GH Update Wednesday 1/10/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/10/07


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Today, GH opens with Carly napping on her couch at home. There's a knock at the door. It's Sonny. She tells him to go away. He tells her that they need to talk. She tells him to go away again. Then she gets up and moves the furniture away from the door. Before Sonny gets a chance to say anything, Carly tells him that her answer is no.

Over at the penthouse, Jason comes in. Sam is on her way out. Jason tells her to let him know if there is any change in Lorenzo's condition. Sam explains to Jason that she quit her job at the hospital.

At GH, Epiphany tells Elizabeth that they need to monitor Lorenzo's vitals. Epiphany points out that Liz may not be the best person to care for Lorenzo given her connections to Jason and Sonny. Liz tells Epiphany that she is a professional and that her patients are important to her.

Meanwhile, Patrick and Robin discuss Lorenzo's surgery. Patrick is upset because he thinks Lorenzo should be awake by now. He asks Robin if she thinks there's a chance that he botched the surgery.

In Lorenzo's hospital room, Skye sits by his side. She tells him that she and Lila Rae need him. She tells him that he has to survive this so he can take her to his ranch in South America and so he can teach Lila to ride horses. She promises to take care of him and vows not to leave him. Liz comes in to check on Lorenzo and notices a problem with one of his IVs. Skye asks Liz what's wrong. Liz says she's not sure and that she's going to get a doctor to come look at it. The opening credits roll.

Over at the Q mansion, Lulu and Dillon discuss Rick's missing day planner. Lulu thinks Monica took it. Dillon says that's too obvious, unless it's true. Lulu says he's no help. Lulu tells him that they need to find the book. Dillon tells her that they will have to beat the Q's at their own game. Then he tells her it takes a Quartermaine to know a Quartermaine.

At Kelly's, Maxie comes in to find Georgie sitting at a table. She asks Georgie what kept her out until two in the morning. Georgie tells her that she was over at Professor Marquez's place doing research. Maxie picks on her about the obvious game he's playing with her. Georgie insists the two are just friends as Professor Marquez walks in behind her.

Back at the penthouse, Sam explains to Jason that when she was arguing with Liz at the hospital, Ms. Sneed showed up and threatened to write them up. Then she tells him about how Epiphany jumped to their aid, but later told Sam she was ungrateful to Liz. Jason asks her if she's sure she doesn't want to work at GH. She tells him that she can't be around Liz. He tells her she should do what she wants to and she brings up applying for a job at ELQ.

Back at Carly's, Sonny tells Carly that he has warned her about walking into his office unannounced. She tells him that she saved his life by doing so. They argue and Sonny asks her if she's really going to let him go to prison.

Back at GH, Robin and Patrick join Liz and Skye in Lorenzo's room. Liz points out the IV in question. Robin and Patrick determine that it had been tampered with. They suggest someone may have injected something into the IV, which in turn caused him to have a heart attack. Skye asks him what this means. Patrick tells her that it's obvious someone is still trying to kill Lorenzo.

Back at Carly's, Sonny spits off some legal jargon about spousal privilege. He tells her that he's about to be indicted. She tells him that she doesn't care because she's going to marry Jax no matter what. He tells her that he commitment to Jax isn't as important as keeping him out of jail. She asks him if there is any other way. He tells her she could move out of the country. The kids eavesdrop from the stairs.

At the penthouse, Sam asks Jason how he would feel about her working at ELQ. He tells her to do what she wants, but warns her that he doesn't want her to get caught up in the Quartermaine craziness.

Over at the Q mansion, Dillon calls a family meeting to distract the family while Lulu searches for the daybook. Edward comes in complaining. Monica, Alan, Tracey and Alice follow. They decide it must be important if Dillon is calling the meeting. They begin to argue with each other. Lulu digs through the briefcases on the tables in the entrance hall. Dillon tells them he has called them together to discuss a serious problem. Edward tells him there are millions of serious problems in the house and tells him to be specific. They fight amongst each other some more as Lulu moves her search upstairs.

At Kelly's, Georgie sits with Marquez and the two talk about her research as Maxie listens from the counter. She interrupts their conversation and asks the professor if he usually has students over at his place until two in the morning. Then she asks him why he didn't have a male student do the research and Marquez tells Maxie that Georgie is special. He tells her that Georgie understands the importance of the research. Then he invites Georgie over again to read another chapter in his book. She agrees. Marquez leaves and Maxie teases Georgie some more. She points out that Marquez is interested in more than just her research abilities and tells her to go for it. Then she tells Georgie that things are going well in her life.

