GH Update Friday 1/19/07

General Hospital Update Friday 1/19/07


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Today, GH opens with Sam and Jason at the coffee shop. Sam is talking about her interview at the Metro Court. She tells Jason she wants to be hired on her own merit, not because of whom she knows. She's worried she want get the job though. Jason tells her he could probably get her job doing something managerial in one of the warehouses. She tells him she wants someone to hire her because she has potential, not as a favor to someone else.

Meanwhile, at the Metro Court, a woman brings Mr. Maddox (the man who interviewed Sam) the background check they ran on Sam. The woman says that personnel say there's a problem. Maddox says that they'll have to get over it.

Over at the lake house, Alexis struggles to put a toy together for the girls. She pulls out her marijuana. The kids come down with Viola and she hides the pot behind her back.

At GH, Lorenzo speaks with his business associate. He tells Lorenzo that the shipment should be arriving soon and asks him when he'll be released. Lorenzo warns the guy that they need to take care of potential complications like Sonny.

At the police department, Ric hires a photographer to catch Alexis smoking her weed. Sonny comes in and the opening credits roll.

Over at Patrick's apartment, Robin complains that her neck is hurting from the air mattress. There's a knock at the door. It's the deliverymen with the couch. She explains that they must be confused. Patrick tells them to come in.

Back at the coffee shop, Jason tells Sam if she works at the warehouse, he wouldn't have anything to do with it. He tells her that Bernie would be her boss and it could be a good opportunity for her to get some experience. Sam says thanks, but no thanks. Her phone rings. It's Mr. Maddox. He asks her if she's still interested in the job. She says yes. He tells her there is an opening for a desk clerk and he offers her the job. He tells her to come down to get a uniform and to fill out paperwork. Sam hangs up and she's as happy as a schoolgirl who just found out she got an A in calculus. Then she calms down and realizes that Jason may have called in a favor. She asks him if he did.

At GH, Lucky asks Liz if they are still on for their dinner plans. She says yes. He tells her he'll pick her up at Audrey's house. He tells her he's really excited about dinner and then leaves. While he's on the elevator, he pulls a bottle of pills out of his coat pocket. He looks at them.

Back in Lorenzo's room, the wounded mob boss tells his associate that Sonny controls the waterfront and that Sonny will most likely try to steal this shipment as he's done with others in the past. He warns that Sonny is a threat and points out that they really don't need any problems right now.

Back at the police station, Ric harasses Sonny about his business. He tells Sonny he's trying to stop a mob war from breaking out. Sonny tells Ric that he can't do anything because Lorenzo owns him. The two fight about who will come off as the most evil at the custody hearing.

Meanwhile, at the lake house, Alexis sends the kids off with Viola. She promises Kristina that she'll have her toy set up when she gets back. She watches the kids leave, joint in hand. The photographer snaps some pictures.

At Patrick's apartment, the deliverymen sit the couch down. Patrick says it's fine where they set it. Then he tells them to go ahead and bring the rest of the furniture up. Robin gets upset. She tells them to take the couch back. Patrick says the couch stays. Robin tells Patrick that he only brought the couch back to make her happy. He tells her that he made some changes and now he wants the couch. She tells him to send it back. He tells her that since it's his apartment and his furniture, the couch is there to stay.

Back at the coffee shop, Jason tells Sam he didn't call in any favors for her. Sam gets excited again and talks about how cool it is that she got the job on her own merit.

At the lake house, Alexis continues to try to put the toy together, but she is unsuccessful. She steps outside with her joint. The photographer snaps picture after picture.

At the police station, Ric tells Sonny that Molly is not safe in Alexis' house. He claims that Alexis is negligent. Then he says that Alexis should be grateful that he's trying to relieve her of her motherly duties. Sonny asks Ric if he thinks that the character witnesses will help his case. He tells Ric that the judge will just see a corrupt D.A. trying to take advantage of a sick mother. Ric tells Sonny that he puts his children in danger all the time, and therefore, has no room to talk. Then he asks Sonny what's so special about the shipment that Lorenzo is planning to bring in.

Back at Patrick's place, Robin tells Patrick the furniture is nice. He points out that she picked it out. Then he asks her where she thinks the ottoman should go. She gets upset and tells him he doesn't even want the furniture. She thinks that he thinks that she made him get the furniture. Patrick says that what she has been saying about living in the apartment made sense. He tells her he likes the furniture. He asks for her help again. They pick up the ottoman to move it, but she stops him and tells her it feels wrong.

