GH Update Tuesday 1/23/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/23/07


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Diane goes to the lake house to talk with Alexis. Diane tells her that she should plead guilty to a misdemeanor for her marijuana use and pay fines. She warns her that she could be in serious trouble if she loses to Ric. Alexis wants to fight Ric in court. Alexis at the penthouse, Jason fills Sam in on the sniper that tried to take out Sonny and Lorenzo's shipment. He wants her to take a leave of absence from Metro Court, but Sam tells him that she just started the job and can't take off nor can she skip everything just because trouble came up and she needs to go see Alexis before she goes to work. Jason warns her to be careful and she tells him she will. They move in to kiss and as they are kissing, Spinelli tries to sneak out the door, but Jason stops him because he has a job for him. Jason wants Spinelli to find out about Lorenzo's shipment. Sam leaves to visit with Alexis. Alexis fills her in on what's going on. Sam wants to know if there's anyway they can fight this. Alexis says that Ric has pictures and that she should have never smoked it in the first place. Lulu goes to Jason's to steal Spinelli away. Jason tells her that her is using Spinelli right now and she needs to comeback later. She tells Jason that she needs him. Spinelli is stoked to hear Lulu and Jason fight over him. Jason asks Lulu want does she need him for. She tries to make up something, but Spinelli tells Jason that Lulu thinks his mom or dad killed Rick Webber. Lulu explains that her mom, Laura, told her that she was innocent of killing Rick Webber. She then says that if she could prove her mother's innocence she might wake up. Jason doesn't believe that Laura would wake up if she was found innocent. Lulu realizes that she's living a fantasy, but still wants to prove her mother's innocence. Spinelli asks Jason if he was mad that Lulu suspected his "peeps". He tells him that if Lulu wants to investigate Alan and Monica then that's up to her. Spinelli then ask if Jason thinks that Laura would wake up if she was exonerated. Jason tells him that it didn't matter what he thinks and tells him to get back to work. Spinelli believes that Lorenzo's shipment is small enough that one person could bring in. Jason realizes that security is pivotal to keep what ever it is save. Sam comes home. Jason tells Sam that Spinelli can find anything and that he found about Lorenzo's shipment. Jason asks Sam about Alexis. Sam blames herself for Alexis' situation since she was the one that gave her the marijuana. Jason reminds her that she was just trying to help her mom. Sam makes Jason promise that when they have a baby this if for some reason they fall out of love that they won't use there kid as a weapon. Jason says they're not going to fall out of love. Jason then promises.

Monica and Alan argue at the hospital about a meeting. They stop and discuss what Dillon and Lulu have found out about Rick Webber's death. Alan finds out that they know about Monica and Rick's affair during the summer that he died. Monica and Alan decide to be honest with each other. Alan goes to the mansion and finds Dillon in the living room. Dillon asks Alan about Rick Webber. Alan starts bad mouthing Rick and says if he had the chance he would squash him like the bug he is. Dillon and Lulu meet up at Kelly's. Dillon tells Lulu what Alan says and they both think Alan is their guy, until Spinelli shows up and tells them that Rick was blackmailing someone and that someone could have done it. Alan tells Monica that Dillon was asking questions again. They both think that the other killed Rick. Alan says he saw her car at the Scorpio's. She tells him that she was there to break things off with him, but say Laura and left. Monica then remembers seeing Alan's car there. Alan says that he didn't see Rick. They realize that some else must of been there that night. A mysterious call is placed to Shadybrook about Laura's condition. The caller has called every two months to check on her. The receptionist tells the caller that Laura woke up and says that she doesn't know what she said. The caller tells her that they're coming to visit Laura.

Pete goes to visit Patrick. Pete is scared when he gets a look at Patrick's apartment. Pete warns Patrick that he's under "evil influences". Robin walks in and surprises Pete. Pete seems embarrassed about Robin hearing he's rants, so he leaves. Robin goes to the hospital were she runs into Noah. She tells him that she moved in with Patrick. Lainey walks up and asks Robin if it was okay for her and Kelly to turn her room into an office. Robin says its cool and she and Patrick are doing good. Pete returns to Patrick and tells him that they need to go to Las Vegas for 48 hours. Patrick says no. Robin opens the door, but decides to listen in before entering. Pete goes on saying that Robin has brainwashed Patrick and she hasn't cut loose in her whole life. Robin busts in and says to Pete "You don't know me well enough to analyze me." Noah interrupts, he has a house warming gift. Patrick doesn't want Noah there and kicks him out. Robin is angry with Patrick for how he treated his Father. Patrick tells her that he's going to Las Vegas. When he leaves, Robin calls Lainey and tells her that they and Kelly are going on a road trip.

Lucky is at Kelly's. Georgie tells Lucky that she's not defending Maxie, she knows what she did was wrong. Maxie and Cruz walk in laughing. He saved her from getting hit by a car. She wants to know why he was measuring crosswalks. He tells her that Ric put him there. She tells him that she can talk to Mac about changing that. Lucky walks up angry that Maxie is trying to put on a show for him. She tells him that its not a show, Cruz saved her life. Cruz breaks the up the argument and tells Lucky that they need to go. Georgie tells Maxie that she shouldn't drag Cruz into this. Georgie believes that Maxie is trying to get back the relationship she had with Jesse. Cruz tells Lucky that its okay for Maxie to flirt off some stream, but Lucky doesn't see it that way. When Cruz leaves to get the car, Lucky pulls out the bottle of pills he has in his pocket, but puts them right back. Cruz and Lucky head over to Metro Court to investigate a purse snatching. Cruz talks to the witnesses while Lucky talks with the manager. Maxie walks up to tell what she saw. She gives Cruz a detailed description of the perps and say that one of them was the decoy while the other grabbed the purse. Lucky sees this and grabs Maxie. Lucky wants to know what she was doing. Maxie asks him if he was jealous. He wants to know what she's up to. She tells him that she just came to work. She doesn't understand way Lucky is acting the way that he is. One of the employees tells Cruz about the vault.

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