GH Update Tuesday 12/19/06

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/19/06


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In this episode of General Hospital, Jax and Carly begin and dissolve a tedious dispute. This argument mainly revolves around Jerry and Sonny. Jax insists he must find Jerry before he and Carly’s wedding. Carly wants to go to “the island” to retrieve Sonny so he may attend Morgan and Michael’s pageant. The quarrel is short-lived, due to the fact that Jax and Carly decide to stay in Port Charles for the holidays, instead of chasing after their loved ones. This upsets Michael. Michael insists it is an important factor for Sonny to be present for the pageant. Michael threatens not to celebrate the holidays and not to attend the pageant with Morgan if Sonny does not arrive by the time of the pageant. Jax handles this situation well. He convinces Michael that Morgan needs support for the pageant. The party of four leaves for the pageant practice. Carly and Jax do not stay for long with Michael and Morgan. Instead, they leave and tell Emily that they have to be somewhere. Jax takes Carly to a room and tells her there is a surprise awaiting her. When she arrives in the room, she sees a medium white-feathered tree on a table. It has a diamond necklace dangling on it. This surprise brings about a happy reaction from Carly. This eventually leads to her and Jax making love.

Meanwhile, Nicholas and Emily arrive for the pageant practice with Spencer. Nicholas is in need of moral support. Emily provides him with this moral support. Emily is able to slightly convince Nicholas that he will be able to provide the correct love and care for Spencer. This conversation is ended when Nicholas requests that Emily remind him of “Christmas joy”. Their time spent together is interrupted by a phone call from Alfred. Alfred is greatly surprised by a mysterious discovery. He tells Nicholas on the phone that it is an important emergency. When Nicholas arrives, Alfred leads him to what is believed to be the basement of the residence. Alfred shows Nicholas a room which resembles a chamber. In this room, Alfred tells Nicholas that he believes someone was being held captive there. Nicholas immediately tells Alfred to phone the police headquarters.

Lucky desperately tries to convince Elizabeth that the pills planted in his desk drawer were not his. He insists that he was setup and continues to ask for and take a drug test. She does not accept this, and leaves the police headquarters to return to her shift at the hospital. While continuing her shift at the hospital, Elizabeth is confronted by Ric. Ric attempts to comfort Elizabeth with words. While Ric is trying to comfort Elizabeth, Lucky is left at the headquarters with an angered Max. Max calls in Maxi to question whether or not Lucky has asked her for pills. Maxi answers no and then exits the area. She leaves a confident Lucky behind. He believes his drug test results will be negative. In the meantime, Elizabeth refuses the comfort of Ric and states she needs to get over Lucky by herself. Soon after Elizabeth states this, Lucky arrives at the hospital with his cleared drug test. This does not affect the decision Elizabeth has already made. She states her and Lucky are “through”. This begins an argument between the couple. Eventually, Elizabeth calls hospital security to retrieve Lucky.

            Lulu is able to find shelter for Spinelli to temporarily reside in, Sam and Jason’s residence. Although Sam and Jason seem reluctant, they are convinced after being persuaded by Lulu and Spinelli. Spinelli seems eager to move into their residence, but seems displeased with his pink room. He requests to move into the room beside it, but this option is denied by Sam. Sam says that the room will eventually belong to her and Jason’s baby. Spinelli seems to be upset about Sam and Jason having a baby, but returns to his pink room. Sam and Jason are left alone. This alone time eventually leads to them making love.

            In this episode, the viewer is given the possibility that Manny is still alive. This is insinuated when Ric enters the confessional at the Catholic Church. After his confessions, he is answered by the priest, whose voice oddly resembles that of Manny’s. Ric exits the confessional. Afterwards, the tattooed hand of the priest reaches out towards the confessional screen.

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