GH Update Friday 1/12/07

General Hospital Update Friday 1/12/07


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Today, GH opens with Tracy on the phone trying to dig up some dirt on Sam. Sam comes in the front door of the Q mansion and overhears the end of the conversation. She asks Tracy what she would like to know about her.

At GH, Skye talks to Lorenzo's business associate about the shipments.

Meanwhile, at the nurse's station, Liz and Lucky talk with Maxie listening in a corner. Lucky asks Liz if she can remember anything strange about the night someone tried to kill Lorenzo.

Over in the D.A's office, Carly tells Ric he can't arrest her. Sonny and Jason stand listening as Ric plays a tape recording of Carly's attempt to blackmail Ric. He tells Carly that she should never try to threaten the D.A. Then he says he will use the tape as evidence of extortion against Carly. Sonny assures Ric that he won't be using the tape against Carly as the opening credits roll.

Meanwhile, in Colorado, Nikolas busts into a room. There is no one there. He rips blankets off the bed. He looks in a garbage can and discovers a baby bottle. Emily runs in. She suggests they may still be able to catch Colleen. A police officer enters with a gun and demands Nikolas put his weapon down.

Back at the Q. mansion, Edward enters and Sam tells him that Tracy is trying to find out some information on her. Edward berates Tracy and then tells her that he and Sam are going to take a tour of the ELQ offices. He and Sam leave. Dillon comes down and tells his mother he'll be back later. Tracy tells him he's not going anywhere. She tells him that he has to help her protect his future.

Back at the hospital, Skye explains to Lorenzo's associate that the situation is delicate and tells him that it isn't exactly a good place to be talking about illegal activities. She tells him that she can't just tell anyone about Lorenzo's business arrangements. She says she will need to confirm his identity first. The man accuses Skye of being evasive. Epiphany comes in to check on Lorenzo and kicks the guy out. She asks Skye who he is and Skye admits that she doesn't really know.

Over at the nurse's station, Lucky tells Liz that he's following up on the attempted murder of Lorenzo. He adds that it's a good excuse to see her too. She tells him he doesn't need an excuse to see her. He takes this as a good sign, but she makes it clear that their relationship is over because she can't trust him. Maxie smiles.

Back in Ric's office, he tells Jason, Sonny and Carly that he will play the tape at a press conference. Sonny, Carly and Jason all encourage him to do so. That way the whole town will know that Ric has been working with Lorenzo. Sonny tells Ric to file all the charges he wants in that case.

Back in Colorado, Nikolas and Emily show a picture of Colleen and Spencer to the police officer. He asks them why he hasn't heard anything about the kidnapping and they explain they didn't want the press involved because Colleen is unstable. Nikolas gives the officer the number of the PCPD and tells him to ask for Mac. The officer tells them that he'll check it out and have a chopper fly down the mountain to see if they can find Colleen.

At the Q. mansion, Tracy tells Dillon that Sam is after his inheritance. She tells him that after the stunt he pulled the other day during the family meeting, he'll never be able to prove himself to Edward again. Dillon asks her what that has to do with Sam. Tracy tells Dillon that Edward is bribing Sam to carry Jason's baby (the next golden child). Dillon tells her they should just move on because there is nothing they can do to stop Edward from making Jason's baby his heir.

At GH, Lucky asks Liz if she has given up on their relationship. She tells him that they've already talked about this before. She tells him that she can't promise to support him in fighting his drug addiction. He tells her he will follow her lead and move on. But, he tells her that he hopes she doesn't end up regretting her choice.

Back in Lorenzo's room, Skye talks to Lorenzo about her encounter with his associate and tells him that she doesn't know what to do. She decides to go home to figure out what she is going to do.

In Ric's office, he holds the tape and tells Sonny that he may be right about keeping this evidence to himself. He decides he doesn't want to incriminate his star witness against Sonny yet. Sonny tells Carly to leave. She fights him about it, but Jason escorts her out. Ric tells Sonny that he has a solid case against him and he didn't have to work hard at all. He tells him that all he needs is Carly's testimony to send him away for good.

Back at the Q. mansion, Dillon is on the phone with Lulu discussing the mystery when Tracy walks in. He gets off the phone. Edward and Sam come back. Edward pokes at Dillon for his suggestion about paying off the Enduro condom complainers. Sam defends him and says he was probably just trying to do the right thing and make a good P.R. move. Edward yells at Tracy for her mistake and says that Sam fixed it and the crisis was averted.

Back in Colorado, Nikolas, Emily and the officer listen to the police radio. The people in the chopper report that they spotted Colleen's car. Then they say that the car lost control and ask for immediate back up. They tell them that the car crashed at the bottom of the gorge.

Meanwhile, Lucky pays Ric a visit in his office and informs him that he and Rodriguez found a woman who could turn his case against Sonny upside down.

Over at Sonny's coffee shop, Jason and Carly chat. Jason asks her why she didn't come to him instead of trying to blackmail Ric. Sonny comes over and Jason gets up. Carly tells him that she shouldn't have to worry about his life anymore because they aren't together anymore. He asks her what she wants from him. She suggests that he tell her that he loves her. He tells her that he loves her.

