GH Update Wednesday 12/20/06

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/20/06


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Today’s show opens at Kelly’s. Lucky meets with Lulu and tells her what happened at the police station. He tells her that Liz found pills in his desk, but that someone framed him. He asks her to tell Liz that he was framed.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Patrick and Liz come out of a meeting for addicts’ loved ones. Liz tells Patrick about finding the pills in Lucky’s desk.

Over at Carly’s house, she, the boys, and Jax sit around the table enjoying an Australian breakfast of steak and eggs. Michael asks Jax if they can have this food everyday for breakfast. Jax says he’ll cook an Alaskan breakfast for them sometime. Michael asks if this is what their life as a family will be like. Everyone is all smiles.

Jason and Sam are at the courthouse. They walk into the courtroom. Alexis and Ric are there. Sam asks why there aren’t any other people there and Alexis tells her the trial will be closed to the press. She says that Ric is lucky that it is, because he would be so humiliated if it weren’t, since he set Sam up. Ric says that Sam broke lots of laws and he’s going to make sure she goes down for it as the opening credits roll.

Back at Kelly’s, Lucky tells Lulu that he passed the drug test. Lulu tells him that she can understand why Liz may not believe him when he tells her he’ s clean. Lucky swears he is clean and says he’s staying clean for his mom. Lulu tells Lucky she believes him.

At GH, Liz tells Patrick that Lucky has lied before and that’s why she doesn ’t trust him. Patrick asks Liz to consider the possibility that Lucky is telling the truth. Liz says she can’t believe him because he was too defensive about it and because her first priority is her kids. Liz leaves the desk. Robin is standing on the other side. Patrick approaches her. She tells him that she heard his 11:00 appointment canceled. She asks him to make a house call with her.

Back at Carly’s, Jax enters to find Carly working on a seating chart. He reminds her that they have wedding planners to do that. She tells him that if the seating isn’t perfect, it could mean World War 3. Bobbie comes in with Carly’s wedding dress. Carly makes a big deal about Jax not seeing it. He leaves for a business appointment. Bobbie comments on Jax being adorable. Then she notes Carly’s anxiety and asks if she has pre-wedding jitters.

In the courtroom, the judge announces that she will be the judge now instead of the other guy. She tells Alexis that she agrees with the previous judge’ s decision to make her wear a wig. Then she asks for opening arguments. Alexis makes a motion to have the charges dropped on the grounds that Sam was set up. As she and Ric argue, she grows weak and has to sit down. Sam tells her that they have to stop now.

Meanwhile, we join Patrick and Robin in a spacious apartment. Robin says it reminds her of a Paris apartment she wished she could have afforded while she lived there. Robin is excited about the apartment and tells Patrick about how it has two-car parking and a gym. He asks her why it’s so important to her that he get an apartment. She tells him that living in a hotel room is impersonal. He tells her he’s not leaving anytime soon, so she shouldn’t worry. She tells him she isn’t suggesting they move in together. The landlord comes in. He asks them some questions. As soon as Robin mentions that Patrick is a doctor at GH, the landlord says the apartment is no longer available.

Over at the hospital, Lulu approaches Liz at the nurses’ station. She tells Liz that Lucky swears he was set up. Liz isn’t buying what Lulu is saying though. She reminds Lulu that she has two children to worry about now. She tells Lulu that she loves Lucky, but that she can’t trust him, and that her inability to believe in him isn’t fair to anyone. Lulu tells Liz that she isn’t wrong for feeling the way she does, but she tells her that Lucky needs her.

At Kelly’s, Maxie sits down and asks Mike if he’s seen Lucky. He tells her that Lucky was there with Lulu, but left. He tells Maxie to give Lucky a break. Maxie tells Mike what happened at the police station with the pills. Mike talks about understanding addiction. He tells Maxie that he struggles with his addiction to gambling. Maxie tells Mike that Liz is Lucky’s problem, not the drugs. Mike tells her that Lucky will not give up on Liz.

Back at court, Alexis claims dehydration is the cause of her weakness. Jason leans over to her and tells her that he can call his attorney. Alexis tells the judge that she can’t be Sam’s defense lawyer. The judge declares a recess unless Ric had an objection. Ric tells the judge that the state will drop the charges against Sam.

At Carly’s house, the bride to be tries on her dress. Bobbie tells Carly that she is proud of her. The phone rings. Carly answers but no one responds. She hangs up. This leads the women to discuss Sonny. Carly tells Bobbie that Sonny doesn’t want to come to the wedding and Bobbie tells her that it’s probably for the best. Jax comes in and sees Carly in the dress. Carly flips out and tells Jax that he ruined everything.

Back at the vacant apartment, the landlord tells Patrick and Robin they can’ t have the place. Robin figures out that the landlord recognized Patrick from a news story about him and his work with AIDS and HIV patients. The two doctors tell the landlord he should do his research on AIDS. The landlord said it doesn’t matter—the apartment is not available.

Back at court, Ric tells the judge that there is no way to prove whether or not Sam shot Diego in self-defense. He says that since it’s the state’s burden to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she shot him in cold blood, and since there is a lack of evidence, the state will not waste it’s time. The case is dismissed. Sam hugs Jason. Ric tells Alexis to go home and rest. Alexis has tears in her eyes. Jason offers her a ride home, but she declines. Sam decides to take her home.

Meanwhile, at the penthouse, Spinelli eats a large pizza. He calls Bernie and informs him that his firewall for Jason’s accounts sucks and informs him that he was able to hack into them. There is a knock at the door. Spinelli answers it and Lulu enters. Lulu tells Spinelli that they need to work on her mom ’s case some more.

