GH Update Tuesday 12/26/06

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/26/06


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Jason and Elizabeth search for her bracelet on the wharf when Jason finds it in the snow. He puts it on her. She tells him that its her holiday bracelet. He asks he what that is and she tells him that it was something that she bought after Cameron was born. She is thankful that Jason found a Chuck n Charlie because she couldn't and it was the only thing Cameron really wanted for Christmas. Jason goes home to the penthouse and Elizabeth goes to Kelly's. Alexis, Sam, and Kristina come in and wishes Elizabeth a Merry Christmas. Elizabeth overhears Sam telling Kristina that she was going home to Jason and Elizabeth didn't seem happy about that. Lucky catches up with Maxie at hospital. She thinks that she's the worst elf ever since she keeps running out on the party. Lucky offers her a ride home which she accepts and ask him if they could go to Kelly's to were she fell down the stairs and lost her "baby". He agrees and they leave the hospital. They arrive at Kelly's where Elizabeth spot them and tells them how sorry she was about their "baby". Maxie ask her why she wasn't at home with Cameron and Elizabeth let's her know that she wanted to wait until he was asleep before she came in with her surprising gift. Lucky is glad that Elizabeth found the Chuck n Charlie toy because Cameron really wanted it. Elizabeth says that it was a Christmas miracle and then leaves. Maxie tells Lucky that he can go running after her but he doesn't want to. Elizabeth arrives at Audrey's with the toy. Audrey is surprised to see the toy and wonder where she found it. Elizabeth says that she was in the right place at the right time. Audrey wonders what happened with Lucky. Elizabeth explains that she waited for him at Kelly's and when he got there he was with Maxie. She understands and can identify with Maxie because she too has had a miscarriage. She believes that Maxie needs Lucky and maybe they need each other. Lucky comes down from his room with a present in hand. He wonders how its from and Maxie tells him that its from her and he doesn't have to open it because it was for their baby, but then changes her. Lucky opens it and its a cowboy hat. Maxie tells him that she remembered that his father, Luke, use to call him cowboy and thought it would be cute to get a hat for their child especially if it was a boy.

Sonny spot who he thinks it Manny outside of the church. He worries when he can't Morgan. He then walks over to check out what he saw and sees Morgan over there looking for his drums. Sonny tells Morgan not to run off like that again. They get in the car to go back to Carly's where Michael tells Morgan that he did a great job and Morgan tells him thank you. Michael says that Jax is going to hate that he missed it and would hate his brother because he had to go after him. Carly gets rid of the boys by sending them upstairs to get ready for bed. She confesses to Sonny about Jax' whereabouts says that promises that she will wait for him, but Sonny does care because he wants to go back to the church to handle the "Manny" situation. On his way out, he calls Jason and ask he to meet him at the church, they have a problem. They met up with Mateo. Mateo tells them that he and Manny were identical twins. He goes on by saying that he and Manny got matching tattoos to represent the gang that the were in and went to jail. When he was released from jail, he became a priest and he's here in Port Charles to help overcome teen violence. He understands that Jason killed his father and his brother in self defense and wants to make amends for their sins. Father Coats backs him up. Sonny apologizes to Father Ruiz, but when he and Father Coats leave Sonny tells Jason to call Bernie and Stan so they can check and see if Father Ruiz story checks out. Jason doesn't understand the fact that he and Sonny have been working with the Ruiz' for years and not know about Mateo. Jason goes back to the penthouse to make the calls. Sam overhears the conversation and fears the Manny is alive. Jason tells her about his and Sonny's run-in with Father Ruiz and assures her that whoever he is he's not going to hurt her. Sam drops the subject by complimenting Jason on his holiday decorations, but points out that he forgot the to put the star on top of the tree. He tells her that he left it for her to do and she suggests that they do it together. Once the star is on top of the tree, Jason picks up the box with a bow on it from under the tree with Sam's name written on it. She opens it and it is a star necklace just like the one he gave her before, but she through it away when they broke up. Sonny goes back to Carly's to help the boys put up Christmas stockings, while Carly took some pictures then she read the boys "The Nightmare Before Christmas." When she finished Sonny told them that he would tuck them into bed before he left and that he would be back in the morning to open presents. Michael ask him why won't he just spend the night. Carly interrupts them by sending the boys to bed.

Father Coates thanks Nikolas for letting Spencer be in the Christmas pageant. Then Nikolas walks over to the manger to get Spencer, but Spencer isn't there. He spots Emily talking to Mike with the stroller near her. He walks over there and is glad that they put him in the stroller, but they don't have Spencer. Nikolas then asks the crowd if they've seen the baby. Everyone joins together to look for Spencer, but he's nowhere to be found. When it is announced that there are no leads, Helena walks up and announces that Colleen was the one who kidnapped Spencer, Nikolas is certain that Helena is the kidnapper and demands that she call her people to bring him back. Helen tells Nikolas that even Emily had concerns about Colleen. Mac shows up and Nikolas tells him that he believes that Helena is behind this and to arrest her. Mac says that they can't just assume that Helena is the kidnapper and ask Cruz to question everyone and make a list of everyone that was in the pageant. Mac gets the forensic test back on the room where Colleen held Helena prisoner. They found fingerprints belonging to Colleen and Helena, but it didn't prove who or if someone was being held captive. Mac orders the other officers to arrest Helena for Spencer's kidnapping while Helena denies having anything to do with it and demands that Mac leave her alone and start looking for Spencer. Nikolas tells Mac not to arrest Helena and that he believes that Colleen is the kidnapper. Nikolas believes that Helena will lead him to Colleen. Colleen is seen on a plane with Spencer in her lap when an announcement is made that they have landed in Denver. Colleen wants Spencer to think of her as his mother as she will think of him as her little boy. Helen is on the phone asking for an update on the search for Colleen as she gets into a car. It is revealed that Helena wants to find Colleen first so she can have Spencer for herself.

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