GH Update Monday 1/8/07

General Hospital Update Monday 1/8/07


Written By Shanna
Pictures by Juanita

Today, GH opens with Nikolas and Emily at the day care center. Nikolas talks about his son and how he and Emily are checking out day care centers to see which one would be best. Colleen eavesdrops.

Meanwhile, at the penthouse, Jason tells Liz stress is bad for the baby. Liz debates on whether or not to tell then truth about her babyís paternity.

At the lake house, Alexis attempts to get rid of Ric. Sam tries to help.

At Sonny’s office, Sonny threatens Lorenzo that Jason will come after him if he tries to kill him. Lorenzo doesn’t care. He is about to shoot Sonny when Carly barges in distracting him. This gives Sonny time to pull a gun and shoot Lorenzo in them head. Sonny tries to get Carly out. People come in and yell, “Call 911.” The credits roll.

Back in Denver, Nikolas tells the worker that he wants to send his kid to some place safe. When he about his 10 month old son and asks the woman if they have any babies that age there, the fire alarm goes off. The worker urges Nikolas and Emily to help her get the kids out. Emily notices three snack cups on a table where two babies were sitting near.

Meanwhile, Lulu and Tracy duke it out at the Q mansion. Lulu insists she’s behaving. Tracy wonders why Monica is in such a tizzle. Tracy demands to know what the kids are up to. Lulu tells her that it’ none of her business and that she’s not her mother.

At GH, Epiphany says that the husband who had been at the hospital the other night was in again because he was driving under the influence and crashed. She talks to Patrick. Alan enters. Patrick tells him that if he sees Robin, he should tell her that he isn’t at the hospital. Robin enters. She talks to Patrick.

At Sonny’s office, Sonny asks his guards if they checked to make sure Lorenzo was unarmed. They say they did. Sonny tries to get Carly to leave, but she refuses.

At the lake house, Sam tells Ric to get out, but he ignores her. Alexis and he fight about Molly and Ric leaves.

Lucky shows up at the penthouse and questions Jason about what Lorenzo is up to. Jason says he can’t help. Lucky gets a phone call informing him that Sonny shot Lorenzo. He leaves. Liz comes out of hiding and Jason tells her he has to go. She tells him she needs to talk to him. The two leave, but she leaves her scarf behind.

At the lake house, Alexis thanks Sam for her help and Sam thanks Alexis for standing up for her in court. She leaves after thanking Alexis again.

Back at the Q’s, Lulu tells Tracy it isn’t her responsibility to take care of her. Then she tells her that she isn’t mad at her father for leaving. She tells Tracy that Luke left again because Laura relapsed, not because anything she (Tracy) did.

Back at GH, Robin points out couches on a web site to Patrick. As they look, some emergency paramedics bring Lorenzo in and the doctors get to work.

Back at the coffee shop office, Sonny points out where Lorenzo’s gun is, and where his gun is, to Rodriguez. Rodriguez tells them he’ll need to bring him and Carly to the station.

Meanwhile, Sam returns to the penthouse and calls for Jason, who doesnít answer. She sees Lizís scarf lying on the couch and gives a look of sadness/anger.

At GH, Liz joins Epiphany at the nurse’s station. Epiphany explains the situation with the DUI guy with the cheating wife. She suggests Liz talk to him since her situation almost ended up that way. She leaves to go talk to the guy and runs into Father Mateo. She is visibly terrified.

Meanwhile, Lulu pays a visit to her mother at Shadybrook. She updates her mother on her progress in the investigation and tells her about the daybook she and Dillon found. She mentions that they found two numbers listed repeatedly in the book and that Monica has been acting strangely towards them. Then she asks her mother to come back.

At GH, Skye runs in and talks to Alan who catches her up to speed with Lorenzo’s condition. Skye run over to Lorenzo’s side. She learns from Alan that Sonny tried to kill Lorenzo. Skye is very angry.

At the police department, Rodriguez brings Sonny and Carly in for questioning. Ric and Lucky are there and Ric points out that Jason has no business being there. Carly argues with Ric a little.

Back at the day care, no fire is discovered and everyone reenters the building. The worker tells Nikolas and Emily there was a 10-month-old baby there earlier that belonged to a new worker. Nikolas shows the woman a picture of Colleen to see if the woman the worker spoke of was Colleen. Nikolas and Emily decide that Colleen must have seen them there.

At the penthouse, Sam sits alone on the couch, drinking a glass of wine. She has flashbacks of several instances where Liz just popped up at the penthouse.

Back at GH, Liz and Mateo have a confrontation. She tells Mateo to stay away. He introduces himself as Manny’s priestly brother. Liz tells him what Manny did to her and Father Mateo tells her he’ll keep her in his prayers.

At the police department, Jason and Carly discuss what happened when Lorenzo was shot. Ric argues with Diane, Sonny’s attorney, who demands Sonny and Carly be released. The two are released and Diane claims Sonny was acting in self-defense when he shot Lorenzo.

At GH, Skye speaks with Patrick and Robin about Lorenzo’s condition. Patrick wants to operate. Robin agrees. Alan interrupts and tells Skye that an operation isn’t Lorenzo’s best option. He tells Skye if anything were to go wrong in surgery, Lorenzo would die.

At the lake house, Alexis sprays some air freshener and hides her weed. Viola and the kids come in. Alexis hugs Kristina and promises to keep the family the way it is.

Back at GH, Robin assures Skye that Patrick is an excellent surgeon. Alan disagrees with an invasive surgery, but Patrick insists that the surgery is the only way to completely cure him without paralysis.

At the police station, Sonny’s attorney tells Ric if he needs anything to contact her office. Ric tells Sonny not to leave town. Lucky asks about what they will do with Carly.

Meanwhile, Jason and Carly chat. Jason tells Carly to keep her mouth shut. Jason goes over what happened with Carly. Carly tells Jason that she knows what she saw. Then she admits that she didn’t see if Lorenzo was pointing a gun at Sonny when Lorenzo was shot.

In Denver, Nikolas gets frustrated with the untrusting day care center worker who is skeptical of the pair because they lied. Nikolas tells her to call Lucky. She does and he asks if Nikolas got a lead on his baby.

Elsewhere, Colleen goes to her apartment with Spencer and tells him that they will be leaving town. She assures him they won’t be found. When she enters her apartment, she has a fearful look of shock when she opens the door.

At GH, Skye speaks to an unconscious Lorenzo. She promises do everything she can to do what he would want. She talks to Patrick and Robin and tells them to go ahead with the surgery.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Sam confronts Liz. She brings her the scarf she left in the penthouse and tells her she’s hanging around Jason too much. She asks Liz what she wants from Jason.

Meanwhile, Jason and Carly talk about Sonny shooting Lorenzo. Carly tells Sonny that she will tell the police that she saw Lorenzo with a gun, even though she didn’t.

Back in Sonny’s office, Diane talks to Sonny. Sonny tells her that Carly will lie for him.

The frame cuts to Jason telling Carly that Ric will prove she’s lying for Sonny. He warns Carly that she’s in trouble. The frame cuts back to Sonny telling Diane that they have to make sure that Ric doesn’t call Carly as a witness. Meanwhile, Jason tells Carly there is only one way to make sure Ric doesn’t call her a witness. Before he explains, Carly refuses to do what he is implying.

Back in Sonny’s office, Diane tells Sonny that the only way to ensure Carly stays off the witness stand is for him to marry her again. Sonny sits thinking as the show ends.

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