GH Update Monday 1/15/07

General Hospital Update Monday 1/15/07


Written By Shanna
Pictures by Juanita

GH opens with Liz at the nurse's station. She is looking through Maxie's file. She asks Epiphany if she thinks she should tell Lucky that Maxie faked her pregnancy. Epiphany says she needs to make a decision. Lucky enters.

Meanwhile, Nikolas and Emily return to their hotel room after searching for Spencer. Emily tells a bereaved Nikolas that there is still a chance that Spencer is alive. Nikolas tells Emily that Spencer has to be alive and then tells her he's going to go back to search again. She tries to convince him to rest for a little while, but he tells her he has to go. He leaves. Emily sits down. There's a knock at the door. She answers it to find Colleen standing there with a gun pointed at her. Colleen flashes an insane smile at Emily.

Over at the Q. mansion, Sam shows up for work and runs into Tracey.

Over at Carly's, Lulu shows up to baby-sit the kids while Carly gets ready to marry Sonny again. Carly explains to Lulu that the marriage is a legal maneuver, which is meant to be Sonny's "get out of jail free" card.

At Sonny's, Diane shows up to find Sonny setting up his house for his impending marriage to Carly. Diane reminds him that they don't have to worry about Carly testifying against him since the police found a witness that will support his self-defense plea. She tells him he doesn't need to marry Carly now. He tells her he knows that, but that Jason and Carly don't need to be let in on the secret. Jason enters and the opening credits roll.

Back at GH, Lucky approaches Liz and tells her that he is not there to see her. He tells her he's there on business. Another officer comes in. The other officer tells Liz that Lucky found the witness that will testify against Lorenzo. Lucky walks away. Epiphany tells Liz that he'll never know that Maxie lied if she doesn't tell him what she knows.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Skye explains to Robin and Patrick that she needs to get Lorenzo transferred out of the country to protect him from his enemies. Patrick advises that Lorenzo would be better off staying at GH.

Back at the Q. mansion, Edward comes in and rescues Sam from an impending attack from Tracey. She exits and Edward tells Sam not to worry about Tracey. He tells her if Tracey gives her a hard time, all she has to do is tell him and he'll take care of it. Sam asks Edward if she can leave a few hours early to attend Carly and Sonny's wedding. Edward gives her the okay and tells Sam that maybe it will inspire Jason to marry her.

Over at Sonny's, Jason tells Sonny that Carly is nervous about the wedding. Sonny tells Jason that his situation takes priority. Jason explains that Carly is only marrying him because she's loyal to him. Diane leaves. Jason tells Sonny that Carly is making a huge sacrifice for him.

Back at Carly's, the soon to be wife of Sonny tells Lulu that she isn't nervous. She tells Lulu that everyone is going to be upset about the wedding. She says that she can't even get in touch with Jax tell let him know what's going on. Lulu points out that Sonny still gets to Carly.

Back in Colorado, Colleen has a gun pointed at Emily. She informs Emily that Helena took baby Spencer from her. Colleen has lost her marbles at this point and Emily tries to reason with her. She tells Colleen that Nikolas understands that she acted out of love when she kidnapped his baby. Then, Emily struggles with Colleen to get the gun from her.

Back at GH, Skye tells Patrick that she has to get Lorenzo to safety. Patrick continues to warn her that it may not be a wise decision. Robin tells Skye that they will run some tests to see if Lorenzo is stable enough to be transferred.

Meanwhile, Carly explains to Lulu that her first marriage to Sonny was also legally motivated. Lulu asks Carly why she doesn't just admit to herself that she and Sonny are soul mates. Carly explains that Sonny has strict rules that he lives by. Lulu tells Carly not to marry Sonny. Carly tells Lulu that she has to marry him.

Over at Sonny's, Jason explains to Sonny that Carly is afraid of losing Jax. Sonny tells Jason that if she still loves Jax when all of the trial stuff is over, he will let her go. Jason tells Sonny that he pressured Carly to marry him and she agreed because she trusts Jason. Jason warns Sonny not to take advantage of Carly. Sonny tells Jason that the marriage will be good for Carly and everything will work out.

In the hotel room, Emily and Colleen continue to struggle. Colleen manages to tackle Emily to the floor. Emily gets the gun and punches Colleen. She points the gun at the nutty nanny and Nikolas enters. He tells Emily not to shoot.

Back at GH, Lorenzo's business associate confronts Skye about the shipment. He warns her that if she's not careful, she'll end up collateral damage.