Meanwhile, Dillon meets Lulu in the attic. Lulu is upset. She yells at him for not being there and asks him how he would feel if his mother went crazy over something she didn't do. Then he tells her about what happened with Tracy at home concerning the inheritance. Lulu apologizes for getting mad at him. She starts feeling sorry for herself and says she's ruining the only thing her mother ever asked her to do. Dillon tells her she can either give up or keep trying. They decide to search the attic again.

At the Q. mansion, Sam explains how she read through some e-mails and saw that ELQ could file for a continuance on the lawsuit. Edward gives Tracy something to sign and gives it back to Sam. He tells her to take it to the appropriate people and then gives her the rest of the day off. She leaves. Tracy asks Edward why he doesn't just give her a few million dollars to have Jason's baby. Edward tells Tracy that he wants Sam to trust him.

Back at GH, Epiphany comes to Liz with some files. She tells Liz that she pulled Maxie's files so Liz could look to see if she could find proof that Maxie faked her pregnancy. Liz tells Epiphany she doesn't know if it will do any good to expose the truth. She tells her that she's afraid Lucky may think that she wants him back if she proves Maxie lied. Epiphany tells Liz to put herself in Lucky's position.

At the coffee shop, Carly argues with Sonny. Jason approaches and tells Carly that the marriage would just be a legal tactic. She tells Jason to get lost. Carly tells Sonny that she's only getting married one more time and that it will be to Jax. She tells him that he needs to understand that. Diane comes in and asks to speak with Sonny. He tells her he'll meet her in his office. Sonny tells Carly to whine to Jason about how much of an inconvenience this is. Then he tells her she should make a list of all the reason she's justified in sending him to prison.

Back at the D.A.'s office, Lucky and Rodriguez bring a woman to Ric. She tells Ric that she will tell him the truth about the shooting for total immunity. He reluctantly agrees. She tells him that Lorenzo hired her to plant a gun in the trashcan at Sonny's coffee shop. Then she tells him that the meeting was Lorenzo's idea. Rodriguez points out that this proves Sonny shot Lorenzo in self-defense.

In Colorado, Nikolas runs past a group of cops near a cliff. He yells and screams that his son is down there. He yells to the officers and asks if they see a baby. They say no. They assume that the car's passengers were thrown from their seats.

In the park, Lucky stands thinking as Maxie approaches him with the dog in her arms. She tells him how proud she is of him for finding the new witness in Sonny's case and for going back to work so soon. She tells him she's proud of him for the way he's worked on overcoming his addiction.

At GH, Liz sifts through the files Epiphany gave her. She notices that the blood type used in Maxie's pregnancy test was different from Maxie's listed blood type. She tells Epiphany that Maxie did fake the entire pregnancy. Both women are angry.

In Sonny's office, Diane informs Sonny that Ric will be using his previous encounter with Lorenzo in the trial. She tells him that if Carly refuses to marry him, they need to come up with another course of action. Sonny assures Diane that Carly will marry him.

Meanwhile, Jason and Carly chat again. Carly explains to Jason that she can't be married to Sonny when Jax gets back. Jason points out that Jax isn’t around right now and that Sonny just needs a marriage of convenience to her. Carly convinces herself that this time is different because she loves Jax. She tells Jason that maybe they can use this marriage to say goodbye to each other.

In Colorado, Nikolas shouts orders at the officers to comb the river to look for Spencer. The officer that brought him there says there's nothing they can do until morning. He tells Nikolas that it is unlikely that anyone survived the fall. Nikolas yells and asks the officer what he would do if it were his kid. Emily cries and Nikolas clings to hope/

Meanwhile, Helena has hitched a ride on a nice plane with baby Spencer. She tells the baby that Colleen's death will ensure that Nikolas will believe he's dead. She talks about Spencer being a prince and the Cassadine heir. Then she tells him they will have to find a more suitable name for him.

Back at the coffee shop, Jason sits at a table and Sam enters. She asks him why he's there. He tells her that he's with Carly. He asks her how work was. She explains he problem with Tracy and tells him that she knows Edward is being sneaky. Otherwise, she says the day was good.

Back at the Q. mansion, Tracy is on the phone again. She tells the person she's talking to that he or she better get some dirt on Sam. The voice on the other line tells her they found something. Tracy tells the person to get a copy.

At GH, Skye returns to Lorenzo's side and informs him that the house was ransacked. She tells Lorenzo that if he doesn't wake up soon, she and Lila will have to leave the country. Lorenzo's associate eavesdrops.

Back in Sonny's office, Diane points out that they are running out of options. Then her phone rings. She answers. When she gets off, she informs Sonny that the police found a witness who confessed to planting a gun. She tells him she will push for a complete dismissal of the charges now that Ric has no case. Sonny asks about what this means for Carly. She tells Sonny that Carly's testimony is irrelevant now and that he doesn't have to marry her now. Diane exits. Carly comes and tells Sonny she'll marry him, marking the end of this cliffhanger Friday.

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