GH Update Friday 1/26/07

General Hospital Update Friday 1/26/07


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The entire Port Charles police force is outside of the Metro Court. There is a hostage situation. Mac sees someone dressed in black wearing a ski mask climb out of the building. The officers are prepared to shoot but the person jumps. The person gets up and takes the mask off and we see it's Sam. She runs to the officers and tells them they have to get inside. The officers start to run towards the building. Shots are fired inside. There are alarms sounding in the background. Sam, Patrick and Mac stand watching as Nikolas rushes out with Robin in his arms. Sam yells for Jason. Nikolas leaves Robin with Patrick and yells for Emily. When he sees she's nowhere around he runs back toward the Metro Court. There is a huge explosion. The opening credits roll.

When we return, we find Nikolas, Emily and Spencer at GH. They have just gotten home from St. Petersburg. Liz, Lucky, Bobbie, Mike and Lulu are there to greet them. A doctor comes over to examine Spencer. Nikolas and Emily follow the doctor. Liz and Lucky talk about what a relief it is that Nikolas and Emily found Spencer.

Meanwhile, at a strip club in Vegas, Pete orders a round of shots, but Patrick asks for a soda instead. Pete tells Patrick that he's trying to save him from Robin. Patrick says he regrets leaving Port Charles.

Back in Port Charles, Robin, Lainey and Kelly are gathered around a table in the interrogation room at the PCPD. They are drunk and handcuffed. Robin insists that this isn't her fault.

At the Metro Court, Sam is working and Alexis comes over to her. They chat for a minute and she asks Sam where Carly is. Sam tells her that Carly is at Sonny's house. Sam tells her mother that if she needs her to rehash the gory details of her and Ric's one night stand at the custody trial, all she has to do is ask.

Elsewhere, Mr. Craig lurks. Lorenzo comes in and he and Mr. Craig talk about the shipment. Mr. Craig tries to convince Lorenzo to give him the shipment now.

Over at Sonny's house, the mob boss is on the phone with someone who is following Lorenzo. Carly comes in and says she wanted to tell Michael and Morgan that Spencer is home. Sonny tells her that he already told him. Sonny tries to be flirty with her and she tells him that what happened last night can never happen again.

Back at GH, Liz and Lucky talk about his proposal. She tells him it was beautiful. Lucky tells her that he never stopped loving her. Then he asks her if she wants the two of them to be married when the baby is born.

Back at the police station, Rodriguez comes into the interrogation room to question the girls. He says that Robin is being accused of assaulting a man and he asks Kelly and Lainey about it and why it happened. Robin blames it on the couch. Kelly and Lainey flirt with Rodriguez and then tell him that they were at the airport bar, about to leave town, when a man sat down next to Robin.

Back at the strip club, Pete tells Patrick that he ruined the trip. He calls him a has been and tells him that Robin has him whipped. Patrick tells Pete that he's in love and that Robin has changed him. A stripper comes over and sits in Patrick's lap. He tells her that he needs to call his girlfriend.

Back at the Metro Court, Alexis and Sam talk about the marijuana arrest. Alexis tells Sam they just have to hope they get a sympathetic judge.

Meanwhile, Lorenzo tells Mr. Craig that he won't get the shipment until the time the previously agreed upon. Mr. Craig warns Lorenzo that playing by the rules can be very dangerous in this situation.

Back at Sonny's place, Carly tells him never to kiss her again. She tells him that she only moved in with him because he said there was danger. She tells him again that their marriage is a legal maneuver. She tells him if he doesn't stop the game he's playing that she'll fly to the Dominican Republic and divorce him, thereby letting him go to jail. Sonny talks about their bond and how they shouldn't quit their marriage this time because it could work out. She tells him that she won't let anything bad happen to him, but that she loves Jax. She tells him he needs to accept that. Sonny tells her to admit that she doesn't think the situation is all bad. Alexis comes in and asks Carly to testify at the custody trial on her behalf. Carly asks her why she needs her help keeping Ric away from Molly and Alexis tells her that she was arrested for drugs.

Back at the strip club, Patrick gives the stripper in his lap some money to go bother someone else. She leaves. Patrick tells Pete that they had an agreement. He reminds him that he said if Patrick remained faithful, then he'd leave Robin alone. Patrick calls Robin and Mac answers the phone. He explains to Patrick that Robin was arrested for getting into a fight.

In the interrogation room, the drunken doctors tell Rodriguez about men and dating. Rodriguez asks the girls if the guy Robin assaulted was threatening them. They say that the man had a bad pick up line, but wasn't hostile. Mac comes in and releases Kelly and Lainey. He tells Robin that she has to stay.