At the Metro Court, Maddox goes through the things Sam needs to know and tells her to be back later for training. She asks him why he chose to hire her. He said because she has potential. He tells her that he'll see her later. She walks out. A woman comes over and is upset that she has to train Sam. She says the only reason Sam got the job was because she knows Carly. Maddox suggests that she be extra nice to Sam because Carly is a very mean person when she's not happy.

Meanwhile, Liz stops by the coffee shop to get some tea. She runs into Jason. She tells him that she's going on a date with Lucky. Jason asks her if she's doing it because she wants to, or if she's doing it to make him happy. She tells Jason that she doesn't want Lucky to lose hope. Jason asks Liz if she thinks she deserves happiness too.

Back at the police station, Lucky thanks Rodriguez for being a good friend.

Meanwhile, Ric looks through the photos that his hired camera took.

At GH, Sonny pays Lorenzo a visit. They argue and Sonny tells Lorenzo that next time he'll aim for the heart. He asks Lorenzo why he felt he was trapped before. Lorenzo says it was because of Sam killing Diego. Sonny knows he's lying. They talk about Sonny stealing shipments and Lorenzo threatens him. Sonny asks him why it's so important that he stop the shipments from being intercepted.

Back at the apartment, Robin and Patrick continue to argue over the furniture. Robin gets mad and leaves.

At the coffee shop, Liz tells Jason that she doesn't want to keep Lucky from his kid. Jason tells Liz that kids are happiest when their parents are happy. He tells her not to sacrifice her happiness. She tells him to take his own advise and asks him what he would do with his life if he wasn't busy, always, trying to make everyone he loves happy.

Meanwhile, Lorenzo's associate hands a picture of Sonny to a hit man and tells him to take care of Sonny.

Back at GH, Sonny tells Lorenzo flat out that he will take the shipment. He tries to threaten Lorenzo, but Lorenzo tells him that the shipment is worth more than both their businesses combined. He warns Sonny to back off or be killed.

Elsewhere, Robin talks to Lainey about her recent fight with Patrick. She tells Lainey that the only reason Patrick bought the furniture was to make her happy. Lainey doesn't see the problem. Robin says she suspects a set up.

Back at the lake house, Viola comes home with the kids. Kristina gets excited when she sees her mom is feeling better, and that the toy is almost ready.

At the police station, Rodriguez and Lucky discuss their recent bust. Rodriguez says the guy was released because he claimed entrapment. Lucky gets mad. Rodriguez leaves. Lucky pulls the pills out and opens the bottle. He almost takes some, but decides against it.

At GH, Liz asks Bobbie where Audrey went. Bobbie says that she left to get Cameron so Liz could have more time to get ready for her date. Liz insists it's not a date. She tells her it's just dinner, not a reconciliation.

Over in the coffee shop office, Sonny and Jason talk about Ric. He complains that Ric is trying to use him to prove Alexis is an unfit mother. Then the two mobsters discuss Lorenzo and the shipment. Sonny tells Jason that Lorenzo's shipment is big and that Lorenzo said if they get in the way, they'll be taken out.

Back at GH, Robin tells Lainey that Patrick is testing her. She says she doesn't blame Patrick for pushing her away. Lainey tells her she's too worried about this and tells her that sometimes, a couch is just a couch. Lainey walks off. Robin sits down. Patrick comes over and sits down and says he wants to talk. He tells her that he loves her, but that he's in a lose-lose situation. If he tries to make her happy, she gets mad, if he does it his way, she gets mad. She agrees and tells him she understands if he wants to breakup. He tells her that he wants her to move in with him.

At the police station, Ric is on the phone trying to get a judge to meet with him so he can show off his pictures of Alexis.

Meanwhile, Alexis is at home when two policemen come to the door with a warrant. The come in to search and find her marijuana. One of the officers tells her that she's under arrest.

At GH, Lorenzo and his associate discuss the shipment further. Lorenzo's new friend tells him that his security is not exactly up to par. Lorenzo says they need a more secure place for the delivery.

At the Metro Court, Sam stands with Maddox. A guest leaves a very valuable piece of jewelry with them. Maddox explains that it will go in a safe that has virtually no way of getting into.

Back at the office, Sonny tells Jason they should take a drive along the waterfront. The two walk out and run into Diane. They start talking. The hidden gunman aims at Sonny's head, marking the end of this cliffhanger Friday.

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