GH Update Wednesday 1/24/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/24/07


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GH opens with Nikolas and Emily in a hotel room in St. Petersburg. They are discussing Helena's whereabouts. Nikolas tells Emily that Helena may kill him to keep Spencer.

At the hospital, Lorenzo gets out of bed in an attempt to leave. Skye comes in and stops him. She tells him he’s not going anywhere. He tells her he has to be ready for the shipment.

Elsewhere at GH, Lucky apologizes to Liz about canceling their Friday night date. She says she understands. He asks her if he can take her tonight to make up for it.

At Sonny’s coffee shop, Jason and Sam sit at a table and talk. Carly comes in and Jason tells her not to fight with Sonny. Carly sees Max by the counter in an apron. She asks him what he’s doing and he explains that Sonny demoted him. Sonny comes out and Carly calls him a jerk. He tells her it’s about time she came home. She gives him a dirty look and the opening credits roll.

Back at GH, Liz tells Lucky that she’ll have to make sure Audrey can baby-sit Cameron for her. Lucky tells Liz that he made reservations at the Metro Court. She tells him that he shouldn’t have. He says he owes her for all she’s done for him. He tells her that the wall Maxie put up between them is gone thanks to her. He says they have a chance to start over and all she has to do is show up. She tells him that she’ll be there.

Back at the coffee shop, Sonny and Carly scream at each other back and forth. Sam leaves for work. Carly defends Max to Sonny. She tells him that Max is his best bodyguard and that he’s devoted to him. Then she calls Sonny a bully. She tells him that the second his legal troubles are over, she’s divorcing him.

At GH, Skye tucks Lorenzo back into bed. He tells her that he has to handle the delivery of the shipment personally. Skye suggests he call the shippers and ask for more time. Lorenzo tells her that he’ll need her help.

Back in the hotel room, Emily tells Nikolas that she doesn’t think Helena will kill him. She tells him that if anyone’s in danger, it’s she since Helena hates her so much. Nikolas promises to keep Emily safe. There’s a knock at the door and Nikolas explains that he’s found someone who knows where to look for Helena. An elderly Russian man comes in. His family has worked for the Cassadines for a long time. He tells Nikolas that Helena is in town. Nikolas tells the man to take him to his son. The man tells Nikolas that he doesn’t know where she is; just that she was spotted with a baby. He tells Nikolas that she had some mafia people guarding her. Nikolas tells the man he wants to meet with the mafia people. The man suggests it may not be a good idea, but leaves to arrange it anyways. Emily warns Nikolas that the mob boss may kill him. Nikolas tells Emily that they won’t because he’s able to pay more than Helena is.

At Sonny’s coffee shop, Carly continues to defend Max. Carly asks for Jason’s opinion and he agrees with Sonny that Max doesn’t think clearly when Carly’s around. The two mob men say that he needs to be a calm and rational bodyguard. Carly gets mad and explains that she left to set boundaries. Then she berates Sonny for punishing Max for doing her a favor. She apologizes to Max and asks him to come work for her at the Metro Court. She begs him to say yes and he does. Sonny tells Max that he’s hurt by his decision to leave. Carly announces that Max now belongs to her as Jason shakes his head in the background.

At the nurse’s station, the phone rings and Liz answers. It’s for Epiphany, who tells Liz to take a message. She takes the message and hangs up. Epiphany thinks it was Stan calling but Liz tells her it was someone named Tyrell. Epiphany gets mad and tells Liz if the man ever shows up to call the police. Liz asks what the problem is and Epiphany explains that they guy is someone she fell in love with who left her and married someone else leaving her with a child to raise on her own.

Meanwhile, on the pier, Rodriguez and Lucky look at the waterfront. They notice that nothing illegal is happening. Lucky starts talking about his date with Liz and tells Rodriguez that he hopes Ric doesn’t force another assignment on him to make him miss his date again.

Back in Lorenzo’s room, Ric shows up to find out what is going on in the mob world. Lorenzo blames Ric for trying to kill him. Ric denies involvement. Ric informs Lorenzo that they found the woman who planted his gun at Sonny’s office and tells him that now he has a case against him. He asks Lorenzo why he and Sonny have ceased their illegal activities. Lorenzo says they’ve come to a truce. Ric tells Lorenzo he thinks it’s just a down period before a huge storm. Lorenzo warns Ric to stay out of it or he’ll end up dead. Skye comes in and attacks Ric for harassing Lorenzo. She threatens to call the media and to sue him.

Back on the pier, Lucky talks about his date with Liz and how he thinks it will be the reconciliation he’s been hoping for. Rodriguez tells him not to get his hopes up. Lucky tells him that because Liz found out what Maxie did, she must still care. Rodriguez points out that there is a difference between caring and wanting to get back together. He warns Lucky that Liz may not be ready for reconciliation. Lucky talks about how he’s known Liz a long time and that their love hasn’t faded.

