GH Update Friday 12/22/06

General Hospital Update Friday 12/22/06


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 It’s Christmas in Port Charles as General Hospital opens with Sam and Jason coming home to the penthouse. Sam carries several festively colored bags and Jason carries a small Christmas tree. Jason picks on Sam for saying she wanted the biggest tree in the lot, but getting a small tree instead. “I felt sorry for him,” she explains to Jason.

  Over at GH, Liz and Audrey stand behind the nurse's station. Both are talking on the phone trying to track a present that Cameron wants for Christmas. Liz tells Audrey that she’s a terrible mom for waiting until the last minute to get this present. Audrey says she isn’t and leaves Liz at the desk. Lucky comes in and asks Liz if she’d allow him to be her escort to the Christmas party.

  Elsewhere, Carly and the boys are at home, preparing to go to the pageant. Michael and Morgan are in costume as Joseph and the little drummer boy, respectively. Carly tells the boys that Jax had to leave to save his brother. She informs them that the wedding has been postponed again.

  Meanwhile, Nikolas, Spencer, and Emily are already outside where the pageant will be held. They agree that the night will be a great one. Helena shows up in the background. Colleen shows up too. When she enters, she runs into Father Ruiz, Manny Ruiz’s identical priestly brother and the opening credits begin to roll.

  Out on the pier, Alexis and Ned run into each other. They tell each other that it’s nice to see you. Alexis asks Ned if he’s in town visiting the Q’s. Ned says he is and asks Alexis how she’s feeling. They chitchat a little. Alexis thanks him for a cd he sent her. He tells her about when he found out about her lung cancer and how he knew she’d be okay because she’s a fighter. After a few more minutes of chitchat, Alexis gives Ned a hug and a kiss and heads to GH to attend the Christmas party.

  Back at the penthouse, Sam and Jason set their tree up on a table. Sam believes the tree likes its new home. Jason moves some bags off the couch and sits down. He tells Sam that he has to go to the pageant before he goes to the Christmas party since Jax and Sonny can’t make it. Sam commends Jason on how sweet it was to send Spinelli to visit his grandma for the holidays. Jason admits he did it for the alone time with her. Sam mentions to Jason that Spinelli made sure to leave Alexis a present before he left. She tells Jason that she thinks the marijuana helped Alexis feel better. Sam asks Jason why helping people has to be so difficult. He tells her that the difficulty makes the action mean so much more. Sam says she wants a white Christmas and the two share a kiss.

  Back at GH, Liz tells Lucky not make things hard for Cameron. She asks him not to make promises he can’t keep. Lucky tells her he’ll do as she asks. He adds that he will find out who planted the drugs in his desk too, and that person will be sorry. Lucky leaves and Ric enters and goes to Liz. Liz blows Ric off saying she doesn’t have time to deal with him. Meanwhile, Alexis enters with Viola and the kids. Alexis asks Ric if he came to steal Christmas. He tells her that he just came to see Molly and to spend time together as a family for Kristina. Ric tells Alexis she seems like she fells better. She tells him that she does.

  Back at Carly’s, the boys are told to keep up with their props. Then Carly informs them that when Jax returns, they will elope and the boys can be their best men. Michael notes that neither Jax nor their dad will be present at the pageant now.

  At the pageant grounds, one of the ministers thanks Nikolas and Emily for their contributions and for allowing Spencer to play baby Jesus. He tells them that he wants them to meet the new youth minister (Manny‘s brother). The minister walks away to locate Father Ruiz. Mike arrives and informs Nikolas that he’ll be recording the pageant. Colleen stands amongst the chorus to avoid being noticed. There is a cut to the minister telling Father Ruiz that he should meet some of their contributors. Back in the yard, Emily talks to little Spencer as Helena lurks in the background.

  At GH, Patrick and Robin run into each other. Patrick reminds Robin that even though there is a party going on, they still have patients to attend to. He hands her a file. She points out that it has his name on it. Then she informs him that GH doesn’t offer the kind of therapy he needs. He asks here if the provide it in a different spot and pulls her under some mistletoe.

  Meanwhile, Sam and Jason are visiting with Alexis when Jason says he has to leave for the pageant. Jason overhears Liz complaining on the phone about the toy she wanted to get Cameron, but couldn’t get him.

  Back at the pageant, Alfred asks Emily where Nikolas is. She points him in Nikolas’ direction. Alfred informs Nikolas that no forensic evidence had yet to be found in the room where someone had been chained up. Meanwhile, Carly tells the boys that they will be great. Mike takes a picture of the boys and tells them he’s going to tape the pageant. Michael asks if anyone saw Jason yet. An excited Carly tells the boys how proud of them she is. “We haven’t done anything yet,” Michael reminds her. The boys run off to join their classmates. Mike asks Carly where Jax is. Carly explains that she sent Jax to save his brother. She tells Mike that Sonny doesn’t know and she doesn’t want him to know, as Father Ruiz stares at her.