Meanwhile, Sonny shows up at Carly's house. Carly tells him that they need to talk to the kids to make sure they understand why they are getting remarried. Sonny accuses her of over thinking things. She calls the boys downstairs. They run down and sit on the couch. Carly explains to them that she is marrying Sonny again because he's having legal troubles. Michael asks her if Jax knows about it.

At Sonny's house, Jason and Sam chat. Sam points out that the place is pretty spruced up for a marriage of convenience wedding. Jason tells her that Sonny expects more from the marriage. Sam asks him why Sonny doesn't just tell Carly how he feels.

Back at the Q. mansion, Tracey talks to a man about Sam. He gives her some information in an envelope. She looks at it and is pleased.

At the hospital, Epiphany advises Liz to tell Lucky about Maxie. Liz explains that she's worried that Lucky will relapse if he finds out. Epiphany asks Liz if she'd want to know the truth if she were in Lucky's place. Lucky comes in and Maxie approaches him. She asks him if he wants to take the dog for a walk. He agrees to go on the walk. He heads for the elevator and Liz stops him. She tells him they need to talk in private. He tells her there is no need to drag up the past. Then he tells her that he can't dismiss Maxie because she lost her baby. His phone rings. He answers it. It's work. He tells Liz he has to go and tells her he'll call her later. Liz asks him if he would mind dropping by to talk. He agrees to and leaves. Maxie approaches Liz and thanks her for being a cold-hearted bitch who is driving Lucky into her arms.

Back in Colorado, Nikolas takes the gun from Emily and calls the police.

Back at Carly's house, the bride to be explains to Michael and Morgan that she loves Jax and she's marrying Sonny to help him. Sonny tells Carly they better get to the house. Carly tells Sonny that the wedding is supposed to be at the courthouse. He explains that he changed that. Carly tells Sonny that if they don't get married in the courthouse, then they don't get married.

At Sonny's, Sam and Jason discuss their relationship. Jason tells Sam that he's glad they fell in love as their song plays in the background. His phone rings. Sonny is on the line telling Jason that the wedding will be at the courthouse.

At GH, Liz and Epiphany are working and Maxie looks at the file Liz had been guarding. She sees it's her file. Liz comes over and tells Maxie she knows that she faked her pregnancy. Maxie admits to it without shame and tells Liz she should be glad she did it.

At Carly's, Lulu baby-sits Michael and Morgan. Michael tells Lulu that Carly is acting strange. Lulu tells him it's because she has mixed feelings about the wedding. She tells him that parents make mistakes, but they want to make sure that their kids are okay. She suggests that sometimes parents need a little help from their kids.

Back at the Q. mansion, Sam enters and tells Edward that she doesn't need the time off since the wedding is private. Edward talks about Carly and discusses how she threw everything she had away for Sonny. Sam says she wishes them well and Edward tells her that she's very smart and that Jason was wise for choosing her.

At the courthouse, Jason shows up to find Diane waiting. They discuss the coming wedding and Diane suggests that she coach Carly so she doesn't have to marry Sonny. Jason tells her that Sonny thinks this is the only way to avoid prison. Sonny and Carly enter and Carly announces that she wants to get this over with quick.

Back at GH, Liz attacks Maxie for lying to Lucky. Maxie tells Liz that he was happy with her and that she loves him. Liz tells Maxie that Lucky didn't want her and that she used her baby to get his attention. Maxie accuses Liz of doing the same thing. Maxie tells Liz that she and Lucky are connecting. She says she believes in him. Then she tells Liz that everyone would be better off if she'd just get over it and let he be with Lucky. Lucky enters and tells Liz to back off.

Meanwhile, Nikolas and Emily are on an airplane. Nikolas tells Emily that Helena is probably taking Spencer to Greece.

Elsewhere, Helena talks to baby Spencer. She is trying to come up with a new name for him. She finally decides on Nikolas II.

At GH, Robin and Patrick tell Skye that Lorenzo is stable enough to transfer, though Patrick tells her he still doesn't recommend it. The doctors leave and Skye talks to Lorenzo. She tells him that she needs him to wake up. Then he does.

Back at the Q. mansion, Sam tells Edward she'll take some papers to ELQ. Tracey enters and tells Sam they need to talk. She calls her Ms. Monroe. Sam is shocked.

At the courthouse, Sonny chats with the judge and Carly tells them she wants to get the show on the road. She asks the judge to skip all the talk in the beginning. She reminds Sonny that the marriage is one of convenience. She tells him they will not consummate it and that it doesn't mean they are back together. He tells her he understands. Sonny agrees to his vows and as the judge gets to Carly, some guests enter. Mike, Bobbie and the kids show up. Carly tells Sonny she can't go through with the wedding as the show ends.

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