GH Update Wednesday 1/31/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/31/07


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Today, GH opens with the same (shortened) scene they first aired Friday. Today was focused on Sam's point of view more though.

Thirteen hours earlier, Sam is working at the Metro Court and wipes tears away. She walks over to Kelly and apologizes for walking away. Kelly tells her that just because she can't get pregnant, doesn't mean she can't be a mother.

Meanwhile, on the pier, Jason asks Liz what she needs. She says she needs to give her kids the best lives she possibly can.

At Sonny's coffee shop, Alexis shows up and Sonny tells her to be fast about what she wants to talk about. She says she wants to talk about him taking the witness stand at the custody hearing.

At the Metro Court, Carly runs into Mr. Craig. She apologizes and smiles at him.

At the Q. mansion, the family is ready to go to the hospital benefit. Alan shows up late to their gathering. They start fighting amongst themselves. Edward says that they have to present a united front at the Metro Court. Luke walks in and greets everyone. Tracy kicks everyone out to speak with Luke. Alice gives Luke a hug and welcomes him back.

At the Metro Court, Kelly tells Sam to make an appointment with her to discuss her other fertility options. She tells Kelly that she and Jason aren't ready for someone else to carry their child.

At the pier, Jason tells Liz about the preparations he thought he'd have to make when he thought the baby might be his. He talks about them being a family. He tells her that Lucky messed up, but he did too when he let Sam go. He says that he and Sam forgave each other for their mistakes. He tells her that even though he's glad he is back with Sam, he doesn't regret his night with her. Liz tells him that she doesn't regret it either.

At the hospital, Robin harasses Patrick about taking the HIV test again. She tells him to get the facts before he starts convincing himself that he has it. Patrick tells her that it's his life and he doesn't want to know if he has it right now. Robin tells him that until he is tested again, she's done with him. She accuses him of spitting in the faces of the people who died before the protocol was available.

Back on the pier, Jason tells Liz he wishes he could see her happy again. Liz asks Jason if he's suggesting she get back with Lucky. He says no, but asks her to look at it from another angle. He reminds her of all the things she and Lucky have been through, including her rape. He asks her if she can turn her back on their history. He tells her he knows it's a big chance to take, but says that if things don't work out with Lucky, she will be okay. Then he tells her to do what she thinks is best for her and her kids.

Back at the coffee shop, Sonny promises to be a good witness and sing Alexis' praises. She thanks him. She talks about how she shouldn't have picked a fight with Ric that she knew she couldn't win. Sonny tells her not to go into this thinking she will lose, or else she will. Ric barges in with Lucky and another officer and tells Sonny that he's searching for marijuana.

At the Q. mansion, Luke asks Tracy if she divorced him. She asks him why he tried to keep their marriage in tact while he was trying to marry Laura. She asks him why he hung onto her. He tells her because he can't be with Laura. Lulu comes in and Luke greets her. The two share a hug.

Meanwhile, at Shadybrook, Nikolas is dressed in a tux. He talks to Laura about his adventure with Emily to find Spencer. Scotty is outside the door with daisies. He waits until Nikolas and Emily leave before going in to see Laura. He talks to her and apologizes for not being there when she woke up.

Back at the Q. mansion, Lulu catches Luke up with what has been happening. Tracy tells Luke to apologize to Lulu for disappearing again. Lulu tells him that she understands why he had to go and hugs him. She tells him she’s glad he’s home and leaves to get ready for the benefit. Tracy yells at him for allowing Lulu to make excuses for his bad behavior. They talk about their relationship and Luke tells her he didn’t divorce her because he likes being Mr. Tracy Quartermaine. He tells her that he’ll stay married to her as long as she lets him.

At Sonny’s coffee shop, Lucky tells Ric there is no marijuana. Sonny and Alexis laugh. Sonny asks them if they are absolutely sure there is no pot there. Jason walks in and asks what’s going on. Then he asks Lucky if this is really what he does for work. Sonny tells Lucky that Ric was just doing this to upset him so he’d do something stupid before the custody hearing. Then Sonny kicks them out. Alexis asks Ric to stay behind to talk. Sonny and Jason go into the office. Ric sits with Alexis. She tells him that she surrenders and he wins.

Inside the office, Jason tells Sonny that he knows that he lied to get Carly to marry him and tells him to give Carly a divorce.

