GH Update Monday 1/22/07

General Hospital Update Monday 1/22/07


Written By Shanna
Pictures by Juanita

Today, GH opens with Robin and Patrick at the hospital. Patrick just asked Robin to move in with him. He holds out a key. She tells him no.

Meanwhile, Sam is at the Metro Court working. The guy who is training her leaves and lets her take care of the next person in line. When Sam looks up, she sees Father Ruiz.

At the police department, Ric is throwing his power around again, and this time Rodriguez is on the receiving end. He tells Rodriguez he expects daily reports from now on. Rodriguez argues with him and says Alexis will change things when she comes back. Ric says Alexis won't be coming back.

Meanwhile, at the lake house, the officers arrest Alexis for possession as Kristina comes out to see. Alexis yells for Viola and begs the officers not to do this in front of her daughter.

Out in front of the coffee shop, Sonny and Diane talk as Jason stands to the side. A gunman aims at Sonny as he speaks with his attorney. Diane tells Sonny that Ric worked it out so that he'd get a custody judge who doesn't favor mothers in custody battles. She warns Sonny that Ric could get custody of Molly. A gunman watches the three and puts his finger on the trigger and is about to pull it as the opening credits roll.

At the lake house, Alexis tells Kristina that her arrest is a misunderstanding and that she'll work something out. The police officers remind her that they have her on drug charges. She asks them if they are really that stupid. Kristina runs to her mother and hugs her. Viola comes out with Molly. Alexis tells Viola to take the kids out of the room. Molly cries as Alexis is taken out in handcuffs.

Back at the police department, Ric is on the phone asking to move up the custody hearing in light of the recent charges against Alexis. Rodriguez comes in. He calls Ric sadistic and explains how he just found out what Ric did to Alexis. Ric claims that Alexis broke the law and that he can't show her preferential treatment. Rodriguez is angry and argues with him. Ric tells him he's officially relieved of his field duties.

Outside the coffee shop, Sonny and Diane continue their talk as the gunman is knocked out of the way. Diane tells Sonny he needs to stay away from Lorenzo because Ric is looking to use whatever he can against Sonny. She advises Sonny to find a more covert way to commit his crimes. Sonny's phone rings. He answers. Viola is on the line and she tells Sonny that Alexis has been arrested. He says he'll be there soon. He tells Jason to drive along the waterfront to see what Lorenzo is up to. Then he explains to Diane what happened with Alexis and the two head to the station. Jason looks up at where the gunman had been hiding.

Back at the Metro Court, Father Ruiz explains he needs to pick up some charity items from the vault. Sam jumps all over him and Mr. Maddox comes out and reminds her that they don't treat guests that way.

At GH, Maxie runs in and begs Georgie to borrow a necklace Dillon gave her. Georgie is reluctant, but agrees. Maxie is on her way to a job interview. Epiphany approaches the girls and tells her that if she's not working, she needs to get lost. Then she tells her not to start anything with Liz while she's there. Maxie tells Epiphany that Liz isn't the angel everyone thinks she is.

Elsewhere, Patrick asks Robin why she doesn't want to move in with him. She claims it's because she doesn't think it's what he really wants. He says that he does and that she shouldn't project her own doubts on him.

Meanwhile, Maxie informs Epiphany that if Liz were so perfect, she would have stood by Lucky when he needed her. Epiphany strikes back and Maxie leaves. Georgie apologizes to Epiphany and begs her to let Maxie continue volunteering at the hospital.

Back with Robin and Patrick, the young doctors continue their quarrel. Robin says she doesn't understand where his proposition is coming from. Patrick says he's had a change of heart. Robin tells him he's not ready for this step. He tells her that he's not afraid of commitment. She tells him that he doesn't really want her to move in. Patrick gives up arguing and tells her he's going home to arrange furniture. He gives her the key and tells her to use it if she wants to.

Back at the Metro Court, Mr. Maddox tells Sam she needs to apologize to Father Ruiz; she says that he should apologize to her for what Manny did. Father Ruiz is understanding and doesn't hold it against her. Maddox gets another employee to handle Mateo, as Maddox talks to Sam. He tells her next time she has a problem with a guest, she needs to tell him. She tells Maddox that she's not going to wait for Mateo to hurt her.

Meanwhile, in the gunman's hiding spot, Jason busts in. The room is empty and Jason looks around.

At the police station, Ric stands around as Alexis is escorted in. She calls him a bastard for having her arrested in front of the kids. He tells her that the custody judge wasn't pleased about her arrest. He tells her that no one can get her out of this now...not even Sonny. Just as he says this, Sonny and Diane enter. Diane tells Ric that he better have had probable cause. He says he does. Then he tells Diane that Alexis may be facing a class A felony.

Back at Patrick's apartment, the doctor moves his furniture around. There's a knock at the door. It's Robin with a bottle of wine. He asks her what she thinks of his arrangement. She calls it minimalistic.

