GH Update Monday 12/18/06

General Hospital Update Monday 11/18/06


Written By Shanna
Pictures by Juanita

In the attic, Georgie enters to find Dillon and Lulu in holding each other’ s arms. When they see Georgie they tell her that it’s not what it looks like. Georgie says it’s exactly what it looks like.

Elizabeth walks into Kelly's to find Maxie and Lucky sitting at a table. Maxie tells Elizabeth to give a reason why she should have to give up her baby while Elizabeth doesn’t have to.

At the penthouse, Jason tells Sam that he’s not sure he should be anyone’s dad.

Over at Carly’s house, she and Jax argue. Jax tells Carly that if she goes after Sonny, then the wedding is off. She tells him to cancel the wedding as the opening credits begin.

Back in the attic, Georgie says she knows that they are obviously trying to figure something out about Rick Webber’s murder, but she tells them that it would have been nice of them to let her in on it considering her family owns the house now. Lulu and Dillon tell her that they are trying to solve a mystery. They aren’t trying to be conniving. Georgie isn’t completely buying their story. She asks Dillon why he has to be the one to get involved. As she questions him, Spinelli walks in and Lulu introduces him as another friend who’s trying to prove her mother is innocent.

Over at the lake house, Alexis and Ric are arguing. Ric tells Alexis that Sam will be convicted and that she’ll be humiliated when she loses the case. Alexis tells Ric she was already humiliated when she married him. He tells her that she doesn’t love Molly and that she’s using Molly against him.

At Kelly’s, Maxie tells Lucky that she isn’t giving up her baby. Lucky tells her that she’s unprepared to raise a child and that it’s the best chance the baby has. Liz tells him that he’s wrong.

Back at the penthouse, Sam tells Jason that he will be a great father. Jason tells her that he wants to give his child the best life he can. He tells her he would never turn his back on a child.

Back at Carly’s, she tells Jax that she’s a boundary pusher and that he shouldn’t try to control her. She tells him that if he’s willing to cancel the wedding over this, then he never wanted to marry her in the first place.

In the attic, Spinelli pulls out a tape measurer. He and Dillon discuss how accurate measurements are necessary to recreate the scene. Lulu asks Dillon how he knows so much about forensic investigation and he makes references to Hitchcock movies. Georgie cracks a slight smile. They prepare to re-enact the scene again. Spinelli points out that Georgie is the third wheel in this scene. Lulu tells Spinelli that they should give Dillon and Georgie some alone time and the two leave. Georgie tells Dillon that Lulu is still attracted to him.

Back at Carly’s, Jax tells Carly that she has to stop the dysfunctional relationship she has with Sonny. He tells her that Sonny won’t stop doing what he does just because she’s married to him. He tells her that he wants her to choose to be happy, but that he doesn’t want their marriage to come second to Sonny. Carly tells Jax that she won’t go and that she loves only him. Jax’s phone rings and Carly tells him not to answer it.

At the lake house, Alexis tells Ric that she is protecting Molly from her “ biological accident” of a father. Ric tells Alexis that the chemo has made her too weak to be a parent. Then he tells her that she loves Kristina more than Molly because Sonny is Kristina’s father. Kristina comes out while Ric and Alexis are fighting.

Back at the penthouse, Sam tells Jason that she wants a baby with him. Her phone rings. It’s Alexis calling to tell her what just happened with Kristina. She asks Sam to come over to distract Kristina.

At Kelly’s, Liz tells Lucky he should think about what giving up his baby would really mean. Maxie leaves and Liz asks Lucky why he thinks adoption is the answer. He tells her that he has little faith in Maxie’s ability to be a good mother. Liz tells Lucky that having a child changes a person’s entire perspective. Lucky tells Liz that he wants to experience that with her.

In the attic, Georgie and Dillon continue to argue about Lulu. Dillon tells Georgie that people can care about someone without wanting to be with that person romantically. Then he tells her that she’s the love of his life, but she tells him that even though he believes that, she doesn’t. She tells him that things aren’t easy between them anymore and that he doesn’t even recognize that there is a problem. She tells him she wants to fight for him on the one hand, but on the other hand, she doesn’t want to change herself. He tells her that he’s not giving up on their love.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Lulu and Spinelli enter and Lulu asks if Spinelli can crash there. Tracey throws a fit, but Monica reminds her that she is the owner of the house. Spinelli is impressed with Alice. The Q’s argue amongst themselves as Spinelli finds a picture of Jason. He asks them how they know Jason and then tells them that they owe him since he saved Jason’s butt.

At the lake house, Sam enters to speak with Kristina, who is sitting on the couch next to Alexis. Alexis explains what happened with Ric to Sam. Sam comforts Kristina, telling her that she knows she finds her parents’ arguments confusing, but just because they fight doesn’t mean that they don’t love their children. Then she tells Kristina that Alexis loves her a lot.

