GH Update Wednesday 12/27/06

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/27/06


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Today opens with Jason looking on his laptop. There is an article and picture of Manny staring him in the face. Sam comes down the penthouse stairs and Jason shuts the computer. Sam tells him that she saw the picture, but that she isn’t going to give in to fear.

Over at Kelly’s, Liz and Mike discuss baby Spencer’s disappearance. Lucky comes down the stairs. He and Liz talk about Cameron and Christmas and then about Spencer’s kidnapping.

Out west, Colleen enters her apartment in Denver with baby Spencer. She talks to him about how she made sure that they would never be found.

At Wyndemere, Emily brings Nikolas some food and tells him that he should eat something. Nikolas tells Emily that he should have listened to her and fired Colleen months ago. Nikolas yells about how Spencer didn’t even get to open his presents, and then he pushes them over. “Where the hell is my son,“ he yells as the opening credits roll.

At GH, Lulu comes in to find Spinelli sitting with his computer. She asks him why he called her and why he isn’t in Tennessee with his grandma. He goes into a story about how his grandma went to Bingo night and left him with lots of turkey and barbeque chips. He tells Lulu that he worked all day and night investigating their mystery. Lulu tells him to get to the point. He tells her that he knows who killed Rick Webber. When she asks who it is, Spinelli tells her that the killer is in their midst. He looks over to Alan. He tells Lulu that Alan’s hatred for Rick Webber was legendary. Monica overhears their conversation and then walks away.

On the pier, Georgie and Dillon meet up. Georgie has a Christmas present for Dillon. He opens it. It is some eight-disk film collection. He is thrilled and suggests they do a movie night and watch all of the films. She agrees to do it, but Dillon’s phone rings. He answers it. It’s Monica. She asks him to come to GH and get Lulu away from Spinelli. He reluctantly agrees. Georgie tells him she’s busy with research for Professor Marquez anyways. Dillon suggests they get together another time to watch the movies. Georgie agrees and then leaves.

Back at Kelly’s, Lucky tells Liz that he doesn’t believe Helena is responsible for kidnapping Spencer. He tells her that Helena swears she’s innocent. Then he tells her that Emily thinks that Colleen is the kidnapper. He tells her Nikolas thinks Helena and Colleen are in cahoots and hopes that Helena will lead him to Colleen and Spencer. Maxie enters.

Back at the penthouse, Sam informs Jason that she is applying for a job at GH as a file clerk. She tells him she wants to help him with bills and stuff. He tells her there is no hurry. He reminds her of her last altercation with Ms. Sneed and she tells him that she’s going to apologize. Jason brings up her G.E.D. results. She informs him that she still hasn’t received them. Jason tells her she should do something she likes. Sam tells him that she can’t dive for salvage if she wants to get pregnant.

Back at Wyndemere, Nikolas is on the phone. He is informed that Helena is still at her hotel. He gets off the phone and Nikolas tells Emily he still thinks Helena is involved. He reminds Emily that she kidnapped Lucky before and they were unable to find him. He tells Emily that if Helena took Spencer, she’ll never let him go. He suggests that Colleen could be acting on Helena’s orders. He tells Emily he doesn’t want to believe that Colleen took Spencer because it means that he entrusted his son with a lunatic.

Back in Denver, Colleen tells baby Spencer that Nikolas could have been part of their family, but he chose Emily. She tells Spencer that Emily can have him. Then she says that everyone got what he or she wanted.

At GH, Monica tells Dillon to get Lulu away from Spinelli because he’s a bad influence on her. Dillon tells Monica that, while Spinelli is weird, he’s not a bad influence. Monica insists he go talk to Lulu. Dillon approaches the two, who are discussing her mother’s case, and asks if he can talk to her.

Back at the penthouse, Sam informs Jason that she will get on birth control until he decides he’s ready for a baby. She tells him that she wants to get a job for her own reasons. She tells him that when he’s ready for a baby, she’ll be ready. The two kiss and Sam leaves.

At Kelly's, Maxie approaches Liz and Lucky. She asks Liz how Cameron’s Christmas was. Then she talks about how awful the kidnapping is. Liz decides to leave. As she exits, she looks back at Lucky. Maxie apologizes for interrupting and Lucky tells her not to. Maxie tells him that she’s glad she doesn’t have to deal with the miscarriage alone. The two hug as Liz watches through the window.

Back at GH, Maxie shows up and talks to Georgie. Georgie points out that Maxie is being arrogant and therefore, must have just seen Lucky. Maxie informs her that most people think she acts that way all of the time. Georgie tells Maxie she should feel remorse for breaking up Liz and Lucky’s marriage. She tells Maxie that she knows that she’s wrong. She tells her she should apologize. Maxie tells Georgie the only people she cares about apologizing to is her and Mac. Maxie asks Georgie to face epiphany for her, since she was late, but Georgie tells her she’s on her own.

Meanwhile, Jason is on the pier, talking on the phone. He tells the person on the other line to keep looking. He runs into Liz and Cameron playing with the toy Jason bought. He and Liz talk about the toy.

At GH, Sam approaches Ms. Sneed in hopes of an interview. Ms. Sneed brings up their last run in and Sam apologizes. She tells Sam that she can’t since she’s a criminal and killed someone. Sam tells her the charges were dropped and the murder charge was really self-defense. Then Sam threatens a discrimination suit if Ms. Sneed won’t at least interview her. Ms. Sneed gives in and tells Sam to follow her.

