GH Update Tuesday 1/16/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/16/07


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Nikolas and Emily stop in Germany for fuel. A German officer comes on the plane and accuses Nikolas of thinking that he's too high and mighty to go through security. Nikolas yells that he needed fuel and doesn't have time for security issues. Emily explains to the German officer that Nikolas' son was kidnap and they're just trying to find him. The officer understood and they continued to Greece. Nikolas is angry with himself for trusting Colleen and told Emily that he should of believe her when she didn't trust Colleen.

Skye is excited to see Lorenzo open his eyes. She tells him how glad she is to them and him. Lorenzo says the last thing that he could remember was him holding a gun at Sonny in he's office. Skye fills him in on what happened and about someone injected a lethal drug in his IV. Lorenzo is glad that she stayed in town. She tells him that if she left, he would be dead right now. She then tells him about Dr. Craig and how he wanted information on a shipment that he was doing with him. Lorenzo wants to know if she told him anything and she tells him no. Dr. Craig is listening in so decides to walk-in. Lorenzo wants to speak with Dr. Craig alone. Lorenzo tells him that he could have told him that if he didn't want him a part of the shipment he could have said so instead of trying to kill him. Before their conversation got anymore heated, Epiphany walks in to change Lorenzo's IV and makes Dr. Craig leave. Skye re-enters after Epiphany leaves. Lorenzo lets her know that he knows that she sent Epiphany in to run interference. Skye tells him that she's was worried about him. Skye warns him that if he doesn't shape-up, then she will leave.

Lucky walks out of the elevator to hear Elizabeth and Maxie arguing. He wants to know what's going on. Elizabeth is ready to tell Lucky about Maxie's fake pregnancy, but Maxie confesses detail. Lucky doesn't understand how she could have done that because of the blood test, she started showing, and the miscarriage, so she tells him that she told the blood sample from a woman that came in having false labor pains and put her name on the vile, she put a pillow under her shirt to make her look pregnant, and she knew that she couldn't go on for too long so when he was mad that day, she knew that she was on her period and could fake a miscarriage. Lucky tells her how angry he was at her and that he doesn't want anything to do with her. Maxie tells him, before she walks away, that she still cares about him and how Elizabeth doesn't love him. Lucky is upset and tells Elizabeth how stupid he feels for believing Maxie. Elizabeth tries to make him feel better by reminding him about how she fooled everyone. Maxie later shows up at Kelly's to tells Georgie and Lulu about her fake pregnancy. As she is walking out, Lucky and Elizabeth show up. Lucky wants to leave, but Maxie says that she was leaving anyway.

Tracy informs Sam that she knows about Angela Monroe. Sam tells her that she doesn't know what she's talking about, so Tracy shows Sam the photo and Sam changes her mind and wants to know what does she want. Tracy wants he to resign from ELQ with a reasonable excuse that will satisfy her father, Edward. Tracy is at the top of the stairs when Edward walks in. Sam informs him that she will be resigning. Edward is furious and thinks it has something to do with Tracy. Sam has a few choice words about Tracy, but she isn't the reason for her leaving. Sam says its because Jason doesn't want her working for him. Jason walks in and Edward points his finger at him and says "You". Jason has a confused look on his face. Edward tells him that he's the reason Sam is leaving and storms off. Jason asks Sam what's that was all about. Sam tells him that she quit ELQ. Jason doesn't understand why she would quit a job that she likes and that he said that she could work where ever she wanted. Sam tells him that she could feel Edward pulling her into the Quartermaine way and pressure on having the Quartermaine heir and she doesn't need any pressure to get pregnant. Sam and Jason leave the Quartermaine mansion. Tracy walks downstairs as she crumbles up the envelope that contains the picture of Sam as Angela Monroe, but decides to straight it up and goes about her business.

Carly walks away from the wedding. Lulu apologizes for bringing the boys to the wedding and goes after Carly, who has locked herself in a room. Through the door, Lulu asks Carly if she was mad about the boys showing up and insures her that Michael understands that she and Sonny are marrying only to help him. Diane reminds Sonny that he doesn't have marry Carly because of the new witness, Sonny still wants to go through with the wedding. Carly is in the room talking about how hard it is to marry Sonny and to go backward. She hears silence, so she calls out Lulu's name twice before she realizes that Jason is outside. She opens the door and Jason tells her to marry Sonny and he'll help her with the divorce when Sonny is cleared, Sonny walks up just as Jason is saying this. Carly decides to go back to the wedding. Carly wants to get this over with, no lovey fuss feeling, until Morgan wants to give her her bouquet. Carly takes it and continues on. Sonny gives her a ring and makes her take off Jax' ring. Sonny has his own vows for Carly. Carly doesn't have a ring for Sonny, so the Judge pronounces them husband and wife, then Sonny and Carly kiss. Sonny, Carly, Michael, Morgan, Mike, and Bobbie head over Sonny's for the reception. Carly discovers that their wedding cake is vanilla and peanut butter, her favorite. Carly can't take anymore, so she ask Max for some help. When its time for Carly and Sonny to have their dance, Carly insists on dancing with Michael. Max tells Sonny that he has an emergency. Sonny leaves and when he returns everyone is gone except Max, who is cleaning up. Sonny informs Max that Bernie was on his way home and didn't need to talk to him. Max is nervous when Sonny tells him that he knows that he was set up. Sonny tells him "It hurts my heart" that he would set him up like that. Max said that Carly wanted his help. Sonny wants to know if Carly and the boys where still there, but Max tells him no. Sonny dismisses him to go somewhere and think of what he did. Carly and the boys are seen on a plane, Carly announces that they are going to Aspen and that they will like it because its nice this time of year. Michael wants to know why they were running away from their dad. Carly tells him because they need some time to adjust and she tells herself so she won't do anything stupid.

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