GH Update Thursday 1/18/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/18/07


Written By Tori
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis is at the hospital for what she thinks is chemotherapy. Epiphany comes in to check up on her. She can relate to Alexis because of she went through chemo when she had breast cancer. Dr. Trent, Alexis doctor, comes in. Alexis asks him if this was her last chemo session. He tells her that it has kept her alive this far. Alexis isn't too pleased. Epiphany suggests for Dr. Trent to wait for all of the test to come back before he decides if Alexis needs more chemo. He agrees and sends Alexis home. Ric visits Sonny at his office to give him a subpoena. Ric is convinced that Sonny will help him get custody of Molly. Sonny tells that if he goes to court he would tell the Judge how sick he is. Ric warns him that he's going to bring up his criminal pass including the recent shooting of Lorenzo. Diane Miller enters informing Ric that she will see him in court and that Sonny's testimony won't help him get custody, but Ric still insist on Sonny appearing in court. Ric doesn't want Molly to be raised in a home that she is second best because her mother loves Kristina's father and hates hers. Before Ric left, Sonny suggested that he go see a shrink. Sonny tells Diane that he'll talk to Alexis about a compromise with the custody if she could get Ric to do the same. Diane reminds him that she's not a family court attorney, but will do what she can. Diane goes to the hospital where she runs into Ric. He asks her what she's doing here and she informs him that she's waiting for an affidavit from Alexis's doctor to document her chemo treatments. Ric laughs in her face and asks what does that have to do with the case. She tells him that the chemotherapy and the treatments will coincide with when Ric slept with Alexis's daughter, stole her job, and now trying to get custody with her other daughter. Ric is confident that he has a strong case and he will be rewarded custody of Molly and Alexis shouldn't have cut him out of over Molly's life. Diane warns him that he better hope that the Judge assigned to the case doesn't know anyone that has suffered from cancer or her could lose the case. Ric doesn't seem worried at all. Sonny goes to talk to Alexis about Ric's visit to the coffee shop. Alexis isn't feeling well and tells him that she might have to go through more chemotherapy. He asks her if she's alright, but not long after that she rushes over to the bathroom to throw up. Awhile later, she returns feeling better. Sonny suggests that she work with Ric to come up with some kind of custody agreement like they did with Kristina. Alexis tells him that she's going to better and fight Ric in court before letting him raise Molly without her. After Sonny leaves, Ric shows up and watches Alexis through the door. He spies her smoking marijuana.

Sam explains to Jason that she got the pregnancy test because she could be pregnant and wanted to know for sure then she goes upstairs to take the test. She returns and Jason knows by the look on her face that she's not pregnant. He walks over to hug her and she tells him that the bright side is that they can keep on trying. Jason doesn't have a problem with this, but Sam says not right now because she has an interview and can't be late. She doesn't know what to say when they ask about her background or history and is worried that they'll find out about her numerous arrest and shady past. Jason doesn't understand why she quit ELQ since she avoided a background check. She tells him she only got the job because of him and didn't want Edward to think that agrees with him to have an heir for him. Also she wanted to get the job without someone handing it to her. Jason understands and wishes her luck. Sam goes to The Metro Court to fill out the application where she meets Mr. Maddox. She tells him that she didn't have enough room on the application to put all of her history. He tells her that's okay since they do a background check. She admits to him that she doesn't have any hotel experience by she is a fast learner and is great with people. He tells her that's what he looks for in potential employees. He stops, then tells her that he's seen her talking to one of their owner's, Carly, and asks her if she knows her. She doesn't want him to know that she knows Carly, so she tells him that she doesn't know her. Later, Mr. Maddox tells one of his employees that he is going to do a background check on Sam even though she doesn't have much job experience. The employee is surprised that he doesn't recognized Sam's address and asks if it looks familiar. Mr. Maddox says that it does look familiar and says that Carly has asked to send cars there to pick her up sometimes. The employee tells him that Sam is Jason Morgan's girlfriend. Mr. Maddox wonders why Sam would lie about knowing Carly. Sam goes to the coffee shop to see Jason. One of Sonny's employees tells Sam that Jason is in a meeting with Sonny, so Sam orders a double shot latte. Diane talks to Sam about her job hunt. Diane tells her that she could get any job she wanted just because she was Jason's girlfriend, but Sam tells her that she wants to get a job on her own. Meanwhile is Sonny's office, Sonny asks Jason to find Carly and bring her home because he feels that she can help with Molly's custody hearing. Jason refuses to do so reminding him that the marriage is a marriage of convenience and that he can force Carly to feel any different if she doesn't want to since he already convinced her to marry him.

