GH Update Friday 12/29/06

General Hospital Update Friday 12/29/06


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Today opens with Sam on the phone at the penthouse. She is checking on a take out order. There’s a knock at the door, which she assumes is the food. She answers and Spinelli comes in. He asks her if she missed him.

 Meanwhile, Jason meets Sonny at one of their offices. Sonny tells Jason that Carly redecorated it for him.
 Elsewhere, Carly is reading a book as the boys come running down the stairs at their home. Michael asks her if they can invite their dad over. Carly says no. There’s a knock at the door. Carly answers and finds Skye, Lorenzo, and their baby on the other side. They explain that they have a problem.
 At Kelly’s, Lucky turns the open sigh off. He thinks about last year when he and Liz were in the park throwing snowballs at each other.
 At GH, a young woman (who looks a lot like Emily) and her husband come in. The woman is in labor. As Liz wheels her into a room, the woman asks Liz to keep her husband away because the baby isn’t his and he doesn’t know yet. The opening credits roll.

 Back at Carly’s, Lorenzo explains that their car skidded off the road and the driver is trying to get it working again. Lorenzo asks if Skye and the baby can wait in the house while the car gets fixed and offers to wait outside. Carly tells him he can stay inside. Michael smarts off to Lorenzo and Carly tells him to be nice. She asks Skye and Lorenzo if they need anything. Skye asks if she can take her baby to a room to change her diaper and give her a bottle. Carly tells Michael and Morgan to take her to the guestroom. They leave and Carly tells Lorenzo that if it weren’t for his baby being with them, she wouldn’t have let him in.
 At the penthouse, Sam talks about how great things are now that she and Jason are back together and aren’t fugitives anymore. She tells Spinelli that she was planning a special evening for Jason and thought Spinelli would be out of town. Spinelli tells her that Jason won’t make it because the roads are closed due to the weather. The two hear a noise upstairs and Sam gets the gun out.
 Back at the mob office, Jason tells Sonny that Father Ruiz approached Sam and that she is terrified he will hurt her. Sonny tells Jason he’s not worried about Father Ruiz. Jason tells him that he’s not sure that keeping Father Ruiz alive is in their best interests. Sonny tells Jason that can’t just kill everybody who makes them uncomfortable. Jason says he just doesn’t want Sam to be afraid.
 Back at GH, Monica comes into the room where Liz and the pregnant lady are. The lady’s husband hands Monica some pills that his wife had been taking for a heart problem the baby had. Liz looks at him with distrust as he pulls the pills from his pocket. Liz asks the husband to step out for a few minutes. He goes reluctantly. The woman tells Liz that her husband’s best friend is the father of her baby. Liz tells the woman to just concentrate on bringing her baby into the world.

 Over in a large, empty apartment, Patrick rustles around through his clothes, which are still in suitcases. There’s a knock at the door. He answers it and Robin comes in. He asks her to help him find his dress shoes and socks. She asks him where he’s going and he tells her that they will be going to the Metro Court for New Year’s Eve. Robin says that they should just stay at the apartment. Patrick tells her that he only bought the apartment to prove a point to the landlord. He points out that he has no furniture and that the Metro Court would be more comfortable. Robin tells him to give her half an hour to get ready, assuring him that he won’t want to leave the apartment once she’s done with it.
 Meanwhile, Sonny tells Jason that he doesn’t understand why Jason feels that he’s let Sam down. He tells Jason that he’s given Sam everything she could ever want. Jason starts talking about the miscarriage and how they keep putting their family on hold. Sonny asks him what’s stopping him now and Jason guesses he may be afraid of having children because of the dangerous work he does.

 At GH, the woman gives birth to a son and passes out as her blood pressure drops. Something is wrong with the baby too. He needs a blood transfusion. The husband offers up his blood and Liz tells him that he needs to call his best friend and get him to come to the hospital. Then she tells him that he isn’t the father of his wife’s baby.
 Over at Kelly’s, Lucky thinks about a time when he and Liz shared a dance in the dining room of the restaurant. Maxie comes in, dressed in a skanky dress.
 Back at the penthouse, Spinelli stands armed, at the bottom of the stairs, with a pool stick. He nearly hits Sam when she comes down. She yells and tells him not to do that. Then she tells him that there is nothing upstairs. The noise came from a plant falling over near an open window. Spinelli points out that she’s still armed and asks her if she’s still worried about Alcazar coming after them. Then he suggests they run away to Costa Rica together. Sam tells him that he’s funny and all, but that she loves Jason. Spinelli looks confused and Sam asks him if he’s ever been in love before. He tells he to define love. Then he says he loves the hot girl from “Lost”. She tells him that she is head over heels for Jason and that she can’t wait to start a family with him.
 Back at the mob office, Sonny tells Jason that he is great with kids, citing his relationship with Michael. He tells Jason he has a lot of love to give. Jason says he’s afraid that their enemies will use his children against him and tells Sonny that he chose this life, but children don’t choose the life they are born into. Sonny asks Jason if he would have stayed away from Liz’s baby if it had turned out to be his.
 At GH, the husband asks Liz if she’s sure the baby isn’t his. The husband’s best friend comes in, wearing a leather jacket.
 Back at Carly’s, Lorenzo tells her that Sonny ruined her and that he will always have a permanent hold on her. Carly tells him not to judge her and tells him that he doesn’t know her at all. Then she tells him that she knows him very well, however. She tells him that he has no conscience and that he’s a controlling monster. Skye comes out and asks Lorenzo to go get the baby bottle she left in the car. He goes. Skye tells Carly she heard what she said to Lorenzo. Carly tells Skye that Lorenzo is a bad person and that he’s playing her. Skye looks at her and says that Lorenzo lifestyle isn’t a problem for her.
 At this point, GH is interrupted by ABC news to air parts of former President Gerald Ford’s funeral.
 When we return, Liz is driving in the snowstorm and swerves. She screams.
 Over at Patrick’s, he and Robin are in the floor nude, but covered with blankets. They drink some champagne and share a kiss. Some New Year’s song plays in the background, and a montage begins. We see Skye, Lorenzo, and their baby in a car now. He and Skye share a kiss. Meanwhile, Carly and the boys are sitting on the couch at their house, watching TV. Sonny comes in and Carly gives him a plastic hat. Sonny and Carly hug their boys and hug each other. Sonny gives Carly a kiss on the cheek.
 At the penthouse, Jason comes in and Sam runs into his arms. They share a kiss as Spinelli watches sadly, eating Chinese food.
 At Kelly’s, Lucky and Maxie share a dance and a kiss.

 Meanwhile, Liz gets out of her car. She falls to the ground. She tries to get up and falls again, hitting her head on a rock, marking the end of this cliffhanger Friday.

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