Back at the police station, Sonny tells Ric that their mother would be really proud of him for what he's done to the mother of his child. Sonny tells Diane to get Alexis released and promises her a very handsome bonus if she can get Ric disbarred in the process. Diane goes off to fight with Ric. Sonny and Alexis talk. Alexis tells Sonny that she knows what Ric wants—shared custody.

At the Metro Court, Maxie runs in and trips. She breaks her heel and gets upset. Sam tries to offer her some tape to fix it, but that just won't do. Sam tells Maxie she'll trade shoes with her since she just has to stand behind the counter. Maxie thanks her and runs off to her interview. Maddox comes in and tells Sam to deliver a piece of paper to a man sitting nearby. Sam goes over to him in her broken heels. She falls in his lap, and his wife is less than pleased.

At GH, Jason pays Lorenzo a visit. He asks him who he's working with. He tells him that he knows someone tried to kill Sonny. He asks Lorenzo if he knows who ordered the hit. He tells Jason that any one of Sonny's enemies could have done it. Jason points out that Lorenzo is afraid of something. He asks why someone wants Sonny dead.

Back at Patrick's apartment, the two doctors arrange furniture again. Patrick thanks Robin for coming. She asks if he's kicking her out. He says he wouldn't have to if she lived there. He tells her to think about it while he gets some wine.

Back at the Metro Court, Sam is mortified and apologizes. Maddox comes over and appeases the angry wife. She and her husband go to their room. Sam apologizes to Maddox and he tells her to go fix her shoes. One of the workers asks Maddox how long they have to put up with Sam. Maddox reminds the worker of the chain of peace. If Sam's happy, Jason's happy. If Jason's happy, Carly's happy. If Carly's happy, no one gets fired. The man walks back behind the desk and answers the phone. He informs the caller that they have no guests under the name Angela Monroe working there. Sam looks up.

At GH, Jason asks Lorenzo who hired him to move the shipment. Lorenzo just says they are powerful people who want everything to go as planned. Jason asks Lorenzo why he would agree to move something without knowing what it is.

Back at the police station, Sonny assures Alexis that Diane is a good lawyer. Meanwhile, Diane threatens to ruin Ric's reputation. She tells him that no one likes a bully. She walks away. Alexis thanks her but tells her she won't need her help. Sonny tells Diane that Alexis is going to make a deal with Ric. Alexis goes over to Ric and tells him that she knows what he wants and that if he comes by later they can discuss it. He tells her he'll arrange for her release. Sonny goes over to Ric and tells him that one day, Molly will know what he did to her mother and she'll hate him for it. This, Sonny tells him, will be justice for what he's done to Alexis.

Back at Patrick's apartment, he and Robin discuss how she doesn't like the way he arranges furniture. He throws a pillow on the couch. She doesn't like the pillow either. The two laugh and kiss.

At the Metro Court, Sam is on the phone telling Tracey to leave her alone. She hangs up and Maxie comes out. She tells Sam that she got the job. She hands Sam a bag with new shoes in it. Sam says she can't accept them and Maxie tells Sam she was hoping they could trade since Sam's shoes were so lucky for her. Sam thanks her for the gift.

Outside the coffee shop, Jason tells Bernie he wants him to buy the building that the gunman hid in. Sonny comes over and explains what happened with Alexis at the police station. He tells Jason that Alexis is going to need Carly at the custody trial. Jason said he talked to Carly earlier. Sonny asks Jason where Carly and the boys are. Jason doesn't tell him, but says that it's a good thing they are out of town. Then Jason explains to Sonny about the security issue they may have had.

Meanwhile, Alexis returns to the lake house and gives Molly a kiss. Kristina is lying on the couch being quiet. Alexis hugs her and tells her everything will be okay. Ric comes in and picks Molly up. Alexis tells Viola to take the kids out of the room. Then she calls Ric disgusting for using her cancer against her. She admits to him that he has the upper hand and offers him shared custody if he'll drop the charges. He tells her no deal. Then he says he wants full custody and says that he'll get it. Alexis tells him that she knows that he doesn't really think that's what's best for Molly. He tells her the house isn't safe with Sonny around. Alexis tells him that she'll keep Sonny away. Ric says it's too late. He tells her that she is going to lose Molly. Then he leaves a joint on the table for her as he leaves. He tells her that maybe it will help.

Back at Patrick's apartment, he and Robin are lying on the couch. They have just been intimate. They chat and Patrick tells her that all he needs is her. He tells her to stop making excuses and asks her to move in with him. This time, she says yes.

Back at the Metro Court, Maddox comes to the counter with another deposit for the safe. Lorenzo calls and Maddox answers. He asks about the safe and tells Maddox he wants to store something very valuable there.

Meanwhile, at Sonny's office, Jason tells him that Lorenzo wouldn't have ordered the hit. Jason comes to the same conclusion Sonny did about Lorenzo being afraid of something. The two mobsters decide the shipment must be dangerous.

The scene cuts to someone closing a metal briefcase. In a voice over, Sonny says that he doesn't want the shipment affecting them.

At GH, someone stands outside Lorenzo's room. he holds a newspaper with a picture of Sonny on the cover.

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