Over at the nurse’s station, Maxie arrives and Epiphany yells at her for being late. Maxie reminds her that she had a miscarriage and Epiphany suggests she take time off then. Maxie says she needs to keep busy, so Epiphany tells her to take down the Christmas decorations. Professor Pete comes in and asks Maxie if he’s seen Georgie Jones. Maxie asks him what he wants with her sister.

At Kelly’s, Dillon and Lulu sit down at a table. Dillon tells Lulu that she’s too involved in her mother’s case and that solving it won’t magically fix her life. Spinelli comes in, pretending to cry about being left behind. He takes a seat with Dillon and Lulu. Lulu tells Dillon that Spinelli has evidence that Alan killed Rick Webber.

Over at the police station, Lucky and Rodriguez sit with Nikolas and Emily to look through a surveillance video. There is a woman with dark hair and glasses carrying a baby. Lucky thought she looked suspicious. As they look at the tape, Mac enters and says they have a new lead. He says that a reddish haired woman was seen close to the Canadian border with a baby. Lucky is unconvinced. He believes that the kidnapper wouldn’t have let herself get caught that easily.

Back at GH, Professor Pete explains to Maxie that Georgie is doing research work for him. As Maxie interrogates him, Georgie shows up. She and Professor Pete talk about her research for a minute and then he tells her to call him later. He leaves and Maxie tells Georgie that she has become an extreme form of a teacher’s pet.

Back at Kelly’s, Dillon explains that the information on an orphanage accident Spinelli read about, is Quartermaine lore. He explains that Alan attempted to kill Monica and Rick when they were having their affair, but at the last minute tried to save them, nearly killing himself in the process. Then he tells them how Alan tried to shoot the pair, but ended up starting an explosion, in which he almost died again. Dillon tells the two that Alan being responsible for Rick’s death is too easy and accuses them of falling into the classic film structure trap of believing the first piece of information you get.

At the pier, Jason pushes Cameron around on his little train. Liz tears up and Jason asks what’s wrong. Liz blames her tears on hormones. Jason tells her he’d like to help. Liz tells Jason that her children need a father. She tells him that she’s beginning to wonder whether or not it’s fair to deprive her children of a father figure. Jason asks her what happened with Lucky over Christmas. She tells him that she waited for him at Kelly’s, but when he get there, he was with Maxie. Jason assures her that she’ll make the best decision possible for her kids.

Back at the police station, Lucky, Emily, and Nikolas continue to view the surveillance tape. The trio notices that the woman is suspiciously keeping the baby’s face hidden. Nikolas is convinced that the baby in the video is Spencer.

At Kelly’s, Spinelli tells Dillon that when he makes his movie, he wants Leonardo DiCaprio to play him. Dillon says he’s not making a movie. He tells Lulu that this is the part in the movie where a major plot development comes into play. Dillon tells Lulu that if Alan had wanted Rick Webber dead, he would have done it a long time ago. Spinelli suggests that he played by Edward Norton instead. Dillon yells at him. Spinelli eats his potato chips. Dillon tells Lulu that they need to focus on who had motive to kill Rick.

Back at GH, Maxie asks Georgie why her professor made the trip to the hospital just to talk about research. She asks Georgie if she’s getting any sort of credit for her work. Georgie says she doesn’t know. Maxie tells her that Pete is after more than just her research skills. Then she tells Georgie that she and Lucky are closer than ever.

Over at the nurse’s station, Liz talks to Epiphany about Jason. Epiphany points out that Liz seems more at ease now that Jason isn’t on the run.

A few steps away, Ms. Sneed informs Sam that she would never hire her for anything. Just then, Alan walks by and says that he would hire Sam. He berates Ms. Sneed for overstepping her boundaries, yet again. He tells her that as Chief of Staff, he is her boss and he can hire Sam. Ms. Sneed, defeated, tells Sam to go to personnel. Sam thanks Alan. She tells him she hopes he’s not doing her any favors though. He tells her that because she risked her life to save Jason’s, she’s part of the family. She smiles as Liz eavesdrops.

Back at the penthouse, Stan tells Jason that Mateo Ruiz is Manny’s real twin and that he is a priest. He tells Jason that Manny and Mateo were arrested in a drug bust and when they were released, Mateo became a priest and has been on the straight and narrow ever since. Jason asks Stan if there is anyway that Manny survived and is impersonating his brother Mateo.

At the police station, Lucky, Nikolas, and Emily continue to look at the video. They finally see that Colleen is the woman holding the baby.

Back in Denver, Colleen is on the phone as she holds baby Spencer. She tells the person on the other line that she’s looking for a job. She also tells them she needs a job that allows her to bring her child to work with her. She gets an interview appointment.

At Kelly’s, the three talk about finding out what Rick did when he came back to town. Dillon mentions that Monica is the one who called him to get Lulu away from Spinelli. Then he points out that she suddenly changed her mind about him staying at the mansion too. Spinelli tells him that it’s not that unusual that someone wouldn’t want him around. He says that “stone cold and the goddess” are the only ones that have really taken him in. Dillon says they need to find out who else knew about the murder.
Back at the penthouse, Stan tells Jason that Manny and Mateo have identical tattoos, as far as he can tell. He warns Jason that before Mateo found God, he was worse than Manny and could do serious damage.

Meanwhile, on the pier, Sam walks and reads. Father Mateo approaches her. She gives a look of terror as the show ends.

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