GH Update Monday 1/29/07

General Hospital Update Monday 1/29/07


Written By Shanna
Pictures by Juanita

Today, GH opens with the exact same scene that Friday opened with, except this one was a little shorter (I wonder if they are planning on doing that everyday for the next 14 days...) The police are outside of the Metro Court, there's a hostage situation and a masked person on the roof. The person jumps off the roof and pull the mask off. It's Sam. She urges the police to go in immediately. Then, Nikolas comes running out with an injured Robin. He hands her off to Patrick and realizes Emily is still inside. He runs back towards the hotel and there's an explosion. The scene cuts to the police department 15 hours earlier (2 p.m.).

At the station, Robin and Patrick are arguing. Robin says she doesn't want to live with Patrick anymore. He tells her to come home with him.

Over at Wyndemere, Nikolas, Emily, Spencer, Liz, Lucky, Bobbie, Lulu and Mike are gathered celebrating Spencer's return. Bobbie invites everyone to a hospital fundraiser at the Metro Court later in the evening.

In an exam room, Sam talks to her doctor about having children. The doctor says that due to scar tissue on her uterus from the shooting back in May, she will be unable to have children.

At Sonny's place, Carly eavesdrops on a conversation between Sonny and Diane. She learns that she didn't have to marry Sonny after all. Jason comes in and she questions Jason to see if he was involved in Sonny's trick. She has tears in her eyes. The opening credits roll.

Back at the police station, Patrick tries to convince Robin to come home. He admits he never should have gone to Las Vegas with Pete. He tells he realized that she's the only woman for him. She tells him she's so honored since it took a ton of strippers to help him realize it. He asks her what she wants him to do to prove his love for her. He stops answering Robin after a second and she opens the door to find an officer tackling him.

Back at Wyndemere, Nikolas tells Bobbie that they are too tired for the fundraiser, but promises a big check. Emily tells her that they’ll be there. Lulu tells Bobbie that Lucky and Liz will go. Lucky agrees to try to get out of work. Liz complains she has nothing to wear. Lulu tells her she’ll take care of it.

Back at the doctor’s office, the doctor explains to Sam why she can’t have babies. She apologizes for Dr. Lee not telling her and says that even if she were miraculously to get pregnant, she wouldn’t carry a baby to term. She starts to suggest fertility options, but Sam tells her that she just has to accept what she’s been given.

At Sonny’s, Carly asks Jason if there was any other way to keep Sonny out of jail. He says no. She doesn’t tell him what she just overheard. Jason assures her that he’ll keep his promise and take her to the Dominican Republic once Sonny is in the clear. He asks Carly if anything is wrong and she tells him she just wants to talk to Jax. Carly leaves and Sonny walks into the living room. Sonny is finishing up with Diane. She tells Sonny that she will do what she can to get what he wants, but that it won’t be easy. Jason asks Sonny if everything is all right. He tells him it’s just a complicated case and he’s worried about Carly. He tells Jason to talk to Carly for him.

At the police department, some officers tackle Patrick. Mac comes out and tells Patrick and Robin to work things out. Robin is offended that Mac didn’t take her side and accuses him of being sensitive to Patrick because it’s a guy thing. Robin storms out. Patrick is about to run after her but Mac stops him and tells him they need to talk.

At the penthouse, Spinelli is playing in cyber space when Sam comes in. She tells him when Jason gets home to tell him that she’s upstairs. Spinelli starts talking about offshore funds Jason has that would be perfect for a baby, if the goddess so chose to desecrate her temple that way. Sam shouts at Spinelli to shut up.

Back at Sonny’s, Jason tells Sonny that once he’s out of his legal mess, he will take Carly to the Dominican Republic for a divorce. He explains to Sonny that Carly has moved on and she doesn’t want Sonny back. Sonny tells Jason that this is their chance to make things right. Carly barges in and tells Sonny they have to talk. She tells Jason to go and he tells them to listen to each other. Jason leaves and Carly is sweet to Sonny.

Back at the penthouse, Sam tears into Spinelli. She tells him that his comments are offensive and sexist. She tells him that calling her a goddess makes it seem like he thinks she’s just some bimbo. Jason walks in and asks what’s going on. Spinelli looks like he’s about to cry and tells him that he upset Sam. He apologizes profusely and Sam tells Jason that it’s not Spinelli’s fault.

