GH Update Thursday 1/4/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/4/07


Written By Tori
Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth asks Dr. Lee if there was anyway that Maxie could have faked her pregnancy. dr. lee tells her that she couldn't have faked her pregnancy because the blood test proved it. Elizabeth spreads her theories with Epiphany. Epiphany tells her to call Maxie out, but Elizabeth fears that she might be wrong and doesn't want to say anything until she knows foe sure so she doesn't cause anymore pain for Maxie and Lucky. Epiphany ask Elizabeth if she were pregnant with Jason's baby would she be this interested in what's going on with Lucky, Maxie, and her "pregnancy/miscarriage". Lucky walks in and asks her if Audrey likes pets. he wants to give popsicle the dog to Cameron, but Elizabeth reminds him that she and Audrey work all the time and won't have time for a dog. Lucky agrees and is interrupted by Miss Sneed hassling Sam about being three minutes late to work. Sam tells her that she was stuck in traffic, but Miss Sneed doesn't believe it so Sam comes clean and tells her that she was having sex with her boyfriend (Jason) because they want to conceive a baby and asked her is she wanted details. Miss Sneed tells Sam that she shouldn't discuss her personal matters at work and Sam tells her that she asked for it. Miss Sneed leaves embarrassed and an orderly tells Sam that he wanted to hear it and Epiphany warns him to get back to work.

Skye wants Lorenzo to start an organization to honor Diego, Lorenzo wants revenge. Skye picks up the phone, but Lorenzo warns her not to use it. he is the only one to talk on that phone and that he doesn't want her to get involved. Carly interrupts Sonny's meeting with Bernie to talk about their kiss on new years'. Sonny wonders why it means so much to her. she says that he took advantage of an emotional situation. they then argued about it. Sonny believes that his and Carly's connection is too strong and marrying Jax isn't what she really wants. Carly tries to assure him that her love for Jax is real. Carly rushes off to Jason's for help with Sonny. she rambles on and on, but when she mentions kids Jason wants her to leave so he can go to work. Carly realizes that Jason doesn't want to talk about something and figures out the he and Sam wants to make a baby. then she thinks back to when he thought that Elizabeth was pregnant with he's baby. she doesn't like that Jason is always saving Elizabeth and wonders why Jason doesn’t let Lucky be Elizabeth's hero. Jason finally kicks her out and she goes to the hospital to talk to Elizabeth. Elizabeth doesn't want to talk, but Carly leaves her no choice. Sam is listening in as Carly accuses Elizabeth of wanting Jason and not caring that he loves Sam. Elizabeth tells Carly that Jason wanted to marry her even if he wasn't the father because he wanted to help her. Carly tells her that she might play sweet and innocent, but she is the most calculating woman she knows. Sonny gets a visit from Alexis. she wants Sonny to sign Kristina's field trip form so she could go to the firehouse. Sonny tells her that the form requires only one parent’s signature and wants to know why she really came to visit. she starts saying that since he’s already a criminal she figures he could help her, but before she can finish Sonny interrupts her because he thinks that she wants him to get her some more weed. she tells him that’s not the case and that she doesn’t real need it. he tells her if the marijuana helps her then she should keep smoking it. He informs her that he won’t tell anyone about this. Jason informs Sonny that he intercepted Lorenzo's shipment and put it found of the police station. Sonny is pleased and doesn't care if Lorenzo dies because of his actions. Skye walks in as Lorenzo finds out what happened and isn't pleased. he tells Skye that he has no choose, but to handle Sonny. he gets a call, warning him that he's next move has to be planned or there will be serious consequences.

Pete asks Georgie if she would read the first twenty pages of his book. she says yes and asked him to email them to her, but he wants to see her immediate reaction and invited her over to his place and he'll cook for her. she tells him that he doesn't have to cook for her, but he says that it will give him an excuse to try out his new pasta recipe, so she agrees. Lulu, Dillon, and Spinelli gathered at Kelly's to hack into the hospital computer. they find out that Alan clocked out at 9 o'clock the night Rick Webber was murdered. Lulu points out that if Alan left the hospital at 9 that gave him plenty of time to go to the Scorpio attic and kill Rick. Dillon wonders how would Alan know to go to someone's attic and Spinelli answers by saying maybe they had a meeting. Monica walks in and wants to know why Dillon and Lulu were hanging out with Spinelli. Lulu says that he is helping him with a project. Monica doesn't buy it and warns them that Spinelli is a bad influence and to stay away from him. Spinelli told Monica that he was staying with Jason so everything's cool, but Monica doesn’t think so. Spinelli is hurt because it’s "the blonde ones" investigation and he's just there for assistance and text support. Dillon and Lulu believe that Monica has something to hide. then max and Milo walk in. Milo checks Lulu out while trying to play it cool, but it doesn't work. they exit with Spinelli and Dillon tells Lulu that Milo's crush on her is cute. Lulu tells Dillon that she thinks his cute and should ask him out on a date. Dillon doesn't seem happy about it, but he turns back to the mystery and has an idea. Spinelli is brought to Sonny at the coffee shop. Sonny is instantly annoyed with Spinelli's nicknames for everyone. Spinelli cools it long enough for Sonny to ask a favor of him, but is interrupted by Ric's presents. Ric reminds Sonny that he will be called as a witness during molly's custody hearing. Ric warns Sonny that he shouldn't commit any crimes between now and the hearing. Dillon and Lulu head to the attic where Georgie is there. Dillon wants her to stay, but Georgie leaves. Dillon believes that Georgie doesn't care about the mystery and Lulu thinks something else is going on. Georgie arrives at Pete's house with a box of old photos of her cousins that could help him with his book. Pete hands her the pages and offers her some wine. she tells him that she will love a glass. Georgie tells Pete how much she liked the pages. she can't wait to read the next pages and he informs her that she will be the first to read then they make a toast. Lulu and Dillon reenacted the murder again. Dillon figures out that Alan would have had hit the ceiling fan before hitting Rick. they want to have Spinelli hack back into the police computers to see if forensics found anything on the fan. Dillon falls over the manikin and finds something under the table; it’s a date book from 2002. Dillon finds out that it’s Rick Webber's. Lulu hopes it will help in the investigation and finally clear Laura's name.

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