Back at GH, Lucky and Rodriguez have shown up to investigate the second attempt on Lorenzo's life. The two ask Robin and Patrick why it is unlikely that the surgery resulted in Lorenzo's heart attack. Robin assures Lucky and Rodriguez that the surgery went perfectly. Patrick tells them that Lorenzo was doing well the night before. Lucky asks Liz if anyone suspicious was hanging around the night before (in particular, Jason). She tells him that Jason was there, but that he didn't go near Lorenzo. Lucky asks why he was there and she says it must have been to drop Carly off so she could talk to Skye. Skye confirms her run in with Carly. Then she tells Lucky that she did see Father Ruiz roaming the halls. But, she tells him he was on the other side of the hospital. Skye gets a little huffy and Rodriguez points out that Lorenzo did go to Sonny's office with the intent of shooting him. Then he points out that Sonny needs Lorenzo to live in order to avoid a murder charge. Father Ruiz is retrieved and Lucky and Rodriguez begin to question him. Lucky has a flashback of when Manny attacked him.

Liz returns to the Nurse's station. Liz talks to Epiphany about how she told Lucky that Jason had been there. She tells Epiphany she doesn't want Jason and Lucky fighting with each other. Maxie overhears the conversation.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Robin and Patrick talk. Patrick thanks her for her vote of confidence on the surgery. She tells him that they should probably spend less time around each other at work.

Meanwhile, Lucky lets Rodriguez finish questioning Father Ruiz and walks away. Maxie sees him coming, runs into him and falls. He helps her up. Liz watches.

Carly heads over to the lake house to pay Alexis a visit. She bangs on the door until Alexis answers. Carly tells her it's time to repay her for all the nice things she's done to help her during her chemo. She tells Alexis she needs legal advice and gives her a hypothetical situation (which just happens to be the situation she's in). Alexis sarcastically tells her it would make a great bedtime story. Carly comes clean and tells Alexis that Sonny shot Lorenzo and that she saw it. She tells her that Ric knows she saw it and she asks Alexis how to avoid taking the stand without marrying Sonny.

Over at Sonny's, Jason tells him not to worry about Carly and assures him that she'll marry him. Sonny says that her adamant refusal to wed him hurts his feelings a bit. Jason tells Sonny that she's just trying to prove that she loves Jax. He tells Sonny he just has to assure Carly that their marriage would only be one of convenience. Sonny asks Jason who said it would be a marriage of convenience.

Back at the Q mansion, Dillon talks to the family. He tells them that he's had a change of heart and thinks they should compensate the people who used the faulty condoms. Edward accuses Lulu of being behind Dillon's sudden change of heart. Then he reminds Dillon that he has heart problems and calls him an "Iago". Alan agrees with Dillon that they should settle. They all begin to argue again. Dillon tells them that they need to treat the public ethically. Edward tells Dillon he doesn't work for ELQ anymore. Alice suggests Dillon go back to film school, citing that he had better hair when he was in film school. The doorbell rings and Alice goes to answer it. Tracey points out that Dillon's idea makes no sense and asks him what he's really up to. He claims he's had a spiritual rebirth. Alice reenters and tells Tracey that Sam has come to see her. Tracey tells Alice that she doesn't want to see Sam. Dillon yells at the family and exits. Everyone else exits and Sam comes in to talk to Tracey. Tracey tells Sam she has o time for her, but asks her what she wants anyway. Sam tells her she wants to apply for a job at ELQ.

Back at GH, Liz approaches Lucky and Maxie and points out that Maxie took quite a fall. She offers to call Dr. Lee to check her out. Maxie says she's fine.

Meanwhile, Robin and Patrick discuss separating their public and private lives. Patrick tells her that if they stop visiting each other in supply closets, he might die. Then he tells her he enjoys he consults. She tells him just to admit that he needs her.

Near the nurse's station, Lucky explains to Maxie that he was questioning Father Ruiz and had a flashback. He told her he just had to get away from him. Lucky leaves and Liz watches Maxie and Lucky. Maxie looks back at Liz as she says goodbye to Lucky at the elevator.