  Back at GH, Georgie hears Dillon and Lulu bickering and walks over to where they are. Dillon has his pants down and Lulu tries to help him. Lulu wears an elf costume, but Georgie and Dillon wear Santa and Mrs. Claus costumes. Georgie walks away mad and Dillon and Lulu discuss the murder of Rick Webber again as Monica eavesdrops on their conversation. Then there is a cut to a bunch of the hospital kids and then a cut to Tracey, Ned, and Edward arriving. They discuss how things are going at home. Monica comes over and hugs Ned and wishes him a Merry Christmas.

  Liz comes in with Cameron and walks over to Lucky. Cameron says, “Merry Christmas, Daddy.” Lucky wishes Cameron a merry Christmas back. Dillon then enters as Santa. Alexis smiles and Ric approaches again. She tells him to go spend time with his daughter.

  Over at the pageant, Jason finally arrives. The choir starts singing. Colleen is standing right behind where Nikolas and Emily are sitting. The pageant starts and the story of Mary and Joseph is read. Carly watches intently and tears up. She searches for a tissue and someone hands one to her. She looks up and discovers Sonny standing right next to her. She jumps up an hugs him. He tells her that it looks like he got there right on time.

  Back at GH, Alan reads the Bible story of Jesus’ birth to the children. When he reads a passage about the baby Jesus, Maxie pretends to get upset and runs off. Lucky follows her and Liz gives an angry stare. As Alan reads the story, the scenes go back and forth between the kids listening to the story at the hospital and the kids acting the story out at the pageant.

  At the pageant, Colleen stares at Spencer as Helena smiles in the background (and it’s not an evil smile either). Morgan enters and Michael asks him to play his drums. Morgan drops his drumstick and Sonny jumps up to get it for him. Michael breaks the fourth wall and yells for his father. Sonny sits back down and Morgan plays the drums and the pageant ends shortly after. Then, Jason leaves.

  Back at GH, Lucky follows Maxie away from the crowd. He asks her if she’s okay. She tells him she just has a cold. Lucky tells her that he’s worried about her. They have a heart-to-heart and he tells her, that in time, the pain will lessen. The two share a hug as Liz watches.

  Meanwhile, Georgie hands a gift to one of the kids there. Tracey approaches her and bothers her about her relationship with Dillon. She tells her to stop beating a dead horse with a stick and just let him go. Elsewhere in the room, Edward and Skye talk. He tells her that he misses them and asks if they could come over for Christmas. Skye asks if Lorenzo can come too. Not far from them, Lulu and Bobbie talk about how Christmas is Laura’s favorite time of year. Lulu tells Bobbie she understands why her dad always bails at Christmas. Bobbie tells Lulu that Luke left something for her. She hands her a little box that contains Laura’s engagement ring. Bobbie tells Lulu that Luke wants her to hold onto it. Lulu cries and says that the ring is a symbol of her parents ’ love for each other. Bobbie tells her that she is also a symbol of Luke and Laura’s love.

  Nearby, Sam hands a present to Kristina and tells her to give it to her mommy and to wish her mommy a Merry Christmas. Kristina does as she’s told and Alexis lights up when Kristina finally breaks her stint of silence. Sam watches, smiling.

  Back with Lucky and Maxie, Lucky tells Maxie she would have been a great mom. Maxie flashes a big smile as she leaves to return to her work.

  Outside, Liz fights on the phone with a toy store owner who informs her that the store ran out of the toy she wanted. She hangs up upset. She looks over at the bench and there sits the exact toy that Cameron wanted for Christmas. The tag on it reads “To: Cameron, From: Santa”. Jason comes out and tells her it’s for Cameron and then wishes her a merry Christmas.

  Over at the pageant, Michael hugs Sonny. He tells the boys that when he talked to Carly, and heard how upset she was, he came home immediately. Sonny declares this Christmas a Corinthos-clan Christmas.

  A few feet away, people crowd to see Spencer and Nikolas and Emily talk. Emily goes to warm the car up and Mike comes over to show Nikolas the pictures he took of Spencer.

  When the show returns from commercial, a montage begins, with. “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” playing in the background. Robin and Patrick stand under the mistletoe and then sneak into a closet. Epiphany sees them go and shakes her head with a smile on her face. Skye invites Lorenzo to join her at the Quartermaine mansion. The Q’s discuss Lorenzo’s invitation. The camera moves to Ric, Alexis, and Molly, then to Lulu standing by the tree. She looks down at the ring her father left her, and then up at an angel on the tree. Outside, Liz and Jason share a hug.

  Back at the pageant, Sonny congratulates Michael. Carly tells him he was the best Joseph ever. Sonny looks around for Morgan and doesn’t see him. Then he looks over in Father Ruiz’s direction and begins to worry about where Morgan went to.

  As Sonny worries about Morgan, a preacher thanks Nikolas again for allowing Spencer to play Jesus. Nikolas goes to get Spencer, but he’s not there. Nikolas has a panicked expression on his face as the cliffhanger Friday comes to and end.

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