At the Metro Court, a sales woman comes over to Liz and tells her that they have a new sales girl picking out some maternity dresses for her. Maxie comes over a second later with some hideous dresses. Robin walks past them and asks for a monthly quote on a room at the Metro Court. We also see Mr. Craig pacing around.

At the police department, Mac asks Patrick if he knows why Robin is upset. Patrick says he knows he shouldn’t have gone with Pete. He tells Mac that he loves Robin and he doesn’t blame her for being upset. Mac tells Patrick that Robin is just afraid because everyone she’s ever loved has always left her behind. He tells her that Robin is afraid of being left again. Patrick asks Mac what to do to fix the situation.

At Sonny’s, he and Carly argue about their relationship. Carly tells him that they are no good for each other. He tells her it could be different this time. She asks him about how to make a marriage work. She says they have to keep things simple and tell the truth. Then she starts crying and asks him if she had to marry him to keep him out of prison. He says no. She gets furious at him. She asks him if has any idea of what he’s done to her and the kids. She tells him that she loves Jax and accuses Sonny of taking advantage of her loyalty and the kids. She yells at him and says that their lie of a marriage is over.

At the Metro Court, Patrick barges into Robin’s room. She accuses him of being a bully for barging in past her and he tells her Mac said he had to be firm with her. He tells her that she prepares for the worst by expecting him to screw up, by setting him up to fail.

Downstairs, Liz gets up and tells Maxie she doesn’t want to fight. Maxie tells her that she really just doesn’t want to go out with Lucky. They argue and Maxie gives her psychoanalysis of Lucky and his relationship with Liz. She tells Liz that she’s a symbol to Lucky and that Lucky doesn’t really love her because he knows that he’s not up to her standards. The other sales woman comes over and asks if there’s a problem.

Back at the penthouse, Sam tells Jason she’s just having a bad day and she took it out on Spinelli who continues to apologize for upsetting her. She apologizes to him for yelling and Jason tells Spinelli he needs to talk to Sam. Spinelli leaves. Sam tells Jason that Spinelli didn’t do anything and asks him not to blame him. Jason says he blames himself for being hesitant about having children with her. Sam asks him if he would be happier if they never had kids.

Back in Robin’s room, she dumps water on Patrick. They continue arguing and she throws pillows at him. He tells her that he is not everyone else and that the only thing keeping them apart is her. He leaves.

Downstairs, Liz explains that she and Maxie have personal issues. Maxie apologizes and says she’ll get the real dresses she picked out. The sales woman tells Liz that Maxie is probably just jealous of her.

At the penthouse, Jason explains to Sam that he worries his lifestyle isn’t fair to a child, but tells her that he realizes that their love for each other is what matters. He tells her that he wants a baby as much as she does. He tells her that she’ll be a wonderful mother and that he can’t wait to have a baby with her.

Back at Sonny’s, Carly is angry and yells at Sonny for being a hypocrite. He tells her he was wrong to divorce her and says he wants her back. He asks her if she wants him too. She says she’s not doing this again and tells him that she’s going to get the divorce. She warns him not to stop her as she leaves.

At the Metro Court, Robin comes downstairs to find Patrick on the phone. She asks him if he’s sending his furniture back and he tells her that something is wrong with his 6-month HIV test. Nearby, Mr. Craig is on the phone.

Elsewhere, Maxie comes out with a dress and thanks Liz for not getting her in trouble. Liz says she just wants to move on. Her phone rings. Lucky is on the line telling her that Rodriguez said he would cover his shift. He asks her if she got a dress. She tells him she did. He asks if she still wants to go and she says she’s looking forward to it.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas and Emily are in bed together. They discuss Liz and Lucky. Emily says Liz may need more time. Nikolas points out that Lucky did do a lot of damage. They talk about Jason and Liz’s one night stand and both say it’s a good thing Lucky is the father.

Back at the penthouse, Sam and Jason continue their baby talk. Carly busts in and tells Jason that Sonny lied and that she wants him to take her to the Dominican Republic to get the divorce.

Meanwhile, Diane has returned to Sonny’s house. He tells her that Carly knows now and that she’s going to try to get a quickie divorce. Sonny tells Diane to stop her from getting there so the divorce will have to go through in New York. Diane tries to object. He tells Diane that he and Carly are staying married no matter what.

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