GH Update Thursday 1/25/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/25/07


Written By Tori
Pictures by Juanita

Nikolas and Emily are in Greece. They arrive at a church just in time to stop Helena from christening Spencer. Nikolas wants Helena to hand of Spencer, but Helena tells him, as she pulls out a knife, that if she doesn't get to keep Spencer then she will kill him while he watched. Emily offers to take Spencer's place. Helena agrees and gives Spencer to Nikolas and grabs Emily and immediately puts the knife to her throat. Helena tells Emily that she could never be a Cassadine and that she's weak. Emily breaks away from Helena and lets out a gasp. Helena gets away and Emily is fine, the knife just nicked her. Emily and Nikolas are just happy to have Spencer back and agree not to do anymore Christmas Pageants.

Elizabeth and Jason are in the park talk about unborn children. Jason doesn't see where Elizabeth is going with this tells her that his child doesn't exist. Elizabeth asks him what if he's child did exist. He wants to know what that meant. Elizabeth freezes up and reminds him that Sam wants to get pregnant and could be right now. Jason is left confused yet again.

Lucky throws away the pills he stole from the drug bust. Sam informs Lucky that all the preparations for his and Elizabeth's night were made and she add flowers and free desert on the house. Lucky wonders why Sam wants to help him and Elizabeth get back together. Sam covers by telling him that Ric has been hanging around Elizabeth and if it wasn't for her Ric would have a wife to go home to, so she feels guilty. Lucky tells her that it not her fault, he was the one that got hooked on pills, cheated on Elizabeth and kept secrets from her. Sam hints to Lucky that Elizabeth might have a few secrets of her own. Lucky wants to know what that meant and Sam tells him that everyone makes choices.

Elizabeth arrives at Metro Court to meet Lucky for dinner and runs into Cruz. She thinks Cruz is there to tell her that Lucky couldn't make it, but Cruz is there to finish up the report on the purse snatching from the other day. He then tells Elizabeth that Lucky has stayed clean so far, but its a struggle everyday and if they don't get back together, he won't have anything to keep him clean. Lucky is awaiting Elizabeth's arrival when Lulu shows up. Lucky shows Lulu the ring. Lulu says the ring is so Elizabeth. Lucky believes there's a but coming and that he's moving too fast. She says yes and worries that he's setting himself up for a big disappointment since Elizabeth just filed the divorce papers two weeks ago. Lulu leaves and Elizabeth enters. A Metro Court employee brings in flowers. Elizabeth recognizes them. She and Lucky reminisce about the day he gave her the flower just like the ones on the table. Lucky sets himself to propose. He tells her that he wants to there for her, Cameron, and their unborn baby. Then he pulls out the box and opens up to show the ring and asks her if her to marry him, Elizabeth doesn't say anything.

Mr. Maddox informs Sam that one of their guest would like to store jewelry that is worth more than the limit, so she needs to get Carly's signature, so she calls Carly to make sure she's at home and then leaves for Carly's. Carly is upset that Sonny wants to move in and that Michael thinks that they're back together. Sonny explains to Michael see that they will always be a family even if he and Carly aren't together. Sonny also tells him that needs to respect his mother's authority. Carly then sends the boys upstairs so she and Sonny could argue in peace. Sonny tells her that he doesn't mind living at her place, but he rather her and the boys move into his place. He points out that he had Carly's windows in her house bulletproofed when the contractors were fixing her house after the flood. Carly then kicks him out.

Sam comes in and Carly signs the papers. Carly wants to know if Jax has called the hotel. Sam hasn't hear anything and asks Carly, would she be the first one he called. Carly says she's just worried about him since she hasn't heard from him. Sam wants to know if Jax knows she's married to Sonny. Carly tells her that Jax doesn't know and hopes that she will get the chance to explain it to him, but Sam doesn't think that he will. Carly says she is committed to Jax. Sam tells her she should be more convincing when asked about wanting to be with Jax. Carly switches the subject to Sam and Jason. Carly tells Sam that she wouldn't be happy if Elizabeth was pregnant with Jason's baby and he had married her. Jason and Sonny meet up at the park. They wonder what Lorenzo's shipment is and why they are so desperate to keep them found intercepting it. They wonder what it might be. Jason tells Sonny to stop pressuring Carly to feel more than she does. Sonny admits that he wants Carly back and will find a way to do so. Sonny then tells Jason that he needs to convince Carly to move in with the boys because of Lorenzo's shipment. Jason agrees that its a good idea. Jason goes to Carly's and Carly knows right off hand that Jason is there because Sonny sent him. Carly asks Jason if he could stay with the boys while she goes to Sonny's. Jason agrees. Carly tells Sonny that they need to set some boundaries in their marriage. Carly tells him that she love Jax and is going to stay with Jax. Sonny tells her that she and the boys need to move in because of Lorenzo's shipment. Carly realizes that Sonny isn't making it up and agree to move herself and the boys in, but he better not try anything romantic while she's here. He tells her "You know me, of course I will". Sonny leans in for a kiss and she kisses him back. Michael tells Jason that his parents are going to be together again. Jason stays quiet because he doesn't want him to get his hopes up.

Lorenzo gets the call that the shipment has arrived. He informs them that the shipment will arrive safely. Skye takes Lorenzo to Metro Court to wait for the shipment to arrive. They are surprised to see Max there. Max informs them that he is now the head of security at Metro Court. Lorenzo worries that Sonny will try to intercept the shipment, so Skye decides to distract him. Lorenzo says think fast as the mystery man enters with the briefcase. Lorenzo receives it, enters the code and then fills out the paperwork that Mr. Maddox gives him so he can store the briefcase in the vault. Sam comes back to work and Mr. Maddox asks Sam to place the briefcase into the vault. Lorenzo finishes his paperwork and worries when he doesn't see the briefcase. Mr. Maddox informs him that his briefcase will be safe in the vault.

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