GH Update Tuesday 12/19/06

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/19/06


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Carly and Jax continue to argue at Carly's about the wedding, Sonny, and Jerry. Jax wants to go after Jerry before the wedding and Carly is mad that Jax made a big deal about her going to the island after Sonny. Jax says their situations are different because Jerry is his brother and Carly responds "Sonny is the father of my children". Jax wants to stop yelling. Just as Carly quiets down and repeats that she wanted to go to the island to bring Sonny back, Michael and Morgan come downstairs. Michael is excited to hear that Carly is considering going to the island. Carly and Michael sit down to talk. Carly tells Michael that she isn't planning to go to the island. Michael gets upset and says that he and Morgan aren't going to do the pageant or have Christmas. Jax reminds Michael that Morgan has been looking forward to Christmas and the pageant and that it would be unfair for him to take that away from him. Michael agrees to do the pageant and to have Christmas, but only because Morgan wants to. They then all leave for the dress rehearsal for the Christmas pageant.

The landlord of the apartment that Colleen is staying at brings in a crib still in the box and ask her what she thinks of Denver so far and she tells him that she likes it and that her baby will love it there. Nikolas and Emily arrive early with Spencer for the his dress rehearsal. Nikolas worries that something might go wrong, but Emily assures him that Spencer is going to be safe and that the pageant will go off without a hitch. Carly, Jax, Michael, and Morgan show up late much to the directors disliking. Nikolas worries when Carly tells the boys to "Break a leg", but Emily quickly notes that it's just an expression. When it was Spencer's turn to enter the scene, Nikolas was reluctant to let him go, but Emily convinced him to release the baby. Before Carly and Jax took off, Jax asked Emily if she could drop the boys at Carly's when the rehearsal was over. When it was over Alfred called Nikolas to tell him that there was something at home that needed his immediate attention. When Nikolas left, Emily and Michael had a talk. Michael told Emily that it's Jax' fault that his dad (Sonny) wasn't going to be there for the pageant. Nikolas arrive at home and enters the room where it is clear that someone had been held captive. Nikolas tells Alfred to call the police.

Sam and Jason are making out at the penthouse when Lulu knocks on the door. Sam tells Jason he better not answer the door, but Lulu yells "Jason if you're and I think you are open up". Sam gets mad saying to Jason "why do you have to solve everyone's problems". Jason opens the door. Lulu tells Jason that she went to Oakdale with him and now he needs to repay her by allowing her friend to stay with him, talking about Spinelli. Spinelli talks about his visit with the Quartermaines and Lulu explains why he couldn't stay there. Lulu brings up that Spinelli is helping her with the project (finding out what really killed Rick Webber) for her mother and that he needed a safe place to stay at until he's done helping her. Jason asks her "For how long?" Lulu responds "A few months". Spinelli wants to know if the penthouse was wired for high speed, but Lulu reminds him that Jason hasn't agreed yet to let him stay. Spinelli says "let's consult with the goddess" (referring to Sam). Sam says that she and Jason like their privacy, but Jason thinks that it is best for Spinelli to stay at the penthouse for a while because of the enemies that Spinelli has made and the fact that if it wasn't for Spinelli Sam and Jason would be in jail. Spinelli thanks Lulu for helping him get a place to stay. Jason sends Spinelli upstairs to his room. Jason then fills Sam in on Lulu's project for her mother. Then he and Sam try to get a little alone time in, but Spinelli interrupts them because the room he is staying in is pink. Spinelli ask Jason why he has a pink room. Sam says tells Spinelli that the room was Brenda's, Jason's ex- wife, and that he never changed it. Spinelli thinks that it is insensitive to the "goddess" to still have that room like that. Spinelli wants the room across the hall, but Sam says that room is the baby's room. Spinelli tells Sam that she can't have a baby because she should be running on a beach wearing a bikini and if Jason wanted to have kids then he should have them with someone else. Jason stops him by telling him to go back upstairs before he throws him down them. Spinelli retreats to the bedroom. The silence worries Sam and she thinks that they should go check up on him. Jason thinks that they should leave him alone and reminds her that she wanted some alone time together. Soon after saying this, Spinelli turns on the stereo full blast and to Sam's delight she and Jason can make all the noise that they want.

Elizabeth opens the drawer with the bag of pills in it just as Lucky walks in. Elizabeth throws the pills at Lucky and tells him that she wants him out of her and the kids life. Lucky denies putting the pills in his desk or taking any and offers to take a drug test. Elizabeth doesn't believe him and tells him that he can take the test, but that won't prove anything. Elizabeth storms out and returns to the hospital to finish her shift. Epiphany tells Elizabeth that if she wants to stay she needs leave her heartache at the door. Ric shows up soon after apologizing for Lucky and offers her his help. She tells him that she has been relying on somebody all the time and wants to handle this herself. Epiphany praises Elizabeth for taking charge stating in her own words of wisdom "I'm glad you finally realize that leaning on a man is like leaning on the wind". Back at the station, Lucky awaits his test result when Mac walks up. Lucky tells him that he believes that someone planted the pills. When Mac ask who would do that to him Maxie shows up. Lucky asks Mac "What is she doing here" Mac responds "I asked her to come down here". Mac asks Maxie to tell him the truth, did Lucky ask her for pills? Maxie tells Mac no and that she didn't see him take any either. Mac then dismisses her telling her that he didn't want her anymore involved than she should be. The test results come in, they are negative, and Lucky rush off the show Elizabeth at GH. Maxie is standing by listening as Lucky tries to show Elizabeth the results, but Elizabeth doesn't care. She doesn't want to wait around for him wondering if or when he will take another pill. Lucky wants to be apart of their kids life and if Elizabeth won't let him he will fight her on it. Elizabeth tells Lucky to go, but he doesn't budge, so Elizabeth calls for security. Lucky then leaves. Ric confesses to the "priest" about how he treated Elizabeth promising that he will make up for what he has done. The "priest" resolves Ric of all his sins. Ric leaves and the "priest's" left hand is shown and it is covered in tattoos.

Jax and Carly return to Carly's for Jax' surprise. Jax has Carly to close her eyes as they walk up to the bed room. When they walk inside there is a white Christmas tree with red balls on it. Jax then puts a silver necklace around Carly's neck as she reminds him that once they are married his life will be filled with homework, school plays, and PTA meetings, but Jax says that he's a serious business man and can't attend PTA meetings. Jax and Carly then made love.

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