GH Update Thursday 2/1/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/1/07


Written By Tori
Pictures by Juanita

The show begins like it has since last Friday, except this time it moved a lot faster moving from close-ups of Sam, Nikolas, Patrick, Mac, and Lucky. The explosion happens and you see everyone's reaction from outside. It is now 5pm, twelve hours from the explosion.

Luke visits with Laura at Shadybrook. He tells her how he feels about her being going and that he doesn't know what he's going to do in the next 25 to 30 years. He could either swim the English Channel or run away with the circus, but he knows he should move on without her. He says his good-bye and leaves. He walks out and sees Lucky. Lucky tells him about Maxie not really being pregnant, but decided not to confuse Luke with the details. Lucky asks him what he's been. Luke tells him that he went down to the keys and did some diving. They then talk about how they miss Laura and remembered the time they spent with her last year. After Lucky leaves, Luke asks the nurse where the daisies came from. She tells him that the man that's been calling to check on Laura must have brought them. Luke asks her to describe him. She tells him that he was a little younger than him and had dirty blonde hair. Luke asks her if her had shifty blue eyes. She says "That sounds about right". Luke now knows that Scott Baldwin is back in town. Bobbie goes to the coffee shop to see Jason. Bobbie voices her concerns about how Sonny is try to woo Carly back. Jason assures her that he's taking Carly to the Dominican Republic tonight to get the divorce. Bobbie tells him that the divorce is a formality and wants Sonny to leave Carly alone so she can be with Jax.. Jason tells her that Carly will do what she wants to do. Bobbie goes to Kelly's where she runs into Scott. They are happy to see each other. He takes her coat off and hangs it up. She warns him that she can't stay long because she was on her way to a fundraiser. She asks him what brings him. He tells her he wanted to check up on Laura because he heard she woke up. Bobbie asks if he's been keeping up with Laura's condition all this time. He says that there is only so much the doctors can tell him and then he wants to know what Laura said when she woke up and how was she like. Bobbie tells him that the drug was only temperary and she acted the same way she did all those years ago. He asks her if Laura remembered the night Rick Webber died. Bobbie tells him that she remembered everything. Scott looks worried, but Bobbie tells him that Laura remembered that she killed Rick.

Lorenzo and Skye decide to go to the hospital to get Lorenzo catched out. Patrick tells him that he has a brain bleed. Skye tries to convince him to have some test ran. Lorenzo agrees. Lorenzo waits impatiently for he's results and its obvious his condition is getting worse. Skye trys to calm him down. Lorenzo explains to her that its very important that he gets to the Metro Court. She tells him that his health is more important and that she and Lila Rae need him. Patrick calls Robin unaware that she's in danger at the Metro Court. She doesn't answer, so he leaves a message saying that he's at the hospital treating Lorenzo, who has a brain bleed, he tells her that he wanted to come to talk to her at the Metro Court and that he's sorry for being so stubborn earlier and that he will schedule another HIV for tonight. Lorenzo exchange I love you's and became to kiss, but they are interrupted by Patrick, who has the results of his tests. Patrick tells Lorenzo that if he doesn't operate on him now, he will have a seizure and die. Lorenzo asks how long will he be unconscience. Patrick tells him anywhere between 4 to 24 hours. Lorenzo tells him that he can't wait that long. Patrick leaves Skye and Lorenzo alone to discuss it. After Patrick leaves, Lorenzo gets worse. He tells Skye to take Lila Rae and go to Switzerland there's money waiting for them there and they will have a great life. Skye is crying when she tells him that she's not leaving him and tells him that she will do whatever he needs her to do. Lorenzo decides to get the surgery and gives Skye instructions. He tells her that the code has to be entered every 24 hours or it will explosed. She has to go to the Metro Court tomorrow morning and enter the code before Mr. Craig gets there. She will need to do a wire transfer with him inexchange for the briefcase. She agrees and he begins to give her the code. He says slowly 7 6 7, but he has a seizure so he's unable to finish. Skye runs into the hallway and screams for a doctor. Patrick rushes in to help. He yells for Epiphany to hurry up because he's losing him.

