GH Update Wednesday 1/3/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/3/07


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Today, GH opens with Emily and Nikolas looking at the pictures of Colleen at the airport with Spencer. They are in a hotel room in Denver. Nikolas asks Emily if he thinks people will recognize Colleen from the photographs. Emily says the pictures are kind of grainy, but she is optimistic.

Elsewhere in Denver, Colleen brings Spencer to the new daycare center she will be working at.

Back in Port Charles, Carly enters one of Sonny’s coffee shops. She goes into Sonny’s office, and without saying a word, kisses him. Then she says, “There. How do you like it?”

At GH, Liz imagines that she has given birth to the baby and the scene that aired the other day where Jason and Lucky yell at her for being dishonest plays. When, in the dream, Jason walks out, Liz begs him not to leave her. She wakes up yelling, “Don’t leave.” Lucky tells her everything will be okay and gives her a hug. The opening credits roll.

Back in Denver, Nikolas wonders if they should go public with the kidnapping. He talks himself out of it, convincing himself that Colleen would change her disguise or would abandon Spencer somewhere. Emily tells him that she doesn’t believe Colleen would hurt Spencer. Then she tells him they need to think things through. Nikolas tells Emily the story they will use to find Colleen. The two decide they will pose as a married couple. They will say Colleen is Nikolas’ sister who has their baby. Emily points out that people will know something is up and will try to take advantage of Nikolas because he looks well-to-do.

Meanwhile, at the daycare, Colleen tells a daycare worker that the job is ideal. She tells the worker that Spencer’s name is Randy. She explains that “Randy's” father left them for another woman. Colleen says she doesn’t expect to see Randy’s father ever again.

In Sonny’s office, the mob boss is busy and asks Carly if he can discuss their situation later. Max comes in and tells Sonny that Rodriguez has come to question him. He tells Carly they will talk later. She says she will wait outside. She exits and Sonny asks what he can do for the police department today. Rodriguez asks him what’s going on with Lorenzo.

Meanwhile, Lorenzo is home, talking on the phone about business as Skye stands there listening. When he gets off the phone he tells her that she should know that she’s in for trouble. He tells her that when business is good, it’s profitable. But when it’s bad, it’s lethal.

Back at the hospital, Kelly tells Liz that she has recovered from her hypothermia and can go home. Kelly leaves and Liz tells Lucky that she told him everything was fine and it was unnecessary for her to stay in the hospital over night. He tells her he just wants to be careful because he doesn’t want anything to happen to their baby.

Over at the penthouse, there is a knock at the door. Spinelli answers. It’s Dillon and Lulu. He offers them leftover Chinese food, but they decline. He tells them to be quiet because “ Stone Cold and the Goddess” are still in bed and he doesn’t want to wake them up. There is another knock at the door. Spinelli suggests that they ignore it because it could be someone who wants to kill Jason. Dillon points out that if the person on the other side of the door wanted to kill Jason, he wouldn’t have knocked. They answer the door. It’s Milo. He sees Lulu and gets nervous. He says Jason wanted him to come by to pick up some papers. The kids don’t know what papers he needs to pick up and Spinelli tells him her should come back later because Jason doesn’t like people going through his things. Meanwhile, Lulu flirts with Milo and tells him how sweet he is. then she asks Spinelli and Dillon why they are so afraid of Jason. She asks Milo if he’s afraid of Jason. She tells him that he shouldn’t be since they basically do the same things (tote guns, answer to Sonny, etc..). Dillon tells Lulu to stop flirting with Milo.

Over at Kelly’s, Maxie comes in and asks Georgie for a latte. Georgie is busy doing research on her laptop for Professor Pete. She tells Maxie to get the latte herself. Maxie tells her that she must have a thing for Pete. Georgie denies the assertion and insists she’s just doing her job. Maxie tells Georgie that she knows what she wants and knows how to get it. Then Lucky walks in.

Back at the coffee shop, Carly taps her fingernails impatiently against the counter. She complains to Max about Sonny. A woman walks in and ignores Max as she goes into Sonny’s office. Carly is pissed that everyone and their brother are allowed to see Sonny, but she has to wait outside. The woman walks into Sonny’s office and tells him that he shouldn’t be talking to the cops when she’s not there. Sonny introduces the woman as his new lawyer, Diane Miller. Rodriguez asks Sonny how he can stop the approaching mob war.