At General Hospital, Lucky comes in to see Liz. He asks her if Lulu came by yet. Liz tells Lucky he should leave Lulu out of it. He tells Liz he loves her. Liz tells him to leave her alone. Lucky tells Liz that he was framed and he knows who did it.

Over at Carly’s house, Jax receives Carly’s frustration with him seeing her dress before the wedding. She tells him that they are jinxed now. Carly cries a little. Michael informs Jax that his mother is slightly superstitious. Carly threatens to slap Jax if he doesn’t leave. Jax apologizes and leaves. As he closes the door behind him, his phone rings. He answers it, but no one replies. Back inside, Michael tells his mom she looks like a princess. Carly thanks him, but insists that the dress must be returned.

At GH, Lucky tells Liz that Maxie had been sitting at his desk before the pills were planted. He explains that she probably put them there to get Liz to abandon him completely. Liz tells Lucky that the more he explains, the less she believes him. She tells him that he’s a stranger to her and that if he really loved her, he’d respect her decision and leave. Lucky accuses her of looking for a way out.

Meanwhile, Jason returns to the penthouse to find Lulu and Spinelli chatting. Spinelli mentions his conversation with Bernie. Jason informs him that he has already spoken to Bernie about it. Then Spinelli tells Jason that he set up a profile page for him since he and “the goddess” really aren’t meant to be together. Jason kicks Lulu out, explaining that Spinelli has work to do for him first. He tells Spinelli to get upstairs and fix the security issues he found, and then to erase the page he set up.

Back at the lake house, Alexis claims it is just a bad chemo day and says she just needs to lie down. Sam asks if there is anything she can do. Alexis tells her that just because she didn’t want her to go to jail, didn’t mean she forgave her for her one night stand with Ric. Sam says she’ll go, but tells Alexis she needs to find someone to help her.

At Kelly’s, Maxie pulls her shirt down over her belly. She tells Mike she is craving spicy mustard to go along with what she’s eating. Mike tells her that this is unusual since most pregnant women complain that things that are spicy really upset their stomachs. Maxie claims that she and her baby are really in sync with each other. She smiles and tells Mike that Lucky said he wanted to see her. Lucky comes in and shouts at her to tell the truth about planting the pills in his desk. Maxie tells him she would never do that. She tells him that his problem is Liz, not her. He tells her that he’s through with her.

Back at the apartment, robin tells Patrick they should just leave now. Patrick threatens the landlord with discrimination lawsuits that would destroy his property value far worse than having a doctor who works with AIDS patients live in his building. The landlord gives in and tells Patrick to have the deposit tomorrow. Robin smiles as the landlord leaves. She tells him that his speech was a turn on and then she tells him that she’s proud of him. Then she suggests they christen the apartment. They kiss and he lifts her up and carries her to another room.

At Carly’s, Bobbie has asked Michael to try on his tuxedo. Carly thinks it’ s adorable. Michael tells his mom that Jax must really love her if he’s willing to wear a tuxedo for her. He tells her that even though he’ll never love Jax as much as he loves his dad, he likes him a lot since he makes his mom happy.

Back at the penthouse, Sam comes home and smiles at Jason. She tells him it’ s all over and they are free to anything they want, including nothing at all. Jason asks her how Alexis is and she tells him that Alexis is still sick. As the two talk, Sam looks up and asks Jason if he smells something. Jason looks up and takes off for the stairs, shouting “Spinelli, you’re a dead man!”

At Carly’s, the boys run in circles and Bobbie asks Carly if she’s sure she wants to return the dress. Carly says she is. Jax re-enters and kisses Bobbie’s cheek as she leaves. Michael runs to Jax and tells him that he has shoes just like his shoes for the wedding. Carly tells Jax everything is under control now. The phone rings and Carly answers it. She yells at the boys to be quiet so she can hear. She informs Jax that it’s a collect call from Jerry. Jax walks over to take the phone. Carly looks less than thrilled.

Over at the lake house, Alexis talks on the phone with Dr. Trent. She tells him that she has never felt as bad as she does now. The doctor tells her there’s nothing they can do and that it will pass. Alexis begs to know if there is anything she can do to make herself feel better.

Back at the penthouse, Jason drags Spinelli down the stairs. Spinelli tells Jason that he got 152 hits on his profile from some hot babes. Jason tells him to cough up the drugs and Spinelli, who is obviously stoned, laughs at this. Jason tells Spinelli that he doesn’t allow drugs in his house. Spinelli is shocked to learn this. Jason pats Spinelli up to find the marijuana. Spinelli pleads with Jason not to throw it out. As Jason turns to throw it out anyways, Sam stops him and tells him that she needs it. He looks at her like she’s lost her marbles.

Meanwhile, Ric sits in confession again and talks about Liz and how he wronged her. He talks about how he set Lucky up. He tells the priest that he has to fix Liz’s life for her and when he does, she’ll turn to him. On the other side of the confessional box, we see a man covered in tattoos. the man tells Ric that it’s not right to hurt others. He tells him to do 10 “Hail Mary's”

Over at her studio apartment, Liz looks down at her belly and talks to her baby. She tells herself (and the baby) that she should have told Jason that he was the father, but she tells the baby that Lucky changed his life for it. She tells the baby she doesn’t want to fight Lucky in court for custody. She knows the truth is going to come out one way or another. She tells herself that maybe she should just face Jason with the truth now so they can decide what’ s best for their baby.

Back at Kelly’s, Maxie stands behind Lucky, tugging at his shirt and arguing with him. He yells at her and pulls away. They are on the stairway. Maxie looks up briefly and then tugs again, knowing Lucky will pull away. When he does, she tumbles down the stairs. Lucky runs down to her and looks around as the show comes to end.

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