At the Metro Court, Bobbie runs into Carly and asks her why she isn’t dressed for the benefit. Carly explains how Sonny lied to her. Bobbie points out that it sounds like something Carly would do. Then she asks Carly if she really wants to divorce Sonny or if she’s just playing hard to get.

Elsewhere, Liz walks in and Sam approaches her. She tells her that Lucky left a message saying he would be late. She looks at Liz. Liz asks her what she wants. Sam tells Liz that she has what she wants and she doesn’t even appreciate it.

In another part of the Metro Court lobby, Lorenzo and Mr. Craig talk. Lorenzo asks him why he’s there. Mr. Craig tells him that he’s taking over the operation since Lorenzo is ill.

Meanwhile, at the Metro Court, Robin tells Alan that Patrick doesn’t want to take another test yet. She suggests that Alan suspend him for being irresponsible. Alan tells her that he’s surprised she doesn’t understand what Patrick’s doing, since she did the same thing years earlier.

At GH, Patrick barks orders at Epiphany who tells him that he’s not on duty and she’s doing him a favor. Noah comes over and talks to Patrick. He tells Noah that Robin dumped him.

Back at the coffee shop, Alexis admits that Ric won the game and asks him not to be a sore winner. She promises unlimited visitation. He tears up a little and says he wishes he could help her, but not at Molly’s expense. He tells Alexis he can give Molly a better home and life and then he leaves.

In Sonny’s office, the mob boss apologizes to Jason for lying. Jason tells him that they need to be able to trust each other. Sonny admits that he didn’t like lying to Carly, but thought it was the only way to get his family back.

At the Metro Court, Carly tells Bobbie that she loves Jax and can have a good life with him. But, she says that if Sonny were honest with her about how he felt and said he loved her, she would go with him.

Nearby, Sam accuses Liz of keeping the baby from its father. Sam asks her why she thinks she’s so much better than everyone else considering she cheated on Lucky. Liz tells Sam she knows nothing about the baby’s father. Maxie watches from across the room.

Back at Shadybrook, Scotty blames Luke for everything Laura has been through. He tells her that he’d do anything to go back in time. Luke walks over to the door but is distracted by Lainey. Luke tells Dr. Winters to keep the French doctor updated on Laura’s condition. Scotty sneaks out while Luke talks to Lainey. Luke goes in to visit Laura and sees the daisies Scotty left for her.

Lulu makes her entrance at the Metro Court and talks to Dillon about Alan’s P.D.A. Meanwhile, Robin tells Alan that she left Patrick.

At GH, Patrick tells Noah that he wants to hold onto his hope. Noah reminds him that the test was inconclusive, that’s all. Noah tells Patrick that he loves him and tells him that he knows what his options are so he should act on them.

Meanwhile, Lorenzo is driving a car. Skye is seated next to him. They are on their way to the Metro Court. Lorenzo tells Skye that Mr. Craig is might try to double cross him with the shipment. Suddenly, Lorenzo complains that his head is spinning.

Back in the office, Jason asks Sonny when he found out that Carly didn’t have to marry him. He tells him and apologizes for lying. He tells her it was the only way he could keep her from marrying Jax. Jason tells Sonny that his word needs to be valid. He asks Sonny for Carly’s passport. Sonny refuses to give it to him and says he has to make this right. He assures Jason that if he can’t rectify the situation, then he’ll let her go.

Port Charles residents are now crowding into the Metro Court. Nikolas and Emily show up and meet Liz. She tells them that Lucky will be late.

Father Ruiz comes in and Max stops him and asks to have a word with him.

Meanwhile, Alan notices that Lulu and Spinelli have his P.D.A. Maxie confronts Sam about her encounter with Liz and asks for the juicy details.

Sonny shows up and Carly tries to get rid of him. He hands her the passport she wanted.

Outside, Patrick is about to go inside, and Spinelli runs out past him. Patrick receives a call and says he’ll be there right away.

In front of the Metro Court, Mr. Craig and a bunch of men dressed in black hold duffel bags. Mr. Craig tells them to kill anyone who gets in their way.

Inside, Alan approaches Lulu as Max tells Father Ruiz he is not welcome at the Metro Court.

Lucky calls Liz to apologize and says he’ll be a little longer. Maxie asks Sam what Liz did to get on her bad side while Sonny apologizes to Carly for lying.

Suddenly, Mr. Craig and his men barge in with their guns blazing. He orders everyone to stay put and cooperate. He says this is a robbery and it shouldn’t take long.

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