GH Update Thursday 12/21/06

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/21/06


Written By Tori
Pictures by Juanita

The show starts off with Sam, Jason, and Spinelli at the pent house. Sam takes the marijuana from Jason and says that she needs it, she's not going to smoke it, but she knows someone that needs to. That person is Alexis, who could use it to deal with her chemo. Sam wants to help Alexis because Alexis helped her. Sam takes Spinelli to the lake house to meet Alexis. Sam tells her that she has a cure for her problem, marijuana. Alexis refuses at first in fear of losing her job and dignity. Alexis smokes some, but says that she doesn't feel any different, but thanks Spinelli and Sam for trying. She asks Sam if Kristina was asleep and Sam tells her that she checked on her and she feel asleep while watching her Little Mermaid DVD. After learning this, Alexis has a sudden craving for chips and that she liked Spinelli's beanie (hat), but she could use it as a different look. Spinelli says that it would be his honor, takes it off, hands it to Alexis and calls her "Mrs. Lansing", but Alexis prefers to be called "goddess mother". Jason stays at the pent house. He calls Bennie and tells him to get rid of the web page Spinelli set up for him and make sure he can't get back into his computer. When the call ends, Jason gets a visitor, Detective Rodriguez. Rodriguez believes that Lucky was set up and suspects Jason. Jason defends himself because he doesn't know anything about it and reminds Rodriguez that he would never hurt Elizabeth. Rodriguez leaves and Jason begins thinking of suspects, one in particular.

At Carly's, Jax is on the phone with Jerry when he hears gunshots and the phone goes dead. Carly ask him if he was going after Jerry. Michael ask Jax if his brother is in trouble and Jax tells him that trouble is Jerry's middle name then he leaves saying that he will see them at the rehearsal. Michael say "If Morgan was in trouble I would go after him" to Carly, who looks worried that Jax might just do that. Carly helps the boys into their costumes when there's a knock at the door, it's Lady Jane. Emily follows to pick up the boys. They leave, which leaves Carly and Lady Jane to talk. Carly informs Lady Jane that she believes Jerry isn't really in trouble and that he is trying to stop her and Jax from marrying. Lady Jane responds by saying that she believes Jerry would do something like that, but thinks he is in serious trouble. Jax interrupts their conversation by announcing that he's not leaving because Jerry doesn't want him to get married and that he sent more PI's to help Jerry. Lady Jane leaves as she says to Jax "You deserve to be happy". Once she leaves Jax is ready to go the boys' rehearsal, but Carly tells him that he needs to go after his brother. Jax' response is "I left you once and I don't ever what to leave you again", but Carly still wants him to go. Jax finally gives in and Carly warns him to be careful because she wants him to come back and marry her. Jax wants Carly to tell the boys that he's sorry that he is going to miss the pageant. Jax walks out the door and Carly looks out the window and yells out "Jax", he watches as she runs outside to him, they kiss, and say "I love you" to each other. Jax gives Carly one more chance to get him to stay still, but Carly pushes him away and tells him to go. When she returns inside, she breaks down and cry. Her breakdown is short lived because the phone rings, its Sonny who wants to talk to the boys, but the boys aren't there. We don't here Sonny's voice, but Carly responds to him. Sonny knows that Carly is upset and has been crying, but Carly denies it. Sonny believes that he's right until Carly says "I think I would know if I've been crying" and hangs up on him.

Lucky and Maxie argue as they walk up the stairs at Kelly's. Maxie grabs onto Lucky's arm. Lucky tells her to get off of him and shakes her off. Maxie falls backwards down the stairs and cries out "Lucky the baby" with Lulu there staring. Lucky is worried about the "baby" and refuses to wait for the ambulance that Mike wanted to call, instead he carries Maxie out and to the hospital. Meanwhile at the hospital Ric is there talking to Elizabeth. Ric tells her that Lucky's drug test was negative, but she already knew about that and it doesn't change a thing. She goes on by saying that she can't trust Lucky like she use to and she doesn't want to sit around and wait for him to start taking pills again. Ric ask her what is she going to do about her kids. Elizabeth insists that she can do it alone and would make a great single mom. Then the elevator opens and out comes Lucky pushing Maxie in a wheelchair with Lulu by their sides. Maxie is taken into a room where she turns on the waterworks for the doctor. When he leaves, she quickly tries to get rid of the fake belly. Although Maxie knows there's no baby, she begins to cry when she finds out that there's no fetal heartbeat. The doctor wants to do a pelvic exam, but Maxie thinks it's too early. The doctor insist on doing the exam. Lucky is in the waiting room with Lulu and tells her about the night that Elizabeth told him that she was leaving him. Ric accuses Lucky of pushing Maxie down the stairs because it would have been an easy fix to his problem that was standing in between him and Elizabeth. Elizabeth walks in on the accusation and by the look on her face, it looks like she believes Ric. Lucky tries to assures her that he didn't push Maxie, she fell and Elizabeth said that she wasn't saying anything. The doc comes in and tells Lucky the bad news. Lucky starts blaming himself because he never wanted the baby. Lucky goes to visit Maxie and tells her how sorry he was taking all the blame for what happened. Once Maxie realizes that she has Lucky right where she wants him, she wipes away the tears and puts a smile on her face. Maxie tells him that she doesn't blame him and he hugs her. Maxie looks over his shoulder and sees the fake belly.

Elizabeth leaves the hospital and goes straight to the pent house to see Jason, who is on his way out the door to see her. Jason tells her that Rodriguez stopped by and accused him of setting Lucky up and he had nothing to do about it, but knows who did. Ric. He asked her about what happened when the pills were found. She tells him the story and its sound more to him like Ric is the one, she doesn't believe that Ric would do something like that. Jason explains to her that Ric is capable of anything. Ric confesses to the "priest" again and tells him that he is happy with the fallout of his scheme to win Elizabeth back. When Ric leaves the "priest" walks out the confessional and shows his face its Manny or his twin!

Nikolas talks to Emily outside of Shady Brook about how he wishes that Laura's condition would change and how it is harder for him to deal with it now than it was four years ago. Emily reminds him to focus on the positive. Nikolas feels that a part of Laura knew he was there with Spencer. The scene then cuts to an airplane where we see Spencer's former nanny Colleen onboard and an announcement is made saying that the plane will land in Port Charles on time. Colleen smiles as she hears the announcement. Later, there's an announcement that the plane is about to land in Port Charles and that PC is getting snow. Nikolas and Emily help Spencer prepare for he's acting debut as baby Jesus.

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