GH Update Friday 1/5/07

General Hospital Update Friday 1/5/07


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Today, GH opens with Alexis at the hospital. She is getting out of another round of chemo. Liz asks someone to bring Alexis a wheelchair, but Alexis tells Liz she doesn't want one. Liz offers to call a cab to come pick Alexis up. Ric walks over and offers to take Alexis home.

Meanwhile, at the penthouse, Sam hears a knock at the door and answers to find Carly on the other side. She informs Carly that Jason isn't home. Carly tells Sam that she didn't come to see Jason. She came to see her. Carly informs Sam that she knows about her and Jason's plan to have a baby. Carly tells Sam the sooner she gets pregnant, the better it will be for Jason.

Elsewhere, in Sonny's office, he and Jason discuss Alcazar and the recent seizure of his shipment. Sonny tells Jason that Alcazar will be coming after them soon.

Over at Lorenzo's, the mob boss speaks with a woman. He gives her instructions and Skye walks in. The credits roll.

Back at GH, Ric insists that Alexis let him drive her home. She tells him she doesn't need him using this against her in court and Ric tells her he's offering out of concern.

In Denver, Nikolas is on the phone with someone he has hired to help find Spencer. He asks the person on the other line if he checked rental car agencies and bus stations. Nikolas gets angry and knocks some papers off a table as Emily enters. Emily tells him that getting angry won't help them find Spencer.

Meanwhile, Colleen brings Spencer back to the daycare for another day of work. She talks to him and tells him that once she saves some money, they will move.

Back at the penthouse, Sam tells Carly that it took Jason a long time to agree to have a baby with her. She tells Carly he's been working a lot. Carly tells Sam that Jason must still be worried about Sam's health and then offers to help Sam. She tells Sam that sometimes you have to force men to do things for their own good. Then she tells Sam not to worry; she'll take care of everything. Then she leaves Sam wondering what's in store.

In Sonny's office, Sonny tells Jason that Lorenzo is getting desperate and that he won't stop until he avenges Diego's death. Sonny warns that Lorenzo will not walk away from this fight and then he tells Jason if Lorenzo makes a move, they will take care of it.

Back at Lorenzo's, the woman he has hired to do some dirty work tells him she'll call when she's finished her assignment. The woman leaves and Lorenzo permits Skye to come into the room. His cell phone rings, but he doesn't answer it. He warns Skye, again, never to answer that phone. Then he hands her his will and tells her that in the event of his death, he has made sure that she and Lila will be taken care of.

Back in Denver, Emily assures Nikolas that they will find Spencer. The two start discussing how Colleen knows the area. Nikolas points out that Colleen will need money eventually, meaning she'll have to get a job. They start to think about what kinds of jobs would allow Colleen to bring Spencer to work with her.

At the daycare center, Colleen talks to Spencer and tells him that once she saves enough money, they'll move to a place she's researched. She promises him a big house and back yard. "We'll have a good life," she tells him.

Back at the hospital, Georgie comes rushing in past Maxie, who points out that she is late. Georgie explains she was caught up in some research she was doing for Professor Pete. Maxie starts talking about how Pete is good looking and tells Georgie that she can tell she's attracted to him. Georgie points out that a relationship with her teacher would be an unethical thing to do. Maxie encourages the behavior anyways and Georgie tells Maxie that she's just trying to get her to do something wrong like she (Maxie) did.

At the lake house, Alexis walks in to find Spinelli sitting with Kristina. He is teaching her to hack into "Uncle Stone Cold's" financial records. Alexis kicks him out. He tries to offer her his "herbal persuasion", but the "goddess mother" insists she doesn't want his medicine and tells him to go. He leaves and she rests on the couch, miserably.

At GH, Liz and Ric discuss Ric's decision to take Alexis to court. Liz tells Ric it would be better for the kids if they just worked out their issues. Ric tells Liz that his marriage to Alexis was over a long time ago. He tells her that he wants to be able to spend time with his daughter.

Back at Sonny’s office, Jason tells Sonny that Bernie is worried about the financial records. Jason suggests they have Spinelli audit them. As Sonny tells him that he doesn’t think Spinelli should do that, Carly busts in and asks Jason why he’s sitting around talking to Sonny when he could be at home making a baby with Sam.

In Denver, Nikolas and Emily decide that Colleen wouldn’t have been able to be a nanny again and take care of Spencer. Emily suggests Colleen may be working in a daycare. Nikolas flips through the phonebook, only to discover that there are a hundred day cares in the Denver area. Emily asks Nikolas to look up day cares in the area that Colleen’s family lived in.

Back at GH, Liz tells Ric he can’t compare his and Alexis’ relationship to hers and Lucky’s. She tells Ric to think about how a custody battle will affect the kids. Then she tells him that he and Alexis should find a way to compromise, for their children’s sakes. Ric tells Liz she’s a good mom because she always does what’s best for her children.

Back at the penthouse, Sam lights a candle on a table. Spinelli runs in. He explains to Sam that he was delivering some weed to Alexis, but Alexis wigged out and made him leave. Spinelli is worried that “Mr. Corinthos sir” will be angry with him. Sam takes the “product” from Spinelli and tells him that she’ll take care of it.

Back at Lorenzo’s, he and Skye talk about his business. Skye asks him why he can’t just change locations on a shipment that he’s worried will be intercepted. Lorenzo tells her that if he does that, the buyer may back out. He tells Skye that he sent that woman to keep Sonny from interfering. Then Lorenzo gives Skye two tickets to Switzerland for her and Lila.

