GH Update Thursday 12/28/06

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/28/06


Written By Tori
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Ric walks in on Sonny's meeting because he wants Sonny to testify that Alexis is too sick to take care of Molly. Sonny refuses, but Ric tells him he has no choice, if he doesn't show up he will hold him with content. Sonny tells him that a judge won't give him custody of an innocent child. Ric beleives that he can get custody. Sonny warns Ric that "Molly is just a child now, but when she gets older she will start asking questions and will find her own answers and when she does she will learn what a sick bastard you really are". Ric goes to the hospital to ask Elizabeth if he was a better parent for Molly than Alexis. Elizabeth doesn't want to respond. Ric wants Elizabeth to testify on his behave at the custody trial. She tells him that it wouldn't be right to get involved in someone elses custody battle when she is going through her own. Ric understands and leave. Audrey ask Elizabeth what did Ric want. Elizabeth tells her and then ask her "If you knew that the father of your baby would be a good father and put their child first would you let them be a part of there life?" Audrey tells her that she and Lucky will find a way, but she wasn't talking about Lucky she was talking about Jason.

Lainey comes over to the lakehouse for a tea party with Kristina and Alexis. Lainey ask Alexis to pass the tea, but Alexis is too weak to hold it. Kristina offers Alexis a cookies, but Alexis is too sick to eat it. Lainey tells Alexis that Kristina can see that she's not feeling well. Lainey ends the tea party and Viola takes the kid into the play room. Alexis is mad that Lainey told Kristina that she was sick and Lainey told her that Kristina can see it. Lainey tells Alexis to continue to do whatever she did before to feel better, which is to smoke pot. Alexis gets the girls ready to go to the park so she can smoke. She gets interrupted by a knock at the door, its Sonny. Alexis trys hard to get rid of the smell and the evidence before she opened the door for Sonny. When she does open the door, Sonny is already suspicious. He says he's there to see Molly, but she tells him that she's at the park. Sonny is snooping around and finds the pot and the plate of cookies and says "You've gotta be kidding me you're smoking pot?" Alexis tells him that Sam brought it over to help her with the chemo and she tells him about her discussion with Lainey. Sonny ask if its working and she tells him no, but she's not smoking it in front of the kids. He suggests that she bake it into something that she can eat. She thinks its a bad idea because she fears that the girls might eat it. He tells her to finish, but she doesn't want to. He ask her why and she says that its illegal. He begins to laugh because Alexis is afraid to some a joint in front of him after all the laws he's broken. She tells him that he doesn't deal with drugs so why smoke some around him. He says that he doesn't deal with drugs because its bad for business. Then there's a knock at the door and Alexis panics and Sonny tells her to relax, but she wants him to hide the weed. She opens the door and its Ric. She tells him that its not a good time and to go away, but he insists that they need to talk about custody. She tells him that Molly is at the park and he wonders why she was so nerves and Sonny says "Maybe she's afraid that you might take her daughter awy from her". Ric the warns that he is filing for full custody of Molly because Alexis is too sick to take care of her. He goes on by saying that he can provide a safe and loving home for Molly and that he will make sure that Alexis gets generous visitation rights. If she fights him on it, he will make sure she will only get on supervised visit a month anf every other Christmas. Ric leaves and Alexis tells Sonny "Don't to do anything stupid between now and the hearing".

Jason goes to the hospital to talk to Dr. Lee. Elizabeth is watching as he walks over and asks Dr. Lee if Sam is able to have kids again. She tells him that she can't discuss a patient's condition with anyone other the patient, but tells him that someone with Sam's condition, if they give themselves time to heal they could go on to have many children. He ask when will she be healed and she tells him that he could be a father this time next year. Jason then walks over to talk to Elizabeth. Elizabeth tells him that she saw him talking to Dr. Lee. He tells her that he was asking Dr. Lee about Sam and Elizabeth was wondering if Sam was okay and he said yes. Elizabeth tells Jason that Sam got the file clerk job at and says that Jason now has an excuse to get his bullet wound looked at. He says that the bullet wound has healed and that he's okay. Father Mateo Ruiz shows up at that worf. Sam is there and is freaked out to see him and is sure that he is Manny. Mateo introduced himself and tells her that he knows what his brother did to her, but isn't anything like him.

Sam tells him "I don't care what you call yourself, you're sick". Father Ruiz tells her that he has given his life to the Lord and won't hurt her, but she refuses to believe him.

She rushes back to the penthouse hoping to find Jason, but he's not there. She opens up the closet and gets down the box that holds Jason's gun. She opens it and puts it together and is ready to protest herself, but she flashes back to the night she shot Diego and sees Kristina watching and screams out. Sam goes over to the couch and sit there wonder what to do. Jason shows up and sees the box on the desk. Sam tells him that she saw Mateo and is convinced that its Manny becuase they have the same tattoos. Jason tells her that Mateo is who he says he is, Stan checked it out. Sam thinks that Mateo might be worst that Manny was and wanted to shoot him, but all she could think of was Kristina and her promises never to fire a gun ever again. She then realizes what she thinks is the reason why Jason is afraid to have kids because of what he does. He has to make split second decisions she he can't think of how it will affect a child. She tells Jason that she will wait to have a child, but won't forget how much she wants one.

Emily brings a sandwich to Nikolas at the police station. Nikolas can't stop looking at the picture of Colleen. Cruz walks in, he has dug up some information on Colleen, but its stuff that they already know. He ask them if they can remember her saying anything else. Nikolas ask if they found anything about Carl, Colleen's "ex-boyfriend", but Cruz says no which leads Nikolas to believe that there was never a Carl. Cruz wants to question Nikolas and Emily again to see if there's anything else Colleen might have said to them, Nikolas first. Cruz ask Nikolas if Colleen has gotten in contact with him for ransom money. Nikolas gets angry becuase he believes that the cops are wasting time asking him questions when they should be out looking for Spencer. He believes that he ruined Colleens vision of a perfect family, so she took Spencer to start her owns. Lucky suggests the Emily take Nikolas home. Colleen is seen in Denver with Spencer getting ready for her interview with the daycare center. She wishes that Spencer could tell them that she would be perfect for thr job. Nikolas and Emily get down to the worf to wait for the launch. Nikolas wants her to go away, but she refuses. He shouts out "They're not doing enough, I want to do something". He thinks that he was stupid for not listening to her and Helena about Colleen. Lucky calls Nikolas to tell him that Colleen got on a plane to Denver, but that she could have easily caught a connecting fight to another state or even out of the country. He tlod them that he will cross reference the outgoing fight that had women traveling with children. Nikolas says if they don't find her fast, he will start his own investigation. Colleen returns home from her interview. She tells Spencer that she is going to save up enough money so they can keep moving and Nikolas will never find them.

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