Back at the Metro Court, Sam is on the phone when Maxie walks up. Sam gets off the phone and she and Maxie talk briefly.

Meanwhile, Skye and Lorenzo decide to pretend the shipment is a Valentine’s Day present for her so people won’t get suspicious.

At GH, Nikolas and Emily tell everyone that Spencer is healthy. They invite everyone to Wyndemere to celebrate his return home. Liz and Emily stay behind and talk. Emily asks about Lucky and Liz tells her the situation is complicated.

At the police station, Mac talks to Robin who begins to cry as he un-cuffs her. Mac tells her not to be upset and praises her. Robin talks about how dumb she is for falling for Patrick. Robin tells Mac that Patrick isn't ready to be committed to her. Mac tells Robin she's too good for Patrick. Robin agrees but says she can't help loving him.

At Wyndemere, Alfred tells Nikolas that Alexis is planning on coming by. Then he apologizes to Nikolas for not knowing how crazy Colleen was. Nikolas tells him not to worry about it. Lulu questions Nikolas about the new nanny, Norma. Nikolas tells her that Norma was the nanny that Jax and Carly hired when they had Spencer. Then the two start talking about Lucky and Liz. Lulu is concerned because Liz didn't accept Lucky's proposal. Nikolas says that this could be disastrous. Lucky walks in and asks them what they think he's going to do.

Back at GH, Liz tells Emily she can’t trust Lucky yet. Then she tells Emily she still couldn’t say no to the proposal. She tells Emily that she doesn’t want Lucky to relapse. She says she loves him but that she doesn’t know what to do. Emily reminds her that she and Nikolas found their way back to each other. She tells Liz she and Lucky have that chance too, if she just let’s it happen.

At Sonny’s, Alexis explains her arrest to Carly. She asks Carly just to testify that she’s not a bad mother. Carly tells Alexis that she can do that. Carly tells her that just because she and Alexis aren’t friends, doesn’t mean that Alexis is a bad mother. Alexis invites Carly to laugh at her arrest. Carly tells her that cancer isn’t funny and tells her that she should do what she has to do to get through it. Alexis thanks her and leaves. Sonny tells Carly that she’s is magnificent.

Back at the police station, Patrick shows up. Mac is mad at him and tells him to leave. Patrick tells Mac that he wants to post bail for Robin. Mac tells Patrick the charges probably won’t stick. Patrick tells Mac that he loves Robin and that he needs her. He swears that he didn’t do anything with the strippers. Robin pops out and is angry that Patrick was with strippers.

Back at Sonny’s, he and Carly talk about Alexis. Diane comes in to talk with Sonny. Carly tells Diane to hurry up and get the charges dropped. She leaves. Diane asks Sonny if it bothers him that his marriage is based on a lie.

At Wyndemere Lucky tells Lulu and Nikolas that Liz said she needed more time. Nikolas says that they should take some time before rushing back into marriage. Lucky tells him there isn’t much time left because they have a baby on the way. Bobbie, Mike, Liz and Emily arrive. Lucky tells Liz that he’s glad she came.

Meanwhile, Sam has left work to visit a doctor. She discusses her history with her and asks the doctor to run some tests just to make sure that everything is okay for her to have a baby.

At Sonny’s, Diane tells Sonny that Ric admits there is no case and that the charges will probably be dropped. Carly listens outside the door. Sonny tells Diane that if the charges are dropped, Carly will divorce him. He asks Diane to stall. He tells her he doesn’t care how she does it or how it looks. He says the charges can’t be dropped.

Back at the police station, Patrick tells Robin he posted bail for her and that she’ll probably have to plead no contest and pay a fine. He tells her that they should go home. She says she’s not going with him and runs back into the interrogation room.

At the doctor’s office, Sam learns that she is very healthy and that she has fully recovered since her miscarriage. She is relieved. Then the doctor tells her there is a complication. She informs Sam that she will never be able to get pregnant again.

Meanwhile, Skye and Lorenzo are at the front desk. Lorenzo is checking on the shipment. Skye pretends to be very curious about her “present.” Lorenzo enters a code on the briefcase and then sends it back to the vault. Nearby, Mr. Craig is on the phone and says they will have to take the shipment by force.

Back at Wyndemere, Nikolas thanks everyone for coming. He tells everyone that he and Emily had Spencer baptized and that Emily is Spencer’s god mother. Emily cries a bit and Nikolas tells her not to cry because everything is okay now. Lucky toasts to family. Everyone crowds around Nikolas, Emily and Spencer, ending this cliff hanger Friday.

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