GH Update Tuesday 1/9/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/9/07


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With Emily in the car, Nikolas rushes over to Apple Place, the road Colleen lives on, to find her and get Spencer back.  Nikolas pulls out a gun and a worried Emily tells him that the gun could frighten Colleen and she might in return harm Spencer.  She then ask him if he is prepared to use it if necessary and Nikolas says that he will do whatever it takes to get his son back.  They soon realize that Apple Place doesn't exist.  Emily figures that Colleen's address isn't completely fake, the numbers are right, but wrong street.  They find the apartment complex only to find the place empty.  Emily finds a picture finds a picture of Spencer.  She shows it to Nikolas and he is happy to see that he's okay.

Dillon and Lulu are at the Quartermaine mansion looking at Rick Webber's date book.  They notice that there two numbers that Rick called numerous times the day he was murdered.  They think of the best way that they can go about to find out who those number belong to.  Lulu says that Spinelli can find out.  Dillon tells Lulu that she's on her own because he has an Econ exam to study for.  Spinelli arrives at the mansion.  Alice is there to welcome him in.  He compliments her on her wrestling match last night.  Alice thinks him and wants to show him a new wrestling move she's been working on.  Spinelli wonders if its okay that he's here because Monica doesn't like him.  Alice tells him that she will take care of Mrs.  Q  Lulu interrupts them and pulls Spinelli into the living room.  Lulu shows Spinelli Rick Webber's date book and ask him if he could find out who the two numbers the Rick called the night he was murdered belong to.  He says yes, and Dillon wonders it he can still track them if they've been disconnected.  Spinelli responds "I am the jackal".  Monica listens in as Spinelli tracks down the numbers.  Tracy startles Monica when she finds her spying.  Tracy wants to know who she was spying on.  She tells her that Spinelli is in there.  Tracy walks in to end there "project" and to throw Spinelli, who's name she mispronounces, out.  Lulu and Spinelli leave.  Tracey asks Dillon what they are up to, but Dillon declines to answer.  Tracey goes to the front door to stop Lulu and Spinelli.  Spinelli gets out the door, but Tracy takes Lulu into the living room.  Lulu leaves her backpack in the hallway.  Lulu starts asking Tracy questions about Monica, Alan, Rick, the night Rick was murdered and if Monica was mad at the funeral.  Tracy tells her she wasn't in town for the funeral.  Tracy then warns Lulu not to hang out with Spinelli and to drop her "project".  Monica waits until the coast is clear to go into Lulu's backpack and steal Rick Webber's date book.  Alan catches her and she fills him in on what Lulu, Spinelli, and Dillon have been doing.  Alan looks worried.

Sam shows up at the hospital to give Elizabeth her scarf and to warn her to stay away from Jason.  Sam goes on by saying she doesn't believe her innocent act and says to Elizabeth that she knows she wants Jason and wants him to take care or her and her kids.  Elizabeth denies Sam's allegations and tells her that she and Jason are just friends and have been since way before she came to Port Charles and has no attention of ending it because Sam has a problem.  Ms.  Sneed overhears the fight and wants to put both of them on report.  Epiphany interrupts Ms.  Sneed to ask her what she was doing on her floor.  Ms.  Sneed tells her that she was checking up on Sam.  Epiphany lets Ms.  Sneed have a piece of her mind.  She tells her that Sam is not on duty and that she can't report Elizabeth because if she read the nurses' handbook she would know she has no right to report a floor nurse and as for Ms.  McCall, she can come in here and yell at whoever she wants to because Ms.  Sneed didn't want to pay for extra security.  she continues by saying that is Ms.  Sneed didn't stop, she will to the union steward.  Ms.  Sneed backs off and Epiphany sends Elizabeth to check on a patient.  after Elizabeth leave, Sam assumes that Epiphany is going to yell at her now.  Epiphany reminds her how she and Elizabeth risked their jobs to help her because Jason Morgan asked them to.  Sam tells her that she knows how to make this easier on everyone and informs Epiphany that she quits.  Sam returns to the penthouse and throws the bottle of champagne at the wall.

