GH Update Wednesday 1/17/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/17/07


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Today, GH opens with Robin and Patrick at the apartment. There's a knock at the door. Patrick answers to find some deliverymen with a couch. He tells them there must be a mistake because he didn't order a couch. Robin chimes in and tells him that she ordered it.

Over at the Quartermaine mansion, Lulu and Dillon discuss the mystery. Lulu tells Dillon she needs for him to buy her some time to search Monica's room for a key to a safe that may be storing the date book. Edward comes in and tells the kids they should be studying for classes. Dillon tries to distract Edward by telling him he wants to tell him something about the family company.

At GH, Liz and Lucky chat. Liz asks Lucky if he heard from Nikolas. He tells her that Nikolas and Emily are searching for Helena now. Lucky thanks Liz for standing by him through the Maxie mess. Then he asks her if she would let him take her to dinner.

Over at the penthouse, Jason talks business on the phone. When he's done, Sam comes up behind him and hugs him. She suggests they go upstairs. Jason asks Sam if everything is okay with her and the opening credits roll.

Back at Patrick's apartment, the movers put the couch in the apartment. Robin explains to Patrick that she meant to tell him but forgot. Patrick tells her it's okay and that he likes the couch. He asks her if she likes where the movers put the couch and she suggests they move it. Robin apologizes to Patrick and tells him he can take it back if he wants to. He tells her that maybe they should try it out first. She says she can't because she has to work. She leaves.

At GH, Lucky tells Liz that taking her to dinner is the least he can do after all she's done for him. He suggests a restaurant and Liz says that they'll never be able to get reservations there. Lucky says he already got one for Friday night. Liz says she'll see if Audrey can watch Cameron and tells him that she'll get back to him about it.

Back at the penthouse, Jason asks Sam why she quit E.L.Quartermaine She tells him that she doesn't want Edward manipulating her. She tells him that Edward only hired her because she may have Jason's kid one day. Jason asks her if anything else is bothering her.

At the Quartermaine mansion, the family members gather once again for a meeting called by Dillon. They complain, citing that they have more important things to do. Edward attacks Tracey, asking her what she did to make Sam quit. Dillon interrupts and says he wants to get a family consensus on something. He asks who has the final say in decisions in E.L.Quartermaine Tracey tells him it's Edward. Dillon tells the family that he thinks they should try to vote Edward into retirement. Tracey looks at Dillon and asks him if he's gone completely insane. The Quartermaine's argue and Edward accuses Tracey of being behind Dillon's call for a family meeting. Dillon goes into a spiel on how he sold out to please Edward. He announces to the family that he wants to be a director as he rips his conservative shirt off to reveal a t-shirt.

Back at the hospital, Robin runs into Lainey who gives her a package from Anna. She mentions to Robin that she hasn't been home much. Robin tells Lainey that she bought a couch for Patrick. She begins to beat herself up and says that she swore she'd never turn into this kind of girlfriend.

Back at Patrick's apartment, Pete shows up at Patrick's request. He gives Pete a skateboard. Pete tells Patrick he likes the couch. Patrick tells him that Robin bought it. Pete warns Patrick that first it's a couch, then it's moving in together and the next thing to expect is a wedding.

Meanwhile, Lucky meets up with Rodriguez at Kelly's. Georgie apologizes to Lucky for what Maxie did. Lucky tells her not to worry. Rodriguez asks what happened. Lucky explains and Maxie enters.

In the park, Jason is keeping an eye on a ship when Liz runs into him. The two chat about the past and Jason asks her if she remembers when he taught her how to box. Liz tells Jason she feels trapped. She talks about Lucky and his addiction. She tells Jason that Lucky won’t let go of their relationship. Then she tells him that she can’t seem to tell Lucky the one thing that would help him let go.

Back at GH, Robin and Lainey continue talking. Robin talks about how she’s becoming a pushy girlfriend. Then it occurs to her that she is becoming Carly. Lainey reassures Robin that she’s not trying to run Patrick’s life and tells her that she’s probably overreacting about the couch. Robin tells Lainey that she loves Patrick, but that she loves living on her own terms. She calls herself the girlfriend from hell. Lainey points out that she’s doing what almost every other woman in her position does. Robin insists to Lainey that she will not be moving in with Patrick.

At Patrick’s apartment, Pete warns Patrick of Robin’s intentions. He tells him that Robin is ready for the next step, but if he’s not, he should tell her.