Mr. Craig and his goons walk into the Metro Court wearing all black and ski masks. Mr. Craig holds up his gun lets off five shots to get everyone's attention. He yells that this is a robbery, so hand over they belongs and that it will be all over in five minutes. Sonny observes as Mr. Craigs goons begin to spray paint the windows black, he has a feeling that this isn't a robbery. Everyone freezes and Sam slowly moves her hand under the desk to set off the silent alarm, but Mr. Craig points a gun at her and asks her how badly do you want to be employee of the month, she doesn't seem interested. Carly steps up and let's Mr. Craig know that she is the owner of the Metro Court and tells her staff to do as asked, no heroics. She also says that she's responsible for everyone in the hotel and that he can take whatever he wants. Liz pulls out her cellphone and attempts to call for help, but Mr. Craig catches her and one of his goons walks over to take the phone away and gets a little rough. Emily trys to pull him off of her and the goon trys to knock off Emily. Nikolas walks over to defend Emily and he gets hit in the face with the gun. Mr. Craig warns everyone not to make any more phone calls. Maxie tells Elizabeth that she's going to get everyone killed including Lucky's baby. She then asks Mr. Craig and his men to hurry up and rob the place. Mr. Craig sends a couple goons to the vault to get the briefcase, but before they go he tells them to take a hostage. They chose Maxie. Maxie is scaried and begins apoligizing and pleads with them to not kill her. A goon walks over and tells Mr. Craig that all the Metro Court phones have been turned off. The goons walk around to collect everyone's belongs. Lulu quickly hides her mother's ring. Carly and Sonny whisper about how the ring leader sounds familar. Sam is reluctant to hand over her star necklace that Jason gave her, but one of the goons rips it off her neck. Mateo walks over and tells her that the meaning of the necklace is still there. Sam warns him that if he didn't leave her alone, she will ask them if they could kill him, so he backs off. When the goons get to Carly, she doesn't want to give up her engagement ring Jax. She wants them to understand the significance of an engagement ring, but they don't. Sonny tells her to hand it over. She does and they move on. Emily and Elizabeth are wondering what she's up to. Sonny asks her if she recongized the voice and she tells him that she could tell becasue he sent him away too quickly. Sonny has a feeling that this has something to do with Lorenzo Alcazar. Carly tells Sonny that it sounded like the guy that was asking about the vault security. Sonny asks if Lorenzo put anything in the vault. She says she doesn't know. He wants to know who would know. She says the assistant manager might know. Carly creates a distraction by walking over to Mr. Craig and attempts to take his mask off, but he puts a gun up under her chin. Sonny gets the info on Lorenzo's shipment. Sonny signals to Sam not to set off the silent alarm that closes the vault. The vault closes. One of the goons gets out, but one is trapped in there with Maxie and the briefcase. Mr. Craig sees Sonny's signal and asks Sam what she did. Mateo trys to protect Sam from one of the goons, but he's stopped and the goon fires off some shots at her. Luckily she ducks down before he begans to fire. Mr. Craig stops two from shooting.The goon that got out of the vault returns. He says that the vault closed and thought Three was right behind him with the briefcase. He is then curious to why Sonny didn't want Sam to trip the silent alarm. Sonny tells him that they don't need to bring the cops into this. Robin is worried about Maxie. Five tells her that she's in the vault with Three. Mr. Craig is angry. Carly tells Mr. Craig that the vault won't open again for the next 12 hours. Sonny tells him that he should cut his losses and leave now.

Jason shows up and hesitates to approach the door when he see the black paint on the windows. He walks up slowly to the door and finds a small area where the goons missed. He sees everyone standing around and then sees men with gun. He walks back and then the cops arrive. Jason warns Mac that they have a hostage situation on their hands. Lucky and Cruz are also there. Lucky tells them that Elizabeth, Nikolas, and Emily were waiting for him in the lobby. Jason says Sam is in there. Lucky asks about Lulu, but Jason says he didn't see her. Lucky tells Mac about the fundraiser and Cruz tells them that they can be dealing with hundreds of people. Mac remembers that Maxie is work and Robin just booked a room at the Metro Court. Jason warns them that the guys in there are professionals and that they want whatever is in the vault. He wants them to let them have what they want and get everyone out of there. Mac assures Jason that they have a strong protocol when it comes to hostage situations. Mac pulls his men in to talk strategy, he tells them to evaulate the rest of the hotel. Jason calls Spinelli to tell him to come to the Metro Court with his computer. Luke comes over and asks Lucky what's up. Lucky tells him about the botched robbery. Luke is worried about Lulu. Lucky tells him Nikolas, Emily, and Elizabeth are in there too. Lucky leaves Luke to help. When Scott appears behind Luke, Luke begins sniffing around. He turns around and sees Scott. Luke tells him that he doesn't want him bring Laura daisies or anything else. Spinelli arrives with laptop in hand. He immeditaley gets to work. Jason wants answers fast. Spinelli gives them to him as fast as he can. Spinelli hacks into the vault. Spinelli and Jason find out everything about the briefcase. The items in the briefcase aren't listed. Spinelli sees something weird. He tells Jason that every other item has a listed estimated value, but the briefcase estimated value is priceless. This worries Jason.

Maxie is in the vault with Three. She tells him if he wants to kill her he should get it over it, but warns him that it could be hours before they get out and he doesn't want to be locked in a room with a dead person. She then believes that he wants to kill her so he could have all the oxygen. Three tells her that they won't run out of oxygen. She then tells him that the bullet could ricochet off the ceiling and goes off the walls and hits him between the eyes. He tells her that's the stupidest thing he has ever heard, but she's convinced that it could happen. He tells her that it could only happen in a cartoon. She tells him that he doesn't want to die with a stranger. Maxie doesn't understand why they want the breifcase.

Sonny tells Mr. Craig and he's goons they should leave out the service entrance throuugh the dock and volunteers himself to be their hostage. Carly promises to not press charges. Mac gets on the megaphone and warns them that the Metro Court is surrounded. Mr. Craig announces that he's not leaving without the briefcase and the briefcase will be locked in the vault for 12 hours, so there's no reason why they can't get along until then. He suggests a game. He tells them they will say their name and one word that describes them. He demostrates it, he introduces himself as number one. Then he comes up with "fun one". He tells them it doesn't have to rhyme, but the will get extra points if it does, he then warns them that if they drop the pen holder, they will be their human shield for them to get out. He tosses it to Carly and everyone gets a chance. They choose to say; "kick-ass Carly", "menacing Max", "screw-you Lulu", "nightmare Nikolas", "baby's breath Elizabeth", "intern Emily", "job in Robin", howlin' Alan", "sweet Sam" and "ready Eddy". When it gets to the assistant manager, Mr. Craig puts a gun to his head to add some pressure because he was the one that told Sonny about what was inside the vault. Mr. Craig tells them that he has found the first loser of the night and is about to pull the trigger, but stops when the assistant manager speaks he says "Marty mcfarty" and the game continues. Marty tosses it to Sonny who says "Michael Cornithos Jr." Mr. Craig congratulates everyone for playing the game right. He then shots Robin, who falls over on the couch in pain. Nikolas and Emily rush over to help her. Everyone is shocked. Mr. Craig tells them that he means business.

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