Meanwhile, Lorenzo’s woman friend makes her entrance at Sonny’s coffee shop. Milo looks over at her. Inside Sonny’s office, Carly tells Jason he should go make a baby with Sam because it would make him happy, which in turn would make Sonny happy, which would make Michael and Morgan happy, which would make Carly happy. Jason asks her if he wants her to do this to make her happy. She asks him when he stopped wanting to make her happy. Sonny sends Jason home and tells him he has it covered. Meanwhile, Lorenzo’s woman friend slips a gun into a trashcan near Sonny’s office.

Back at the lake house, Alexis is blowing her nose when Sam walks in and informs her that she called Viola and asked her to take the kids out. Kristina comes out with Viola and Molly. She feels her mother’s forehead and then leaves with Viola. Alexis thanks Sam, who then pulls out Spinelli’s cancer treatment.

At the penthouse, Jason comes in to find Spinelli snacking and listening to loud music. Jason turns the music off, gives Spinelli a wad of money, and tells him to find somewhere else to stay for the night. He sends Spinelli on his way. A second later, there is a knock at the door. Jason reiterates that he wants Spinelli to go. Liz, who is on the other side of the door, says, “okay.”

At GH, Lulu runs in and hops on a computer. Maxie finds her and threatens her. Lulu retaliates and tells Maxie she’s faking her miscarriage.

Over at Carly’s house, Lady Jane sits on the couch as Carly comes in. Jane explains that Jerry called for help and Carly asks if Jax is okay. She tells Jane that she hasn’t been able to reach Jax and is worried. Jane assures Carly that Jax is probably fine. She tells Carly that Jerry is involved with some mob trouble.

Back at the coffee shop, Max enters with Michael and Morgan. The kids go to see their father in his office. Michael mentions that career day is coming up and he wanted Jax to come. Sonny is threatened and asks Michael why he’d want Jax there instead of him. Michael tells Sonny that Carly said that Jax has more time for that stuff than Sonny. Sonny tells Michael he’s never too busy for his kids.

Back at Lorenzo’s, he and Skye argue about her and Lila leaving town. His phone rings again. He answers. It’s his hired woman. She tells him that the job is done. Lorenzo tells Skye he will be back and gives her a kiss before leaving.

Back at the penthouse, Jason apologizes to Liz for yelling. He tells her to come in and she is reluctant because she can tell he has something planned with Sam. He tells her that Sam went to see Alexis. Jason asks Liz what’s going on and apologizes for not making it to the hospital to visit her. She tells him she just wanted to thank him for saving her and the baby. Jason asks her if she remembers what happened the night of the accident. He mentions that her car wasn’t in a place that would indicate that she was driving to Audrey’s. She admits that she was coming to see him.

Back at the lake house, Alexis is chatty and feeling better. Ric knocks at the door. Sam answers and he barges his way in. He tells Alexis he doesn’t want to fight her in court,

At GH, Georgie walks in on the Lulu/Maxie argument. She berates them both and tells Maxie tell just let it slide this time. Lulu thanks Georgie. Georgie tells her she figured it had something to do with the mystery. Lulu tries to explain her relationship with Dillon to Georgie, who doesn’t really care to hear about it.

Meanwhile, Carly questions Lady Jane about how much she knows about Jerry’s mob involvements. Then, Carly jumps to conclusions and assumes this is another ploy of Sonny’s to keep her away from Jax. Jane doesn’t think that Sonny is involved in this.

Carly leaves to go yell at Sonny.

Lorenzo arrives at Sonny’s coffee shop to meet with him. Sonny’s guards pat him down and allow him to go to Sonny’s office. Lorenzo’s woman friend distracts the guards as Lorenzo pulls the gun from the garbage can. He goes into Sonny’s office and holds the gun to him.

Back in Denver, Colleen is at the day care. One of the workers announces it’s time for her to get the snacks. She goes and Nikolas and Emily show up and ask for a tour while Colleen is out of the room.

At the penthouse, Jason offers to help Liz with whatever she needs. She tells Jason he’s the only person she can depend on. She tells him that she has to start being honest.

At the lake house, Alexis tells Ric she’d rather fight him in court in a contest to see who the most unfit parent is. Sam tells Ric he’ll have no case because Alexis would never hurt Molly. Ric tells them that all he has to do is prove that Molly is living in an unsafe environment.

Back at Lorenzo’s, Skye holds Lila and talks about Lorenzo. She decides that she and Lila won’t be going to Switzerland. Lorenzo’s phone rings. She answers it, even though he told her several times before not to. She tells his associates that she’ll take a message.

Meanwhile, in Sonny’s office, Lorenzo holds a gun to Sonny. Sonny tells Lorenzo that once Jason finds out about this, he’ll kill Lorenzo. Lorenzo tells Sonny that Jason will be arrested for something by Ric, whom he has in his back pocket. Sonny tells him that he wouldn’t bet the house on Ric. Lorenzo tells Sonny that he has nothing to lose. just as he’s about to shoot Sonny, Carly barges in yelling at Sonny. Lorenzo turns around and Sonny pulls his gun. He pulls the trigger and shoots Lorenzo in the head. Lorenzo falls to the ground, ending another cliffhanger Friday.

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