GH Update Friday 12/15/06

General Hospital Update Friday 12/15/06


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Today, GH opens at Carly’s house.  She is returning from shopping for materials to make the boys’ costumes for the pageant.  Despite Carly’s enthusiasm, the boys are unhappy.  They inform her that Sonny has left town.  They tell her that they don’t want to be in the pageant if their dad isn’t going to be there to watch them.

Over at Kelly’s, Dillon, Lulu, and Spinelli are chatting about how to figure out who killed Rick Webber.  Spinelli has hacked into the PCPD’s files.

Over at the PCPD, Lucky sits at his desk and Ric enters.  He tells Lucky that he has to go after Jason.  Lucky asks Ric why he has this sudden interest in Elizabeth’s feelings.

At the lake house, Sam and Alexis discuss Sam’s case.  Alexis tells Sam that her case is airtight.  They agree it should be considering Ric set her up.  Alexis tells Sam that they may need to bring up her (Sam’s) and Ric’s one night stand to prove Ric’s motive for the set-up.  Jason enters and Sam runs into his arms and the opening credits roll.

Back at Carly’s, Michael tells Carly not to fight with Sonny when she calls him to force him to reschedule his plans.  She tells the boys she will handle the situation and that they will not be quitting the pageant.

At Kelly’s, Dillon says that they should focus on family and friends of Ric Webber’s to find a motive for his murder.  The three (Dillon, Lulu, and Spinelli) talk about the case against Laura.  Spinelli agrees with Dillon, when he says that their best bet is to talk to Luke.

At GH, Nikolas comes in, armed with caffeine, to visit Emily.  She jokes with him and asks if he’s there to get some anti-anxiety drugs.  They talk about Spencer’s visit with Santa.  Nikolas tells Emily he wants her to spend every Christmas with him and Spencer.

Back at the police station, Ric explains to Lucky that Elizabeth needs all the support she can get after the way Lucky screwed her over.  Lucky tells Ric to make up his mind, pointing out that by forcing him to go after Jason, he is upsetting Elizabeth.

At the lake house, Jason tells Sam and Alexis about how the charges were dropped against him and Spinelli.  Jason tells them that because the flash drive went missing, Ric no longer had a case against them.  Sam asks if they will drop the charges against her too.

Meanwhile, Carly has Max come to her house to discuss Sonny.  She talks to Max about Sonny’s sudden departure.  She asks Max why Sonny decided to leave and if it had anything to do with her.  Max says it’s better for his health if he doesn’t get involved in Sonny’s personal affairs.  Carly asks Max what will happen if she tries to call Sonny.  Max informs her that Sonny left strict instructions to not let Carly get in touch with him.  Carly tells Max that Sonny is punishing her for being with Jax.  Max calls Jax shallow and Carly gets mad at him.  Max points out that Carly has broken Sonny’s heart and then he leaves.
Meanwhile, Spinelli finally breaks into Rick Webber’s autopsy file.  Dillon looks over at the computer screen.  Lulu asks to see it and Dillon says no.

Back at the police station, Ric rubs in Lucky’s mistakes and then tells him that Lucky works for him and reminds him not to forget it.  He tells Lucky that he is his best shot at catching Jason because Jason will be easy on him because of Elizabeth.  Ric leaves and Lucky tells Rodriguez that he has to build a case against Jason or he’ll lose his job.  The two exit.  Maxie enters and sits at Lucky’s desk. 

At the lake house, Jason tells Alexis that he didn’t take the flash drive.  Then he talks about how awesome his new lawyer is.  He tells Alexis and Sam that the lawyer, Diane Miller, said that Sam’s charges should be dropped now.  Jason offers Diane’s services to Sam and Alexis says it’s Sam’s choice to decide who she wants to represent her.  Sam chooses Alexis.  Then Jason tells Sam that there is no reason for them to stay away from each other now.

Back at Kelly’s, Lulu tells Dillon that she can handle looking at the autopsy photos.  She demands that Spinelli show her the pictures.  He warns her that it’s similar to the 4th level of “Street Killer,” but with real people.  The three look over the photos and Dillon asks Lulu how tall Rick was.

Back at Carly’s, Jax comes in to take Carly and the kids to the pageant rehearsal.  Carly tells him that she has to go to the island to get Sonny.  She asks Jax to take the boys to rehearsal. 

At GH, Nikolas talks to Emily about his need to be an over-protective parent.  He explains that it must be a Cassidine thing and says that the Cassidines know what it’s like to lose people they care about.  Then he says the Spencers know how that feels as well.

Back at the police station, Lucky tells Maxie he wants to talk about their “baby”.  He tells her that they should go somewhere more private to talk, like Kelly’s.  The two leave and Ric comes in and places a file on Lucky’s desk....  along with a sandwich bag of pills. 

Meanwhile, Sam and Jason return to Jason’s place.  Police sirens are heard in the background.  Sam says it’s nice that the sirens aren’t coming for them.  Sam and Jason’s song starts playing and Sam tells Jason it’s nice to be home.  The two share a hug.