Back at Sonny's the mob boss reminds Jason that all Carly can talk about is how she wants to marry Jax. Jason tells Sonny that it doesn't matter, because in the end, she won't let Sonny go to prison. He also points out that it would be unfair to take advantage of the situation. Michael and Morgan come running in. When Sonny asks them why they came, Michael tells him that it only makes sense they move back in since he and Carly have to get married again.

At the lake house, Carly tells Alexis that she has to help her get out of the mess she's in. Alexis tells her that it's up to the attorneys to prove guilt or innocence. She tells Carly to leave it to the legal system. Carly tells Alexis that she can't let Ric use her to put Sonny in jail. Alexis tells her that Ric will put her in jail if she lies to save Sonny. Carly's phone rings. It's Sonny. She tells him she doesn't have time for him. He asks her if she knows where her sons are.

At Kelly's, Dillon meets Lulu at a table. He explains how he ruined his future at ELQ. She asks him why he did that. He said he did it so she could look for the book. He tells her he hopes it's worth it.

Back at GH, Maxie walks by Georgie. Georgie asks her where she's going and she tells her that she doesn't feel well. She and Georgie fight about Lucky. Maxie tells Georgie that Lucky's feelings have changed since the miscarriage. Georgie tells her that Lucky will never leave Liz or the baby. Maxie leaves.

Back at the Q mansion, Tracey goes over Sam's resume briefly. She crumbles it up. Edward comes in and tells Tracey he'll take over. He tells Tracey that because Jason loves Sam, she's family. He tells her that family always has a place at ELQ.

At the penthouse, Skye knocks on the door. Jason answers and Skye barges in. Jason tells her that she shouldn't do something stupid for Lorenzo's sake. She tells him that he would do the same if it were someone he loved. Jason asks her what she wants. She tells him she wants to know what he knows about the latest attempt on Lorenzo's life. Jason assures her that he and his people had nothing to do with it. She demands he help her find out who is responsible.

Meanwhile, Carly makes a trip to Sonny's place. Carly tells Sonny that he needs to explain to the boys that Mommy will never marry Daddy again. She tells him he needs to stop using the kids to get his way. He tells Carly that she should be the one to explain to the kids how lonely he is going to be in jail. Michael and Morgan come down. Carly explains to them that she is not going to marry Sonny. She tells them they shouldn't listen in on grown-up conversations. Then she tells them she is going to marry Jax. Diane walks in and tells them that a marriage to Carly may be Sonny's only chance at staying out of jail.

Back at GH, Robin goes to check on Lorenzo. As she leaves his room, she runs into Father Ruiz. She tells him that Lorenzo isn't allowed any visitors. He tells her he is on his way to visit a different patient. He walks away. A mysterious blond man stands in the background.

Over at the nurse's station, Liz talks to Kelly about Maxie. She tells her that Maxie says she's still cramping. Dr. Lee tells her that in some miscarriages, it's normal. Liz tells her that she saw Maxie fake a fall a little while ago.

Over at Kelly's, Maxie bumps into Lucky again. She asks him if he would like to join her to take the dog for a walk. He says yes.

Inside, Lulu tells Dillon she was unable to find the daybook.

Back at the Q house, Edward looks over Sam's resume and tells her he can understand why she wouldn't want to do salvage work any more. He points out that it's not an ideal occupation for someone wanting children. Tracey eavesdrops outside the room. Edward tells Sam that Jason is his favorite grandson. He points out that he has Lila's eyes. Sam ells Edward that she loves Jason's eyes and wishes she could have met Lila. Edward tells Sam that if she had Jason's baby, it will always be taken care of and it will be his favorite heir. Tracey is not happy.

Back at the penthouse, Jason tells Skye that they basically have the same family. He tells her to cut Lorenzo loose. Skye tells him not to give her a danger speech and she tells him that he doesn't scare her. Jason tells her that it's not him she should be afraid of, but Lorenzo's government employers. Skye tells Jason that there are things and people worth risking everything for.

Back at Sonny's, Carly tells Diane that she can't marry Sonny because she's marrying someone else. Diane gives Sonny a sheet of paper. He looks at it and gives it to Carly. It's a subpoena for court on Tuesday. Diane tells Carly she can avoid testifying if she shows up with a ring on her finger and documentation saying she's Mrs. Corinthos again. Sonny asks Carly if Monday works for her for their fourth wedding date. Carly looks angry and frustrated as the show comes to an end.

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