GH Update Thursday 1/11/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/11/07


Written By Tori
Pictures by Juanita

At the Quartermaine mansion, Edward is pleased to see Sam, who shows up on time. Sam is happy that Edward hired her at ELQ because of ELQ's connections in fourteen countries. Edward likes that Sam has done her homework. Sam brings up the baby conversation that they were talking about yesterday, but Edward acts like he doesn't know what she was talking about. Jason comes in and he and Sam remind him. Sam wants to know what if he hired her because he wants her to have Jason's baby, but Edward ensures her and Jason that he likes her and thinks she has potential. Edward admits that he wants Sam to have Jason's baby. He also wants the baby to be privileged and to be a part of the Quartermaine family, so he or she could be a part of something more than the life Jason lives. Sam ask Jason if she's being played and Jason says yes, but tells her that its her choice. Sam accepts the job. Jason leaves and Edward lays down some ground rules, he doesn't like to be put in the hotseat like he just was. Sam sets some herself, she doesn't want to be used as a pawn to get to Jason. They both agree and move on with finishing up the paperwork so Sam can start working. As they walk away, Tracy is shown at the top of the stairs, she's been listening the whole time. Tracy interrupts them, she doesn't want Sam working at ELQ. Edward tells her that Sam is staying. Tracy settles for Edward's decision, but warns him not to bring her around the other employees. She then says to Edward "If you want this trash to have Jason's baby, then pay her off now and be done with it." Sam stands up to herself, she tells Tracy that she deserves this job, but Tracy doesn't care and walks off. Edward says that if Sam can handle Tracy then she can handle anything. Sam sets up a meeting for Edward to help save him some money. Edward is pleased with Sam's progress. Tracy is standing outside the door on her cellphone with someone that she wants to dig up dirt on Sam done in the up most discretion.

Sonny is talking with to his lawyer, Diane Miller, about his upcoming trail. Diane says to Sonny that if they could prove that Lorenzo planned to kill him the DA won't have a case, but she can't see how Lorenzo got the gun into Sonny's office if Milo padded him down. Sonny believes that the gun was planted somehow. Diane has to leave, but warns Sonny that if he and Carly don't marry by Monday, Carly will be the prosecutions key to locking him away for good. Sonny says don't worry, he's going to handle it. Max walks in with two grocery bags filled with all of Carly's favorite foods. He tells Sonny that's he's going to set up and fix the guestroom up for when Carly arrives. Sonny says to Max "That's okay because she's going to be sleeping with me." Max drops one of the bags and Sonny wants to know if there was a problem. Max says that he wishes that Sonny wouldn't pressure her into marrying him because she doesn't want to marry him and she's in love with Jax. Sonny feels that Max wants Carly to marry Jax and not him and Max say that he just wants to see Ms. C happy and she happy with Jax. Sonny tells Max that he doesn't want him to comment on his personal life and will gladly send him to the warehouse to work until this whole thing is over. Max would rather work in the warehouse then to see Ms. C hurt again.

Carly shows up at Jason's penthouse, but is upset when Spinelli answers the door. Spinelli is working with some wires and tells her that "Stone Cold" Jason and "The Goddess" Sam, left about an hour ago. Carly wants to know if he knows where Jason went, but Spinelli doesn't know. Spinelli wants to help Carly. Carly vents to him about how she needs to tell Sonny that she doesn't want to marry him and how she is in love with Jax and wishes she could find the connection between Ric and Lorenzo so he can drop the charges dropped against Sonny dropped Spinelli tells her that her situation reminds him of a movie he saw called "Army Fiaso". Carly isn't interested, but Spinelli goes on by telling her who everyone in her situation relate to the characters, but Carly want him to get to the point. Spinelli tells her that he was hired by Lorenzo to make up the flashdrive that Ric used to frame "The Goddess" Sam, but if he knew that he was going to do that, he wouldn't have do it. Carly was pleased to know that and wanted the proof. Spinelli disappoints her when he says that he can redo what he put on the flashdrive, but he would need the original to compare it. While fiddling with the wires, Spinelli is hoping that Carly would give him a kiss for his information, but Carly was already out the door. Jason comes home and Sonny is with him. Sonny tells Jason the Diane believes that if they can find the person who planted the gun in the coffee shop for Lorenzo to find, Ric might not have a case and says they need to get a list of everyone who was at or around the coffee shop that day. Spinelli rushes down the stairs to tell them about his encounter with Carly, but he doesn't get to the point, as usual, and he ends up angering Sonny. Spinelli finally revealed that he told her about Lorenzo, Ric, and the flashdrive.

Skye is at Lorenzo's bedside, begging him to wake up because she and their daughter, Lila Rae, need him. Ric comes in and pretends to be worried, but Skye knows its an act and wants Ric to just spit out what he wants. Ric wants access to Lorenzo's safe so he can get the flashdrive back. Skye declines his request. Ric then goes to the confessional where Father Ruiz was listening in. Ric tells him how much he hates to be second best to Sonny and how he wants to make him pay by putting him away for shooting Lorenzo. The mysterious man is walking in the hospital on the phone with someone stating that he will do what he needs to do and that it will be dealt with carefully. The elevator opens up. Carly walks out bumps into him. The apologizes and Carly heads to Lorenzo's room. The person on the phone wants to know what just happen, so the mystery man tells them that is was a beautiful distraction. Skye is still hoping for Lorenzo to wake up when Carly asks if there's been any change. Skye says no, like Carly cares what happens to Lorenzo. Skye reminds Carly that she is still not going to rule this as an accident because Lila Rae needs her father and will do anything to get him back just like she (Carly) is going to do for Sonny. Carly agrees with her and tells her that she doesn't want to be the reason her kids' father goes to prison. Carly then asks Skye if she's seen Lorenzo and Ric together at anytime. Skye isn't willing to answer, but Carly pleads with her to tell her the truth and tells her about Spinelli and the flash drive and how she believes that Ric might have tired to kill Lorenzo. Skye's not convinced so Carly continues with how she believes Ric put this whole thing in motion, putting Sonny and Lorenzo at each other's throats hoping one will try to kill the other and he'll prosecute the one who survived. Skye is convinced that telling Carly about Lorenzo finally gives in and tells her that Ric and Lorenzo did have meet once and that Lorenzo did say that he was blackmailing Ric with something. That was enough for Carly to go on, so she leaves to go to Ric's office where she calls him on his attempt to kill Lorenzo and she will keep her mouth shut if he in returns drop all the charges on Sonny. Ric pulls out his tape recorder and records the whole conversation. Sonny and Jason bust in to stop her, but its too late, Ric has proof that Carly tried to blackmail him, a government official, making more trouble for Sonny. Skye is still at Lorenzo's bed side when the mysterious man enters the room. He introduces himself as Dr. James Craig and says that he's a business associate of Lorenzo's. Skye informs him that whatever he needs, he will have to go through her to get it.

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