Carly is angry and refuses to marry Sonny.  Jason tells her that its the only way to help her and Sonny so she doesn't have to testify against Sonny and Sonny doesn't go to prison.  Carly insists that there has to be another way, but Jason says there isn't.  Carly knows she screwed up, but she will lie to help Sonny.  Jason doesn't this its a good idea because Sonny could still go to prison.  Carly sits down and tells Jason how bad an idea this is since she's in love Jax and how hard it is to be married to Sonny and how she doesn't want to go back to that because she knows where she ends and where Jax begins and with Sonny its all tangled up.  Jason says that she doesn't have to be married forever to Sonny, just until he is cleared a little while if Lorenzo lives and a lot longer if he dies.  Carly doesn't want to wait that long and comes up with another solution.

As Lorenzo goes into surgery, Skye wonders if she's making the right decision.  Patrick and Robin ensures her that she made the right choice by telling her both surgery opinions.  Skye agrees and Robin, Patrick, and Alan begin working on Lorenzo.  Skye looks through the window of the operating room as a mysterious man watches her.  Patrick is able to remove the bullet fragments from Lorenzo's brain.  Lorenzo's blood pressure starts to drop, but Patrick was able to bring it back up by sucking out the blood around his brain.  Patrick and Robin deliver the good news to Skye that the surgery went while, but they won't know for awhile if Lorenzo is brain dead or not.  Carly show up in Lorenzo's room to talk to Skye.  Carly tells her that she's been in her place before, praying for the man you love to come back to you.  Carly tells Skye that Sonny shot Lorenzo by accident, but Skye knows it wasn't and tells her that one way or another, Sonny will pay for what he did. 

While at the hospital with Carly, Epiphany tells Jason about Sam and Elizabeth.  Jason apologizes to Elizabeth and tells her that he doesn't want to end their friendship.  Elizabeth tells him that he doesn't have to apologize for Sam.  They are interrupted by Carly stomping out of Lorenzo's room and say, "I will not marry Sonny".  Elizabeth doesn't want to know what that was all about and Jason says she doesn't.  Jason goes to the penthouse and sees Sam sitting in a chair.  Sam tells Jason that she did something stupid today, she saw Elizabeth's scarf and started drinking, and went over to the hospital, but before she could finish Jason admits to her that Epiphany told him.  Sam tells him that she hates the fact that he slept with Elizabeth because it happened right there in their house and she is reminded of it everyday.  She also says that she doesn't know if she can ever get past that even though Elizabeth's baby isn't his.  she says that maybe it will be better when they have a family of their own.  Robin apologizes to Skye for not stopping Carly, but Skye tells her that she doesn't need to apologize for Carly.  Robin tells Skye that Lorenzo isn't going to wake up until tomorrow morning at the earliest so she should go home to Lila Rae.  Skye agrees and then leaves.  a mysterious person enters the room and injects some kind of poison into Lorenzo's IV.  Robin and Patrick are outside of Lorenzo's room as they decide what to do next.  Robin wants to go couch shopping and Patrick wants to go home and make love.  They kiss and argue until Lorenzo flat lines and they rush in with the crash cart to save his life. 

Carly returns to her house to find lady Jane waiting in her living room.  Carly asks her if she's heard from Jax.  lady Jane disappoints her by saying she hasn't.  Carly wants her to call around to his financial people to find him because she needs to marry him right now or she will have to marry Sonny.  Lady Jane tells her okay, but it's a long list.  Carly wants her to use her mother's intuition to find him.  Then there's a knock at the door.  Carly hides and lady Jane walks over to answer it.  Carly warns that if its Sonny, she's not home and don't let him in.  Carly is relived when lady Jane tells her that its that nice bodyguard.  Carly jumps up and ask max to marry her.  He declines, but Carly insist and max declines.  Carly opens up a notebook, gets a pen, and writes no in capital letters and tells max to give it to Sonny.  Then she kicks him out.  She then gets the idea to stack furniture in front of the door, but she's interrupted by Michael and Morgan coming down the stairs.  Michael wants to know why she was putting furniture in front of the door, but before she could answer the phone rings.  Carly tells Michael to answer it and if its his dad don't answer it.  Michael tells her he won't know if its him if he doesn't answer the phone.  Carly tells him that it is him to hang it up.  Michael stares at her with confusion. 

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