question Skye.

Outside the Metro Court, Ric tells the officers to tell the reporters they are doing their best to get people out safely. He tells the officers they will need to flood the lobby with tear gas. Meanwhile, Luke argues with Lucky about going in. He tells Lucky that he knows his way around the hotel and asks him if he’s really going to leave it up to Ric to get people out.

Inside the Metro Court, a gunman locks Liz in a dark room. She begs not to be left in there. She turns on a light and sees Alan lying on a couch in pain. She goes to him and tells him everything will be all right.

Back in the lobby, Craig grabs the boutique worker and puts her with Father Ruiz. Sam tells Craig she will help Robin if he’ll let her. He tells her he’ll think about it. She too, recognizes the voice. Meanwhile, Lulu tells Nikolas what Sam told her. Nikolas tells her to stay put.

Over with Robin, Carly says that her pulse is weak and that she has bled through the make shift bandage. She and Max decide to take it off and replace it with Max’s coat. Emily yells at them and tells them if they take the bandage off, her blood won’t be able to clot and she will die. She suggests they put Max’s coat over the bloody bandage. Craig threatens her with his gun and Sonny tells her to be quiet.

Back in the penthouse, Jason tells Spinelli that he will go into the Metro Court and start taking out the gunmen, one by one. He says it’s the best chance they have to save the hostages. Spinelli says it sounds like a suicide mission. Jason says it’s better if he dies than one of the hostages.

Back at GH, Noah tells Skye about the surgery Lorenzo underwent. Mac and Monica come in. Mac tells Skye to tell him what she knows.

Back outside the Metro Court, Patrick shows up and begs Ric to find out how bad Robin’s wound is. He calls against his better judgment and an irritated Craig answers. Ric asks for an update on Robin. Craig informs him that she’s still breathing and bleeding. Ric asks him to let her go; Craig says he can’t because he’s attached to the hostages. Ric tries to convince him to let them send medical supplies. Craig tells him he’ll think about it.

At the penthouse, Jason barks orders to Spinelli, telling him to get Metro Court footage to find out how many gunmen there are and what kind of weapons they have. Then he tells him to find out about Mr. Craig. Spinelli gets frustrated with his multiple tasks and asks Jason what he needs first. He tells him to pull up the Metro Court footage. They watch the gunmen spray paint the cameras and Spinelli points out that the gunmen look like “seriously bad dudes.”

Back inside the Metro Court, Lulu tries to sneak off but Nikolas stops her. Carly says she needs a break and lets Max take over. Lulu moves again and Craig sees her this time. He threatens her, but Carly distracts him. She tells Craig to let Emily come back because she doesn’t like Robin and doesn’t know what she’s doing. Craig permits Emily to approach. He begins touching her face in front of Nikolas. He starts making advances towards her and Nikolas jumps up. Sonny grabs him. Craig decides it’s time to change partners again. Sonny and Nikolas are paired together. Sonny tells Nikolas to chill out. Craig pairs Lulu with Robin and allows Carly to assist. He informs the group that he has to finalize some details with Emily and takes her out of the room.

Back at GH, Monica tells Mac what Epiphany said. She orders Skye to tell Mac what she knows. When Skye says she knows nothing, Monica calls her a lying bi**h. Mac tells her that if anyone dies, it’s her fault.

Back at the Metro Court, Craig takes Emily to the room he stashed Liz and Alan in. Emily tells Craig that Robin will bleed to death. Alan asks how Robin is and Emily tells him. He tells her he has to see her because she is critically injured and her heart could stop. Liz tells Emily that Alan may have a concussion. Craig tells the three that only one person can rejoin the group. Liz offers to go. A concerned Emily asks her father if he’s in pain. He complains of chest pains.

Outside the Metro Court, Lucky and Cruz look at Metro Court layout maps. Luke is nearby wearing a SWAT uniform.

Meanwhile, Patrick tells Ric to find out what the gunmen want in exchange for Robin.

Inside, Craig leads Liz out and sits her with Sam. She tells him she thought he wanted her to help with Robin and he says no. The phone rings and Craig answers. Ric tells Craig that he’ll get the death penalty if Robin dies. He tries to make a deal and Craig is receptive. Patrick shouts off medical equipment they’ll need and takes the phone from Ric to tell him. Craig gets irritated and says he doesn’t have to do anything, and he won’t.

Back at GH, Skye tells an unconscious Lorenzo that if they don’t work this situation out, he could be tried for treason. Lorenzo wakes up and Jason comes in. Lorenzo asks her where he is and she explains the situation. He doesn’t remember being shot by Sonny or anything about the shipment.

Back at the Metro Court, Alan tells Emily she should be out with Robin. She tells him to relax. She tells him he could be having a heart attack. He tells her that he knows the difference between a heart attack and a panic attack and assures her it’s the latter. Alan closes his eyes. Emily tries to stir him, but he is unresponsive. She screams for help.

Back in the lobby, Nikolas asks where Emily is and threatens to kill Craig if he touches her. Meanwhile, Lulu apologizes for trying to escape and Carly tells her not to apologize. She assures Lulu that Robin won’t die and tells Robin to suck it up. Robin stirs a little.

Outside, Luke finishes suiting up and Ric comes over. He sees Luke and tells Lucky to arrest Luke and take him downtown. Lucky calls Cruz over to do the honors. As this happens, Patrick makes a run for it.

Inside, Sam asks Liz where they took her and tells her that she won’t be waiting around to die. Craig grabs Sam, who almost instinctively takes Craig’s mask off. He tells her that she just made a big mistake as he points his gun at her.

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