Lucky and Rodriguez bust a drug dealer at his apartment. While Rodriguez is putting the handcuffs on the dealer and reading him his rights, lucky looks around for the drugs. Lucky notices the bottles of hydrocodone on the table and is tempted to steal one. Rodriguez asks him if he wanted to trade places with him and lucky tells him no he can handle it. Rodriguez apologizes to Lucky and tells him he was just trying to look out for him. Lucky understands and leaves. Epiphany tells Elizabeth that Audrey called and said that she can babysit Cameron if she still wanted to go out to dinner with Lucky. Epiphany tells her that she should be honest with Lucky and shouldn't go out with him if she's just doing it so he would stay off of drugs. Then Lucky shows up. He tells her about the drug bust and that the drug dealer was pushing hydrocodone. He says he was tempted to steal some, but he didn't. Elizabeth tells him that she's proud of him and tells him that Audrey is going to watch Cameron so they can go to dinner. Lucky is glad and then leaves for the elevator. Once he's on the elevator, he pulls out a bottle of pills. Elizabeth goes to the coffee shop and sees Jason there. Jason wonders if she is ditching Kelly's for here and she tells him that the coffee shop has more selection of herbal tea than Kelly's. Jason tells her that's because of Carly. Elizabeth thanks him for be there for her so she could have someone to and that its so easy for her to talk to him. He tells her its because they trust each other and they're always honest with each other. She not sure if she can trust Lucky and ask if he can trust Sam. He says he loves Sam and wants her to be happy. She then wishes him and Sam the best of luck and leaves.

Dillon and Lulu hide behind a wall waiting for Monica to read the letter that they left for her. Monica walks out of the elevator and begins looking through her messages. Dillon and Lulu become nervous as Monica reads the letter. Monica reads the letter, looks around, and then leaves in a hurry. Dillon and Lulu go to the attic to wait for Monica to arrive. Lulu is worried that they might have scared her away, but Dillon insures her that Monica will show up and she does. Lulu immediately rips into her accusing her of murdering Rick Webber and letting her mom take the fall and asks if Rick rejected her or did they have an affair. Dillon asks what happened four years ago and why was her number repeated in Rick Webber's date book. Monica defends herself by admitting that she did see Rick when he came into town for the wedding and he didn't have an affair nor did he rejected her and she didn't kill him. She then tells Lulu how concerned she was because of what happened with Laura and now she's obsessed with investigating Rick's death. She then says that Rick was a very secretive person and that they shouldn't dig into his past because they might find something they wished they didn't.

Patrick asks Robin if she didn't mind that he got rid of the couch and Robin tells him she doesn't, but then says in her mind "Of course I mind It was just a couch you self-centered jerk." He explains that he doesn't need it. She says in her mind "Its your place not mine." He says its not the couch and then says to himself "I feel you moving" and she says to herself "FYI it was a piece of furniture I wasn't moving in." "Please don't tell me you're comparing me to a couch." Patrick admits that he doesn't want the apartment and wants to move back The Metro Court, then says to himself "If I don't get out now you'll pick out China patterns." He says that this apartment is a lot of pressure and she says to herself "There goes the p word". He tells her that he misses the service he got when he lived at The Metro Court. She understands and won't pressure him into buying furniture or moving in. Robin suggests that they should say good bye to the apartment by making love. Afterwards, Patrick decides that he will stay and Robin tells him if he asks her to move in she'll say no.

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