GH Update Tuesday 1/30/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/30/07


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Sam escapes from Metro Court. She warns Mac that Metro Court is wired to explode. Tear gas is thrown into Metro Court. Gunshots go off and the hostages start screaming. Lucky and Cruz lead other officers inside. Nikolas comes out carrying an unconscious Robin wrapped in a blanket. Patrick rushes over to check on her. Sam is worried when she doesn't see Jason. Nikolas attempts to go back inside to save Emily, but is stopped by Metro Court exploding. Its now 3pm, fourteen hours until the explosion.

At Kelly's Dillon is happy to report to Georgie that he switched his major from business back to film. Georgie is excited for him. He declares to her that she was the one that saw he was making a mistake and that he should have listened to her all along. He then asks her to celebrate with him by going to a movie with him.. She says that she would love to, but she already had plans. He assumes with Pete and he's right. He try to convince her that Pete is interested in her and not as his assistant. She is angry with him for even thinking that. He admits that what he said came out wrong and wants to start over, but she's not interested in what he has to say and doesn't want to be with him anymore because she believes no relationship should be this much work. Lulu and Spinelli enter and Lulu goes directly to Dillon and asks for his help, but he's more interested in working things out with Georgie. Georgie tells him its over. Lulu and Spinelli talk about hacking into Alan's bank account to see if he was making blackmail payments to Rick Webber. Spinelli suggests stealing Alan's PDA, so Lulu gets up to ask for Dillon's help again. Dillon says he wants to talk to Georgie, but Georgie tells him that its okay. Then Pete walks in and asks Georgie is ready. He over hears Dillon talking about going to movies. Pete tells Georgie that they can read the new pages another time, but Georgie says she's not going to the movies with Dillon. Pete puts Georgie's coat on and they leave. Dillon sits down and is ready to help Lulu and Spinelli. Lulu apologizes to Dillon for interrupting his and Georgie's conversation. Dillon says don't worry about it and then asks how he can help. Lulu says that Spinelli needs Alan's PDA. Dillon says that Alan isn't going to be home all day and that he's going to the charity fundraiser. Dillon remembers that he has to go to the charity fundraiser too and Lulu remembers she has to go too. Spinelli says he can go and steal Alan's PDA at the party. Lulu says that try can't risk Alan recognizing him and said it would be easier if Dillon steals it give it to him. They all agree.

At Metro Court, Patrick tells Robin that his latest HIV test came back inconclusive. Robin wants him to get another test ran. Patrick asks why does she cares because she was mad at him for going to Vegas. She tells him that she can be mad at him later, but right now they're going to the hospital to talk to Alan. When they get there Alan is in the lab looking at Patrick's results. Patrick is nervous about the test and says that he's not sure if he wants to retest so soon. Robin tells him that no matter what the test says, their relationship won't change. Alan arrives with Patrick's results. Alan informs them that they couldn't get a reading either way and will need to retest. Robin wants it done right away, but Patrick that he's in no rush to retake the test and will take it next month.

Elizabeth goes home to Audrey's and finds Emily waiting for her. Emily tells her that Audrey took Cameron to the park and said that it was okay if she waited. Emily wanted to make sure Elizabeth didn't feel pressured into going with Lucky to the fundraiser. Elizabeth tells her that she's tried of everyone trying to push her back with Lucky and that she just wants to be alone. Emily asks her if that's what she really wants or does she does she really want to be with Jason. Elizabeth doesn't answer, so Emily reminds her that Jason and Sam have worked things out and are back together now and doesn't see a reason for Jason leaving Sam for her. Elizabeth reveals to her that she has dreamt of a life with Jason, Cameron, and the baby. Emily promises to keep this a secret and brings up some old memories of a dinner that she, Elizabeth, Nikolas, and Lucky had. Nikolas meets Lucky on the bridge. Lucky asks Nikolas if he thinks he's pressuring Elizabeth too much. Nikolas compliments Lucky on how well he's been dealing with his addiction and his job. Lucky confesses to Nikolas that he and Cruz did a drug bust and the drug dealer was pushing hydrocodone. He continues by telling him that he took a bottle, but never took a pill and just took the bottle to prove that he could resist temptation and that he threw them away. Nikolas is glad that Lucky is being honest and tells him that he believes that he didn't take any of the pills. Nikolas tells he that he has faith in him just like their mom, Laura, does.

Carly interrupts Jason and Sam's conversation when she barges into Jason's penthouse to tell him about Sonny. Jason tells her that she needs to leave, but Sam gets up and says its okay she has to get back to work. Jason wants to know what's up. Carly tells him that Sonny tricked her into marrying him and that they found the person that planted the gun for Lorenzo, so that proved that Lorenzo came there to kill Sonny, so her testimony wouldn't have hurt him. Jason calls Diane to get the latest on Sonny's case, but she didn't answer, so he left her a message and then asks Carly if she was sure. She tells him yes and that Sonny admitted it to her and that's why she's there, to collect on the promise that he made to her and that was to fly her to the Dominican Republic to get a quickie divorce. She then wants to know when do they leave. Milo comes to the penthouse with bad news, Sonny wouldn't give him Carly's passport. Milo says sorry and Jason says thank you for trying and sends him on his way. Carly is angry, but then gets an idea. She calls Bernie to ask him if he could make her a fake passport, but Bernie says he can't. Carly is now furious. Jason tells her that she can get a divorce right here in Port Charles. She complains that it would take too long and Sonny will do everything he can to get her to come back to her and stop her from marrying Jax. Jason tells her that if she loves Jax like she says she does then it won't be a problem. Jason gets ready to leave for the bridge when Carly makes him promise that he will help her. He agrees and then leaves. He goes to the bridge and finds Elizabeth out there. He wants to know why she was there. She tells him that she's there to think about the same things that she's been boring him about. She then says that she should focus on the baby and what is right for her. Jason tells her that he wants to help her.

Lucky walks into the Metro Court with his badge hanging on his pants. Mr. Craig walks up to him and asks if there was a problem. Lucky tells him nothing he knows about, he was just looking for somebody and then asks why. Mr. Craig explains to him that when he sees a police officer he thinks there's trouble and that he has some valuables that he wants to keep save. He then asks Lucky if knows anything about the security at the Metro Court. Lucky tells him that he's heard that the Metro Court is pretty secure. Lucky then bumps into Maxie. She tells him that Elizabeth was already here and picked out a dress for tonight. Lucky warns her to stay away from Elizabeth. She explains that she works at the boutique and that she just picks out outfits for the customers. She then tells him that Elizabeth isn't excited to go to the fundraiser with him tonight and if he can't see that Elizabeth isn't interested in him anymore then that's his problem. Sam is at the front desk when Dr. Lee dropped off some papers for Robin. Sam takes this opportunity to ask Dr. Lee if she really can't have kids. Dr. Lee tells her that she can't carry a baby to term, but there are other fertility options she can try. Sam tells her that she and Jason wouldn't want to try those options. Maxie walks up to Sam and asks her what's wrong. Sam tells her that she's just had a bad day. Maxie asks her if she can help. Sam tells her that she can't fix it, no one can. Mr. Craig walks up to Sam and asks if he could have a tour of the vault. Sam tells him that only a selected amount of employees are allowed to have access to the vault, but assures him that his valuables are safe. Mr. Craig is on the phone telling the person on the other end that Lorenzo hasn't given him the briefcase yet and that they're going to take measures into their own hands. A man walks into the Metro Court and is ready to check in. The woman at the desk signs him in and the camera moves up. The man is revealed, its Scott Baldwin.

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