Back in Denver, Nikolas blames himself for being arrogant and for not seeing who Colleen really was. Emily tells him to stop blaming himself and not to dwell on the past, unless he can remember something that will help them find Spencer. Nikolas says that everything Colleen ever said was a lie.

Back at the penthouse, Dillon suggests Milo wait until Jason gets up to retrieve the papers. Milo says he will wait outside. Lulu insists he stay there with them. Dillon finds the papers Milo came for and shoos him out the door. Lulu asks Dillon why he dislikes Milo. Spinelli points out that Dillon is jealous of the attention Lulu is giving Milo.

At the coffee shop, Carly tells Max that Sonny is ignoring her on purpose. She points out that he doesn’t talk to the police. Max tells Carly that the woman that walked in is sonny’s new attorney. Mike comes in looking for Sonny. Max makes him wait to see him. Carly asks Mike about Spencer. Mike tells her that Nikolas and Emily went to Denver t find him, but that he has come to ask Sonny to help.

Meanwhile, in Sonny’s office, Diane informs Rodriguez that her client is not involved in any mob war and that his business is legit. Rodriguez tells Sonny that they have to bring Lorenzo down. Sonny tells Rodriguez that he’s a good cop, and he knows he’s just doing his job. Sonny tells Rodriguez that Ric and Lorenzo are working together and that getting involved could mean he’s cutting his own throat. he advises Rodriguez to sit back and wait to see how it all plays out. Rodriguez warns Sonny that he may not be the last man standing this time, if a war breaks out.

Back at Lorenzo’s, Skye asks Lorenzo to tell her what she’s in for. He talks about how he deals in trading arms and tells her about his government connections. Skye tells Lorenzo that he feels so guilty about Diego’s death that he’s trying to pay with his own life.
Outside Kelly’s, Liz leaves Jason a message thanking him for saving her life. She tells him that she will be working later and tells him to come visit her if he wants. Inside, Maxie tells Lucky that she called the pound, but they said that no one had reported the dog missing. Maxie tells Lucky he should keep the dog. She tells him that she can’t take the dog to the pound. Outside, Liz watches Lucky and Maxie talk. Lucky touches Maxie’s hand when she brings up her miscarriage.

Georgie runs out and sees Liz. Liz tells her not to tell Lucky and Maxie that she was there. Georgie tells Liz that it’s not what it looks like. She tells Liz that they are just talking about the miscarriage. Liz tells Georgie that she miscarried twice and never wanted to talk about it as much as Maxie does. Georgie says maybe she just deals with things differently. Liz, unconvinced, says that they’ve spent more time together since the miscarriage than ever before. Inside, Lucky tells Maxie he’ll ask if he can keep the dog in his room. Then he suggests they take the dog for a walk in the park.

Back in Denver, Nikolas and Emily practice their act. Nikolas tells Emily that their story won’t work. Then he asks her how she can be so calm. She tells him that Spencer needs them and being calm will help them find him.

At the hospital, Spinelli talks about how Dillon is jealous of Milo. Dillon gets angry. Lulu tells Dillon he shouldn’t be jealous of Milo just because he’s sweet and looks like a Greek god. Spinelli suggests Dillon spend some time investigating his feelings for Lulu. The three get back on track. Spinelli says he needs five minutes on the hospital computers. All Dillon and Lulu have to do is distract Epiphany. Lulu and Spinelli know that will be a difficult task. Dillon assures them it will be easy.

Back at the coffee shop, Milo arrives with papers for Sonny. He is forced to sit and wait with Carly and Mike. Milo sits down and hits his head. Carly asks him what’s wrong as Rodriguez comes out. Mike runs in to the office.
Inside Sonny’s office, Diane tells Sonny that his security needs improvement. Sonny introduces Mike to his new lawyer. Diane warns Sonny that some conversations shouldn’t be overheard.

Back in Denver, Nikolas and Emily have come up with a new plan. Nikolas says the new plan is better since Colleen won’t be expecting a woman to come looking for her. they decide to test run their plan on a maid. A maid knocks at the door and gives them some towels. Nikolas shows the maid some pictures. He tells the maid that his wife’s sister has run off with her baby, leaving her husband behind. He tells the maid they just want to make sure the woman is okay.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Dillon distracts Epiphany by telling her that he wants to make a documentary about her. He tells her that Lulu is his audio person. Then he acts excited and asks if they could watch her in the O.R. There is a noise and she turns around to see Spinelli at the computers. She turns back around and asks Dillon what they are really up to.