Over at Carly’s, Jax informs her that Sonny is playing games with her and she’s falling right into his trap.  Carly says that Sonny isn’t manipulating her this time.  Jax tells Carly that it’s obvious that Sonny doesn’t want to be around for their wedding, so maybe they should just respect his wishes and leave him alone.  Carly tells Jax that she has to go to the island to make sure Sonny’s okay, and to make him come back for the boys’ sakes.

Back at GH, Nikolas talks to Emily about Laura.  He talks about how his family is falling apart again now that Laura has relapsed.  He tells Emily he’s lonely now because Lulu and Lucky are busy.  Emily sends Nikolas on his way back to Wyndemere to spend time with Spencer before the pageant rehearsal.  The two share a kiss.  Nikolas exits and Emily watches him lovingly.

Meanwhile, Dillon, Spinelli, and Lulu travel back to the scene of Rick Webber’s murder—the attic.  Dillon tells Spinelli to stay out of the way while they try to figure out what happened.  Dillon suggests that they role play  and re-enact the murder.  He volunteers to be Rick and tells Lulu to be Laura.  Spinelli asks who he is and Dillon replies, “the jackal.” Then Dillon asks where Laura was standing and why Rick came to the attic in the first place.  They are speculating about what occurred the night Rick was murdered.  As they re-enact the murder, Lulu realizes that maybe her mother didn’t flip out because she murdered her step-father.  She begins to believe Laura may have lost her mind because she saw her step-father murdered by someone.

At Kelly’s, Georgie enters excitedly and rushes over to Professor Pete.  She tells him about all the information she’s found for the historical context he asked for.  A few tables over, Maxie and Lucky take a seat.  Maxie orders a bunch of food since she’s “eating for two” now.  Mike tells Lucky that he’s glad he’s doing better and that he knows what it’s like to face addiction.  Maxie asks Lucky why they came to Kelly’s if he wasn’t going to eat.  He tells her they came to talk.  Then he starts talking to her about how she has her whole life ahead of her.  He tells her that they need to do what’s best for their baby.  He says their baby should be in a home with loving parents and family.  Maxie says she agrees and that’s what she’s been trying to tell him all along.  He tells her that he thinks she should consider adoption.

Back at Jason’s, he and Sam discuss cooking.  Jason tells Sam he’ll teach her to cook the two things he knows how to cook.  he gently moves her hair out of her face.  Sam makes a comment about how perfect he is and how she isn’t.  He tells her things can be great without being perfect.  Then he asks her if she meant what she said about being home.

In the attic, Lulu goes over the sequence of events and she and Dillon act them out again.  Dillon gets on the floor to play dead and does so dramatically.  Lulu asks them if they are interested in helping her or just playing around.
At Kelly’s ,Georgie tells Professor Pete about how Dillon used to talk about the film history stuff all the time.  She tells him that Dillon has been preoccupied lately.  Meanwhile, Maxie gets upset with Lucky and tells him she will not give up her baby and accuses him of trying to avoid having strings attached to her.

Meanwhile, Ric enters the room at the lake house.  He assumes Alexis has called him there to talk about the kids, but that is not her intention after all.  She tells him that their divorce lawyers can worry about the custody arrangements.  She informs him that she wants to talk about Sam’s case, or lack there of.  She tells Ric to drop the case since there is no longer any evidence.  She tells Ric that his obsessions are getting out of control and that he needs to seek therapy or suffer the consequences.  She tells him if he doesn’t stop what he’s doing, he’ll be the one in jail.  He basically laughs in her face.

Back at Jason’s, he tells Sam that he doesn’t want to pressure her into a relationship she’s not ready for.  She tells him that she has nothing to prove to herself or to him anymore.  She says that it would be really nice if they could put their one night stands with Ric and Elizabeth behind them.

Back in the attic, Dillon asks Lulu how tall her mom is.  They re-enact her fighting Rick off.  When Lulu tries to hit Dillon, he blocks it with his arm.  They realize there is no way Laura could have hit Rick without him blocking it.  When they re-play the scene, they do it faster.  As Lulu attacks Dillon, he grabs her arms.  They are standing close to each other and Georgie walks in.

Back at Carly’s, Jax continues to explain that Sonny is playing her.  He tells her that this is the pattern that she and Sonny have and he tells her that she has to break it.  She again, denies that Sonny is manipulating her.  Jax gives in and says, fine, go after Sonny, but the wedding is off as soon as she goes. 

At Kelly’s, Lucky tells Maxie he’s trying to do what’s best for her and the baby.  She says he’s trying to do what’s best for him and Elizabeth.  She tells him she will not allow strangers to take care of her baby.

At the lake house, Alexis tells Ric that he’s trying to punish Sam for being stupid enough to sleep with him.  She tells him that she will use this against him in court.  He tells her that it won’t hurt him any if she drags her “over-sexed daughter through the mud.”

Returning to Jason and Sam, Jason tells her that they can’t erase what happened, but they can move forward.  Sam asks him if he really believes that.  He says he knows they can.  He tells her that he trusts her and he wants her to trust him again.  She tells him she does trust him, but more importantly, she loves him.  He tells her he loves her too.  She tells him that nothing can keep them apart.  The two kiss and Sam asks him to go upstairs with her.  She tells him that tonight is the night she wants to make a baby with him.

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