At Kelly’s, Lucky tells Maxie to stay away from him. She tells him that she’s there to see Georgie, not him. She goes to the counter and talks to Georgie who tells her not to do this to herself. Meanwhile, Rodriguez tells Lucky to calm down and reminds him that Mac is already mad enough at him. He tells Lucky that he’s not innocent in the matter. Lucky tells Rodriguez that he and Liz may still have a chance.

Back in the park, Liz tells Jason that Maxie faked her pregnancy. She talks about how she’s worried Lucky will turn to pills again. Jason asks her if she thinks it’s her responsibility to save Lucky. Liz asks Jason what he would do if he could save the person he loved by being with her.

Meanwhile, Sam returns to the penthouse to an excited Spinelli. He asks her if she’d like to play a video game with him. She declines. She asks him if he can really hack into any system. He tells her he probably couldn’t get into the National Defense systems, but anything else he could. She asks him if he could find information on someone and completely erase it. He asks her what she wants to erase.

Back at the Quartermaine mansion, the family members continue arguing. Dillon tells the family that there is no pleasing Tracey or Edward and he’s tired of trying. Tracey tells him that she thinks he’s up to something, and she bets it involves Lulu. He talks about how he betrayed himself by giving up his dreams. Tracey and Edward get into it and Tracey accuses Edward of never giving Dillon a chance. Edward announces that the only Quartermaine who is worth anything is Jason. Tracey tells Edward that Jason isn’t a Quartermaine anymore. Edward tells the family that when Jason has a kid, he will make it his sole heir.

At the penthouse, Spinelli explains to Sam the types of technical things he could do to erase files. Sam asks if he could get rid of pictures. Spinelli tells her that would be a lot trickier. She thanks him and he offers to show her what he can do. She declines and tells him that the conversation never happened.

At Kelly’s, Maxie starts yelling at Lucky about Liz and Rodriguez tells her to back off. The two officers leave. Georgie berates Maxie for torturing Lucky.

Back in the park, Liz tells Jason that Lucky has two sides to him: the side she fell in love with and the side that’s in love with pills. She tells Jason that the program tells her that she has no effect on his addiction, but she tells Jason that if she took him back, she thinks he’d have a better chance of staying clean. Jason tells her that when you love someone, you want to protect him or her as best you can. However, he warns her that by making decisions for someone else, you prove you don’t trust them. Jason tells Liz that without trust, love doesn’t last. Jason suggests Liz try to find a way to trust Lucky.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Lulu enters to find Dillon sketching a storyboard. She thanks him for the distraction and apologizes for not finding anything. Dillon tells her that the meeting wasn’t for nothing. He tells her he finally knows what he wants to do with his life and it’s thanks to her.

Back at Kelly’s, Georgie advises Maxie to let go of Lucky. She asks Georgie if she’ll let Dillon go too. Georgie tells Maxie that her relationship with Dillon is completely different. Maxie starts talking about how Professor Marquez has the hots for Georgie. Georgie insists their relationship is platonic. Marquez enters and Maxie goes to talk to him, though Georgie tries desperately to stop her. Maxie asks Marquez if he wants to date Georgie.

Meanwhile, Lucky and Rodriguez bust a door down and make a bust.

At the church, Liz sits in a confession booth with Father Mateo on the other side. She tells Father Mateo that she doesn’t know if she should tell the truth about something. He asks what he can do to help.

Back at Patrick’s apartment, Robin returns from work to find Patrick didn’t keep the couch. She tries to apologize again, but they end up talking over each other. Patrick tells her that he doesn’t want to fight about the couch.

Back at Kelly’s, Georgie grabs Maxie’s coat and shoos her out. She berates her for embarrassing her. Georgie goes back in and apologizes to Marquez for Maxie’s behavior. Marquez asks her what makes her think that he wouldn’t want to date her.

Meanwhile, Rodriguez arrests the man that he and Lucky busted. Lucky stands over a coffee table complete with three bottles of his pill of choice.

Back at the penthouse, Jason returns home. He opens a brown paper sack sitting on the desk. He pulls out a pregnancy test as Sam comes down. She tells him she was going to take it before he got home.

At the church, Liz tells Father Ruiz about Lucky’s addiction and his affair. Then she tells him about her one-night-stand. She tells Father Ruiz that she wants to be honest but she doesn’t want Lucky to start using pills again. Then she starts talking about Jason and how she doesn’t want him to have to give up his life or Sam. She resolves that Jason can never know about the baby’s paternity, or about her love for him.

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