At the Metro Court, Max walks up to Sam at the desk. She asks him what he’s doing there. He tells her that Carly hired him as head of security. He explains that Carly is determined to defend him and he doesn’t want to make her look bad in front of Sonny. Mr. Maddox comes in. Max introduces himself.

Back at the coffee shop, Sonny and Carly continue fighting. She calls Sonny childish for firing Max. Sonny says they are both at fault and says that Carly shouldn’t have involved Max and shouldn’t have taken the kids. She yells at him and asks him why she can’t take the kids out of town. She reminds him that they have a marriage of convenience that will not last. Sonny asks her why she thinks it won’t last. She gets mad and Jason intervenes. He yells at the two and tells them they need to work this out for their kids’ sakes. He leaves.

Back at GH, Ric isn’t intimidated by Skye but tries to get her to turn against Lorenzo by telling her that he tried to have her arrested when she left town. He warns her to be careful. Lorenzo reminds Ric of the evidence he still has against him that would ruin his career and his chances of getting custody of Molly.

At the Metro Court, Max and Maddox talk. Max tells him about his security experience with Sonny’s organization. Maddox tells Max that they need someone with different experience. Sam interrupts and pulls Maddox aside. She warns him that Carly is in a really bad mood today and that it wouldn’t be wise to make her more upset. She tells Maddox that he should try to keep Carly happy for everyone’s sake.

Back at the coffee shop, Carly joins Sonny in his office. She tells him she overreacted. She tells him that she’s mad about how he handled their wedding. She complains it was too personal and that he knew that’s not what she wanted. She tells Sonny that she loves Jax. He asks her if she’s heard from him. She says no. He asks if Jax knows they are married. She says no again. Sonny promises not to get in Carly’s way and tells her that if Jax calls the house, he’ll let her talk to him. Carly tells Sonny that she’s not moving into the house with him.

Meanwhile, Jason is on the pier thinking when Liz walks up. She offers to lend an ear and listen to what’s bothering him. He explains the guilt he feels over forcing Carly to marry Sonny and tells Liz he knows she’s going to get hurt. He explains to Liz that no matter what, Carly can’t help but feel something for Sonny. Liz tells Jason that you can’t choose who you love.

Back in the hotel room, Nikolas tells Emily that if Helena leaves, they’ll never find her. Emily congratulates Nikolas on his handling of the mob meeting. Nikolas explains that they were more interested in money than loyalty to Helena. Emily says how beautiful the city is and Nikolas starts talking about walking to festivals. He pauses in mid-sentence. Then he looks at Emily and tells her that he knows where Helena is going with Spencer.

Back at GH, Lorenzo tells Skye she should go while he makes the phone call. She tells him she’s in too deep now to chicken out. Lorenzo calls the shippers to ask for more time. They explain it’s already on the way and he better be ready. Seeing no way out, he agrees there will be no problems with receiving the shipment.

At the Metro Court, Carly makes her appearance. Maddox sees her and greets her. She tells him she wanted to check up on Max. He tells her that Max is doing a good job. Then she sees Sam behind the counter. She asks Maddox if that is Sam. He says yes. She reminds him that Sam lives with her best friend and suggests he treat her extra special. Carly says hello to Sam and Max comes down. She talks with him. Lucky walks up and tells Sam he needs to make some special arrangements.

On the pier, Jason and Liz continue to talk. Liz talks about making promises and how the people who make them change. She asks Jason if he thinks that if two people break their promises to each other if they should forgive each other or move on.

Meanwhile, Helena and Spencer are in a cathedral in front of a priest. Spencer is about to be christened as Nikolas II when Nikolas and Emily walk in. Nikolas informs the priest that his son’s name is Spencer.

Back at GH, Lorenzo tells Skye he’ll be glad when he’s done with this shipment. He tells her this is the last time he will have to deal with these people.

Back at the Metro Court, Lucky throws the bottle of pills from his pocket into the trash. Sam comes in and tells him that he’ll have a table by the window for his date with Liz. Then she tells him that flowers will be delivered when they sit down. He thanks her and tells her that tonight is the night that he and Liz get back together.

On the pier, Jason tells Liz it’s important to be loyal and faithful, even when someone makes a mistake. He reminds her that no one is perfect. Liz tells Jason that every child has a right to a good life.

Meanwhile, Carly returns home to find Milo outside of her door. She walks in and Sonny is on the couch with the kids. He tells her that since she didn’t want to move into his house, he figured he would move into hers. Carly shakes her head in disbelief as the show comes to an end.

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