At Kelly’s Mike and Lucky discuss fatherhood and Mike advises him not to fail his own flesh and blood. Maxie comes back and asks Lucky why he called her back. He tells her he changed his mind about the adoption and wants to give their baby a good life.

Meanwhile, Jason pays Liz a visit at GH. Liz asks Jason if the charges were dropped and then tells him that she’s happy for him and Sam, though she obviously doesn’t mean it. Jason tells her he needs to ask her a question and they walk away from the counter to talk. He asks Liz, if he had been the baby’s father, if she would have wanted him involved in its life.

Back at the Quartermaine mansion, Spinelli and Lulu explain how Spinelli saved Jason. Alice comes in with a sandwich for Spinelli. Now he recognizes her as the “Dominator” — who rules the ring every Friday night. The Q’s ask how Lulu knows about Jason’s recent caper. Dillon comes in and asks what Spinelli is doing there.

Back at the lake house, Alexis tells Sam about how Ric wanted to trade Sam’ s freedom for full custody of Molly. Sam tells Alexis that she better have said no, and tells her that she would never expect her to trade Kristina or Molly for her. After their talk, Sam leaves.

Meanwhile, Carly goes to Kelly’s to get some take-out, but sees Jax through the window talking with a woman. She gets mad and leaves.

Inside Kelly’s, Maxie tells Lucky that with his support, she can be a good mom. Lucky tells her that he wants to be more involved with the baby, starting now.

Back at GH, Liz tells Jason that she knows he would want to do what’s best for her baby. He asks her why she said she would have wanted to raise the baby alone. She says because the pregnancy wasn’t planned and she didn’t want to trap him. Jason asks her if it’s wrong to have children in his world and asks her if the baby were his, if she would be better off without him. Liz tells him that his children would be better people for having him as a father. Jason thanks her and tells her that what she said means a lot to him. He leaves. Liz is upset. She tells a nurse she has a family emergency and then leaves.

Back at the Q’s, Alice tells the family to be nice to her fan, Spinelli, who replies that it’s an honor to meet her. Tracey says she’s going to puke and Dillon says that Tracey is right about why Spinelli can’t stay there. Everyone exits so Lulu and Spinelli can talk. Dillon stays and the three discuss Rick Webber’s murder and their plan to prove Laura’s innocence. Monica overhears what they are talking about and looks upset.

Over at Carly’s, Jax comes in and apologizes for the delay. Carly tells him she made dinner. It’s an uncooked frozen pizza. He asks if she’s still mad about the whole Sonny thing. She says no, but tells him that she’s mad at him for lying about where he was going.

Back at the penthouse, Jason looks through the window with the bullet hole he has yet to fix. Sam comes back and the two talk about Kristina. She talks about how people should think about things like the arguments and complications before they have children.

Meanwhile, Liz makes a trip to the police station to talk to Lucky. He isn’ t there, but Ric enters and offers to let her leave a note for Lucky. She follows Ric to Lucky’s desk. Ric opens the drawer where he stashed pills. He closes it and suspiciously tells Liz to just leave a message on Lucky’s voicemail. Liz asks what’s wrong.

Back at the Quartermaine mansion, Lulu asks Dillon what happened with Georgie. he tells her to focus on the investigation. Monica comes in and tells the teens that Spinelli can’t stay there after all because of his involvement in the mob scene. Tracey and Dillon find this sudden change of heart suspicious. Lulu and Spinelli leave to find him shelter elsewhere.

Back at Carly’s, Jax asks Carly if she’s jealous because she saw him chatting it up with a woman. She says she’s mad because he said he had a business meeting. Jax tells her he likes it when she’s territorial and then explains to her that the woman is a private investigator who was trying to track Jerry. He tells Carly that if Jerry’s life is on the line, then he’ll have to go save him.

At the penthouse, Jason tells Sam that he’ll never tell her how to live her life again. He tells her it’s her decision to share his life with him. He asks her if she can put the same risks on her children though. Sam tells him that she believes they will be good parents, but that they should wait to have children until he feels the same way. She warns him that she intends on changing his mind. The two share a kiss.

Back at Kelly’s, Georgie runs in and apologizes to Mike for being late. He tells her to relax for a few minutes before she starts working. She takes a seat with Maxie. Maxie starts dogging Dillon again and tells Georgie that she’s too good for him. Georgie tells Maxie it’s not about being better or worse than someone else is is. She says it’s about how long you decide to hold on or how soon you decide to call it quits.

Back at the police station, Ric tries to stop Liz from getting into Lucky’s drawer. She tells him to let her open the drawer. She opens it and picks up the pills. Lucky enters and sees the pills in her hands. Liz and Lucky look at each other as the show ends.

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