GH Update Tuesday 1/2/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/2/07


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Carly, Sonny, Michael, and Morgan wished each other a Happy New Year. They also talked about their New Years resolutions. Michael's resolution was to not eat fish eggs. Carly's and Sonny's were similar. They both want to be the best parents they can be and protect them, but Carly also wanted to be the best wife she could be to Jax when he comes back. Michael ask if they could call Jax and wish him a Happy New Year and Carly thinks that was a great deal. When Carly called it went straight to voicemail, but told the boys that they could leave a message for them. So they did as Sonny listened. Then Carly left a message saying that she's waiting for him and when he comes back they can elope like they wanted to. After hearing that, Sonny wanted to know why Carly and Jax want to elope. Carly sent the boys upstairs and she and Sonny tucked the boys in. Later Carly told Sonny that she and Jax want to elope and that when he gets back they're going to the Caribbean with the boys. Sonny thinks that Carly doesn't really want to marry Jax because of Jax leaving and all the times they have postponed the wedding, but Carly explains to him that she and Jax gave their wedding to Luke and Laura and doesn't regret it and if it wasn't for Jerry, Jax would be with her now. She reminded Sonny that she told Jax to go and rescue Jerry and that Jax didn't want to. Sonny walked out the door, but before he left he and Carly kissed.

Sam tells Jason that she was glad that Jason made it in time to kiss her at midnight and he told her he wouldn't miss it for the world. Spinelli was also happy that "stone cold" made it in time as he finished up Jason's favorite Chinese food. Then Spinelli started in on how he and Jason were twins separated at birth and how Sam and Jason would be great parents because Sam could do the loving the baby and Jason could do the protecting and the kick butt things. Sam tried to shut him up, but it didn't work so she sent him upstairs. Sam confesses to Jason that she had babies on the brain and must have mentioned something to Spinelli, but Jason stops her and tells her that he's been think about it to. After Jason leaves for work, Spinelli comes downstairs to show Sam a picture of a baby she and Jason could adopt so she could have a baby and still preserve her "hotness", but Sam tells him about the daughter she lost and how she and Jason were thinking about adoption because of her health and now she can have kids herself.

While Elizabeth is passed out in the snow she has three dreams. The first dream was about her lying in a hospital bed. She just gave birth to her baby and its a girl. Lucky is by her side, but she isn't happy because she thinks the baby is Jason's, but Dr. Lee gets Lucky out of the room long enough to tell her that Lucky is without a doubt the father. The second one was about her and Cameron going to Kelly's and finding Lucky and Maxie making out. Maxie is holding drugs and Lucky says to Elizabeth "Maxie lets me have my pills and you'll take me back, you always take me back." The third dream was about her being happily married to Jason. Elizabeth is still unconscious when Jason scoops her up and takes her to the hospital. Dr. Lee and Epiphany are there ready to care for Elizabeth. Jason tells them that he found her unconscious in the snow. Maxie admits to Lucky that she shouldn't have kissed him. Lucky told her that they started out as friends , but things could end differently. Maxie opened up to Lucky telling him about her heart transplant, her biological father Frisco, and how must she's screwed up, but once Lucky mentioned her miscarriage, Maxie got upset and left. Once she got outside she saw a puppy and brought it inside to get warm. Lucky was interest in finding out who the puppy belonged to and he and Maxie were having a fun and smiling until Lucky got a call from Dr. Lee telling him that Elizabeth was in the hospital. Lucky told Maxie and then left to see Elizabeth. Maxie was upset, but told the puppy that she make Lucky see that Elizabeth isn't the one for him, she is. Lucky arrives at the hospital worried for Elizabeth and the baby. Jason tells him that he found her and brought her to the hospital. Dr. Lee told them that the baby is okay and that Elizabeth has hypothermia and that they are warming her up slowly. Elizabeth wants Jason to stay and sees Lucky on the other side of her. She's crying as she tells Lucky that she's sorry, but Lucky tells her that she has nothing to be sorry about.

Robin and Patrick bring in the new year together. Robin wants her and Patrick decorate he's new apartment, but he doesn't seem interested. Robin gets up to leave, but Patrick stops her. He wants her to be honest with him. So she tells him what's on her mind which is that she fears that without the threat of HIV hovering over him that he will go back to being a playboy, but Patrick assures her that he wants to be with her and taking that final test won't change anything between them. Patrick is then gives Robin the okay to decorate the apartment.

Nikolas and Emily are on a plane heading from Denver to find Colleen. While on the plane they brainstorm locations and ways that they could track down Colleen and Spencer without tipping her off that they are after her. They are interrupted by a call from Nikolas' PI that tells him about Colleen's grandmother lives in Denver. Nikolas tells Emily they should start there.

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