At Kelly’s, Professor Pete comes in and sits with Georgie. He tells her he feels guilty about all the work she’s doing. He tells her he doesn’t want it to interfere with her classes. She tells him it isn’t interfering with her life and that she enjoys it.

Back at GH, Edward asks Liz if she’s seen Alan. She says she hasn’t. Edward asks about Spencer. Liz tells him that Nikolas and Emily are looking for him. Edward points the finger of blame at Helena and says he would do the same thing. He tells Liz he understands what it’s like to have a grandson that’s a huge disappointment (referring to Jason). He says that if Jason had a kid, he’d probably kidnap it. Liz smiles nervously and tells him he wouldn’t really do that. Edward says Jason won’t ever have kids because he’ll end up dead in an alley somewhere first. As Edward leaves, Liz tells Edward that Jason may have a family one day.

Over at Lorenzo’s, Rodriguez questions him about Diego’s death. He asks why Diego was in the warehouse the night he was shot. Then he asks him if he hired Spinelli. Skye comes in and tells Rodriguez that Spinelli and Diego were friends and that they worked on a computer project together. Rodriguez warns Skye that she doesn’t want to get caught in the mob war. He leaves. Lorenzo thanks Skye for her help, but tells her to stay out of it. She tells him that she will protect him because he’s her baby’s daddy.

Back at the coffee shop office, sonny tells Mike that the police are better equipped to deal with Spencer’s kidnapping than he is. He tells Mike that he will give him all the money and man power he needs to find Spencer though. Meanwhile, in the coffee shop, Milo gets advice from Carly on how to woo Lulu. Carly tells Milo she’ll teach him how to do everything right. She pretends to be Lulu. She tells Milo he should give Lulu a kiss on the cheek. He gives Carly a kiss on the cheek as Max watches in the background. Carly gets Milo to stand closer to her. Max gets even madder and runs over to break it up. Carly tries to make a run for Sonny’s office, but Bernie rushes in and beats her. Carly is furious and Max apologizes to her.

Back in Denver, Nikolas questions the maid. The maid has no information for them, however. She leaves. Nikolas asks Emily if she thinks the maid believed the story. Emily tells Nikolas that she thinks the maid bought it. She tells Nikolas the new story is much better than the old one. Nikolas asks her if he looks the part. She tells him he’s as middle class as he can get. Then she tells him there is only one thing missing. “We have to look married,” she tells him as she pulls out a ring box. She looks at him and asks if he’s ok. He admits he had a quick fantasy about marrying her with Spencer at the wedding. She puts his ring on. Then they decide to go find Spencer.

At the day care center, Colleen picks Spencer up and talks to him. The day care worker comes in and asks Colleen to clean the play area for some visitors. Colleen asks if a lot of visitors come to the day care. The woman says only a few times a week and asks Colleen if it’s a problem. She says no and says she just hoped “Randy’s” father would come to find them.

At the hospital, Lulu, Dillon and Spinelli experience Epiphany’s wrath as she threatens them. She chases them onto an elevator. Dillon tells Lulu and Spinelli that Epiphany would make a good subject for a documentary. Spinelli apologizes for interrupting Dillon and tells Lulu that he has proof that Alan killed Rick Webber.

At Kelly’s, Professor Pete and Georgie continue to discuss the research. Pete tells Georgie that he is grateful for her help and wants to thank her somehow.

Meanwhile, Lucky and Maxie return from their walk. Maxie tells Lucky she had a good time.

At GH, Kelly tells Liz that she should have taken the day off since she had been hospitalized the night before. Liz tells her she wanted to keep busy. Liz tells Kelly that she thinks that Maxie’s pregnancy and miscarriage are a little too convenient. She tells Kelly that when she miscarried, she didn’t want to talk about it, but Maxie always wants to talk about it with Lucky. She asks Kelly if she thinks it’s possible that Maxie faked the entire pregnancy.

Back in the coffee shop office, Bernie and Sonny discuss business. Sonny tells Bernie that Jason is planning to intercept one of Lorenzo’s shipments. Carly barges in and yells at Sonny for ignoring her. He yells back and tells her not to enter without knocking or else she may see something that she doesn’t want to see.

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